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Writing Buffet: Which Prompts Will You Choose?

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Students, for this week's blog prompt choose three of the writing prompts from the list below  and write a one paragraph response for each.  Completed commentaries this week will be three paragraphs long.  Please skip a space between paragraphs.

(ideas courtesy of Plinky)

1. You get one hour in a time machine. Where to?

2. If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

3. Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?

4. Describe what your laugh sounds like.

5. How do you define the word “friend?”

6. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

7. What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without and why?

8. You only get three crayons to draw your picture. Which do you choose and why?

9. If you could be a character from any book you’ve read, who would you be and why?

10. If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be and why?

**As always, make sure to spell check and proofread your work before clicking submit!  


  1. The word friend to me is a person or thing that is loyal, always there for you. Just like the expression dogs are man's best friend.
    If I were in a time machine for a hour I would go to when the Civil Rights Movement was going on to see what my ancestors and other african american people were going through.
    I think it is better to know the truth, enen when it hurts because if you don't you're basically being lied to. Also because I always want to know what is going on when it happens. For example, my granddad past away last year I didn't know what was happening to him because nobody told me. So I didn't know until he died. I never visited him in the hospital.

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  3. I would go to a place where there is no worries and everyone is nice and caring.Also you need no responsibilities you can have fun all. This place is in the future.

  4. 4. Describe how you laugh sound like.

    My laugh has a weird tone to it. I say that because it’s different. My weird tone is caused by my braces because it causes my laugh to be squeaky. Sometimes I thing my laugh sounds like a hyena laughing at me. I can’t wait toll I get my braces of to see if the hyena still laughs at me if you understand.
    5. How do you define the word “friend”?

    How would I define the word “friend”? A really good question and this is my answer. The word “friend” is someone you can hangout with all day and never run out of stuff to say. Also someone you will never get board with, that you can tell them something and trust to not tell no one. “Friend” is someone that you have fun with and that you enjoy life with. The word “friend” mean someone that’s special to you. That’s my definition of “friend” from my point of view because everyone has a different definition.

    10. If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be and why?

    A name I would choose for myself would have to be Vicky. I would choose that name because I like that name. I like that name because it has a nice beat to it from my point of view. Also that’s the name of the mean babysitter in “The fairy godparents”. Another thing is that If people don’t like it they can’t say nothing because my name was on television. That the name I would pick for myself Vicky. That gets me thinking Tr.Lacey do you know where I can get my name changed?

  5. @Daniela: Uh, oh. I don't want to be held responsible for any name changes!

  6. @Bryant: I'm so sorry to hear about your granddad, Bryant. I bet it was hard for your family to decide whether or not to tell you. And, I imagine it would have been hard to see him in the hospital. Still, I agree. It's easier to prepare when you have all of the information.

  7. @Daniela/Vicky/Wanda: Umm...just about everyone's name is appeared on television every once in a while...

  8. Yes, I do think it is better to know the truth, even if it dose hurt. If your mom was dieing you would want her to tell you, so you could try to make shure your last meamrys would be good ones. Lies are also unhealthy because they can grow to bigger lies so that when the truth comes out it will hurt even more, because you Know this person lied to you.When my uncal died my brother and I(back then there was only one brother that was old enough to understand) thought the news was going to be good ,we where dead wrong and it hurt but it was a lot better than lieing to protect us. Sometimes it is better to tell the painful truth then lie to protect someone.

    Well I have two laughs. The first is quietish and sounds like haha in a breathy higher pitch, it usually used in for a joke. My other laugh is done with an open moth. It is more like me when I am in a mood to laugh and be loud. It sort of sounds like a... well aaahahaha and goes on for a long time with a snort in every once and a while, when I am trying to breath. It can go on for a long time.I love them both,it means I'm happy,and having good time.

    If I could chaeng my name it would probobly be... Alic, it is the name of the main character in one of my all time favorite books "Alic in Wonderland". I have also think it look beautiful but simple. If it had to be something else it would be Luna. Luna means moon in Spanish and I have always thought the moon to be the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on.I am aware it is the name of a character in "Harry Potter" and that has nothing to do with it.

  9. Dear Tr.Lacey
    the word friend menas to me is to be loyally trusworthy, like how when you give your friendship in ever way to a/ your dog, he will give his to you. Almost like a mans best friend.I
    think it is better to know the truth, when it hurts because if you don't you're basically being lied to. Also because I always want to know what and when something is going to happen.

  10. 4: Describe what your laugh sounds like.

    Wow. I have so many different laughs, it's disgusting. I don't really know if it's going to sound like a Mickey Mouse laugh, or that giant at the top of the beanstalk's laugh. If it's something really random/hilarious, it kind of ends up like some sort of loud squeak/squeal and I hate it because it sounds really stupid and it sounds like it can make somebody deaf.

    10: If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be??

    I'm actually not very sure, but I know that it won't be a very common name (but not like a crazy name that's unpronounceable or anything). It just irks that when people say "Danielle!", and they're not talking about me, but the other Danielle and you turn around, it just makes you feel kind of stupid. I can't even have Danie anymore because there's TWO. And then there's the fact that people have to use my last name now. It just doesn't sound right. Maybe White, or Webb, or Olsen, but not Hing.

    3: Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts??

    Yes, I do. There were some situations where I haven't told the truth about something because I knew it would hurt but I do believe that people have the right to know. But the thing that stops you from telling the truth, is that you know that they're going to mad. So you have to choose. Tell them, and have them be mad at you, or not tell them or lie, and risk them being more mad at you if they find out that you never told them or that you lied or have that slight possibility that it'll pass over and never be mentioned again??

  11. What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without and why?

    I can't live without a TV. ell I can live without itbut it would be frustrating. When i'm bored, I watch tv. When I have a snack, I watch tv. There's a lot more situations but I don't want to name them all. I use my tv for video games, to put me in a good mood, when there's nothing to do etc. It would be frustrating because I us it just about every day.

    If you could be a character from any book you’ve read, who would you be and why?

