Monday, January 17, 2011

What is a hero? ... Who is yours?

Image: Shepard Fairey

The My Hero Project is a not-for-profit website dedicated to celebrating the best of humanity "by sharing stories, art, and short films that illuminate heroes from all walks of life."  From artists and activists, to business leaders and even animals, the My Hero Project reminds us that everyday heroes are all around us.  This week on the My Hero Project website, Congressman John Lewis reflects on his lifelong hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Lewis writes: 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is my hero. I became a different person, a different human being, as a result of this man and my association with him. When I was child growing up in rural Alabama, it was my responsibility to care for the chickens on my father's farm. I used to talk to those chickens, preach to them, even baptize them. If you were to look around my office in the U.S. House of Representatives today, you would see that I keep stuffed roosters and brass roosters and ceramic chickens everywhere to remind me of my beginnings. Because if it hadn't been for Martin Luther King, Jr., I believe that I would still be down there in rural Alabama preaching to those chickens.

I was very young--just fifteen years old, in the 10th grade--when I first heard Dr. King's voice on the radio. His words spoke to my heart, to my very soul. In my religious tradition, people say that someone is "called" to the ministry. That means a voice, a spiritual voice, speaks to that person's soul and says, "You must do something. If you don't do it, no one will. You have to take a stand. You have to speak up. You have to speak out."

That feeling of being called is the only way I can express what I felt that day when I first heard Dr. King on the radio. I felt that he was speaking directly to me--as if he was right in the room, looking me in the eye and using my name. He said that there were people in trouble, that the society was in trouble, and I heard his message of love and nonviolence as a very personal call.

I was open to this message of change. You see, growing up in rural Alabama, I was what Martin Luther King Jr., used to call "maladjusted to the problems and conditions" of that day. I had tasted the bitter fruits of segregation and racial discrimination, and I didn’t like it. It took Martin Luther King Jr., to make me understand that being maladjusted was a good thing, a necessary thing. As a small child, when my family visited the little town of Troy, Alabama, ten miles away from our home, I saw the signs that said, "White Men," "Colored Men," "White Women," "Colored Women," "White Waiting," "Colored Waiting." I would go downtown to the little theaters from time to time, and all of us little black children had to go upstairs to the balcony, and all of the white children went downstairs on the first floor. I would come home confused and upset and ask my mother, ask my father, my grandparents, my great-grandparents, "Why segregation? Why racial discrimination?" And they would say, "That's the way it is. Don't get in trouble. Don't get in the way.” 

But when I heard Martin Luther King, Jr.'s voice on the radio that day, I heard a very different message. He was saying, "John Lewis, you need to find a way to get in the way." In the Old Testament, there's a story that says the way a prophet stirs things up is just like they way a mother eagle stirs up the nest to give the little birds the courage to get out and test their wings. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s words on the radio that day agitated me to move, to get out there and stretch my wings. I was being called to get into trouble--good trouble, necessary trouble--and I've been getting in trouble ever since.

This week, using Martin Luther King Day as an inspiration, I'd like you to think about a personal hero you admire who is not honored with a holiday.  This person may be famous or obscure, but try your best to choose someone other than a parent or guardian - think outside the box!  If you don't have a hero, or can't think of one, use the My Hero Project website to do some research on individuals who inspire you.  Then, complete the following assignment for your blog commentary:

Imagine that you have been chosen to create a holiday for your personal hero and answer the following questions:  
  • What is your definition of a hero?
  • How does the hero you chose to honor fit your definition?
  • Other details to include in your commentary:
    • Title of holiday
    • Date of holiday
    • Songs or music for the holiday
    • Specific foods for the holiday
    • Holiday colors or decorations
    • Other rituals? 
Visit the My Hero Project directory of heroes:

**Quality commentaries are 2-3 paragraphs long.  They have been proofread for spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation errors.


  1. My definition of a hero is someone who saves lives or makes the world a better place. My heroes are the people who helped end slavery because if they did not end slavery the world would be what it used to be and it would change everybody's lives.

    I think it would be hard to know they have to work everyday with little breaks and with little food to eat, and to get constantly hurt by their overseer. So my heroes are the abolitionists ,who helped make the world what it is now where everybody has the same rights know.

    I would call my holiday Abolitionists' Day. The date would be December 31st because that's when the 13th Amendment took effect. Other rituals I would do is to thank the people who ended slavery by building a statue. People could come up to the statue and leave flowers or items to say thank you.

  2. To me a hero is a person who helps out for the better good of the people on Earth. A hero is also a person who does not resort to violence even when it is a do or die moment. A hero is also a person who is brave enough to walk up to death and punch it in the face. A hero is a person who never quits, never backs down from any challenge and mostly a person who cares about others. The person I chose is Ruby Bridges. Although she wasn’t the biggest in size she makes up for it in heart.

    Ruby Bridges fits all of these characteristics because she had gone to a school of whites and she was the only black. People yelled at her and called her mean thing, yet she stayed brave and did not resort to violence. She was threatened that if she doesn’t leave the school she would get killed, but she did not quit she kept going and made a better place for children to learn…together. My character fits perfectly with my definition of hero because Ruby was a brave, non-violent, persistent young girl who did not stand up for what she believed in for herself, yet for the better good of others.

    If I were to make a holiday the name would be called Frieden Day. I choose this title because it meant peace in German. I picked the language German because it was spoken in Switzerland, a place of no war or anything, a place of peace. I think the date of this holiday would be on September 8 because that is Ruby Bridges birthday. I guess the music would be some kind of hippie music since hippies are always at peace with themselves. I don’t really know about foods because if everyone will celebrate it and they eat the same kind of food some people might have allergies or inconvenience to make the food so on my holiday I would consider eating whatever you have and can make. I guess for colors and decoration I would use the colors White because for me it is the color or joy and happiness. I would also chose the color red because for me it is the color of bravery and Black because its one of my favorite colors.

  3. My defintion of a hero is someone that you look up to. They do not need to be known by the world. They just mean something special to you.

    My hero is Harriet Tubman because she did so much for herself and future. This day would be on March, 10 because of this is the day she died, this would be called Anti-Slavery day. They could learn the spirtuals that the slaves sang to get through this horrid time.

    This day I would encourage schools to teach the students about slavery. Maybe even react it but without abusing the students. That would teach them what they're ancestors had to go through so that they would be here today.

  4. For me a hero is some one that changes the world in their own way. That they take a change even if people don’t like it. A hero is someone that is not scared to fail and fail in toll they find the correct answer. Someone who is strong in heart, brain, and not only body strength.

    My hero isn’t a hero it’s a heroine well all of them. For me my hero will be a heroine. All the women that changed the world in their own way. For the women who failed and tried again. The women who were humiliated but they didn’t care. My holiday will be for the women who made our life now a lot more easier to live in. I believe that women can do everything men can do because women have the brains, the heart, and it doesn’t matter if men think we don’t have body strength because women do have body strength.

    The title of my holiday would be women hood because it’s for all the women now that an change something and for the women that changed something in the world. The date would be December 29 because its like celebrating all the things that all the women did that year and all that past. There would be no special songs, foods, or colors because every women likes what she likes. One ritual that is the most important is to be grateful for the women that changed the world one way or another.

  5. @Dontae: Great post, Dontae! Do you know any specific abolitionists who helped lead others?

    @Jeffer: Ruby Bridges is incredible. I love your idea for the name of the holiday and the details.

    Ta'Hira: Do you know any of the old spirituals? Some are incredibly beautiful and even feature Harriet Tubman!

    Daniela: I love your "Women Hood" idea! Did you know that there is an international Day of the Woman (March 8th). I never knew until I lived in Spain and witnessed parades in the streets - all in honor of women and their contributions to the world. I wish this day was celebrated in a meaningful way here in the US.

  6. My definition of a hero is a personwho takes the lead in changing things for the better. this means that they help others and find things that inside they are better poeple. also people that try to make a difrence for other people not just for themselves. That is my opinion of a hero.

    The hero I choose is Rob Dyrdeck. He fits my defenition because he is a skateboarder and does lots to help skaters. For example he has 3-4 skate parks in california. He has donates $60,00 to skate boarders so that kids can skateboards he also does this for the sport not for himself.

    In this holiday there will be lots of skate boading going on .People will donare new skate boards. the new colors will be green ,red , and blue.

  7. Dear tr.Lacey

    To me a hero is a person who helps out for the better good of the people on Earth. A hero is also a person who does not resort to violence even when it is a do or die moment. Also a hero to me is someone, who is always strong and the heart and strong in the mind. My hero is my mom because she is always there for me, never giving up on me, and even when it is the wrost of times my mo always make it the best of times, and thats my real hero in my life.

