Monday, September 17, 2012

A Fictional Friendship


Welcome to 7 Speaks!

For your first blog post this year, please write two paragraphs in response to the following prompts.  Make sure to include lots of details, and check for spelling and punctuation before posting.  For all of your blog posts, make sure to compose in a google doc first!  That way you will be better able to check your work. Also, because we are unable to indent on the blog, please use the enter key to skip a line between paragraphs. 

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Paragraph One:  Write a detailed paragraph that gives lots of information.  You should say more beyond, "I want to be Han Solo's best friend because he is cool."  If he IS cool, explain why.  What would you do together?  What would your friendship be like?

Paragraph Two:  Describe your identity as a reader using the following questions as a guide.Choose a minimum of three (or more for extra credit!).
  • Do you remember when you first learned to read?  How old were you?  Who taught you?  Describe your earliest reading memory.
  • What was your favorite book, or who was your favorite author, as a child?  Did you ever return to one book again and again?  Do you still enjoy this book/author today as a 7th grader?
  • What is the definition of a good book for you?
  • Describe the book you are currently reading.  Include the title and author and tell us about it without giving away any spoilers.  Who would you recommend this book to? (Let's share some titles and get reading!)
  • Have you read The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins?  What are your thoughts on this book being made into a movie franchise?  Do you think the film version does the book justice?  Why or why not?
  • What other film versions of books have you seen and loved (or hated)?