    One time I read a book about the 100 greatest baseball players. If I had to choose one, I would be Cy Young. He was just amazing. He was lights out when he peaked. Which was about every year of his carrer. I ouldn't care about how frustrating it is to not have a tv (or technology). It would be great to be him. And since i'm not him I plan on working hard to be just like him.

    If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be and why?

    I would pick the name Chase. That's what i'm going to name my son ( if I have one). I just like the name Chase. I don't have a reason though, I just like it. I would also pick that name because when my name gets announced on the announcements, honor roll assemblee or when the teacher takes roll, they pronounce my name gabrielle. I hate it. It's annoying.

  12. A friend is someone who will be with you through thick and thin. Someone that you can rely on without a doubt: like keeping a secert or even telling feelings.You really have to trust them. Its always something that tells you that you can trust a certain person.

    I know that my laugh is loud. It is loud because I come from a loud family. So in order for someone to hear me I would have to yell or scream. Actually, when I go over my grandmothers house she gets mad because I'm very loud.

    A name that I really like now is Tayanna, when and if I have kids I would name one of them Tayanna. But, since I was a little girl I've always loved my middle name: Simone. Actually, I got my middle name from one of the godmothers. I've always asked my mother how come she did not name me Simone.

  13. One piece of technology I can’t live without would have to be the computer. This is because the computer is a great way of socializing with your family far away that you can’t see often and want to chat with them. Then there is homework that you have trouble doing, you can use the computer to help you on it. If I didn’t have the computer to aid me in my homework my grades would not be as good as they are right now. Finally and most important in my point of view is media. I use the computer to play games and stream movies. Without them and the computer life would just be a piece of paper…blank. That is why I cannot live without a computer.

    If I could be a character from any book I read it would have to be Edward Cullen from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Although I didn’t like reading the book all that much Edward was a guy who I kinda envied. This is because he was rich and could get almost anything he wants with a price tag on it. He is I would imagine smart because he is a vampire and they live forever unless they were broken in half and got caught on fire and in that forever time he would obtain a lot of knowledge. Plus being a vampire in Edward case gives you super power, like mind reading, which I think is very decent. Finally vampires are fast and strong so if anyone tries to jump me I would knock their teeth out and run away as fast as I can so I don’t get caught. So the person from a book I want to be is Edward Cullen.

    If I could choose another name it would be Geoff Zheng not that I don’t like my name Jeffer, I like Jeffer a lot. I chose this name because my actually name is Jeff Zheng, but some how my mom did something to make my name Jeffer Zhang. Goeff sounds like Jeff and I think it is from Europe, the place I want to visit the most, plus Geoff in my view is a unusually and nice twist to how you spell Jeff. The Zheng is basically because I love my family and I want to live on my dad’s last name. So if I were to choose a new name for me it would be Goeff Zheng.

  14. 1. You get one hour in a time machine. Where to?

    i will like 2 go back 2 colombia medellin because i want 2 see my family again!and now i have 3 new members in the family (carolina 2 years old ,santiago 1,and Nicol shes 1,i dont evan know how they look,i miss my family.

    5. How do you define the word “friend?”
    friend is a very strong word because a friend is hard 2 find,but a real friend it doesnt judges you or talks bad stuff about you,i think God will be the best friend ever because he doesnt judge you,he always listenig,he when you have a problem he helps you finding the solution!

    What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without and why?

    the computer because without my computer i could not do my homework 4 t.lacey

  15. Decribe your laugh-
    I would describe my laugh as a contagious laugh. Like as soon as I start to laugh, I would get other people laughing too. I would also describe my unique laugh as kinda squeaky and annoying but pretty cetchy. To be honest I love and hate my laugh, but im extremly greatful to even laugh. I love laughing!

    What piece of technology you can't live without-
    I can't live without a laptop or some sort of technology that has acess to the Internet. I think that because I wouldn't be able to do most of my homework neatly. Well i can live without a laptop but it would just be very akward to not see me on a laptop for a long period of time.

    Knowing the truth even though it hurts-
    Well I think it really depends on the problem/situation. Like for example, sometimes knowing the truth can lead to break ups or to violence. Then again there are other situations where it's easy to fix but still hurts to know. For example, if your friend tells you that the hat your wearing doesn't look good, then you shouldn't be mad, you should be happy they told you the truth because then you'll end up looking like a fool. An example for bigger situations, is that your still a kid and caught your dad or mom with some one else and your not sure whether to tell them. You might wanna tell them because you don't like it. You also don't wanna tell them because you know that it could lead to a divorcement. So everything just really depends on the problem.
    (: ~Laura

  16. @Myself: I'd also like to add that I don't understand when some people say my last name, they say it with an "s" at the end. Hings. My last name is one of the simplest names ever. And it's not even like it sounds or looks like there's an "s" at the end.

  17. 1.How I describe my laugh is very crazy,I think my laugh is crazy because it's loud at certain times and sometimes I just can't stop like for example if somebody fall I can't control my laughing or sometimes I just turn away and laugh and sometimes I laugh at stuff that's not that funny. I don't know why I do that.

    2.The number 1 electronic I can't live without is the TV because with the TV so many drama and comedy shows come on. Also on the TV you have movies there's horror,comedy and drama movies but my favorites are horror and comedy.

    Electronic number 2 is my cellphone because you need to know when it's an emergency.You also need it to text your friendsnand have fun with it.

    Electronic number 3 is my iPod because it's fun and it keeps me ammused so that I won't be bored,and I can listen to my favorite music.

    What I define as a friend is somone special you hang out with.Also someone who is very close to you.

  18. 10)If I had to pick a name for myself, It would be Jason Gates. I would pick this name because I would be able to inherit Bill gates money when he dies. As you know Bill Gates has a lot of money.

    9)If I had to draw a picture with only three crayons it would be red,yellow,and blue.I chose these colors because you can make any color with these three colors.

    8)If I could be any character from book I would be Sam from Gone.I would be him because he has super powers.

  19. @Andres: I didn't know you didn't live with your family.