    Your Student,

  8. To me a hero or heroine is someone how inspires you. They could inspire you to be on T.V. or they could inspire you to eat ham.I think a hero or heroine could also be fictional,like from a book.

    My hero is...Lewis Carroll,he is the author of "Alice in Wonderland" which is one of my favorite books. My heroines are Susan Collins author of "the hunger games" trilogy, and J.K. Rollings author of "Harry Potter". A could probably go on and on listing my favorite authors because I like a lot of books, but those three are my heroes.

  9. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    My definition of a hero is someone that you dont have to look up on hte internet. Someone almost everybody knows and kind of everyone loves. Someome who makes a big impact and cares about others opinions. Also they give themselve a good name.
    Thats why I pick Barraka Obama,he makes a big impact by being the first African American man to become the president. His holiday would be called Believers day on the fith of july so it wont enter fear with the fourth of july.On this day a song that will be played is The show goes on by Lupe Fiasco. A food that will be eaten is the american flag on a cookie special recipe. Holiday colors are red,white,and blue of course. Alos each school will have school and everyone wrrites their dreams ad hopes or achievements and thats it.
    sincerely, devonne

  10. To me a hero means someone who tries to make the world a better place. Also someone who is known to almost everyone. My hero is the people who tried to make the world a better place such as Martin L. King and Harriet Tubman. They are hero's to me because they had the courage to stand up for what is right. In some ways they are an inspiration to me. A hero is someone who is not afraid to stand up even when people dislike them.

  11. The definition of a hero to me is someone who can help other people and who is very good at their profession. My hero is Arthur Ashe because he was the best tennis player of his time. By making his own organization to teach youth who want to learn tennis, he is helping others. The name of the organization is “Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education”. I like tennis and play the sport. So he fits my definition of a hero because he is good at his profession and he helps others.

    The title of his day would be called “Fiery Ashe Day” because he was such a fierce competitor. The date of his day would be February 6 because that is the day the tennis legend died. During the Fiery Ashe Day there would be no music, just people playing tennis where ever they go. All the food that is eaten should have some sort of design of a tennis ball and / or a racket on it. The colors would be green, white and red because they are the colors of a tennis field and the items that are being used during tennis games. This is the special day and what happens during it.

  12. Dear Tr.Lacey,

    To tell you the truth a hero doesn't have to be a rich guy or someone famous it's someone who change or stoped a moyor problem. Saved peoples lifes, or impacted them. Maybe started something that changed the way people say that thing. That's why I picked Michael Jackson.
    He changed the way people listend to music. He was the king of pop. He impacted lifes of all races and genders.Even when he started at a young age alot of people loved him. Even when he died young generations listen to him. He change music for the better.
    The name of my holida y is M.J day. It would be on August 30 the day afther his birth day. I like that day because we don't really have eney holidays in August. To celebrate this day people would ware the one grey glove and a fedora( type of hat) all day. For song all over people would play there favorite song from M.J. The natiol anthem would be heal the world. The colors would be multy colors but there would be M.J signs. There realy wouldn't be eney type of food you could eat eney thing you wanted.

  13. What i think a definition of a hero would be is a person who you look up to and a person who you think is some one you would what to model when you get older. my hero is selena perez a famous hispanic singer who was murdered,she is my hero because she spoke the truth she sung songs that inspired millions of people. my holiday would be april 2 because thats the day she died the song would be chitty chitty bamba because that was her biggest hit song. the color would be blue her favorite color. And you could eat what ever food you wanted .

  14. My definition of a hero is someone theat someone can look up to. Some one theat has achieved theeir goal.
    My hero is Raven Symone. She fits my category because, she has achieved her goal and she also made sometheing of her life. Raven Symone started her career at a young age. She was only 5 Years old when she began singing and dancing. She is 25 now. She has been is many movies shows plays EVERYTHING. She didn't let any one stop her.
    If i could create a holiday for her it would be called Symone day. The date of thee holiday would be December 10the. We would play her music and watch her movies. There would be any decorations. And any colors.

  15. My definition for hero is someone who spirited heroine who want to sacrifice for the truth and people in need, no matter how big the challenges confronting, they will still fight for the truth.

    My hero would be the people in G 30S/PKI (Indonesia). It’s fit for my definition because in that time many people died for justice. They were killed by communists that time, those communists did not have any heart, they are evil. They were killed by torture. They(communists) burned the person with cigarettes (coals of fire from cigarettes), cut face with a razor blade and remove the skin from the body of the person using the razor, electric shocks, stabbing the body of people with a sharp knife, hit with wood. they (communists) will continue to punish those who defend the truth till death. and after they die they enter into the well in by the communists. Those people sacrificed themselves for justice and I proud of them.

    The titled of holiday would be Hero Of Revolution. The date is September 30. And the song would be songs about hero. I think there is no special food or decorations, but I think the color would be red, because red is symbolizes the blood that has been shed from the hero back there. The rituals might be we sing the hero song with respect and remember and imagine about the hero who was tortured for justice.

  16. I think I would define hero as a person that has done something you admire or think has done something memorable. It’s someone who dose good or dose something that is good and you would also like to do. So you follow their example and try to mimic them in a good way. (For the most part of times.)

    I choose the character from glee Sue Sylvester. I think she is a hard-core person on the out side but a real softy on the inside. I think she fits my definition because I think she is doing good on the inside because she looks out for the mentally disabled child at the school, because her sister down syndrome. When she was a child her sister was always sick and Sue felt emotional when she saw her and she has been the coaches assistant ever since. Also she has taken the fashion on of the jump suite.

    I would title the holiday “ Sue Jump-suite day”. The day would be July 14th because it’s her birthday. I think her song should be a song from glee, because that’s the show she’s on. There I don’t think has to be a food. Only a keep fit day, that’s one thing she keeps intact. The colors are the colors that Sue is wearing. Other rituals would be that a cheerleading meet on her day.

  17. A hero is someone who unselfishly does something for other people without being asked. Therefore, my hero would have to be my parents because they have done a lot for me. My parents help me with my homework, if it is hard, or if I have a question about it. They buy and give me things I need like clothes, food, money and education. However, the most important thing they did for me was give birth to me. That is why they are my heroes.

    If all the parents had a Holiday, it would be interesting. The name of the holiday would be “Appreciate Your Parents Day” and it is on your parent’s favorite day of the year. Songs or music for the holiday would be, song your parents like or any family songs. The food for the holidays is a dish made by the child of the parents or the family will go out to your parent’s favorite restaurant. Decorations for the holiday include whatever decorations your parents want like a Christmas tree, posters or maybe fake spider webs, it is up to the parents. The most important parts of the holiday is all children must buy or make a present for there parents and they also have to do all the chores on that day to show that they appreciate parents That is what my “Appreciate Your Parents Day” holiday is about.

  18. My hero is the people who fought for our rights in America.Also who died believing in what they felt was wrong(slaves)

  19. A hero to me is someone that you can trust and someone you can keep or tell your secrets to for example a big sister

    My hero is Michael Jackson(king of pop) because he inspired the world so much and touched many people hearts and he did so much for the world just imagine what he would've did for the people in Haiti HE helped Sicked kids and went all over the world to help peolple in need Michael Jackson loved kids and so many people was inspired by his talent and his work.

    If I could create a holiday it would be called Experience Mj and would be on JUNE 25 AND Thats who my hero is.

  20. To me a hero is a person who cares for others. A person that that does things for others, that cares for anybody. Like superman hes a hero who cares for others.Also somebody who will risk them selves for the unhealthy.
    A hero for me is Cristiano Ronaldo because he does things for the unhealthy when he's out the field.He teaches some kids too,when also when he's of the field. He's a hero to kids.

  21. To me a hero is a person that helps or cares for almost everyone in the world. My hero is my grandfather because he always cares for me and if I do something wrong he doesn't care he will just tell me try harder. That is what a hero is to me.

  22. My definition of a hero is someone who changes things for the better, and does things that no one else can do. He tries hard and doesn’t fake it. Also, many people have to agree that this person’s work is mind-blowing.

    Frank Zappa is such a person. Frank Zappa was a musician and a composer who made music combining Jazz, Rock, Funk and Classical. Without Frank Zappa, we would never have the music we have today. The way in which he had the musicians play their instruments was in a way that no one would have thought of today. He is still ahead of his time. He deserves his own day.

    Here are the details of Frank Zappa day:
    • It takes place on December 21, which is Frank Zappa’s birthday. He was born on that day in 1940.

