Sunday, January 23, 2011

How would you do in a "free school"?

This week's blog post is courtesy of the New York Times learning network.

At the Manhattan Free School, students “do not receive grades, take tests or have to do anything, really, that they do not feel like doing.” Teachers there believe that students learn best when they direct their own education, so though there are classes, students can play video games all day if they like. Would you want to attend a school like this? If not, why not? If so, what do you think you would do with your time? Do you agree that you learn best when you direct your own education? Why or why not?

In the column  “Play-Doh? Calculus? At the Manhattan Free School, Anything Goes,” Susan Dominus writes:
At the Manhattan Free School, which opened in 2008 and follows a model that first gained fame at A. S. Neill’s Summerhill School in England, educators believe that students learn best when they direct their own education. Classes are held, but if a student wants to play video games or model with Play-Doh all day, so be it — even if that student is, say, 17.
… “It comes down to trust,” Ms. Werner said, “the trust that given time, they’ll find their passions, and when they do, they’ll be eager to learn.”
Students and faculty members debate and vote on all matters of school policy, but the grown-ups are outnumbered: The school has two full-time teachers, and relies on parents and other volunteers who believe in the program to fill the gaps (including calculus, if a student were to want to learn it).
Students, for your blog commentary this week respond to the following questions:
  • How do you think you would do in a "free school"?  Would you like to attend a school like this?
  • If not, why not?  If so, what would you do all day?  
  • If you could learn about whatever you wanted, what would you choose to study?
  • Are you self-motivated?  Do you agree that you learn best when you direct your own education?
    **Quality commentaries are 2-3 paragraphs long.  Remember to compose your commentary in a word document before posting, and don't forget to proofread for CUPS.  

    Students, blog commentaries often take quite a bit of time.  If you know that you will not be able to finish your post in one sitting, make sure to save your writing in your email account or google docs so you don't lose your work!


    1. I would like to attend the free school because it seems cool and students can pick a subject to learn about. What I have to say about it is that I agree and I disagree on this, and here’s why.
      I agree because some of the students in the school pick anything they want to, come on who wouldn’t! The teachers are okay with that and that they can play video games if they want to.

      I disagree because the students wouldn’t get enough learning in them and if they keep playing video games they not going to get no education. If they chose to pick the subjects they are going to have a hard time with it, what I mean by that is when they done they probably not going to be on the same level, If they stop learning then they going to have a hard time. I feel though that they shouldn’t have free school, my opinion.

    2. I think I would do good at a school like this because even though they let you choose whatever subject you would like I would still take the main things such as reading and math because they are two important things you have to learn as a child and later on in life. I would like to attend this school because its like a school that would be let you be open minded and let you choose things to promote your interest.

      Then again I disagree because to get a good education some children need a little push to do great later on in life and believe that they can do good in school. Also all kids are different, we all learn at different levels, so therefore I understand the learn in free education , but still kids need a teacher there to help them understand what they are learning. This why I disagree a little.

    3. I agree a little because I feel that you need your education in order to get to big places in life. But I do like the fact that the students dont get the chose to learn what they want. Or have fun and thats the thing that I feel that the teachers dont do ask us the students what we want to learn about.But despise all that I think that we should keep the schools the way that they are and not like how we want them to be. Because then there would just be alot of trubble in the world and there is enough already.

    4. I think that I would do well in a free school. But I do think that students need to learn certain subjects, like math for instance. If you don't learn math then you wouldn't be able to work as well at a job. Like some math teachers say, math is involved in almost everything.
      I think that it would be fun to attend a school like that. You get to choose what subjects and how you want to learn it. I would spend my day reading but I would make sure I take a break for some subjects like social studies, science, math and spanish. Also I would like to spell words all day and also do grammar.
      I would think that I am self motivated. I can do work without someone having to stand over me and help me stay on track. I also think that it would be fun to direct your own education.

    5. I think I would do well in a free school, but I don't think I would want to attend one. People would distract me and keep me from doing my work. I'm a very quiet person, but when someone gets me talking, I talk a whole lot. I don't think it would be fair to me, if everyone was messing around and not paying attention. One thing I would wonder is how their grade system works.

      If we could learn about anything we wanted, I would want to learn about science, chemistry, and biology. I love science so much and prefer nature documentaries over Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or anything like that. I think it would be awesome to study about scientific matter in school! I really want a scientific career when I'm older. I think it's amazing how science works, and usually we're not even watching it.

