Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Love Letter To Philadelphia and Questions for ANS


For this week's blog post (which will again be read and commented on by students at ANS in Nicaragua) please write a love letter to your city, using the letters written by Science Leadership Academy students as inspiration.


1. Choose a specific place or Philadelphia specific object to write your love letter to.

2. Begin your letter: Dear... and then give specific details about why you love this aspect of Philadelphia.

3.  Address some questions to students at ANS. What would you like to know about life in Managua, Nicaragua?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Share Your Review: Silent Night


Last week the 7th grade went to see Mark Campbell and Kevin Puts' Pulitzer Prize winning opera, Silent Night.  The opera centers around the 1914 Christmas Eve truce of World War I and was full of intense battle scenes and soaring music.

Students, for this week's blog post please weigh in on your experience watching this opera for the first time.

Think about including your thoughts on:
  • The plot
  • Your favorite character(s)
  • Your favorite scenes
  • Costumes
  • Sets
  • Your overall impression of opera as an art form and what you learned about it seeing this show!
Reviews can be positive, or negative, but should be backed up with specific thoughts and ideas.  "It was amazing!" or "It was terrible!" is not an adequate review.  Give details to support your opinions.

Please post your reviews on your KidBlog account and also share it on the Philadelphia Opera Company's blog: