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Welcome to the About Us page of Seven Speaks. We are in seventh grade, and are either twelve or thirteen years old. This year we have a new English Language Arts teacher, Teacher Lacey. When she first introduced us to Seven Speaks, we had yet to get used to it. Our first blog post was about a movie that we all had recently seen, so that was an easy topic. As the year went on we all had our favorite posts and not-so-favorite. We use the blog to post our ideas and to do our weekly homework.

In Teacher Lacey’s class we practice our TAGS (Turn the question into a statement, Answer the question, Give an example or two, and Summarize) which is a PSSA practice skill. We also read our core book; Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, share laughs and ideas, and complete Reading Logs. Being in seventh grade, a lot of us like writing, and from looking at the posts, we think that the posts with more of a narrative theme get the best replies. 
Here's what our "About Us" page used to look like:


I am pleased to announce that we are now officially entered into the Edublog 10-week student blogging challenge beginning in March!  As part of this challenge, we will be writing and responding to blog prompts and activities alongside other blogging students all over the world (more details to come in the coming weeks).  The blogging challenge starts in March, so in order to get ready, I'm asking you to think about an important component of our blog site: our "About Us" page.

Click on the links below to take a look at the following blogs and read their "About Us" pages.  Notice what they say about themselves and think about what you would like to include on our very own page.  What do you want to say to our community, and the blogosphere in general, about our class and about our blog?  What do our readers need to know?

Huzzaz  6th Grade British Columbia, Canada
Miss T's Classroom  6th-8th Grades New Zealand
Write Out Loud  7th Grade USA

 Please respond in the comment section below.


  1. I think that it would be nice to have a picture of ICS. Our readers need to know our age in general and what we like to do in Teacher Lacey's room.

  2. I agree with Dillon, and think that we should add a picture to our profile. I also agree that we should put our age, and birthday, so people can say "Happy Birthday!" (:D) I also think that once a week or once a month, you should pick a kid that has behaved well, or out of a hat or something to see if we can pick a topic to write about in that week's commentary. I think that would be really cool. Then I think the teachers would get to know the students a little better.

  3. @Dillon & Ava: Great ideas! Ava, I love the idea about the student-authored blog prompts.

    Students, what are your ideas about student-authored blog prompts? How should we decide who gets to write on the blog?

  4. Hey 7! So excited that this is my first comment post! I love reading your blog comments and hearing the buzz about them in the halls (and in HW hour...haha)

    I love Dillion and Ava's ideas about who you are! What about creating a collage. Since your blog is titled "7 Speaks", what you every 7th grader wrote 1 word to describe them and you just collaged it or listed those words in your "about us" page. Then when someone whats to know who you are they can read all the descriptive adjectives and end it with ..."and that's who 7 is!" (Notice the correct use of apostrophe there...!!!

  5. I also do agree with Dillon and Ava, a picture could show who the writers look like, or see how our school looks like. This also gives us a chance for people to know that we are young adults writing great paragraphs/stories.I also do agree with Dillon and Ava, a picture could show who the writers look like, or see how our school looks like. This also gives us a chance for people to know that we are young adults writing great paragraphs/stories.

  6. we should do something very different letting people know who we are and what we stand for all in this website and this is something we should take pride in we just may win if we win we have to put some style in this site and pictures things people dont think a school could do

  7. I think the hole 7th grade should take a picture outside ics. Also we should have a picture for 7th grade teachers.Maybe we should take pictures of kids writing or typing on the computer

  8. Love your blog! I am a grade 6 teacher at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong and some of my students (along with my class as a whole) have registered to participate in the March Blogging Challenge. I would like to include a link to your site on my class blog in hopes that our students might be able to connect. If you have a chance, please visit our class site.
    Happy blogging!

  9. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for visiting our blog! We would love to connect and begin trading ideas to become better bloggers. It's especially exciting for us that your school is located in Hong Kong! How cool to connect across continents!

    We're still in the process of setting up our blog to make it more accessible to readers in other global communities, but feel free to leave comments on our site - we'd love it!

    We will add you to our blog roll, too.

  10. @ Ronaee I agree I think we should do that.

    @ Ava & Dillon: I think they should really know what we do and what we want to do. Also they should know why we entered the blogging challenge, so I think we should tell them that.

  11. I think that we shold make some collages of our work and us just smiling on. I like Ava's idea, the fact to just free write about anything (the whole picking out of a hat thing)would be great! Free writing would make us stronger and let our creativity out.