      I am self-motivated, but I don't think I could run my own education. If I could, I wouldn't be at school, and I would be at home studying all day. My motivation is how my grades impact my high school, and how what high school I get into depends on my grades I get in school today. I am really aiming for the sky these last trimesters, and am hoping I do a really great job! I really want to be able to get into any high school I want.

    6. I think if I went to a free school,I would do fine. I don't think I would do my best though. I like being challenged, but not to much (no extra home work pleas) I would not want to go because I would not do my best because I would know I could slack off if I wanted to, but at ICS if I slack off in 7th grade, I wouldn't get in to a good high school. If I did go to a free school,I would probably pay attention to what interested me, talk to my friend and read.
      If I could study what ever I wanted to, I would study...Greek mythology, History, poetry, sciene (physics),and as a sport archery.
      I am not really sure if I am self motivating, I try to be,I think I would be...fine if I was directing my own education.

    7. I disagree because if you go to a free school it will be out of control and you will not get a good education so you can get into a good high school.And if you dont have a good education how will you get though life becuase nothing is a free ride.

      But then it will be fun to go to a free school because you can pick your own subjects that you like.

    8. I think that I would do well in a free school, eventhough I don't want to go to a school like that. I disagree with their teaching method, though. Some, in fact, probably most, kids whogo to that school are going to take advantage of their teaching methods and not do anything at the school. They'll never know what their strong points are or what they need to work on. The kids wouldn't have to work on anything for all the teachers care. I think that, to everyone, that the school would be fun for a while, but it'll get old when you want to learn and the other kids across the room won't stop talking. I think that the Manhattan Free School is really going to mess up the kids' lives later on when they're actually going to have to work, or when they go to high school, or if they decide that they want to college, it'll be impossible for them to get through because they slacked off in that school and no one cared if they got a proper education or not.

    9. I think I would do good in a free school, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't get off task and maybe goof off at times.I know that in that type of school, I'd probably not be as succesful as I am in ICS. So therfore I wouldn't like to attend a school like that. I ould choose to study every subject there is. Everything that would go on my high school application. I'm self motivated but it depends on what. Sports, definitly. School... My mom does most of the encouraging and motivating. can't take a side on whether not students do better directing their own education or not. It depends on the kid. I don't think anyone can take a side on that.

    10. Dear tr.Lacey

      I would like to attend to a free school because you can pick the subject that you want to do. the reason why I would go to a free school, is because whats not bette then free. I would better myslef to go to a paying is because the teachers will not really care if you make it to a college or really help you to get to collge, or better your chances in getting into a good collge. the reason why i would go to a paying school is because the teachers would care if you go to a good high scool and colleg and it will make a really huge better chance in getting in the top 10 hogh schools and the top 10 colleges, thats why i would go to a paying school like ICS.

      your student,

    11. I would definitely go to this school because then I wouldn't have to read something I don't want to read or something I don't want to do. I mean I would stop once in a while to do some internet work and learn on the computer but a lot I would be talking/joking around with my friends. I think it would make me think differently about going to school and I would get up every morning and put on what I want and leave to go there.
      I agree with the teachers that students learn best on their own accord and on their own schedule. I agree because I get annoyed by teachers telling me to do the homework even if I did it but I don't have it that day. I would love to wear whatever I want to school and everywhere. Now I really want to go to that school really bad.

    12. I would not like to attend a free school because they allow students to do whatever they want. I believe students that go to a free school do not know how to act. Also, if they let the students do what ever they want; they may not get all the education that private, public, parochial schools get.

      If I to pick any subject I would pick the slavery time to the segregation time. Because this is the type of stuff that my ancestors had to go through in order for me to be here. Also, so I can have a better future.

      Yes, I'm self-movitated. I think that both direct education and a whole class room education. Direct education is good because they can stay way from the distarction. Whole class room education is really good because you can meet with different people and realize different backgrounds.

    13. @everyone: This debate is really interesting. On a radio show called "This American Life" there was a report related to this topic. According to the show's producers all of the graduates went on to study in college. Do you think attending the "free school" would help promote a love of learning that would make young people want to continue their studies. I agree with Givonna that it might depend on the individual student.

    14. I would attend the free school because you can do anything you want but I think you should learn at least 75% a day and if you do good you can do anything if you do not you have to do it again.

