Monday, February 7, 2011

Everybody needs a hero (or a heroine)

This week in 7th grade ELA we had help from local author and illustrator, Alex Stadler, developing main characters for our ... FAIRY TALE WRITING UNIT!  Yes, it is really, truly happening.  We will be writing (and publishing) fairy tales this spring and I can't really think of a better way to kick off the actual writing of these tales than the awesome workshop we all got to take part in led by Alex. 

For those who unfortunately missed Alex's visit, we spent an entire class devoted to dreaming up our main characters and taking notes on our visions and inspirations by outlining "character resumees."  Students took notes on their character's appearance, obsessions, fears, strengths, weaknesses, family, friends, living situation, schooling history, and more.  After getting our words down on paper, students then went on to draw their character's portrait (kind of like a police sketch).  As a handful of students read their work aloud, it was amazing to watch as the number of people in the room (in person and on paper) doubled.  I'm hoping to add some of these illustrations to our blog soon.

For this week's blog prompt,  we will be using the character sketches we began as well as our paragraph rough drafts to further explore our characters and commit them to paper.  These characters will hopefully become the main characters in our fairy tales, the heroes or heroines, who will encounter obstacles and hardships but, in the end, prevail.

Students, for this week's blog commentary type up your revised paragraph using the checklist below as a rubric.  Because we have had more time to work on these paragraphs, I am expecting fully developed, polished pieces.  Your paragraph should not only tell us about your character, but should also make us excited to read your tale.  Your paragraph should include the following:

1.  An interesting title.  Your title should be creative and tell us something specific about your character.  You could use the character's name, but you could also think of using a question to spark the reader's interest, or a descriptive, alliterative phrase that says something about your character.  Skip a line after the title to begin writing.

2.  Include a clever opener.  Don't just say: "My character's name is Max Hyperion."  Instead, think of a compelling way to introduce your readers to your character.  Try some of these sentence starters below, or come up with your own:

    - The first thing you notice when you meet _____________ is ...
    -  [Insert Character's name] is  [three adjectives to describe their personality].
    -  [Insert Character's name] is the most __________________ you'll ever meet.

3.  Use your character resume as a guide to detail both your character's physical appearance and their personality.  This is the meat of your paragraph.  Make sure to change the length of your sentences and the words in your sentences to keep your writing interesting and alive.  Think about discussing how these personality traits or their physical appearance affects their daily life.  How do others see your character?  How does your character feel about him or herself?

4.  Come up with a tag line.  Most people have words or phrases that they say a lot (whether they like it or not.  Think Paris Hilton: "That's hot.").  What does your character say a lot?  What does that say about them?

5.  What does your character want or need more than anything?  Every main character, or hero, needs a problem to solve.  What does your character want or need most, and what obstacle stands in their way of achieving their goal or desire?

Happy writing!   


  1. Hunter Crow

    Hunter Crow is beast at skateboarding, snowboarding, and running. He is so good at skateboarding he can do the Judo Air trick. Hunter is 14 years old, has a mother and step-father, a brother that's 16 and a sister that's 9. He prefers to be with his friends at the park/mountain/ or at the track. He has a girlfriend named Corona Blest, another friend named Hilt Nortree and his other friend Steven Castorm. He loves to say " You gotta be in the NYC to understand." Hunter always needs to be moving around and can't sit still.

  2. What a Halirous Life, Maybe

    This little guy doesn’t like to laugh but apparently his name is Giggle Smiiles. Giggle’s 9 years old boy and has a very strong fear when he sees anything related to Justin Bieber or Tasty Cakes or Tech decks. If he sees any of those things, he would go completely nuts and the only way to stop him is by whispering in his ear the word Goosefraba. That’s kinda hard because he will be going crazy but that is the only way to calm him down. Giggles is a monster with orange fur all over with extremely spikey brownish, Orange hair color,who lives in Planet Oreo. His best friends are Little Stewart and carious George, he considers his pet,Peak, as one of his best friends too. Giggles might tend to say “That is more than radical!” a lot,a little more than a lot. He has the hugest crush on a monster girl named Sweet Flower. Little Stewart and carious George also have a crush on Sweet Flower but not as much as Giggle does! They go to the same school but they’re not in the same class. Giggle’s mom is always out of town because she has a very,very important job, so he is always independent. Especially because the house is gigantic and so is his property.Chocolate, skate boarding, and girls are what he is most definitely in to the most. Giggles is a one of a kind monster in Planet Oreo.

