Monday, January 31, 2011

You're Such a Character: Creative Write


For this week's blog commentary, choose one of the following creative writing prompts below.  Remember to read the directions carefully and complete all parts of the prompt for full credit.

**Quality commentaries have been composed in a word document.  They have been proofread for CUPS, spelling, and grammatical errors.

Have fun!

1. What kind of cartoon show might appeal to the over-age-65 audience? Imagine the show. Then, in 100 words or less, describe the show and its main character.

2. Write an incredibly awesome paragraph about your absolute favorite actor, singer, or celebrity, using the most outstanding, excellent hyperbole in the whole, entire universe. (Hyperbole is extravagant exaggeration.)

3. Here’s what William Hopes:
He sincerely hopes that, with time and patience and firm but gentle guidance and love, his daughter Angelica, who has insisted upon being called “Cobra Girl” ever since she got the tattoo down the left side of her neck, will have someone besides the police escort her home sometimes. He hoped she might start volunteering at the nursing home again and maybe even get a job, using that high school diploma of hers for something bedsides a liner in her sock drawer.
Tell what Cobra Girl has in mind.

4. Write a short conversation that might take place between two people who are unlikely ever to meet. For example, you might have Brad Pitt talk to Benjamin Franklin or Michelle Obama talk to King Tut. You might write a conversation between your third grade teacher and Orlando Bloom, or Justin Beiber and the woman who you always see on the train.


  1. My favorite singer is Micheal Jackson because even though most people saw the bad side I always believed the good side he is inspiring, very talented, sweet, kind, sings and dances the best. He has his own style , creative, had the most amazing songs. He made dancing more than what it is . Always inspired me to try my best even if people tried to put you down. HE always did good for people especially for kids with less. He always gave back to his community . I just loved that he cared for people. Micheal Jackson was the best!!!!!!!!!and will be always be remebered for good.!!

  2. O my god, he’s the most favorite singer in the whole wild word. He’s so handsome I really like how he sing and how he dance. Drake, (my opinion) songs I like is show me a good time. I really like how he sing and rap, I think he really know how to sing! I wonder where he get raps me people think that he not cute think wrong of him. Times want to rap like him , I even me my pop/dad know I am obsessed with him. Boy I really like how he rap about his life time… ugh if I see him in life I don’t know what I would do.

  3. Dear Tr. Lacey,
    My favorite singer is Trey Songz. He is a great singer and he is very popular also he is really handsome he is the cutest boy in the world. Everyone likes him is greastest
    album is passion pain and pleasure everyone loves it. Trey is so awesome if could meet anyone one in the world it would be him I really love him and his music. Im so obsessed with him it’s crazy if I ever meet him I would be so ashen and cry.

  4. Dear Tr.Lacey

    My favorite rapper is LIL Wayen and Drake. They are the best to me becaue I here both of there, raps ever single day and also they are famuse for rapping. Alos from my opinoing on things ever boy and some of the girls in the world, think they are the best rappers in the world. Alos if i ever ever meet Lil Wayen or Drake will have a dispostion emition wiche will be happy.

    Your student,

  5. My favorite celebrities are the band Three Days Grace With my favorite song by them called Time of Dying Which consists of all rock in that song with amps, electric guitars and keyboard. I love their music because it is awesome and if you want to hear that song go to this url: (Don't include the period.) It's a great/a-some song so go listen to it right this minute or else.

  6. Dear,Tr.Lacey
    My favorite singer is Micheal Jackson I love him because he sang what he felt and i enjoy his music i find it different and he always had something new.I would have love to meet him someday but i waited to soon and now hes gone but i truly love Michael Jackson and if he was here today i would gladly tell him that.

  7. If I were to write a cartoon for elderly people, the setting would be a retirement home. It would tell the exiting story of...Richard! Richard is an old man who wants to live the with Ellen, his sweatheart from when he was young, who recently moved to the retirement home. Richards dream is to move to his childhood home and live happily ever after with Ellen. He does all kinds of crazy things to win over Ellen, and make money to buy the house.