      My topic would be slavery because slavery happened a long period of time so you can learn what happening a least every year .

      YES i am self motivated because if you do not get a good education you might go to a bad school and soon you might regret it

    15. I would like to attend a free school but then again i wouldn't.I would because it'll be fun not being watched over like a hawk.I wouldn't because i would liked to be graded for my work so that i can know I'm making progress and feel proud.

    16. Dear Tr.Lacey

      I think i would do good in a free school because the food is free so i can educate my mind, because you know what they say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". I think lunch and dinner are important too. I would love to attend a free school because, well for one its easier on the parents and for two i think its a better education because we can afford more supplies.

      I'd just let us chill and not do too much work but enough so that we learn something, like it wouldn't be as much as we do at ics but it'll still be enough so that our brains work. Id choose to learn about music , every class will be about music and one other subject like math,science etc.

      i am not my own-motivate (most of the time), i have wonderful friends and my mama and daddy to motivate me. if i were to direct my own education i think id definitely do better in school. my school work will consist of great things.
      Nyla Webb

    17. I would like to attend to a free school because i i can learn any thing. It would be to learn about soccer or about the history or math or ela of other countries. It be cool to have a big gym so that every body can run around. Also a theater.

      A school that has a multi teaching is cool. You can learn about different things how people around the world learns.

    18. I think I would do good in a free school because I would get to learn the subjects I have more trouble in. I wouldn't like it because I am not getting credit for what I am doing in class and out. The subjects i would pick is math and reading, I would pick math and reading because math and reading are the two most important subjects in America. Math and reading will be with you your whole life it will help you life and help you get a good job. I don't believe that you can learn when you direct your own education. I think that because you wont have nobody to keep you on track to stop you from getting distracted easily.

    19. Dear Tr.Lacey

      I think that I would do well in a free school. But i wouldn't attend one because I would get distracted easily. Also there would be to much contreversy, so I wouldn't be able to concentrate.
      If I could choose something to study it would be Shakespere because he was a super genius and I love his plays, especially "A Midsummers Night Dream." Something esle Iwould study is math in general because everything thqat has to do with anything uses math.
      I am self motivated but I do'nt think that the majority of the kids in America could direct their own education. I think that most students need a teacher so they can stay focused and on task. I know personaly that a lot of students can not stay on task because they get disracted to easily. Sometimes it really depends on who you are.
      Janaeha B!

    20. I would like to go to a free school like that because I would relate better to the subject in school, if the students picked it.I would also like to go to this fantsy school because you wouldn't have to worry about your grades slipping or having missing assingments.I would relate to school better, if you didnt feel like learning a certain day you would have a choose to play video games all day.

      But i also think that it wouldn't be a good idea to go to a free school because it could cause trouble all through the school. You wouldn't learn any thing and if you don't learn anything and you go off to college or high school and its not a free school then what are you goin to do.

    21. Dear Tr.Lacey,
      I think I would do better because I would be able to buy more books and supplies to study. I would not like to go to a free school because then the school would not have as much of technology as in ICS. That would be a problem because I would not be able to get the research I need during class.
      If I could choose whatever I wanted to learn I would be design. Not the clothes design but like interior design. For that I would choose math and science and art mostly art and math. I choose science because is one of my favorite subjects.
      I’m not sure if I work myself when I direct myself, but I know I need help from my sister or mom and dad. Sometimes I can do stuff like homework by myself so I’m not sure what do you think tr.Lacey?

    22. Tr.Lacey my comment is three paragraphs but I didn’t space them by accident. Sorry

    23. Dear Tr.Lacey,

      I do not think that I would do well in a free school. This is because if I have work to do in free school I would not pay attention. Yes, I would go to a school like this. Also doing any thing I wanted would be nice for a while. But I would want to learn some time through the day. These are my comments on those questions.

      What I would do all day is skatebaord. I would skate board because this would be an activity that would keep me busy all day. This is because skateboarding is my favorite sport and it would give me time to learn new tricks. I would also play soccer because it is one of my favorite sports also.
      That is what I would do all day.

      If I could learn any subject I would learn about skate boarding. This would be a subject where you learn how to do tricks, and the history of skateboarding. This would be a subject where you go to the skate park for a field trip. You would get free skate boards and learn the basics of how to make a skate board. That would be a subject I would learn.