    • These songs will be played on this day:
    o Don’t Eat That Yellow Snow
    o Apostrophe
    o Saint Alphonso’s Pancake Breakfast
    o Little Umbrellas
    o It Must Be A Camel

    • Foods eaten on this day would be:
    o Chicken
    o Broccoli
    o Fries
    o Fish

    • Official color:
    o Purple

  23. To me a hero is a person who made a very big differnce in the world. Like Dr.martin luther king & Barack Obama Barcak Obama was the first aferican american president in the United states. And Martin luther king sacraficed his life to make all of our lives extremely better so to me that is what a hero is.

  24. To me a hero is a person who can protect everyone and be a role model. Like Barack Obama, MLK Jr. My hero is Michael Jordan in sports. And life Superman because he can protect everbody. Michael Jordan because he won six NBA championships for the Chicago Bulls in all six appearances.

  25. My definition of a hero is a person who makes a change in the world. I chose Elizabeth Blackwell because she was the first women doctor. This makes her a hero because she made a change in the way people think about women. I would make the holiday be called Elizabeth Blackwell remembrance Day. It would be on the day she passed the exam to becoming a doctor which was January 23, 1847. I think that all that would happen is that people would read her story and think about how useful she became to making a change in the world. There would be no specific foods, colors or rituals on the holiday.

  26. My definition of a hero is someone who inspired people,and that did something very important that made a change.

    My hero is Rosa Parks to me because she didn't give her seat up to a white person because she thought like why should I get up just because I'm black.Like I would probably do the same because I didn't think that was fair.

    To me I think that there should be a holiday on December 1st,to remember Rosa Parks and what she did that made a change and showed lots of importance.

  27. A hero is someone you can tell all your secerts too and that will always have your side no matter what.
    Like my Big Sister Peggy she is someone that i became more close too she help me through my rough times.
    So my hero is Mommy because she help me through my rough times and i would not here right now.And thats is my hero.

  28. My definition of hero is someone you look up to and someone you believe in. Someone that you can be inspired by for anything you believe in. A hero can be a person of experience and has been living a long time to tell stories about their life and their meaningful memories they have.

    The person that I picked to be my hero is Rosa Parks. I picked Rosa Parks to be my hero because she was a strong and courageous black woman who stood up for what she believed was right. She also was brave to stay on the bus when the bus driver told her to get off. Even though she knew that she would go to jail, she fought for what she believed was right. She inspired me that if you believe in something, its never impossible if you give it your all.

    If they chose me to make a holiday, my holiday would be named National Senior Citizen Day. The date of my holiday will be March 10th. Songs for my holiday will be some oldies. The colors for my holiday will be blue,red, and green.

  29. To me a hero is a person who will always be by your side and will never forget about you. Someone you can depend on and will always care for you.

    My hero is Rosa Parks. I picked Rosa Park because she was a strong, confident, woman who stood up for her rights and the rights of other black people. She is my hero because she sat in front of the bus and didn't care about what people had to say about it. She also sacrificed her life when she proved a point that everyone should be treated with equality. That black people shouldn't be scared to be in public because of being accused of stuff that wasn't true.

  30. My definition of a hero is someone who stands up for themselves, or for what they believe in. They're someone who wants to make the world a better place, and they inspire you to do the same.

    My hero is Mohandas K. Gandhi. He wasn't some kind of big, strong, Superman kind of person, but he made a big change for the people of his country, India. He used non-violence to defeat Great Britain from taking India.

    I think that the holiday should be called "Gandhi Day" and on October 1st, his birthday.

  31. Dear Tr. Lacey
    My definition of a hero is something cool they accomplished and someone people will never forget.
    My hero is George Washington because he was the first president of the United States and he signed the declaration of independence. My hero's holiday will be called "Washington's Day" and that day will be on February 22 because that was the day he was born.
    The food that people should eat is Turkey and Bread. The colors should be Red, White, and Blue because those are the colors of the American Flag. The music to represent George Washington is the "pledge allegiance"
    THE END!!!!!

  32. Dear tr. Lacey ,

    Catherine Bennet, Woman, hero, role, model, and inspiration. This woman makes me want to work hard for everything that I have ever had in my life. She is meerly my fencing coach but she is so much more to me. Her concern for her students is motivating and she is one of the strongest people I have ever known. I love being around this woman. She is crazy she is lovely and she is strong. She loves to laugh she’s always laughing. I swear every time I see her there is a blade in her hand and a smile on her face. She is always exited to teach to us and make the best out of every situation. When we hit her with our blade she wants us to do it hard and usually with our beginers they are afraid to hit hard because they are afraid that they will hurt their opponent so my coach says BIG RAINBOW!!! Which makes them bend their blade in such a way that it looks like a semicircle and like a rainbow.