  8. Dear Tr. Lacey
    My Favorite most absolute amazingly awesome singer/celebrity is Lady Gaga. I love her so much. I think that she is such an inspirationally weird crazy icon to many people all over the world. She shows people how to be unique in their own way and to express them selves how every they want to. She dominated 2009. She had numerous wonderful lively number one singles and a number one album that was so incredible.Everyone everywhere knows about her. I'm sure just about the whole world seen her performance on the 2009 MTV'S VMA. She has the best most amazing attention grabbing videos and outfits. I Just Love her so much.

  9. @Allure, Kamiyah, and Jonae: Nice work writing with hyperbole!

    7th graders, if you respond to prompt #2, the point is to use the most dramatic exaggeration possible!!!! Think lots of EMPHATIC statements and exclamation marks.

    @Michaela: Give us some examples of how Richard tries to win over Ellen! :)

  10. my favorite singers(group) is mindless behavior they are the best in the whole galaxy..!!!!they are the best group you can ever think of they're probably even better than Michael Jackson no Im just kidding mindless behavior is a group of young boys around the ages 12-14 who travel all around the world to sing they have a #1 hit song "my girl" its all over the radio not only there singers they're rappers and dancers they are the cutest Lil boys you will ever know they thry are so talented will melt your heart and they are my favorite singers/group.

  11. my favorite singers(group) is mindless behavior they are the best in the whole galaxy..!!!!they are the best group you can ever think of they're probably even better than Michael Jackson no Im just kidding mindless behavior is a group of young boys around the ages 12-14 who travel all around the world to sing they have a #1 hit song "my girl" its all over the radio not only there singers they're rappers and dancers they are the cutest Lil boys you will ever know they thry are so talented will melt your heart and they are my favorite singers/group.

  12. Ooops..!! i put it 2 times

  13. My favorite singer in the whole wide world is... drum roll please, Christte Michelle. She just sings about life.Many men think she is beautiful.Her songs are the best in the whole entire world!!!! No one can stand a chance with her singing.

  14. @7th Graders: A reminder: Please make your comments worth reading. Complete commentaries are more than 6 sentences long and follow the directions. Commentaries under six sentences will receive a zero.

  15. Dontae said

    My favorite singers are people who rap or sing r&b. I like it because when i am mad it will calm me down to focus . I would kinda like to see them just to say hi or get a autograph from them. I say mostly my fa vorite songs are from but do not know Jackson and this other singer but do not know her name

  16. My favorite girl singer is Alicia Keys and my favorite guy singer is Drake. My favorite song with Alicia Keys are Empire State of Mind. I think she is a good role model from the way she acts and carries herself in public. My favorite songs with Drake is Find Your Love and Over. I think Drake makes good music and very inspirational.

  17. My favorite girl singer is Alicia Keys and my favorite guy singer is Drake. My favorite song with Alicia Keys are Empire State of Mind. I think she is a good role model from the way she acts and carries herself in public. She sets good examples for those who don't have good parent like figures in their life. My favorite songs with Drake is Find Your Love and Over. I think Drake makes good music and very inspirational. He also tries to make his music mean something.

  18. I chose blog prompt #3:

    Cobra Girl thinks her dad is insane, and thinks that using her high school diploma is a waste of time. In fact, she thinks getting her high school diploma was a waste of time. Her father strongly disagrees, but she thinks, "That's the way life is..." and goes on with it. It had been seven years, but still, she hadn't changed her mind, and her father was getting angry. She didn't care, and only became more cruel and heartless as life went on. Thirty years later, she was sitting on her porch, when she began to think of her father. He had died four years ago, and she was still mourning. She had disappointed her father, and she was his only daughter. Now he was dead, and she wished she'd listened. Cobra girl remained in her wooden rocker on her porch, and eventually died a lonely, silent death on her porch. Since she never used her diploma to get a life, she made no friends, and was lonely. No one mourned for her. No one cared. Maybe because of the crimes she committed, and maybe because of the fact that she was cruel-minded and didn't care...