  20. @ Tr.Lacey: So you do have the papers? Because you said you "wouldn't like to" that means you have them and don't want to give them to me.

  21. Dear, Tr,Lacey

    If I can get one hour in a time machine, I will choose to go back when the time I still in Indonesia with my grandparents, I will never forget about memories with them because that time is very beautiful. Sometimes I agree to know the truth better even it's very hurtful because if I know the truth, I don’t need to think about anything that are not truth and just leave it instead of keeping in for the rest of my life, but somehow I don't want to know any truth because I don’t want to know that something will missing from me, because it will make me very sad and it’s hard for me to forget something that I’d love. For word “friend” is loyal, kind, supporter, trustable, honest, and there is so much more that I can not say each of them. I think everything happened for a reason, because I believe that if everything happened for no reason, why would they happened? Something happened is sometimes teach us lessons that we do not know, life is like spinning wheel sometimes we are in the top, and sometimes we are at the bottom, and know that everything not going to be perfect. I would choose to not change my name because I love my name and I’m so thankful to my parents that give me that pretty and meaningful name, and hopefully I can be as my pretty and meaningful name.

  22. Dear tr. Lacey

    I really like this weeks post, so lets get to it! 2.If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
    I'd have to listen to Rihannas' new cd called "Loud". I relly love that cd because it has a really wide variety of songS. Some are rock-ish, some are slow, some are fast... I don't even know how but I became a whole intire Rihanna fan and her cd is awesome. I really love her voice becuase when I sing it's alomost like it's the same, it blends so well with hers'. She one of my absolute favorite singers!!!!

    4.Describe what your laugh sounds like.
    My laugh is VERY VERY VERY LOUD!!!! It has a tone the will kill your eardrum, especially when I'm laughing really really hard. My laugh sound like a group of monkeys' fighting and laughing over a bunch of bananas. I love my laugh because it's very special. You will never ever meet ANYONE with a laugh as loud, annoying, high-piched,or happy as mine!!! :D my laugh is great.

    5.How do you define the word "friend"?
    I define a Friend as someone who is loyal to you. Someone who doesn't care about what anyone else thinks about it, because when someone is a real friend they look out for you and they try and help you in a time of need. I have a lot of friends but only 2 or 3 good loyal friends and I learned that when you are a friend to someone you don't let things come between you like if you were a real true friend you'd be there for eachother and not do anything to hurt one another. My sister always said to me "a good friend is something you'll always try to find, but once you've found them, its a long step down the line." That always reached out to me because it tells me that your always gonna have friends but once you find your best friend, you'll be friends for a lifetime!!!!!! Thats how I define the word "Friend.

    Nyla Webb

  23. soledad awesome alfaroJanuary 12, 2011 at 8:44 AM

    dear tr. lacey,

    friend; a companion that is loyal and trustworthy to you, loves you, and you love them . I say this because when i think of a friend I think of family and dogs. Now before you rase your eyebrow just hear me out. I think of family when I think of a definition for the word friend because your family is somthing and one of the only things that people are afraid to loose. Alot of times friends are that shoulder to cry on and that person to talk too when you can't tell mom ,dad, big ,sis or bro. And stuffed animals dont usually react very vividly. which is why i think of dogs when I think of friends. when my dog died at what seemed to me to be a young age my grandma looked at me with the smile that looked like a beautiful rose and felt like that first warm blanket you put over your body after being frozen from playing outside in the snow. she turned to me and said "sweety do you know why these animals gots to die so young?" I wiped my tears across my face and tried to catch my breth from crying so hard and studdered and finnally peeped out " n-n-n-n-o mmma-a-am" I said snifling my runny little nose, she said " god made these animals born to know how to love and we gotsta try to stay on this earth till we learn how to ourselfs." so here's a different deffinition human friend; companion that at first is confused on how to love. then learns to show themlselves how.

    Ahh laughing. all my freinds who know me well know that im a goofball. There are two reasons why. The first one im still working on, and the second one is and exact reason why. I love to do it because I think one of the most beautiful noises in the world is laughter (the other one is sizzling bacon) I love all different kinds off laughs and ive heard just about everyone from all ages old, my age, boys just turning the corner and waving to puberty, girls my age with a sweet little twinkle in there voice, ive heard boys with high piched laughs and girls with low ones, and i've heard old men with laughs that sound like someone punching a gigantic bag of dust and ive heard the classic old woman with sweet light laughs, and well I could sit here all day telling you about the wonderful noises I hear. but I'll save that for a story. but then until I read this prompt I realized a laugh that I had fogotten to listen to. Mine. can you beleive it? So I turned on my computor and put the recording device on my phone on and watched some hilarious videos ive never seen before. And I've discovered something about my laugh. I HATE IT! its probably the most annoying thing in the world it's like my average voice kinda then I take breths inbetween each chuckle. Then that causes my body to kinda move up and down and kind of slouch. I never liked my smile either but somethings you have to live with. somone might dissagree with my laugh being known as a flaw who knows.

    If i had to listen to only one album for the rest of my lf eit woudl be u2's album with or without you. that album is the a very expetional albu. i can listen to it no matter waht modd im in if im angry mad sad or happy it soesnt matter every single song apply's to ever single emocion! also they are a legendery band they have been together for a very long tie now and to be stuck with someone for that ong means love. just ask my parents. i also love therelyrics of there songs i can always uderstand them and what they mean and i feel like i can feel the experiences with them. they are gnarly to the max tr. lacey. and i would listen to them from the stoneages till i leave this earth. i have so much love for u2 and that album that i mentioned and you jsut dont get words like theres anymore. i sound like and old person now.

  24. 7. What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without and why? : I can't live without a computer. because a lot of my home work can be done on the computer. Also I can't live without a computer because I like to listen to music on you tube or watch videos. I have my own computer/laptop which is how I'm typing this right now. Computers are useful in many ways but I use mine mostly to do homework and write my book.