      I do not know if I am self-motivated. This is because some times I will make myself do something but most of the time my mom tells me to do something.I don't agree with you learn best when you direct your own edujucation. This is because I would not want to learn the maun subjects.
      these are my answer to these questions

    24. I would really attend in a free school because I honestly think that this is a fun and eduacational school. It would inspire kids to do their work and at the same time do something they would like to do. If I would atten at that school, I think I would do as good as i'm doin here in I.C.S.

      If I could choose what I wanted to learn, I would learn about forensics. I love forensics I would definetly study alot more about science because science has both history and math involve in it. I would just like to learn more on important subjects that can help me through life.

      I know how to controll my laughter. If I can do that, then I can get myslef to work harder when i'm havng tons of fun. If I could do something in school, I would chill with my friends or play Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

    25. Dear Tr.Lacey,
      I would love to go to that school. It seems like so much fun. Just having freedome at school is cool and you see your friends. Most of the time I would be on my iPod all day long. Just to see how it would be not hearing teachers yell at for doing something wrong or because you forgot your homework. Maybe kids might eve do better without teachers freaking them out all the time. Afther awhile I think I would miss class work but not homwwork.
      At the same time thie school might not be good for the kids. If you think about it if kids don't learn eney thing they might not go to a good high school, then a bad collage to a bad job. At the same time not learning won't help kids in future times. Even if they get a job at burger kind they still need to know math.
      Now if they had a school that didn't make kids ware uniforms. Had no homework that keep kids from a social life. That would be awsome. So if each kid got to pick there own classes they wanted to do maybe they would do better in school. My subject would have to be art or baking. I love baking but I can never eat cookies or cakes, I've never been a pastrie eater. So if each kid got there own treatment they might make it to high school then collage. For all we know they might be the new mayor or governer, or to president. That's all

    26. I think I would do well in a free school and I think I might attend a school like this, but sometimes I disagree about how the teacher that not strict enough. Many student take the advantage of the teacher that are too nice, students being rude and not respect to the teacher. But I think its all depends on the student, if the student sow the good things like respect to teachers, do great job in every lessons, and other good things, later, they also will reap the good. They will become the pride for many people, they will get good future and other good things. I will choose to learn about foreign languages (like French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian and etc). I also want to learned more science, math, social study, grammar, vocabulary, technology and gym. I also want to have musics lesson (like piano, violin, guitar,and sing). I think they are all important lessons for me to learn and know or may be the master of them all. Yes, myself really motivated. I’m not sure I will learn best if I direct my own education, I need opinion from my parents because as parents they might know better than us, and they will give the best for us, so, I will follow whatever my parents told me to.

    27. I think I would do harible in a free school behavior wise because I already talk a lot in my classes. Plus if I went to a free school I don't think I would learn the things I need to know. Because when ever I need to do something I can push myself towards it but I need teachers to keep reminding to help me out. Also a free school wouldn't help me with my career because I want to be a lawyer and in order to do that in school I have to be able to learn every thing I need to know in order to get into the college I want. Which is nyu, so basically I do not approve of a free school for me.

    28. I think I would do well in a “free school” because I can learn when I feel like it and when I am bored I can play video games. I would like to attend this school for these reasons. Through out the day I would learn a little and play sports and video games after my work is done. If I could learn about anything, I would probably learn about rocks and minerals because I like learning about them. It is a fun subject to learn about when looking for rocks. There are rare rocks all around the world. I would also learn about math because I am good at math and I enjoy it.

      I would be very self-motivated in a school with those principles because I have the choice to do what I want, when I want it. I am also very responsible because I know to get my work done first so I can have fun later. I agree that I would learn better directing my own education. It would make life really easy for me because when I lose interest or am not focused, I can take a break. There would probably be more fun and less headaches in the middle of class. This school will have no problems. That is what I think of a “free school” and how I would do there

    29. markeem walker aka the kingJanuary 27, 2011 at 9:12 AM

      I would like to attend free school because it seems smart for kids to be in charge.Like if they want to read core book the students could pick they like not the teacher.I think have fun in school is good for the kids let them know that if you work hard in school you would get a reward for it.

