Friday, March 22, 2013

Take Flight Day Three: Our First Trip to Chacocente

By Gabby, Tilly, Kaiana and Alisha

It is our third day in Nicaragua and we still can’t believe we are here. Today we went to Chacocente with our ANS buddies. On our way to Chacocente we saw so many cool things like the Masaya Volcano. We have noticed that there weren’t many sidewalks along the roads, so people were walking in the streets, or in ditches. 

Also the houses we saw along the road were really different from the other houses we’ve seen in Nicaragua and the USA. Some of them were made of cardboard or tin, not bricks. Some houses didn’t have doors, but most had gates to protect them. We have also seen many people selling things outside, like mini pools, drinks, fruit, and candy.

We traveled to Chacocente with the ANS buddies that we met yesterday. When we arrived in Chacocente there were lots of kids coming to hug us, we felt so welcomed. We delivered desks, a tree, and a plaque to the Chacocente school and they accepted our donations. Tilly, Shanice, Alisha and Kaiana gave a speech to the Chacocente students and teachers, and we had much love and clapping from all the children. 

We were also amazed by their athletic abilities. We saw little kids and older kids climbing up trees. We had fun games prepared for all of the schools. We played baseball, soccer, and relay races, and all the teams were mixed up so ANS, ICS, and Chacocente students all played together. We climbed on trees, and it was kind of hard because some of us were scared a branch might break and we would fall.


Chacocente was much different than ANS. Chacocente was dustier because their school was more outside. They did have a few hallways, but other than that it was outside. Chacocente also was hotter because there was no air conditioner, because the rooms are open to the outside and there were no windows or doors. Chacocente has a lot of kids and they were really cool and the little kids were so cute. We also saw the bathrooms that last year's Take Flight group helped to build, and the tree that they donated.

During lunch, we helped pass out little bags of lunch, which was one sandwich and a small bag of chips. We were very upset that we couldn’t feed the dogs. They looked very skinny, their ribs showing from their sides. We felt so bad for them, but the children needed to go first. After lunch, we resumed with our regular activities. In the field, a few ANS students and some Take Flighters joined Chacocente in a soccer game. First match we lost. But in the second match, we were victorious.

On the playground, many of the little kids were climbing trees. One little boy was jumping from one tree to another. At first we were worried they might fall, but when we saw how agile they were, we quit our worrying. They flew through the trees like monkeys, doing all types of tricks, like they’ve been climbing trees their whole lives. Unlike them, we were a complete fail.  Some of us went to the little store and bought some candy. The lollipops were extra delicioso. After a few games of tag, it was time to head back to the hotel.

We took a few pictures with our ANS buddies and handed the bracelets out to some of the Chacocente kids. We were so upset to leave. Even though Chacocente wasn’t as nice and well furnished like ANS, the kids were the ones that made it so much fun. Being an ICS student in Chacocente showed us not to take things for granted. Especially when it comes to school. On the way back to the hotel a lot of people were tired. Lola and Tilly were taking pictures of the ones who were asleep. Finally at the hotel we freshened up and had a little snack. Then the prank wars began!

      It was boys against girls. There was a lot of flying rotten fruit and stealth involved. Eventually the guys won. After a few hours of pranks it was time to get in the pool. We threw Tr. Kate and M.Steve into the pool and cannonballed ourselves in the pool. Then we all started hanging from the limbs of our teachers. We were so upset when we needed to get ready for our dinner. Once we were all fancy, we hopped onto the bus and was on our way to go eat dinner.

Dinner was so much fun. We got to try so many different types of food, like chicken, potatoes, corn, sausage, beef and pork. It was all prepared over a big charcoal grill. There was one spicy dish that Kaiana thought was salad. That didn’t end well. After a few others tried it and had a burning tongue for almost half an hour, we started to dance. A few of Tr.Kate’s friends came and we started to teach them how to dance popular American dances. Once they left, we started to head back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel we had our nightly debrief. We talked about the qualities of good schools, and if ICS, ANS, and Chacocente were good schools. It was very interesting because there were so many opinions that always had a point in the subject. But we agreed that a good school prepared you for your future. Now it’s night time so, bye. Hasta Luego!

Link to Pictures for Day Three!

Official Administrative Request - Friends and family members: Thank you all so much for your support and your wonderful comments! But where's all the gushy-gushy? We're still waiting to learn what some of our travelers' embarrassing nicknames are!!! Tr. Steve and I can't be truly effective trip leaders until we know who they REALLY are. Come on...for your children's sake!


  1. Philly to Macho, come in Macho...
    Sleeping? Really ?
    There's no Sleeping during DINNER!!!! That's a violation!!! We are going to leave a message for Mike Missanelli of 97.5 FM The Fanatic 5:45 Sound OFF!!!!VIOLATION FOR SURE!!! :)

    Our hearts are touched by the beautiful smiling face of the children of Chococente our prayer go out to them and always will.
    Love and miss you so much.
    signing off
    Mork and Mindy

  2. I'm so proud of all the students. Can't wait to see what comes next. Kaden we miss you lots.
    Love Mom

  3. WOW! What an amazing day the students had. So many new and different things were seen and done. The experiences will be unforgettable and I can't wait to hear the stores my grandson Luis will bring home with him to tell. I am truly thankful that this trip is going so well and that the kids are having an experience of a life time. Hoping the trip continues to go well and I look forward to reading the next chapter of the trip. Write ups are great. Keep up the good work to all. Blessing to all. Macho..grandpop n grandmom love you n oh so proud of you. Keep enjoying your adventures. (Millie Ramos)

  4. Excellent blogging! ... again I felt as if I was there, playing tag with the kids of Chacocente. :-). I'm looking forward to read about day 4.
    Love and miss you Macho! Dios Te Bendiga,
    Love Madrina

  5. It seems like everybody is having a good time there. I wish we could do all the things you guys are doing. from kaden's coolest brother raven

  6. Kaden it looks like you're having fun. I only miss you a little bit right now. We're playing with your stuff.
    from your Ultimate Coolest Brother

  7. Nick
    Well, that sounds like quite a day. I think you guys are hiking the volcano today. I truly would love to be there, (I'm betting that you'd rather I wasn't :)), have fun and enjoy yourself.