  19. Here is a conversation between my dog (Otis) and President Bill Clinton's dog named Buddy:

    Otis: Hey Buddy! It’s good to meet you even though I don’t really know you!

    Buddy: Well hello my fellow American dog!

    Otis: I heard about your little accident in the white house even though I wasn’t born yet…

    Buddy: (sheepishly grins) Yeah…I got a little too excited about things that day…

    O: Hey don’t worry about it I do it all the time!! One time my owner put his shoes on before he put my leash on, and I really couldn’t hold it any more. So I lifted my leg and peed right on him like he was one of those little red things on the side of the road!

    B: Oh no! I bet he was mad!

    O: Yeah…after I peed on him he started yelling at me…and then they finally took me out.

    B: Wow!

    O: I also escaped from my house!

    B: How? I’ve always wanted to try but my house is guarded too much with big men in all black. And when they see me escaping they talk into this little speaker and magically my trainer comes and scoops me up and punishes me.

    O: Yeah, well we were walking out the door and I pulled like I usually do (I pull only because there are so many smells out there that I just need to smell them all!) But I guess my owner didn’t have a good grip of my rope thingy so it slipped right out of his hand! I thought that it was a game so I just started dashing down the street!

    B: Oh no! You are such a bad dog!

    O: So then my owner started chasing after me and so I started running faster! But he must not have been able to run that fast because after awhile I lost sight of him. I ran and ran and ran and ran. And then I heard my owner’s voice calling me, telling me that the game was over. I ran back to my house but I didn’t see him there! So I started barking so that he could find me and then there he came around the corner! When we got back in the house I was put in the crate, but then I had good dreams about meeting new dogs and sharing my favorite toy, Squat Dog, with them.

    B: That was one big adventure! But I’d better get going! I’ll talk to you later!

    O: Yeah see you soon!
    And that concludes the conversation between Otis and Buddy!

  20. 2) My favorite celebety is....(people in the backround clapping), Daniel Tosh! I totally love him because he always makes me laugh and I mean always!!!!! He's also one of my all time favorite comedians in this world. His show, Tosh.0 is halirous and it is extremly entertaining!!!!! I can never stop watching it and I freak out when there is a marathon.Yes it is innoprpiate but I love his show! You should watch it because it blew my mind when I saw first saw the show. I love Daniel Tosh and his humor skills!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 3)
    Cobra Girl enjoys life. She goes out every night, gets a new t-shirt (by stealing it, of course), and drinks and drinks until she comes home drunk with her friends that her father never liked. After she comes home drunk and dazed, her father just looks at her and sighs. He doesn't even bother to try to tell her that she should be doing better instead of hanging out with those "hooligans." "Good" she thinks. Her father tries to remember the old days when her mother was around and she would prance around saying she was a ballerina or when she first tried to ride a bicycle. Cobra Girl tries to forget. She tries to forget her mother, who died when she was only 9. The grieving was the worst part. Knowing that she was gone and never got to say goodbye. In fact, the week before she threw a fit about not being able to have a sleepover and hasn't talked to her since then. She cries every night. Sometimes she takes out her high school diploma and then thinks about ripping it apart. "What a waste of time. It's worthless now," she thinks often. Her father died early, doctors say it was from stress and depression. Cobra Girl had nothing, lived her life either on the street or sleeping under the Ikea beds at night. Now she wishes that she should've made them proud. They were never proud. Always yelling at her and nagging her. She had no money to get an education, and no education to get a job. She died alone, a hard, sad, long, death from hunger and sickness. She died never trying and never caring.

  22. Prompt Number 1:

    The cartoon show that might appeal to the over-age-65 audience would start out with a young girl. She spending time with this elderly she meet at the park. They started talking and sharing a couple of laughs. The main characters would be a girl named Sally and lady named Bessie. At the end when sally was about to leave she discovered she has powers of water. Bessie discovers she has the powers of fire and they both traveled on this journey to save the universe and the episodes goes on with them battling new enemies and saving the universe.


    My Favorite most absolute amazingly awesome celebety/Basketball player is Micheal Jordan.He won 6 nba championships thats one of the most championships that a nba player can have.You know he is a great role model he show kids that evrything in life isnt great.I remember when Micheal Jordan dad Michel Jordan Senior die got shot by two teenagers.That really torn apart Micheal.Thats when he stop playing basketball and said he is going to live his father dreams and his father always told Michel I want you to play baseball.Now your problem thinking what happen to basketball but when Micheal love baseball when he was growing up!.Then he return to basketball and had a great season and won his six nba championships and in that season he a remarkable game when he set a record with 6 three pointer in one game and had 63 points amazing.!:)

  24. My absolute amazingly awesome singer/celebrity is Michael Jackson! Michael is very inspiring to me because when we was about my age, he never let anything get in his way of pursuing his dreams. He respected all race and nationalities just the way they were. Michael didn't worry about what people said or thought about him, even though they were cruel and harsh.

    Michael loved kids so much that he built a GIGANTIC amusement park called the "Never Land" that was mostly for the kids. He was a positive person even though people were very negative against him. I will always admire THE GREAT MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

  25. Dear Tr. Lacey,
    this is what “Cobra Girl” has in mind for herself this is a diary entry she wrote:
    Dear Diary,
    My dad is always telling me what to do if I want people walking around calling me Cobra Girl I’ll have them call me that. He wants me to be like him all geeky and wacky don’t get me wrong I love my dad it’s just that he doesn’t understand me. He doesn’t think I have dreams that I want to accomplish but I do and I would if I could. I want to go back to high school and get a high school diploma but I can’t because I want to prove that you can get some where in the world without a degree he just doesn’t understand.

  26. Kenan This is a conversation between my two dogs Rellik and Devil.
    R:What's up little bro?
    D:Did you forget that we are the same age?
    R:No I didn't forget.What makes you think that?
    D:Because you always say that I am your little brother.
    R:That is not true.
    D:Yes it is true and you know it is.
    R:It is not true and, by the way have you happen to see my squeaky bouncy ball?
    D:No where did you last have it at ?
    R:Well the last place I had it at was when I was playing Kenan our owner .
    D:Are you sure that's where you had it at?
    R:Yes I'm sure.

  27. ( Convo between George Washington and me)
    M= Me G= George W.

    M: What's up Mr Washington?
    G: Um... yes?
    M: Nooo no no. When I say what's up, that's like saying How are you doing.
    G: Ok. Well, I'm doing good thank you. This conversation can't go on for very long, I have things to do you know...
    M: Same here. Gonna' go play my playstation 3 pretty soon.
    G: Play fashion fee? What's that?
    M: Play. Station. 3. It's a video game.
    G: Video game... Um, sure. I find this food very delightful, did you cook it?
    M: No I don't cook, I can make Cereal and toast though! :D
    G: Right... ( Giving Gabe an awkward look)
    M: Well, gotta' go! Nice seein' ya' Mr Washington
    G: Good seeing you as well Mr McCarthy
    M: You can call me Gabe.
    G: Very well, bye.
    M: Bye.

  28. My faviorte singer is Trey Songz because he the cutest boy in the world and everybody loves his ablums.
    And if i could met anybody in the world i would wanted to meet him because when Trey Songz sing you can feel his pain or joy.
    And if i meet him i will cry so hard because he is so popular

  29. My favorite singer is Enrique Iglesias because his a a really good singer and his music talks about real stuff that happens in everybodys life.

    i dont care if i meet him because im not a fan of the music so i dont care if i meet him or not,his a good singer beacus he can sing in 3 lenguages.