      I think I will do good at this school because I would love to do my work and then play video games are one day I could be haveing a ruff day and dont want to do no work and just talk about it.So I think the it sould be more free schools.!!:)

    30. I think I would do quite well at it because you have nothing to worry about and you can do whatever you want all day. You would have no grades, tests and most importantly no homework. To be honest I would not want to attend a school like this because in the long run it would not help me if I wanted a good job. What it would actually do is hurt me because I would not get used to managing my time for homework or school work. Also I would not be responsible for my doing my homework or in the real work my paper work. If I was going to attend a “free school” I would probable game on the computer all day going on Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

      If I could learn whatever I wanted I would probably chose to study science because I want to become someone who is useful like a doctor who saves lives or a scientist who cures sicknesses. I would also chose to study math only because I'm very good at it and can do very well in it. I guess I'm not self-motivated because usually my mom has to motivate me to study and read and do well in school so that I would do well in the future.

      To me I don’t learn well when I'm directed at my own education because I don’t have any lesson plans. Also I need someone who already learned these things to help me understand and get it. I also feel that if I am directed at my own education I will give myself all As when I don’t really deserve them. So I guess for me to be directed at my own education is like telling pigs to fly…which would be a complete mess.

    31. I think I would do good in a free school because I know how to control my behavior. I would not want to go to a free school because I want to get a good education and be very successful when I grow up. Also my parents want to go to a good school and get a education.If I did go to a free school I would feel free but also be sad. I would be able to pick my own classes and have fun in those classes.

      The classes I would pick is science and social studies because those a the subjects that I like the most. I think i'm sometimes self-motivated and sometimes i'm not. I don't think I can direct my self in school work because I don't know how to plan my lessons. I did'nt even go to college yet and I barely know what to learn about.

    32. Dear tr. Lacey,

      I think I would do well in a free school. But if I still had the same goals as a child as I do today I wouldn’t be able to fulfill them. I think that it is wonderful that there is a school were children can express themselves but I also think that it is a doorway to being spoiled. When I read the article a came across terms like “don’t feel like it.” And I don’t think that kids should just not feel like doing things. Also it says that they need extra teachers for classes like calculus if a child were to want to take it. But in order to learn calculus you need to learn how to add and subtract. Then you go into the world not knowing basic knowledge that is needed. I mean what 13 year old wants to deliberately study math everyday as necessary? I think that self education is valuable but students need a frame of learning to know all the basic skills that are required to move on in the world. Also is would also be a weirder system to be able to apply to colleges because they require a copy of your SAT’s and recent report card. If they do not receive tests or letter grades or any form of learning how can they complete the SAT’s?
      When I grow up I want to be a forensic scientist so I need to know basic math and science and more throughout middle school and pursue it throughout high school and become even more advanced throughout that period of my life so I can prepare and study for college. A free school just is not the best idea for me. Also I fear that I would be so used to getting my way and doing what I want I would not get a sense of the real world and how it works and just expect things to be given to me with no bargain or agreement. Nonetheless if a free school works for these children in terms of self education than they should continue with a free school.

    33. I would absolutely not want to attend free school because when at age 12 or 15, children need to have their thoughts guided by teachers. I know that school may sometimes be boring, but we still need it in order to survive.

      Even though we may not use this knowledge in our jobs, we still need to learn it just in case we are in a situation where a problem is very complicated and we need to figure it out.
      If I had to go to a free school, I would study music, history and math. I am self motivated when it comes to things I like to do. I am also disciplined about things I don’t like to do such as chores.

      Learning from a teacher could be the luckiest thing you will ever get. For example, my drum teacher, Matt, is not a teacher who takes time off, he makes sure that his students are doing well, including myself. I am where I am as a drummer because of Matt and my own determination.

    34. I think I would do well if I could be in the free school.I would also like to learn at my own time and if the free school can let me do that I would really want to go there.If I could rate the school it would be a ten.I wonder if they will let me have a month off.So I guess I would just be happy if I could go to free school.

      If I wanted to choose whatever to study it will be about tornados and very cool things.I want to learn about tornados because I want to know how can tornados happen so quickly.Also I want to know how giant tornados destoy so much in a litte time.I am self motivative because I like to get good things all by my self.I think I would do well if I have a chance to have a good education.

    35. I dislike the school's teaching method. The children should not be able to choose between fun and education. A child's education should only be work and fun activities. In that school, more kids probably choose to play than to do real school work. Those children who choose to play might not get a full and good education. That is why I do not agree with their teaching methods.

      If I went to this school, I would have a school plan. About 50% of the time, I would be in school and about 50% of the time I would play. What I would study in school is subjects that challenge me,like Math and Science then go down to easier subjects like Spanish and Language Arts. Over time I would move to the easiest subjects which are extra-curicual classes until I have mastered all the classes. That would be my education plan.

    36. If I was in a free school I think that I wouldn't do nothing but chill and talk and listen to music. I don't think I would attend to a school like this because I wouldn't know nothing like math and reading and other stuff,but as you get older you have to know all of that stuff. I'm not sure what I would pick I mean like it doesn't really matter to me as long as I have a good education. I don't think I'm self motivated because I couldn't direct my own education I would have to learn from people.

    37. I think I wouldn’t do to well in a free school because I feel like when I learn something new I have this sense of accomplishment. I think that a child can’t learn very well by itself. I know personally if there was no teacher to take charge I would be lost. I feel like it’s just what you do, you have a teacher that teaches and not just someone that just watches over you while your parents are at work.

      If I could learn about anything I think it would be physics. I know that we haven’t started them yet in science but I think that the science of making things that people will use in everyday life is so cool. I think if I am given an assignment I can do it by myself, but I always like to be able to have that someone I can go to when I need help or am just stuck and cant figure something out.

    38. Dear Tr. Lacey,

      My performance in a "Free School" will depend on what kind of children attends the school. If children whose goals were to actually learn, attended this school, then I think I would achieve a lot. If the school were filled with children who are just there to play around then I wouldn't be able to learn because there would be too many distractions. 

      Like I said before, if the school is full of people who want to learn then I would love to have the opportunity to attend that school. If I were to attend a "Free School" I would learn whatever is being taught, just like I do at ICS. I would occasionally take a break from all the learning though, most likely in a language class. I respect language classes and think they are important, but not as important as other classes. If I could choose what subjects I wanted to learn I would fain choose Math, Science, Gym and Art, but I would also have to choose Language Arts, History and Health. 

      I can be a self-motivating person at times, but most of the time I have to be told to do my homework and things like that. I do agree that you learn best when you direct your own learning. If you're willing to learn something without having or needing to, then there's nothing that can persuade you to stop. 


    39. Dear Tr. Lacey,
      I think I would do pretty good being as though you basically you do what you want. I don’t think I would attend a school like this because I wouldn’t have anything to put on my college resume. I wouldn’t have anything for my resume because, there wouldn’t be anything that my report card can show. There would be no grades no tests that show what my learning level is and I would be stuck.

      If I could study anything I would study arts because I like to draw. Also because art is related to a lot of things in the world such as fashion, music, and dance. I think I am self motivated and that school should be like you do math and reading and science and then you choose one or two things you like to do like art and most of your classes be based on your skills. I think this is why most people don’t finish high school because it’s probably not something that is based on what they want in life.
      sincerely Devonne

    40. I think that I would like to attend a free school. And I would do good because you get to choose the classes that seem interesting to you. And that you would like to learn about. What we would do in the free school is go to 4 classes then have lunch for 1 hour and we can go to any where we want to eat. For the rest of the time at the free school we can have free time do what ever we want. We wouldn't have to raise our hand to get up. What i would choose to study is french, Italian. I am self motivated. I would do better if I directed my own education because I know what i want to do and if I'm interested in it so that I would like to learn what my mind is free to.

    41. I would attend a free school. Because I like to choose the classes that I thank are interesting to me.So there for i can learn and be interested in what I'm learning about.what would i do well i would go to school from 10:00 to 3:20 and at lunch i would go off of school grounds to go eat and to be ably to use my phone.

    42. To be honest I would love to go to that particular school because kids love fun and im a kid and I love to have fun but once in a while I would like to learn something of my choice like anything I ask for them to teach they would do I just don't want to be a not bright kid you have to learn something in life to be something you need school,school is the key to success and education but personally I like my school and what they offer what I would choose to study is German and French they sound like really cool languages to speak but mostly I would rather do is do a little bit of work and a little bit of free time.

    43. Dear Tr.Lacey To be honest I would love to go to that particular school because kids love fun and im a kid and I love to have fun but once in a while I would like to learn something of my choice like anything I ask for them to teach they would do I just don't want to be a not bright kid you have to learn something in life to be something you need school,school is the key to success and education but personally I like my school and what they offer what I would choose to study is German and French they sound like really cool languages to speak but mostly I would rather do is do a little bit of work and a little bit of free time.