  8. Nick
    BTW your skrimps molted.

  9. It looks as though you guys are having an amazing experience
    on so many different levels. I can't wait to see more. BTW-the food looks amazing! Can I get the recipe for the tongue-burning salad?

  10. LOLA!!
    it looks like you are having an amazing time. this last post made me cry a little, but you know that pretty much anything can make me cry. Also i think you all have ME to thank for lola's obsession with humiliating anyone who falls asleep by taking their picture....and if you ever want to see the gallery of sleeping lola pictures please contact me. haha. Anyway, sorry i didn't write to you yesterday, I was mostly traveling. BUT i made it to california!!! and now i am in Palm Springs in the coolest hotel ever!! We are going to have quite a photo share going on when we both get back. I love you. bye! xoxo mama

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  12. Hi Hannah,

    It seems like you guys are having an Awesome time, I miss you so much and getting plenty of phone calls regarding how you are doing from other family members. I get so excited to see the things you have experienced so far, I can't wait for the next posts. Please take plenty of pictures and videos if you can, and use wisdom.I am so proud of you . I love you so much. Mommy

  13. Hi, I'm Kaiana's cousin Rosa. Kaiana, I miss you, so much. I hope your having fun and that you make a huge difference in the lives of the kids in the schools. It looks like you've had a lot of fun so far and I hope that you and your friends have a lot more of it. Bye, love you!

  14. LolaCola I know you are having an awesome, awesome time. But what about Noni? Who can I discuss Project Runway with? I should have gotten a proxy grandkid before you left. Silly me. Your teachers are asking for your nicknames LOLACOLA. Adios Senorita

  15. Shanice looks like u having a great time. Your Mom had to show me how to look up your blog. Im very proud of you and miss u very much. Im sure you will have plenty of stories when you get back. See u soon. Love you Grandmom :-)

  16. Hi Pickachu (Dejah), Hope you are having a great time. You look sad in some of your pictures and Aunt Regina and Uncle John are worried that you are not having a good time? Life here at home is NOT the same without you. Think of me when you eat your Twizzlers!!!!!! xoxoxox!!!!!!!

  17. Hi Guys. It's you daily dose of Lena today. My t-shirt didn't fit so I gata send it back, so it won't be here til after you get back probably. Haha (first world problems right?) Well you probably don't wanna hear about me so I'll ask about you. How's Nica? The school's look cool, and the food looks delicious. As for Nicknames, I know this isn't very embarrassing, but you should definitely call Aaliyah Aalihay. OK, well I'm gonna go for now.
    I realized our concert is the week we start school again! (ohmigosh! excited? I am) And Now I've commenced an epic search for Fall Out Boy Tickets. Or a new band that has cheaper concerts, cus these are expensive! I'm gonna end up blowing all my money...
    Ok, bye for real now,

    1. There are a lot of typos in that sorry...

  18. Hi Bella,

    Louis is curled up on my lap as I (try to) type with his head against my arm. We went to Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah today. Kevin said she missed having you there for support but she totally understands. You two can commiserate when you return. When we got home, Alena jumped right on your iPad to play Subway Surfer. It helps her cope with your absence :) Btw, please stop hidding from the camera! I may cave in to the Official Addministrative Request for nicknames. Tr. Kate, could you be stealthy and maybe catch Bella with her guard down? I assume that you are the one taking the pictures posted as I don't see YOU in any of them! Have fun on the zip line! That's tomorrow, yes? xoxo Love, Mom

  19. Looking forward to your next post Macho man.

  20. Hey Guys-getting a little jittery here...need a new post...
    maybe in half an hour? Can't wait to hear how today was!

    Nick-Ag sends his reards.

  21. Macho here is a message from Tio Robert

    AnonymousMarch 23, 2013 at 7:16 PM
    Hey macho this is your tio from philly how u doing buddy


  22. Hola mi Kaiana
    I really enjoyed reading about your experience at chacocente... It was very heartwarming to feel the welcome they gave to all of the ICS students..... I couldn't help but laugh when I read what happened with the hot dish in disguise.... daddy and Alberto said they can't wait to talk to you about that event...... We miss you more as the days go by but I am thrilled that you are having so much fun..... Love you

  23. O Machoman, Machoman, wherefore art thou Machoman! Thinking of you before I hit the sack.

    Love you!
    Madrina xoxo

  24. Everyone is doing a wonderful job blogging! It has given us at home a chance to experience your trip with you. Dejah, it was nice to a smile on your face so we won't be worried!!!! We are counting the moments until the next blog! We love you lady and will check back in tonight!!!!

  25. Hello Tilly

    I really enjoyed reading the blog and looking at the pictures. Your are the quite ambassador. I am so proud of you and everyone else is too. I showed Mr. Dave the pictures he said hello. Continue to have a great time.

    Love you much Bubba (nick name)

    Mom -Angela