    I also love Ms. Cathy because she is a free spirit and excepts other people who share that characteristic. Who aren’t afraid to express their self’s. she always says when you put on your mask they cant see your face so don’t act nice till you shake hands and take it off. She says that I remind her of herself when she was younger. Could just do it. Loved it tried hard and kept on sticking with it. I always felt loved when I enter that jim and we all start fencing. Were a group of bees I think. A family. If one of us goes down we all try our hardest to honor them and either fall down with them. Or take on their defeater. I sat bees because this. When a group of honey bees in counter a wasp and a wasp kills meerly one of the bees the bees gather up into a circle. The wasp can use its stinger but the bees cant because they will all die. So they breathe in very deeply and suffacate the wasp. Ms. Cathy tought us all how do act like that with one another treasure your teammates because you never know when they might just leave.

    I love my fencing coach she makes me smile laugh and feel like there is always a rainbow out in the sky. But that’s not why she is my hero. She makes me want it help change things fore the better to help the community and myself to be united like a community a family and more specificly like bees.


  33. Dear Tr. Lacey,

    My definition of a hero is someone who is there for you and someone you can always count on. My hero is my big brother Christopher. I chose him because he's very well respected. He's met many of famous people. For example, he met T.I two years ago at one of his shows in Atlanta, GA. He has a career as a motivational speaker and telemarketer. Me and him share the same birthday which is October 29th. He is married with two sons (Christopher II, Blake).

    I glad he's my brother because even though he lives in Atlanta he still comes to visit regularly. He is a telemarketer for the business of 5links. And currently has a book called " Execute Your Passion". He's also a great father like my dad. He's been through alot of diversity but no matter what the obsticle he stays positive. Also there really is no specific music or food for his birthday. We celebrate birthdays like any other person would.

    My brother has a great spirit and is fun to be around. Everytime we go to Atlanta he takes us to Six flags since its less than 5 minutes away from his house. He is also makes alot of money and expands his career everyday. So, I'd like to recognize him by saying he is my hero.

    Matthew Gaffney

  34. Dear Tr. Lacey

    My definition of a hero is someone who will fain help someone or something in their free time no matter how challenging it might be. A hero is also someone who constantly tries to help how ever they can. Eric Samuel fits my definition of what a hero is because he helps people who are in need of food by selling them at affordable prices. 

    If I was suppose to create a holiday for Eric Samuel I would called it "Good Eats Day". It would be on February 13th and everyone would have a feast with their family and friends. The adults will have to buy at least one person in need a meal so everyone will have a meal that day. 

    At the feast you will eat whatever you choose to eat, and you can listen to whatever music you want. It's like a normal day, except no one will have to deal with hunger. Everyone will go to sleep with a full stomach, kind of like thanksgiving except for the part where you have to feed someone in need of food. 


  35. kaylah said ......January 21, 2011 at 5:15 AM

    yo me a hero is a leader and has courage to stand up for there leader is maya angelo she has been through alot for standing up for her people. she has been takeing to jail shes been raped and now she the woman who stood up for her country. thats why i admire her she is truely an inspirational to me.

  36. My definition of a hero is that they should always take care of me and play games with me.They should also be willing to take time off of personal stuff and hang out with me.A good hero should care for me and other people that we know like helping them with work.The I chose was my brother because he always takes good care of me and also plays with like video games or basketball.

    He also helps me with homework.When I win on a videogame he dosen't get mad.He also is a very nice brother.

  37. dear tr.Lacey
    a hero ti me is someone that inspires you to change others life.Also a hero to me is a person that helps you to accomplish things in your life that you couldn't do on your on.My hero is Obama.

    Obama is my hero because he has been through a lot and now hes trying to change the world and make it better for us.I also think Obama is a hero because he came to schools and gave a speech for all kids around the world to know that that going to school is the greatest gift because most kids in other countries don't have that opportunity to learn because to money etc.

