Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day Seven: Our Last Day

By Kaden, Kris, Gabby & Alisha

        Today our wake up call was at about 7:30 , which is 9:30 in American time. After we all decided on what to wear that day we went to have breakfast which included eggs, cereal, yogurt, toast, fruit, and Gallo pinto (rice and beans). After our delicious breakfast we waited for the magnificent and I mean Magnificent Don Pablo (who is magnificent in case you haven’t heard) to escort us to the Laguna de Apoyo, which was a big volcanic crater filled with water. On our way to the lagoon we picked up Eduardo ( Our tour guide who also happened to be magnificent ). 

        When we got to the Lagoon we swam for a couple of hours It was really cool because there were Kayaks and inner tubes that we used to swim with. There was also a floating dock about 10 feet from the shore (the weak swimmers had to wear life vest in order to get there). It was accually kind of cool knowing that we were swimming on a dormant volcano next to another volcano called Mombacho.

        After we were done swimming it was lunch time. We had lunch at a place called “Mi Viejo Ranchito.” The atmosphere of the Restaurant was pretty welcoming. It had a nice view of Apoyo (the volcanic crater we swam in before lunch. Kris ordered a combo meal that included fish fingers and french fries while I ordered Nica Nachos (Nicaraguan nachos), which were delicious.

        After our delicious meal we went to a market in Masaya. The market was filled with a variety of typical Nicaraguan crafts and clothing. The market in Nicaragua wasn’t like the markets we see  in the US.  The market looked like a giant flee market but the crafts weren’t used yet. We separated up into three different groups, Tr. Kate’s group, Tr. Steve’s group, and Eduardo’s group.  

        We saw so many different types of hand-made crafts that were expensive and it was hard to bargain down the prices, but some people gave us great deals like for example 20 bracelets for $20. Most of the stores had the same things with either the same or different prices. We shopped until 6:00 p.m.  

        After we went to the market it was time for dinner. We had a buffet of Nicaraguan food, like Caballo Bayo, Pork Rinds, Fried Enchiladas, and much more. 

        After we were done our dinner we danced. Tr. Steve taught us a nameless dance. Alisha and Gabby learned the dance and then taught it to others. They also added their own moves to the dance. We enjoyed our last supper in Nicaragua. 

        After we danced we got on the bus and dropped off Eduardo and we were all sad to see him leave. That’s when we headed back to the hotel and had our last debrief. We shared about our experience and shared about how we were feeling at that moment, we all wanted to cry. Some of us just let it out. 

        Before our debrief was over Tr. Kate and Tr. Steve passed back the letters we wrote at our last team building session and we had to write a new one about our experience, how it changed us, and how we were feeling. When we were finished they told us that they were going to mail the new letter we wrote to us in a couple of months and to go to our room and pack. Tr. Kate packed all of Alisha’s clothes in 4 minutes! Most of us were finished up at around midnight and we had to wake up at 3:30 AM. 


  1. M. Kate y M. Steve-at the risk of repeating myself, you guys are amazing!

    Laura-you are amazing as well.

    And I have been reminded many times, Don
    Pablo is magnificent.

    You all have changed the lives of these student
    travelers in so many ways.

  2. I am forever thankful , great full for the unforgettable experience that you allowed for the children in the take flight program to have.... They formed an unforgettable bond that will never be forgotten ....