  30. First Cobra girl might think that her dad don’t understand her. But then she finally think about what is his father really think about. She realized about what she did before and it's all wrong. She realized that his dad just want her to be a girl who is useful for everyone. He want her to be a successful people. And know that all her father thinking about is her. May be she think about that she should not be selfish insisted to be called “cobra girl”. She also might think that it’s not wrong to please his dad and make him happy by keep his desire. And finally she decided to change to be a girl that make his dad happy, and keep his desire (do what his dad want her to be).

  31. The show I think 65 year olds would like is Family Guy because everybody likes it. And if not Family Guy I would say Popeye because It was like a black and white show and it never get boring unless you wathc it all day. Also it as been around since my mom is younger and maybe even before that (my mom is in her 30's if anyone is wondering). Popeye is the main character and he looks like a very muscular guy, and talks with an accent, and he got the name "Popeye" because of the eye that rarely opens. What Popeye does is he walks around fighting crime like a cop and while he is fighting, he would pull out a can of some type of vegetable and he would eat it and it would make him stronger and make him win the fight.

  32. A cartoon show that might appeal to an over-age-65 audience would have SpongeBob, Tom and Jerry and the Law and Order crew. It would begin at SpongeBob’s house where there is a party. The Law and Order crew would find blood on SpongeBob’s couch. They did not think SpongeBob could have hurt someone with his nerdy pants and annoying laugh. The Law and Order crew investigates the murders in their tuxedos and with their equipment. Tom the mouse and Jerry the cat were chasing each other, as usual. Who did the crime? How will they find out? To be continued!!

  33. Dear Tr. Lacey
    My favorite actor is Johnny Depp. His not only my favorite actor his my life that I would die for him. I would not be able to live with our his movies because I will go down where they make movies and brake everything . He has fantastic brown eyes that I bet they blinded someone one day. He has gorgeous tattoos witch I love and will get one day even if I have to get a fake ID and brake the law. Brown beautiful hair which I’m told no one else in the whole universe have. His a dream for a very girl that I bet once in their life they go chase him down the street from his house . Gosh! If I were only a little older I would marry him. His extraordinary, awesome. Gosh! I don’t know what else to say the only thing that comes to mine is… HIS MINE!!!!!

  34. This is a conversation between Justin Beeber and a homeless man.

    H:Hey man, can I get some money?

    J:Ok, how much do you want?

    H:Aren't you Justin Beeber?


    H:What are you doing here?

    J:My New Year's Resolution was to help the homeless.

    H:Well, thank you.

    J:How much money did you want?

    H:One millon dollars.


    H:ONE MILLON DOLLARS and I want it now.

    J:I am not giving a bum one millon dollars.

    H:I thought you were rich.

    J:I am, but I am not giving you that money.

    The homeless man had lifted his shirt revealing a gun.

    J:O-ok, I will g-give you the m-money.

    So Justin Beeber gave the homeless man the money and Justin lived another day.

  35. @ daniela
    I love Johnny Deep Two but my fave is Taylor Lautner

  36. The cartoon show that would appeal to people over 65 would be a show called Retirement Home: The World Is Yours. The show is a comedy about people over 65 and the things they like to do, such as watch old movies, spit in a garbage can and make rude comments about everyone they see. The main character of the show would be a guy named Harold. He is a guy who is confused and does not know if he wants to leave the retirement home or not. He spends most of his time in the toilet because he drinks prune juice all the time. His favorite show is I Love Lucy, which old people love.

  37. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    My tv show for old people would be funny but very serious at the same time. It would be called " When I Was Young" It's basicly about a married old couple telling stories about there young years. It's funny because there always saying how they didn't have electronics and we used to play outdoors.They would show imbarrasing pictures. At one time they would even do weird dances

  38. Dear Tr. Lacey

    My favorite actor in the whole world is... are you ready for this? Johnny Depp!!!! Did you scream at the site of his name? Well you should have, he's only like the most awsomest person in the UNIVERSE. Okay, so his best movie EVER is... oh I can't decide. He has sooo many movies and they're all sooo life changing. I don't know what my life would be like if there was no Joh-no I can't write it, I can't even think it. Whoa back to Earth. Before my head explodes I would just like to say once again, Johnny Depp is THE best actor in the UNIVERSE, no questions asked. L8er. 