    9. If you could be a character from any book you’ve read, who would you be and why? : I would be Jimmy Coates from "Jimmy Coates: Assassin?." I would be Jimmy because he isn't exactly a human. He's 35% Human and the rest is 65% of earths finest technology. He doesn't have blood he has flabs of skin so he cannot get killed by something like... a knife in his arm.

    10. If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be and why? : My name would be Hunter Crow. My name would be Hunter Crow because I made it up and I always wanted my name to be Hunter. Also I would like my name to be that because in my book there is a character called Hunter Crow who represents me in the whole story. That's why I want my name to be Hunter Crow.

  25. 10.If i could choose any name i would be”Alexis Cristiano De Los Santos Hernandez”. Because
    i it has one of my favorite soccer player name. Cristiano Ronaldo, he is one of the best soccer players in the world. De Los Santos, it just sound cool. It means from the saints. I also included Alexis Hernandez because its part of who i am. That is the name that i ever wanted.

    3.What will i draw with only three crayon’s will be me and my family. Because the always been here for me when i most wanted them. The colors i will use would have to be red, tan, and white. Red, is for love.Tan, is for our skin color. Last is white is for piece. so that they can keep use safe.

    1.You get one hour in a time machine. Where to?
    I would go to the times when they created soccer. When soccer raised to be the best sport in the world. When the greatest soccer player was born ed in the 20Th century. I want to see how the crowd got wild in the world cup 1970 in Mexico. Also i want to go to the future to see all that high tech.

  26. What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without and why?
    I would have to go with a computer because I really can’t leave without one. One of the reasons is I like going on websites and chat with friends and that’s a way to get contact with one another. Another reason why I chose a computer is because I do a lot of homework with a computer, I will need to do projects and essays.
    Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?
    One because when you lie to someone the lie will come back to you, for example if I lie to one of my friends then you got to cover that lie to add to the lie you said before. Another reason why is because you shouldn’t lie especially to your parents because the more you lie the worst the punishment is going to be. Just tell the truth
    How do you define the word “friend?”
    A friend to me is when a friend cry in front of you, when they call you for everything, don’t trade on you for nobody . my friend is a person that I hangout with all the time and never get bored with them, a friend to me is when your friend is always there for you when you need them. When I hear the word F.R.I.E.N.D I think of someone real special to me. Someone that call me just to hear my voice. Someone to trust and understand what she/he is trying to let you know, when your friend sit there and listen to you without interrupting. That my opinion

  27. If I had an hour in a time machine I would go back to the way things were when my great grandmother was alive because I loved visiting her cooking with her and much more she was a grandmother you could dream of having she was so sweet generous caring also she spoiled me she was a great women I will never forget her.

    One technology that I cant live with out is a cell phone because I love to talk/text with my friends also I need to communicate with my parents incase of an emergency or for any reason also I have the internet on there incase of a major virus spread to my computer and I cant find information for a project or check my websites.

    The definition of a friend is a person who you can be loyal with and can trust not no fake two faced person who go behinds your back and talks behinds your back also friends hang out not just in school because if that was the case you would be called a school friend.

  28. dontae
    I would go to a place where you do not need to think ahead of your next step because you would know what do do . I think friend means someone you can trust , laugh with, hang out, have fun

  29. #5.A friend is someone who will always be at your side through thick and thin. A friend is someone you can trust and to never turn their back on you. A friend is someone who is not embarrassed to be seen with you in public.A friend is someone that is not a fraud. Now that's what I call a friend.

    #10. If I could change one of my names it would be my middle name. I would change my middle name to Brianna. I would change it to Brianna because I just like the name. Its a very nice and beautiful name.

    #7.I would take my cell phone. I would take it because just in case I need it to call my mother or something.

  30. Dear tr.Lacey

    If I could go anyweare for an hour it would be olando because they have nice beaches,so I would like to get away forom the cold weather and feel the hot and warm sun and the sand between my toes.Also olando is a place were you can relax and get away from the drama and stress thaat you have bulit up inside of you.
    If I could listen to any album for the rest of my life it would be the mix tape that my aunt made for me cause it has different types of music to go by and listen to.
    Its better to tell the truth even though it will hurt but sonner or later your going to thank the person who told you,and even though you dont think that right now you will when you get older your going to look back on and probably going to say thankyou to the person who made you who you are today.
    My laugh....ummmmm....My laugh is a lagh that sticks with you because once you hear it,you"ll know its me when you hear it laugh is outgoing and loud like me,and pertty much my laugh is me annd its a part of me that will bring happyness to others in time.
    What I define a friend,I thinkk a friend should be supporrive in everything you do and vice virca,a friend is some that stand by you think or thin,a friend is some that eill have your back at ant cost.That is a friend to me.
    The electronic that I cant live without is my cellphone because its a way fr me to contact others if I am in danger.I cant live without my cellphone because its a way for me to talk to my friends and see whats going on after school,since we cant talk durring class its a way to speak out mind in anyway we please.

  31. I think it is better to know the truth even if it hurts because it will hurt even more if you found out by someone that you are close to. For example, someone could think they have a nice hair cut and then they ask a friend do they think the same about your hair cut and they lie to you. Then later on you find out that people were talking about you the whole time when you thought you looked good.

    How I define friend is someone that you can tell personal things to and you know that they won't tell anybody if you tell them not to. You can come to them in confidence or if you have a problem of some sort. A person that won't try to act fake when their around other friends. A true friend will stick with you through thick and thin no matter what happens.A true friend will give you pointers that will lead you the right way to success.

    One piece of technology that I can't live without is my cell phone. I can't live without my cellphone is because I like to text and talk to my friends. Also because I can get on the internet if I need to look up important things like definitions of some sort. If I need to,I can contact my family if it is important or just to say hi.

  32. 4. Describe what your laugh sounds like.
    My laugh sounds nice at first then it turns into a snort. If you hear it it’s really funny. I’ve been made fun of before but I don’t care because I like it. I don’t know anybody else in the 7th grade that snorts, so it in a way makes me feel unique. It’s also a way people can distinguish me from others.