  38. A hero is a person that encourages, supports and is brave enough to say whether something is fair or unfair and speak what is on their mind.My hero is my Mom because she is able to tell me whether somethins is wrong or tell me the truth when she doesn't like what I have done or what some one else has done.She is brave enoeugh to speak her mind and tell you the truth.

    Another hero of mine is Harriet Tubman because she was brave enough to free some of her kind because she knew they weren't being treated right. She was also brave enough to go back and get more people

  39. My definition of a hero is that they should always take care of me and play games with me. They should also be willing to take time off of personal stuff and hang out with me. A good hero should care for me and other people that we know like helping them with work. The I chose was my brother because he always takes good care of me and also plays with like video games or basketball.

    He also helps me with home work .When I win on a videogame he doesn’t get mad. He just makes me play another game and he’ll beat me in that game. He’s one of the best family member I have. So I would for the family member. When his friends come over he will let me play basketball or football with them.

  40. My definition of a hero is someone who can give his/her life and spirit away to make other people happy and safe.My hero is my dad because he very took good care of me and gave me strength to be a good person in real world.How he fits in my definition is that he will give up his life for me to survive so i can live my life.And my other hero is my mom who brings peace and harmony to people who needs it.

    The title holiday should be "Family Revolution" and the date should be on the day my parents got married,sept 26. The song should be "Uptown","Human Nature",and " Just The Way You Are." The food can be anything except for pigs.

  41. Dear Tr. Lacey,
    My definition of a hero is someone who risk, and achieves things that people look up to. A hero does what’s right for his or her self, and makes decisions on what do.

    My hero is the 14th dalai lama, Tenzin Gyato. The reason I chose Tenzin Gyato because he is the leader, the ruler, and the emperor of the Tibetan people. The Chinese believe that Tibet is apart of china and that’s their territory. So the Chinese believed that if they arrest the dalai lama the Tibetans would be at their knees, and thy were correct. But the dalai lama decided to do what was right for his country and left to India for the Tibetans safety. Of course the Chinese are going to still attack Tibet, at least the dalai lama is safe.

    There is no holiday for the dalai lama I believe, but the Tibetans are Buddhist, are really religious. Most of India’s people are Buddhist as well.

  42. To me, the definition of a hero is a person who has excessive nobility and courage. A hero is a person who is not afraid to do things out of the ordinary to rescue or save people. A hero is being recognized at someone special in history, or for doing a good deed.
    I would think Janusz Korczak is a big hero in history, and I know for a fact many people don't know about him. I know I didn't. Janusz headed a Jewish orphanage in the ghetto. He wrote a newspaper, worked at a Polish radio station, was the principal of an experimental school and so much more. Around 1939, the Germans occupied Poland, and all staff, children, and Janusz were taken to a German gas chamber. The reason he was a hero was because he had the chance to escape, but he was like a captain going down with his ship. He remained with the children and was put to his death.
    The title of a holiday honoring Janusz Korczak would be called "The Day of the Brave," because he was a very brave and honest man. The date of the new holiday would be August 5th, which was the day of his death. Every August 5th, we would play no music, because we would give him a moment of respectful silence. It's not a holiday that needs specific foods, but if we had to, we'd have pineapple juice, just because it tastes good. No decorations are needed, but pictures of the orphans that he raised in his orphanage would be nice.

  43. The word hero to me means to be some one who saves som one from a lot of trouble or helps some one in a big way. Now a super hero is a different story but i'm not gonna go there. The word hero is very strong just like, hate and love. A hero doesn't just have to be a person that writes important or unforgetable history in my opinion. A hero can be a person that probably saves you from losing your wallet because it might of fell of your poket and cases like that. My heros are my mom and dad. My parents are my heros because they helped me understand life better, and kept me in really good care. I love them and even if i get mad at them sometimes, I will never stop loving them. Thanks.

  44. A hero is someone who will fight for anyone or anything. A person that would try to fix things no matter the conditions. Like superman was a hero because he fought of the bad guys to protect everybody. MLK was a hero because he fought for equal rights for black people. Gandhi fought for independence. But out of all the people in the book, my hero in Mary Slessor.