  39. Right, right the singer I like is dyland & lenny. There music is so cool. I LIKE it a lot, I hear it every day. There songs are in spanish. They sing like the coolest pop and reggaton in spanish. I like the part when they say lejos,lejos nadie te amar mas que yo. It means far far away, I still love you. THEY ALSO SING ROMANTICE. I will never talk about this artis again .

  40. I think spongebob should be suitable for 65 and up. I think that because old people might think it's really halorious to see spongebob do something stupid.Now animal is for old people and young people because the old might learn about something they never heard of.Also children can use that knowlegde in the future if they get a job.The old people might also enjoy how many animals they never saw before.All I'm saying is that most of the t.v shows can be watch by older people.Yes I mean 65 and older.

  41. Dear Tr. Lacey
    If I had to choose a cartoon for elderly people I would have the setting be like in a peaceful place were they like to be. The singer I really like is Justin Bieber because I like his songs and because when he was a little boy he had a dream to become something and he tried really hard to accomplish it and he did. So now what he's trying to do is let all the kids in the world follow their dream and be really good.

  42. Dear Tr. Lacey
    My favorite absolute favorite celebrity would have to be Leonardo Dicaprio becuase he played in the most romentical movie Titanic. Which is my favorite movie a side from the notebook. He is my favorite because he is a little cutie and he acts his character off of the titanic very well. Also because when he sacrificed his life for Rose I thought that was the sweetest thing. But yeah if I could meet any celebrity it would be Leonardo Dicaprio.

  43. I didn't mean for it to say anonymous so that Leonardo Dicaprio paragraph is from Kayla Rojas

  44. Here's a conversation between Tobey Maguire(peter parker in spider man) and George Lopez.

    T:Heey aren't you from that t.v show called George Lopez?

    G:Um yes sir I am, and i'm George Lopez.

    T:Ohh i'm so sorry sir i didn't realize that you was George lopez.

    G:No no it's ok i haven't been doing a lot of making t.v shows or movies but now i got a t.v show called Lopez Tonight WAATCHA!!!!

    T:??? Tobey with his confused face.

    T:Thats great well I gotta go right now I got a big movie coming out and I don't want to miss it.It was very fun talking to you Mr.Lopez

    G:Same here Tobey bye!

    T:(Walks away to the studio)Man that guy is weird!!

  45. Dear Tr.Lacey,

    My favorite music group is Young Money.I like this group because they're THE BEST! They are awesome there music is great,also there is a lot of people on the record label.They each do their own thing and their bars are just unbelievable.The group leader Lil Wayne may be a bad influence to kids but his music is funominal. I wish i was on their record label.

  46. my favorite band is a band called the killers. they are just tottaly aawesome. i love their music and the way they express themselves through their songz and they dont just to do ne genre of rock. and it really makes me think about what they are trying to say. its not just noises and sounds like alot of people say about rock. it akes sense and its music nontheless. i really like them for that reason. i think if people took a minute and stopped beng so normal and staying inside of the box and maybe took a risk and listen to them they could realte to it.

  47. My favorite singer is Monica because she has a nice voice and she is very inspirational. I love her singing and if I ever met her I would of screamed and fainted she make good songs and I think that she talks about real stuff.

  48. A conversation between me and Justin Bieber.
    (M=me J=Justin)

    (In the mall) BOOM! (Justin Bieber crashes into me)

    M= Hey watch where your going buddy!

    J= Sorry, my bad.

    M= Yeah you better… Justin Bieber?

    J= SHH, don’t be so loud.

    M= Oh, I’m so sorry it’s not every week I run into a star.
    (I give him a smirk look)

    J= ARRGH! What do you want?

    M= Oh so know I want something? Now that you mention it, maybe I do want something.

    J= Okay, spill it.

    M= Alright, a day.

    J= Huh?