    6. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?
    I do believe every thing happens for a reason. I first heard the expression in the movie the A team. When I first herded the saying I looked right over it but when I went back to think about the movie I found it. I think somewhere that what I do makes a difference good or bad. It has made me think more carefully about what I do to think that some where in the world what I do can make?

    8. You only get three crayons to draw your picture. Which do you choose and why?
    I think I would choose blue, yellow, and red because they are primary colors. They also, if mixed can make other colors. So you would really have a bunch of different colors. When you mix the colors you get the colors below.

    Red and Blue- Purple
    Red and Yellow- Orange
    Blue and Yellow- Green

  33. @Angel, I think your first one the hour in the time machine is really nice, and very deep. I really liked it. :)

  34. 1) I would go back in time to the day I broke my nose to try and stop myself from falling.

    9) I would be Percy Jackson son of Poseidon the book i read was " The Lighting Theif " and he went on a quest to get his mother from Hades and take the lighting bolt to the god above.

    10) I would change my my name to Anthony jr. because my father's name is Anthony.

  35. The way I would describe my laugh is that it is very different because I sound like I'm choking but laughing at the same time

    The way I define the word friend is that a friend is there til the end someone who is a shoulder to cry on and to talk to about your problems, a trustworthy person.

    If I could choose another name for myself it would be Genisis, and more and I would choose this name because its from the Bible and it sounds really unique.

  36. Dear Tr.Lacey

    3.Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?

    I think you should tell the truth even if it hurts. If you don’t it can backfire and then you get hurt. When your friend looks bad and you lie about that, they go around and then they get embarrassed and you feel bad that you lied. Now your fried won’t talk to you. Like some people say the truth will set you free.

    5. How do you define the word “friend?”

    A true friend will be there trough thick and thin. A friend is a person that will be here no matter what. Even when you get into a big fight you will make up and be friends again. Real friends will back you up when you’re troubled,or when some on talks about you . A friend is an person who is there when you pares get divorced ,or when some died.

    7.What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without and why?

    The only thing I can't live without is my laptop. My computer is my life. Basically everything is on my computer. My contacts and birthdays phone numbers. I even do most of my homework on my computer. I can't live without my laptop it's basically taking candy from a baby the baby cries and goes crazy until he gets his candy. The one time I left my laptop at my aunts house I went bonkers. My mom told me I was acting like a crazy person.

  37. 1. You get one hour in a time machine. Where to?

    I would go to the UK because the UK is awesome. The people there are nice. They have cool accents. They are not as wild as America. It is home to great bands such as Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Rush. I would visit London because it’s the place where the Queen lives.

    2. Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?

    Yes, it is always better to know the truth. Sometimes, you are not always sure if a person telling you something is being a jerk, just kidding or telling the truth. The truth helps you find out what you do not know and makes you stronger.

    10. If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be and why?

    My other name would be Tiberius. I’m not sure why I picked it, but it sounds cool. I got the name while watching a show three years ago and the dog’s name was Tiberius. Not that I’m a dog, or anything! I thought it meant something dark and creepy.

  38. If there was one piece of technology I couldn't live with is my ipod because it contains some of my favorite artist such as:Trey songz,Alice cooper,Beastie boys,B.o.B,Cypress hill and Draft punk.Without my ipod I am nothing and bored.Then I will drive my parents crazy,then die from being bored.

    The other thing is my apps, I some of the best apps ever.Especially angry birds best game for ipod ever.Those games always keep me up and alert during the day.It even helps me with my homework sometimes.

    The very last thing is the pictures,ipod makes it seem likeits in high definition.Which makes good wallpaper.When I am on facebook I can take pictures from my ipod

  39. Dear Tr. Lacey
    If I have 1 hour in a time machine, I will go back to when I little. It would be My World from Justin Bieber because I love his songs. Yes because you don't have live with guilt for the rest of your life. My laugh sounds so weird, its like I'm screaming but laughing.
    I would define the "friend" as someone who's their for you all the time and someone you can trust. I do think things happen for a reason because it can make you think what what would've happened. I can't live without any king of music player because it calms me down and love music.
    Blue, red, and brown because they look nice together. I will be Mia from the "Princess Diaries" because she's practicing to be princess. My name will be Selena Rivera because it sounds nice for me.

  40. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    "Desribe what your laugh sounds like."
    The way I laugh depends on what I'm laughing at,and who I'm laughing with. If I'm laughing at a joke I made I laugh really hard and loud. But when my mom makes a joke I CRACK UP! But Tr.Lacey you already know when I'm in your class you know we all Crack Up. And the times I play with my brother and sister I get loud and start crazy laughing. So my laugh depends on what my surroudings are,who said the joke,and how many people are aroud.

    "You only get three crayons to draw your picture. Which do you choose and why?"
    If I could only choose three colors I'd choose neon blue,neon green,and neon purple. These are my favorite colors because they are bright and outstanding.Neon blue is strong and bold. Neon Green is bright and happy.Last neon Purple is genuien and powerful.
    "If you could choose any other name for myself it would be Tasha. Because it's the name of my favorite big cousin. Also because I don't know alot of people named Tasha. I would choose the name Tasha because it's cute and fun to say.

  41. 5. How do you define the word "friend"?

    I would define the friend as someone who is truthful and trustworthy. Also someone who is attached to one another by affection or esteem. I think that a friend is one that is not hostile and excepts who you are. One that is a favored compaion. Someone who is an aquaintance.

    3. Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts?

    I think it is always better to tell the truth even when it hursts because if your a good friend you sould'nt worry. Also it better for a friend to tell you the truth rather than someone who really is'nt your friend.

    1. If you had an hour in a time machine where would you go and why?

    If I had an hour in a time machine I would go to paris. I would go there because I want to see the alfile tower.