  3. Joseph Typhoon is the toughest, most sensitive, sword play obsessed dude you’ll ever meet. Joseph is half mortal (Vietnamese) and half god (Hephaestus). Even though Zeus forbid the gods to have physical contact with their mortal offspring, Joseph spent 5 years with his father in the forges (he though Joseph wouldn’t survive). But when it was getting to dangerous, he sent his to camp Halfblood. He worked in the forges for so many years, he could throw someone to Korean then have then have them bounce of the wall and bounce back. Others may see my character, for the first time, as your worst nightmare. But when you really get to meet him, he’s a real nice guy. The one word my character may use a lot is the word “dude”. My character has an obsession with swordplay and making armor. But the fact that he has bad eye sight and has to wear glasses, sometimes makes it hard for him to make armor.

  4. Who am I?

    I am no one, at least according to my parents. My name is Juniper D. McRae, and the reason I am no one is two people named... Eliza and Hanna McRae. Eliza and Hanna are my sisters. Eliza is 15, and gets half of my parents attention with a applying to college which isn’t for another 3 years. Hanna is 7 and gets the rest of the attention because according to my parents she is “the cutest thing that ever lived.” But it doesn’t matter to me, as long as I have a forest full of trees to climb, and my little cottage in the woods to go to all day, my parents can give all their attention to Eliza and Hanna.

  5. Livin’ Big In L.A.

    Mrs. Bria Sharnice Tipton lives in Nevada, L.A. with her 2 foster daughters, and her husband named Mr. Shammon Mekhi Tipton. She’s a sweet, hard-working, 28-year-old, wife and mother. She loves to sing and maintain her family and household. She adores both her foster daughters: Bella Brittany Boston and Stacy Simone Boston so much that she spoils them both. The family dog’s name is Linda. When Bria gets around people she does not know she tends to stay very quite. Bria is not happy with her weight, so she trys’ to exercise at an gym maybe once or twice a week. Also, Bria is afraid of being alone. Bria is a stay at at home mother, while everyone is at school and/or work she cleans the house. Bria has an older brother named Anthony Jujubani King, he is 36 years-old and married with 2 kids. Also, Bria has an 13 year-old sister named Byumka Tasha King , Byumka also lives with Bria. She makes sure that everyone is well taken taker of, and they always have designer things. Bria’s parents are not alive anymore that is why Byumka lives with her. All of Bria’s siblings get along with each other very well all the time. They even do a family night once a month and just play games and talk, all the in-laws come: it’s a good time when there all together.

  6. The Silent Orphan

    Henrietta is the silent girl that never talks, and she is the most empathetic and telekinetic person you’ll ever know. It’s not like she has powers, but most people believe she does because she can see straight through your eyes, and into your personal feelings. Her extensive, auburn hair gleams in the sun, and her deep, green eyes glint in the moonlight. This thirteen year-old has an eighteen year-old brother, and a fourteen-year-old sister who aren’t really the best care-takers. She fends for herself, and uses her miniature pocket knife to take care of herself. Henrietta’s parents are deceased, but she is content living in an abandoned cottage in the middle of a golden forest.
    Henrietta is extremely hushed and quiet, but she is also alert and sweet. Her body is tall, delicate and thin, and her hands are diminutive, dainty, and flawless. Henrietta despises crowds and large amounts of people, but that’s easy to avoid, living in a humongous, silent, listening forest.
    Henrietta adores the flowers in the courtyard behind the cottage and usually tends to them and keeps them vibrant. She usually sits on the cracked porcelain benches and watches the cattails near the small pond sway in the breeze, and the koi swim in swift movements toward the bottom to find bits of algae.
    If you were to be around Henrietta when she talks to the listening trees in a whisper, you’d hear her wish for parents. She may be content with her sister and brother, but they are nothing like real parents. You can almost always catch her saying, “Please, just let me have parents. Those to love and take care of me...” Being alone in the forest makes it hard to grant her wish, but Henrietta might stand up and do something about it.