    M= A day with no parents in a condo with video games aand anything I want.

    J= That’s it?

    M= Tha.. That’s it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    J= Oh, my gosh.

    M= Oh, sorry. I had to get that out. Ok so I want $10,000 dollars, a car, and tickets to whatever concert.

    J= Are you serious?! Even I don’t get tickets to any concert.

    M= You have no clue how serious I am.

    J= Come on, cut me a break.

    M= I can cut you and break you. Wanna try?

    J=this is crazy I’m outta here.

    (my guards grab him by the arm)
    M= Your not going anywhere.

    J= let go of me!

    M= then give me my money, NOW!

    J= alright here. The cars outside. Call 676-875-9832 to get the tickets.
    (he gives me 10,000 dollars).

    M= Thank you, Mr. Bieber. But if I found out that your lying to me, I’ll be the last person you’ll ever talk to. Let him go.

    J=jeez. I’m outta here.

    M= Oh, and Justin.

    J=What?!! What now?!

    M= You— can’t—sing. Also, I don’t meet stars every week. I seek them everyday.

    J= seek?

    M= let’s go.
    (I leave with my guards)

    J= crazy chi—(he gets hit with a blow dart and falls)

    M= yes—I—am.

  49. @Daniela and Sydne
    Boo!! Go Bradley Cooper!!

  50. 4)This is a conversation between me and Desean Jackson.

    D-Are you goin to watch the superbowl tomorrow?
    M- Ofcourse!!!
    D-Im having a party at my house would you like to go?
    M- Sure, let me just check with my dad... can he come too?
    D- Well is he a fan of football?
    M- The biggest!!!
    D- OK, So I'll see you at my house at six?
    M- Definetly...( I faint)

  51. @Naomi
    Would you really faint if you talked to Desean Jackson?

  52. Dear Tr.Lacey, My favorite singer is Michael (king of pop) Jackson because, he makes soulful music. I also pick him as my favorite singer because some of his music when you listen to it, they can relate to the lyrics that he sings. I also like him because he impacts lots of little kids in the world.

  53. Jane
    Jane Evergarden is the most interesting person you will ever meet. Her eyes are big,watery with a hint of green. Her lips are little full and pink. Jane has long brown hair. Her hand littlr soft and pink. Jane’s body is tall and sleek. Even though she mostly a happy person she loves to fight and she is a very competitive person. She will never back down from a challenge and she will challenge anyone. She hates to go to school and her brothers,all five of them. When you have five brothers and you go to the school she gose to you have to defend your self. She thinks she gets from her dad but she doesn't really know because her dad left when she was young,and all her brothers remember is being stuck in this apartment in New york city.

  54. This conversation is going to be between Alex Ovechkin and Sergei Bobrosky.
    A:Hi, there Sergei
    S:Hello, Alex
    A:I am a Russian spy
    S:So am I
    A:Wow really
    S:Yeah, I have pure Russian qualities
    A:So do I
    S:So, do you want to talk about hockey
    S:well first of all your a amazing foward
    A:Hold up, you’re quite good too
    S:Wait a second, I’m getting a call from the agency. I have a mission to do
    A:well later

  55. The conversation is between Lil Wayne and the woman who I always see on the train or the bus who is mean to me and rude:

    Lil Wayne accidently bumps into the woman on the train
    Woman on the train- EXCUSE ME! Watch where you are going
    Lil Wayne - Excuse me lady but do you know who I am?
    Woman on the train - Yes! I know who you are. You are a rude and disrespectful young man! You need to get all those tattoos off your body. (pauses) You know what, you are so rude. I cant stand how rude these young people are these days.
    Lil Wayne - You know what, Im going to call security. SECURITY!
    Woman on the train - No! You better not be calling security on me because no security man can take me!

    Lil Wayne's security person comes and puts the woman on the bus. I sit next to her on the bus and say
    me - I heard your argument. Did you know that was Lil Wayne?
    Woman on the bus - Oh my grandson will never believe it. He loves his music.