  42. 4. I have many different laughs. If you know me very well you could be able to tell what each laugh means. Like for example when someone says something that isn't really funny but they want you to laugh (like my little sister) I'll chuckle. When something/one is really funny I'll have a deeper laugh like a belly laugh (almost like a "ho ho ho"). I could go on and on but I won't for your sake and space.
    5. I would describe the word friend with loyal and caring. A friend is someone who you will never forget and will be kind to you. Also they would be caring for you and will be able to make you laugh. Also a friend is someone who you could talk to for hours without getting bored. They also love you in a friendly way.
    8. I would use happy colors like orange and yellow. and maybe some purple too.

  43. What the word friend means to me is to be loyal and to be there for someone. Also to have someones back. What it also means is to give something to someone that they dont have. also give them something that they really need.

    One electronic that I could not live withot is a computer. Because it has eveey thing on it. Like all the new stuff that is going on around the world. Also a computer has the news on it. And it has all of your friends on the computer.

    yes it is better to know the truth. Because other wise yor being lied to. And lots of people dont like to be lied to. And it is better for you to know the truth even though it hurts than to know nothing.

  44. @Naomi It's kind of hard to mix crayons together! ;) Also your laugh is hilarious!
    @Soli Your laugh makes me want to laugh and I'm sure that everyone hates their laugh at sometime.
    @Danielle/Danielita What about changing your name to puddle? Hey Puddle Hinshey!!! (a mix of Hing and Hershey) Or Puddle Craynoff ;)heheheheheh

  45. Question 7

    I can live without my handheld game because I have much more other technology in my house.I also can live without my handheld game because I have a game system down stairs in my basement.Sometimes I play my video games more than my handheld game.I can live without my handheld game because I find stuff much better than it.

    Question 10

    If I could choose a different name it would be Peter or Joseph. I want to be callled Peter because it's the name of spider-man.I would like to be called Joesph just because of the J.

    Question 8

    If I could choose three crayons for my picture it would be green red and blue.I chose those because those are my favorite colors.So green is for grass red is for the red people and blue is for the water.

  46. Dear Tr. Lacey

    If I could change my name I would change it to Summer. I would change my name to Summer because it's a pretty name that I always wanted. Also it says a lot about me. Such as when i think of the summer i think of fun memories and a bubbly personality. Also it's a nickname that some of my friend call me.

    One Technology that I can't live with out is my Ipod. I can't live without my ipod because it does everything. My Ipod has games music videos & Allows my to get on Facebook and connect to all my friends.Also my ipod keeps my detracted. If i'm not detracted by someone or something my minds starts to wonder.

    If I had to listen to the same album for the rest of my life i would listen to Alicia Key's Elements Of Freedom. I would listen to that album because every song reminds me of something in my life and where i could improve to make me a better person. Also the album is very motivating and inspiring.

  47. What is one piece of technology you cannot live without and why?

    I cannot live without a gaming system. Naturally, I can survive a week without a gaming system but after a week, something happens… I GET BOARD. That is only the beginning. Soon I look for the most basic form of entertainment, like reading, sleeping, watching TV, bike; maybe even playing tic-tac-toe. It gets crazier, I sleep more and look for work to do. I start to act more boring and here is the worst part, I obey orders (that scared me just to write it).That is why I need videogames.

    Describe what your laugh sounds like.

    To me I have many laughs. My laugh depends on the joke: like if it is not funny and I am trying to be nice it will be like Mm Mm Mm, or if it is funny and I am trying to hold it in it will sound like cough. However, my normal laugh sounds like a Ha Ha Ha but very loud. I mostly try not to laugh my loudest, though sometimes it gets away from me. Then there are many other kinds of laughs I have, so many that I cannot fit them all on the page. That is what some of laughs sound like to me.

    How do you define the word “friend?

    . A friend is someone who sticks by you no mater what, like if you are not cool but someone wants to be your friend, they are a true friend. An example of a fake friend is someone is who is just trying to be friends with you for a bad reason. Some reasons might be that they might want something or they might be using the person. There are many reasons why someone might try to be your friend so chose carefully.

  48. 1. If I were to obtain a time machine for one hour, I would go to the future to see how the world is doing. I would make sure everyone is taking good care of the Earth, and keeping the growing problems of USA at a low rate. I would also make sure to see what I look like as my future self! I think it would be necessary to greet my old 7th grade buddies too!
    2. If I were to listen to one album for the rest of my life, I would listen to the Madagascar album, partly because of the catchy, yet annoying songs. Some of the songs are bouncy and energetic, but others are calm and peaceful. Also, some of the songs have lyrics, and others don’t. I would just pick the song that fits my mood, and I would be set for life! But, I would never want that to happen, because I love music of all types, and variety is the spice of life!
    3. Knowing the truth, even when it hurts is hard to deal with, but in the end, you always feel better about the situation. If you know the truth, you know how to deal with the problem and are able to get over it easier. The truth is, the truth sometimes hurts, but you have to learn to accept that and move on.
    4. My laugh sounds a lot like a chuckle, but is different, depending on the situation. Ask anyone, I have about a hundred different laughs. If I think something is really funny, I will let out a high pitched, shrill shriek. If something is half-funny, I would giggle. If something is so extremely hilarious, my laugh is so random. You could hear a snort, a guffaw, a “guckle” (ask Danielle what that means,) or something I can’t duplicate no matter how hard I try.
    5. A friend is someone you can rely on at all costs. You can trust them with your life, and they can trust you with theirs. They always respond to your wishes, and never tell your secrets. Friends are the people that get you through every day of your life, and help you whenever you need them. They give you advice when you’re feeling down, give you a tissue when you need to cry, and help whenever they sense you have a question.
    6. Everything most definitely happens for a reason. I think this is why I believe in karma, because you are treated the way you want to be treated, and karma pays you back, hence, everything happening for a reason. If everything didn’t happen for a reason, nothing would happen.
    7. I can’t live without the Apple laptop. As you are reading this, I am typing from a silver Apple Laptop with the cute little apple logo. I think it’s perfect size, there are surround sound earphones, and the screen is very easily adjustable. Also, the volume is just a single button on the keyboard instead of two like on a pc.
    8. If I got three colors to draw a picture, I would choose red, blue and yellow, because they are the primary colors. Mixed together, they make the secondary colors, which leads to terciary colors and so on. Basically, what I’m saying, is that you could create every color in the rainbow with red, blue and yellow. You could make a really pretty picture with the rainbow!
    9. I would love to be the fictional character “Harry Potter,” because he can use magic, speak to snakes, and is one of the most popular kids at his school. Also, he got to meet all of these awesome mystical creatures, and got to fly on one! Also, in almost every book, he gets to be the hero and save the day.
    10. If I could choose another name for myself, I would choose “Jena,” because I wanted that to be my name in first grade. I also think it’s a cool name, and I think it sounds cool. Another name I would consider would be “Samantha,” because that would of been my name if my mom didn’t get to name me. One important thing is, though, that I like the palandrome of my name, so another name I would prefer over Jena and Samantha would be “Ada.” That is my cousin’s name, but I also have a cousin named Ava! I would also like the name “Madeline,” my other cousin.