    Mary Slessor was originally from Scotland, but went to the slave coast of Africa: Dukes Town. She went the as sort of a messenger from God to spread his word and his glory. But the town was very stubborn. Many people would not listen. But after trying so many times people finally gave in. Mary did so well, the chief gave her the title ‘big Ma’. Everyone in the village was now Christian. One day Mary asked the chief she could go into the jungle, where no other man has gone. But the chief said no, it was too dangerous, because any man that went in there never-came-back. But she begged and pleaded just enough to let the chief let her go. He let her have the finest boat they had, with twenty men to go with her. But during the voyage, the men were scared and asked Mary if they can go back. She said no. She wanted to do these people some good. When she finally got there, it was a big mess. One day two sides were about to go into war, but she got them to stop, right in the middle of it!!! So after trial and tribulation and sickness, Mary finally got the people to convert to Christianity. But because of being sick so many times, God told Mary that it was her time to be with him. So she did, and people had a big funeral, in honor of her. Mary Slessor was one of the greatest female heroes.

    If I could choose a name for this day it would be called “The Day of Slessor” (Mary Slessor). It would be held December 2nd. There would be any kind of Gospel or Christian music playing. Have a big banner hanging up in the biggest part of your city saying “big Ma”.

  45. My definition of a hero to me would be someone who will prove their rights, and also to speak up for what they know. My heros would be my popop and grand mom from my moms side of the family, because they both gave up their families just to be together which shows their own strength in a good way. My popop was Puerto Rican while my grand mom was Polish and their families did not like the idea of those races going out. Because it was during a time when the racism was really strong.
    I pick them because they basically gave up there whole life to be with each other. Both of there families were rich and were mean. And both families moved to America and my grand mom and popop met each other and fell in love. And since there families didn't like them two together they left both of them with no money. So the whole point around this is that my grandparents did not approve of racism which makes me happy that they fought for their own rights to be together

  46. My definition of a hero is someone who is couragous, willing to help people when they're in trouble.
    My hero is someone who helps me out with all my school projects. Also she helps me out with my late homework assignments. The reason I pick this person because I don't know what I would do without this person and I am glad to have this in my life.
    My hero is my Aunt Felicia.

  47. Dear Tr. lacey,

    i belive that a hero is a person that you can look up to for many reasons. i have two heroes, my dad and my mom. first, my dad because he has always worked hard so that ican have whatever i want. he gives me house to live in, food to eat and cool clothes to wear. we play basketball and video games together. we go to alot of cool places too. Second, i also picked my mom because she faught in the war when she was younger. she is a very good mom because she always makes sure that i get a good education and always wants the best for me. she is a very good mom. i am lucky to have both parents in my life because alot of kids dont have what i have.

  48. Dear tr .Lacey
    What I think a hero is? It's a person that is willing to take a risk for someone they may or may not know. it's someone who has inspired many many people and helps a lot of people get where they need to be and become who they want to be because they have that motivation. One of my all time heroes Alicia Keys, and she fits my definition of a hero because she is an amazing person. she has accomplished alot and her music is phenomenal. she a role model for a lot of young women and she inspires alot of people to follow their dreams.

    IF there were a holiday to honor Alicia keys id have to say the title would be "the Alicia day". the date would be January 15 which is he birthday of course the music for the holiday would be all all all of her songs and anyone that Alicia keys likes. their would be all kinds of food, grilled fish, chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream and mangoes. the colors would be pink black and purple. we would have to sing 7 of her best hits and if you don't sing you will have to do something embarrassing. my hero is Alicia keys and id love to consider her a hero.
    Nyla Webb

  49. My definition of a hero is someone who saves lives or makes the world a better place.My hero is people who want to stop bullying.

    I think people that are trying to stop bullying is great people.Its sad that people got to be scared of anthorer human being because that human picking on him/she.Then the bullying start to lead to more dangerous stuff like killing he/she.

    they are my heros the people who are brave who are standing up for something it make me excited.the are my hero.!:)

  50. I think a hero is a person who is always there for you if there is trouble. My hero are my parents because they are always there for me to always help me. They are always buying me things that I need and they take care for me. They are always looking out for me to make sure I am doing stuff I need to do. They look out for me because I am their child. To me, some parents are always heros.

  51. My definition of a hero is someone you know sets a good example in your life even when you are not a good example. My grandmother is my hero because I feel that she puts me in a better world when I know that I have done wrong. I look to her for questions and answers insights and details because she is a good grandmother. The name of her holiday would be "Super Mom". Her festival colors would be pink and green because they are her favorit. The kind of music we would play would be R&B and gospel because thats what she likes. We would celebrate this holiday on her birthday, October the 7th.