Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day 5: Mombacho and the Canopy Tour

By Luis, Tilly, Kaden, and Nicky

Today us travelers were able to sleep in; eight was our wake up time. We ate breakfast at our hotel once again and awaited the Magnificent Don Pablo. We rode the bus to pick up our tour guide Eduardo and were on our way to Volcan Mombacho.

Once we arrived, we had a little bit of time to use the restroom and prepare ourselves to hike up the volcano. It turned out that we met our truck driver and he took us up the mountain. We sampled some coffee and took some pictures of the beautiful view. When we were finish we got back on the truck and we took another ride up the mountain and arrived at a mini briefing center. We got ready for our walk up and down the hill. It was really fun but we got really tired from walking so much. We stopped at a few places on the trail and took a lot of pictures and sat down and drink some good water.

Eduardo was telling us about the plants and we got to try one called the Begoña. Some found it tasty while others spit it out and had the most priceless faces. We also learned about a few other plants, the Pacaya, for example. It is a famous volcano, but the Pacaya plants are used to make items such as baskets. We also learned about Epiphytes, which are basically any plants that grow on top of other plants, to get sunlight. They create neat looking gardens in the sky. We were really walking fast and some of the group was behind so we waited then keep walking. There were some dirt holes in the ground and we put our hand in it and it was really hot in the hole. We got to see the city of Granada and Volcan Masaya in the distance, so cool. We walked up the hills and down. It was really tiring to make it up the hill, and it was so hard because the hill was so steep so we had to sit down on the trail to drink some water. When we got back to the briefing center, while we were waiting for our truck, some of us raced up and down the hill. It was really fun but it really tired us. Finally the truck came and we went to go get lunch. Lunch was really good we all had chicken,rice,salad, plantain and grapefruit juice it was really good.

After lunch we had a half hour to kill so we passed the time by playing games like snaps and shopping at the coffee shop. Then we got harnessed in and learned how to not hurt someone when zipping down at great speeds. When I first left I was reluctant but when I saw the untouched beauty of nature I couldn't stop thinking about the next line. After everyone took the leap of faith on their first zipline we made our way to the next line. Then we came to our first obstacle the tight rope. In a nutshell, the tightrope is a line where we climb up a ladder and walk across or if you were scared like me you could slide across.

Our next destination was the Tarzan Swing (uh oh).The Tarzan Swing involved using a huge rope to cross about 20 feet of land to reach our next stopping point which including sliding down a rope about 50 feet in the air. As one of the staff members was attaching my harness to the rope I promised myself that I wouldn’t scream (which really didn’t work out the way I anticipated). After we said our farewells to the staff members we enjoyed dinner at  El Triangulo (The Triangle). At the restaurant we had a choice between Gallo pinto (rice and beans), chicken ,fried plantains , beef kabobs, cabbage salad and many more options. By the time we were done with dinner we went back to the hotel for a debrief meeting. Then at about 10:00 (12:00 in American time) we went to bed.                


  1. Parents and family members - M. Steve and M. Kate want you to know what UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING AND BRAVE travelers you have! Even those who were nervous at the thought of today's zip lining activity rose to the challenge, and literally flew out of their comfort zones. We are so proud and humbled by the way in which each of the travelers is giving their all to this experience. Are you sure you want them back after all of this? Because we'd be happy to keep them here for quite a bit longer...

    1. I know Tilly is having a blast you can keep him for another week, but I would have to hear his voice. You guys are great.


  2. Grandmom Macho (Luis)March 25, 2013 at 2:08 AM

    Totally impressed with the bravery of all the kids in doing the zip line. I saw how excited and happy my boo bear Macho (Luis)was as he zipped down through the zip line. What an amazing feeling that must have been. You go boo!!!
    Continue on with the adventures. God keep you all safe in your travels. Grandmom.

  3. Hola Nick: I can see that you don't share my view on either the heat or on the height. Looks like quite a day!
    How was the coffee (hint, hint)? Can't wait to see where your travels take you next.


  4. The BIG MAMBO MACHO conquered Mombacho!!!!! Awesome!!!! We are so proud of you. It must be such an amazing feeling zipping through God's beautiful creation. Reading about the warm dirt holes really describes that you guys are actually on a VOLACANO!!!! We're speechless. The only word that comes to mind is WOW!!!!!
    Love you, miss you,
    God Bless
    mom & dad

  5. No you can't keep them any longer!!!!I hope you all get to sleep in today. You all will be very sore today. I know it was totally worth it.

    Kaden - we miss you so much. Vega thinks you are outside and keeps looking out the window for you. Hugs and Kisses!!!!

    I have to go walk to work in the snow now.

    I love you,

  6. The first week of spring seems much better in the rainforest than back hear on the east coast. It has been snowing all morning. We may have even had a snow day today, who knows? I am so excited to hear about all the science you are experiencing volcanoes, epiphytes, etc. I am feeling so jealous right now. Glad to hear about all of your fun adventures. Who knew you considered 8am sleeping in? Enjoy!