  49. ((( d-_-b ))) Matthew G. ((( d-_-b )))January 13, 2011 at 7:08 PM

    The Definition of a true friend is to be there for you and to be loyal. Freinds are people that you respect and can tell them anything. They're supposed to be honest to no matter what the situation. Friends are supposed to stand by you and always have your back. Friends should also help you with advice.

    I think everything happens for a reason. Some thin happen on purpose so you can learn from them to become a person. Another possibility is that it happened because its seeting you up for something better. Even though it may not make sense why it happened you have to stay positive and think of the good side of the situation. Everything happens for a reason so you have to just forget about it and focus on something else.

    If I could choose a different name for myslef I would choose Wayne or DeVonte. The reason why I would choose Wayne is because it gets annoying knowing someone else that has the same name as you. Especially when that person is in the same homeroom as you and same age. I would choose DeVonte because I like the way it sounds. Its kind of catchy to me.

  50. Dear Tr. Lacey

    If I ever decide to change my name I would choose the name Aliyah. I would choose that name because almost every teacher I've ever had has misspelled my name like that. I also wouldn't want to go through the trouble of trying to remember a different name. The only bad thing about getting rid of my second a is I would probably keep spelling it like my original name. 

    I think knowing the truth is important no matter how bad it might hurt. Sometimes people hold things back from people because they think it might hurt them or make them mad. People don't realize if you hide something from someone it might make them feel worse. So in my opinion I think people should tell the truth even if it might hurt someone because even if you don't tell the truth, it'll come out sooner or later. And everyone gets hurt sometimes. 

    If I only had three crayons to draw my picture the colors would be blue, green and orange. I would choose those colors because it's the color of trees, water, the sun and the sky. I don't usually draw but if I did I would probably draw the earth. It was hard choosing between orange and brown but I could maybe mix it with the other colors to make brown.


  51. @Dillon: hahaha Hinshey sounds like another name for a "chupacabra" or something. What about...HERSHING

  52. You get one hour in a time machine. Where to?

    If I could spend 1 hour in a time machine, I would go into the internet so I could zoom through the web. That would be fun because I can see what happens in there and I can become an icon if I wanted to. The internet is fun. That is what I would do if I had an hour in a time machine.

    What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without and why?

    I cannot live with out my Nintendo Wii because it has soccer and it is fun to play. I also like it because it is a fun action packed game console. This fun game console is played a lot because of its popularity. Learning how to use the Wii will help you learn new tricks to help you in games and shortcuts to get to cool places on the Wii. That is a piece of technology I cannot live without.

    You only get three crayons to draw your picture. Which do you choose and why?

    If I could choose 3 colors to draw a picture with, I would pick green first because most of the world is filled with nature. Grass, trees and bushes are all green. Also I would pick blue because blue is the color of water and that makes up a big part of the world (ocean, sea, rivers). The sky is also blue and without the sky we have no light; so we always need a sky. My final color will be orange because orange is the color of lights, fire, sun and certain fruits. These are the 3 colors I would pick and why.

  53. @Dillon
    You are so right Naomi's laugh is super funny

  54. Dear Tr. Lacey,

    The one album I would listen to is the temptations “Ultimate Collection.” I would listen to it because the temptations are the awesomest group that ever lived. Even though the group went through drama and tragedy they were the best group of the 20th century. At one point in their careers, they split up. David, Paul, and Blue (Melvin) died. Al, Otis and Eddy are still alive.

    Friend: someone who will always have your back no matter any situation. Someone who is loyal, friendly, and trustworthy. Someone who, if you told your deepest secret to without them bursting out laughing, or without them telling everyone and their mother. A friend can be someone that you wouldn’t want to go away or can be a shoulder to cry on. A friend can be someone you can talk to during a tough situation. A friend can be a companion, like a dog. Dog is mans best friend since the beginning of time. That is why I cuddle up with my dog when I’m sad or just need someone to talk to. She is a great listener. Sometimes I would talk so long, she would fall asleep in the position she would be in while she would be getting her belly rubbed. When my parents had to give my dog to my brother, it felt like I went into a deep depression. Like I had lost the one thing that made me happy. Most nights I would cry myself to sleep thinking where is my dog? She would, some nights, fall asleep in my bed curled up in a dog ball twitching like she was dreaming sweet dreams. My brother never usually liked people in his house so she stayed there for a long time. I saw her a couple of times, but that was it. Then my brother couldn’t keep her to my oldest sister got her. Now, since my sister practically lives with us again, I see her everyday. That makes me happy, to see her get excited when I get home. She would jump and scratch to say “Where have you been, I missed you!” That truly makes me happy. But the way I just described friends, makes me now think if I really even have any. It’s always ran through my mind, what if I got shot or someone dragged me out the playground, would anyone even care? I don’t think anyone but my family would care. None of my classmates would care. Some teachers act like they care when they really don’t. Some kids would laugh, some would say feel sorry for that kid. Then they would think, who was that kid? I know that if I went into a coma, only would my family care. Everyone else would forget that I existed. I would be like that one lost kid on the street that no one reports to foster care or DHS. Like the street dog that gets sent to the pound and gets put down. I think the only time someone other than my family would care, is if I died a cruel fatal death.You know what else a friend is: someone that will accept you just the way you are, and don’t get you enemies.

