Shout Outs

Holy Moly!  We have hit 100 comments on our first blog post of the year!  I am so impressed by the blogging ability you have already shown - especially the positive comments on each other's work.  Well done!

Make sure when you comment not to post anonymously, but to include your name (click on name/url to post!).

Tr. Lacey


  1. Hi,

    We are the class above you in the blog challenge. We are a class of 9-12 year olds from New Zealand. While we are younger than you we thought you might like to take on a mentoring role with our blog or just visit and leave comments about our posts. Our teacher, Ms Price, loves the "Shout Out" idea, so don't be surprised if you see it appear on our blog soon - thanks for the idea.
    Check out our blog:
    and we will continue to check your blog out at least once a week and leave a comment. We look forward to getting to know you better.

  2. Hello Ms. Price!

    Thank you for visiting. 7 Speaks is in the midst of PSSA testing and paper writing this week so we have taken a brief hiatus from the blogging challenge. We will be back in full force in the next couple of weeks. Keep in touch with us about your blogging. We would love to help mentor however we can!

  3. Hi,
    i would like to give a shout out to all of 7B for being a class that blogs their little hearts out and im sure we all had fun doing logging which really was more time on the computer for us but we still enjoyed so GO 7B