    1. Tr. Lynn - at your mention of science and learning, ALL of the children responded, "BLEEEECCHCHCHCHCHCHCH". Just thought you should know. xoxo, Tr. Kate

    2. Tr. Lynn - At your mention of science and learning, ALL of the children responded, "BLEEEEEECCCCCCHHHHHHH". Just thought you should know.

      XOXO, Take Flight

  7. Hey Tilly,

    Good Morning, I am tired and I did not wantto go to work in the snow. It is snowning and it is spring time. I know you are having a great time. I need some sunshine right about now. It is cold.

    Love you much


    Ps. Everyone love and miss you.

  8. I hope that you all are journaling about this amazing trip! These memories make wonderful high school essay topics for next year! Enjoy your sunny weather-we have SNOW here!

    ~Tr. Ericka

  9. Oh gosh LolaCola, I was excited and scared just looking at the ziplineing! Did you pee pee your panties? I would have. By the way, it's snowing here today. Did you hear me correctly....SNOWING. Love you so much

  10. Dear Waldo, I mean Bella...

    May I request that, in group pictures, you show your ENTIRE face, pretty please? The zip line looked amazing but I'm with Maria, no way Jose for me! Did you happen to give your cicada friend a name? Cisco or maybe Samuel? Thank you Tr. Kate and Tr. Steve for planning such an exciting itinerary, everyone looks like they are having a blast!!! Happy Passover Bella!! xoxo, Mom! xxx

  11. Hey Dej and Hannah (since Marc always asks for you :)
    Looks like everyone had a fun weekend. Dej you look tired hunni. I hope all is well and that you are having a wonderful time. We had burgers and milk shakes from the Shake Shack and it was good! It was snowing today but it's not sticking. One more day after today and you guys will be heading back home. Enjoy your last full day tomorrow and we will see you when you return. We love you Hollywood! Marc misses Hannah more, LOL!!!! He's so funny!He really misses you Dej, shhhhhhhhh-I wasn't supposed to tell you...

  12. Dudeeee
    Hey, what a great day, hiking, zip lines and giant, (and I do mean giant), cicadas. You could pop those bad boys in a roll and call it a hoagie. Our day was pretty exciting here too, let’s see, what did I do.. oh I did a huge pile of laundry oh and then some vacuuming too; also how is it possible that you have dirty laundry but not be here. I guess that will have to be a mystery of the universe. So you see we’re rocking it in your absence. Also I thought you were supposed to go swimming in the lake @ the summit, it does not look like you did, bummer, I guess the pool will have to do, . Finally, wow! Way to sport those socks, you could start a whole new trend. Enjoy your last couple of daze! Love – dad.

  13. Dejaaaaaaahhhhh,


    Boy do we miss you! Well my Lady, mark this as yet another notch in your belt. I see that you are having an AMAZING time and I am sure that you are learning about a lot of fascinating people, places and things. I look forward to hearing how everything went. Do you have pen pals? Well, I guess you would be back before we received anything. Well

    Mi corazon es para tu!

    Esperamos que usted sea el mejor momento de su vida! Dios te bendiga y te guarde en la oración!

    Cyrene---- Casai will write later SWAK (sealed with a Kiss)

  14. Hey Alisha & everyone that's what I call a VACATION!!! I love this pics.

  15. Dear Macho,
    How I am missing you! I am so very proud of you and your trip mates for being so adventurous with the zip lining! I know you will never forget that! ;-)
    May the Good Lord continue to keep you all safe on your journey.
    Love you Madrina!

  16. Hi Hannah,

    I am so in awe, with all the great adventures you and your friends are having, I love the weather over there. Hannah,I was so proud of you on that zipline walking across, my brave big girl. I love the little coffee cups, too on your break. The pictures are so awesome, I really look forward to seeing what you will do next. As you go shopping tomorrow, have fun and use wisdom , and find the best deals. Have the best day ever tommorow. I love you so much and miss you!!!!

  17. It has been such a pleasure to read your blog every morning! I have been following along every day. It sounds like you are getting so much experience down there and are having such a memorable trip! Stay safe and keep open to the experiences as it seems you have been doing so far! It snowed today so enjoy the hot weather while you can! :D Tell M. Steve that I miss him very much!

  18. BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!! :)

  19. Kaianita mi amor,
    Estoy orgullosa de ti...... Very proud... I know how much you are afraid, petrified of heights but you did it..... You are awesome .... Along with the whole take flight crew......

  20. Literally have nothing to say today. Looks like you're having fun. Bye,

  21. Lola
    We all can't wait to hear all of your memories of this totally stupendous trip. Please bring back some of that' energy from all of these photos. Wow-just wow! Miss you much. Love love love.

  22. Wow Kaiana! We are so very proud of you! We know heights is not your cup of tea but we happy to see you do it! Please remember that we love and care about you very much! More importantly, we appreciate the opportunity you have wish everyone well, enjoy! Grandmom said "Que Dios the bendiga. Love Daddy