    Yes, everything does happen for a reason. People find true love to they can have babies and then they can find love for generations to come. People break bones to learn lessons, like don’t walk in the middle of the street or don’t jump from a tree. Some people grow up strong to become bodyguards or TSO’s (transportation security officers). Some people have great voices to become singers. Other people have great culinary skills to become great chefs. Some people have things to do great things.

    Janaeha B.

  55. Dear Tr.Lacey

    If I could get in a one hour time machine I would go to the way way way in the future.
    Because I want to see if what commic books say about the future will actually happen. What happens in comic books in the future is flying cars, floating building cool technology , amizing cures to diseases. Or the people and the world go into a new universe. That is what I would do if I had a 1 hour time machine.

    My laugh is a sound that is intresting to descibe y laugh sounds like a very high
    pitched.chuckel.My laugh reminds me of spongebob and how his voice vibrates my voice sort of does that. My laugh is crazy wild laugh when I laugh I can't keep calm it just comes out. that is my laugh.

    If I could be a character from any book it would be katniss from the hunger game series. this is the character i choose because katniss is a very enduring character in her book. I would have wanted to have been in her situation in her book and won the hunger games. that is a character I would like to be

  56. A hero is someone that can help you all the time!!
    My hero is my sister,because she always be telling me what is good or bad 4 me,
    shes always there for me no matter what. when im sad or mad my sister makes me laugh. she helps me all the time with my homework and she never judge me.

  57. If I had one hour in a time machine, I guess I would first retake all the mistakes I've done in my life. And then I would probaly invent the internet and get rich. And maybe I could've stoped accedents , like 9/11.

    I think you cant really describe how you laugh, or how you talk but most people say I talk monotonous. I really think that they are wrong because every one has a accent, and they just speak differently then me.

    I think that every one desires to know the truth but people lie for a reason. Yes the truth hurts, and I think thats one of the reasons why people lie. I think people lie because their to nervous, or they're under peer presure.

  58. 2. If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

    I would listen to maroon 5 because ever since I was little my brother used to play his songs and I got hook to them, also because I never get tired of his songs like this one song I listen to all the time it is called don't know nothing at all and I like the way the beat goes.

    5. How do you define the word “friend?”

    I would define the word friend as someone who will always be there, never put you down, keep you going foward not backwords, someone who wouldn't drag me down the wrong path. I think of a friend like that because when you find one you will be lucky because a friend like that will probably will come once in a life time and I would like to find one of those. Plus I am still figuring out if I did this year.

    10. If you could choose any other name for yourself, what would it be and why?

    If I could choose another name I would choose Jessica because I feel like it goes more with my self. Plus sometimes people pronnonce my name weird like kyla or they put an 'h' at the end when they spell my name. And sometimes it dosent bother me but 10% of the time it does because I have to keep correcting them.

  59. If I had to listen to one album for the rest of mt life it would be no cealings. Because the songs on the album are amazing and the lerics in the songs are crazy.

    How do you difine the word friend
    How I difine the word friend is some who will always be there for you in your time of need. Another way that I can difine the word friend is someone who will never make fun of you.

    If I could choose another name for myself it would be Kobe Kbe iis a name were not alot of poeple hace that name so I would love to have that name.

  60. My define of friend is someone that got your back no matter what and someone that you can trust and if you tell them something they would tell nobody else.
    The 3 colors i would chose is pink baby blue, purple but i really don't know why i will chose them i just think i are really cute colors.
    If I get hour in a time machine I will go to Paris because I always the tower that’s there and to taste there food and see if its just like are food in America

  61. 1.You get one hour in a time machine. Where to?

    If i had one hour in a time machine i would go some where where there are little responsibilities. I still want some responsibilities so that a can have personal growth. The place that i would like to be somewhere in a tropical jungle long ago where i can make my own little shelter and relax and eat tropical fruit.But find them first.

  62. ASIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!February 3, 2011 at 1:37 PM

    1) If i could get in a 1 hour tine machine I would go to the past when my great great ancestors where living. I would like to know more about their roots and where they came from. I would also like to know how everyone met. I wonder why out of all the places in the world why did my great grandmother decide to more to Jamaica all the way from Trinidad. That’s where it all started.

    4) My laugh is weird. It’s like a chuckle with mumbling words. I have many different laughs for many different occasions. If something is extremely funny then my laughs sounds like a squeaking dog or something wired in that category.

    5) I describe the word friend as someone that is LOYAL, TRUSTWORTHY, and
    NOT 2 FACETED. I have two main best friends and they both fit that category.
    A friend is someone you can trust. A friend is someone you can tell all your secrets to. A friend is someone who is faithful and will be there no matter what.

  63. kaylah aka. summerMarch 15, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    Another name i would choose for myself would be summmer because im a summer baby i was born july 21st 1998. I would name myself summmer also because I love the summmer i hate the winter an all the other seasons except summer the only thing thats bad about being a summer baby is that my hair frizzes up when im in the sun to long and you sweat and i think sweating is disgusting.

  64. It's better to know the truth because if you know the truth it wont be as bad. For example, if someone likes someone and its better to know the truth because if not, it causes trouble or the person could be sad. yes its better to know the truth even when it hurts. If you play for a basketball team and your coach tells you that you are not doing good, its going to hurt but its going to help you improve. If the coach tells you you need to dribble better, yea its gonna hurt and you might think you are bad but its going to help you improve your dribbling so you become a better player.

  65. Yes, it is always better to know the truth. Why? Because the truth is easier to remember. The reason the truth is easier to remember is because if you make up a lie, one day you will forget it and you will say something else and eveyrone will know you are lying.
    It is better to know the truth even when it hurts because lying only makes situations worse. So, it is easier to just tell the truth, suffer the consequences later.

  66. @danie/danielita/puddle hinshey/hershing i think that it is a great idea for hershing! i like it better than hinshey