  7. Changes and secret of Vio’s Life

    The first thing that you will notice when you meet Vio is his black nice eyes and his cute handsome face. Vio is aggressive, multi talented boy. He always quiet and be cool. No one know what happened to him until he became so aggressive. Including his friend. He only talk when he needed, but most of the time he’s so quiet. Vio is the most aggressive boy you ever met. He never care about people around him. He always pretended there is no one around him and rejected people that care about him. But, who knows behind his aggressiveness he’s so multi-talented boy. He has so many advantages,but he always keep it as a secret. One of his advantage is playing music. He play the piano, guitar and violin. Even though he’s so aggressive, he always play piano or violin with the whole of his heart, it’s so smooth and able to touch people’s heart. He also smart and wise. He always got up to 90 in every class work, homework, quiz, even tests. He also uses a great wise languages and vocabulary that his age didn’t know. He can have a good result when he need to take a decision or choices. He used to get the first place in category of “Math and Science”, He run for president class, too. He also a good basketball player. He can do every trick for basketball and one more thing, he’s good at drawing. He can make the exact sketches of a people or things. He did it perfectly. Yeah, everything is a secret for him, except for his smartness everyone know that he is smart. He became so aggressive since his dad and mom divorced when he was 4 years old and his younger brother was 3. Since that time he lived with his mom, and his little brother live with his dad. His mom always never at home. She is too busy for her own businesses. Every time Vio asked his mom to stay home for a little while, his mom never care. She always said “Vio, please understand. I’m too busy”. That’s why he’s so aggressive, and keep all his talented as secret. He thinks that no one care about him and who cares about his talents. All he need is love from his parents, only love is all he ever asked from his parents. But he never get that anymore since his parents divorced. Until this time, he's still afraid of love and concern from people. He always thought that the love of people will not last long. It will disappear very quickly, just as it come very quickly.

  8. Dear Tr.Lacey
    That’s the girl ,everyone says she’s perfect. But she’s not. She’s just a normal girl just like you, she’s 13 years old in the 7th grade he even does after school programs. The only thing is her mom gives her more freedom she has a pink streak . Long brown hair. Her mom’s Colombian and her dad is African American, with a step dad. Did mention she has 2 sisters and a niece.She lives in a huge house but barley sees her mom. While her mom’s working she spends time with her Yorkie named Todo and her hamster Fudge. Most of the time she hangs out with fiends.

  9. Lithium Struggles

    Lithium Ion was a normal 16 year old person until his right arm got ripped off and eaten by a Siberian tiger while on a hiking trip with his mom. His mother rushed him the the hospital where they operated and did an experimental procedure with a robotic nerve connection using a robotic arm and fusing that with his nerves and blood vessels. The operation worked and now he is 25% robot and and 75% human and he super smart mainly because it takes a lot of intelligence to control such a high tech arm. Besides the fact that he has a robotic arm he is truly a normal guy. He grew up in a family with his mom,dad and himself, but sadly at the age of 8 his dad passed away. Hes mom is an accountant so their family gets by with more than enough to spare. He has oval neon red eyes, he is a guy who is mostly happy...unless someone guy treats him badly or talks about his dad, he gets beyond furious. His face turns red and he explodes with fury.

    He live in a very cold place its called Toronto, Canada, but he braves the elements because he wears cargo shorts and a t-shirt with a short sleeve button down shirt over it and sunglasses. He has hair that is jet black,spiky and soft like a marshmallow. His strengths are pretty much being smart, being super strong and adapting to new things and ideas. His weaknesses are...well he’s human. He’s obsessed with Cheez Its, gaming and sleeping. His favorite catch phrase is...Ketchup and Mayo. People see Lithium as some sort of abnormal sleek guy who is friendly and funny and easy to be friends with.

    He feels like he is missing something in his life, that his life has no purpose. What he want more than anything in the whole world is to find his purpose of life. He wants his name to be recognized so what he does it upgrade his arm with plasma cannons, laser beams and other stuff so complex even Einstein will have trouble finding out what it is. He did that just in time because a meteorite hit and split the earth in two and three chaos lords emerge and he need to stop the chaos lords before it engulfs the world in complete darkness. When he tries to stop the three chaos lords they shot his mom and she died and Lithium feels like that was the end of his life that he could not go any further, but he needs to overcome this so that the world does no end up in a ball of darkness.

  10. dontae said
    The boy that was nonordinary

    Lou was not always a ordinary kid he was from the planet planet x . He had 4 eyes 2 razor sharp teeth in side each other. He also alone because of the planet destroyer Zared luckily he escaped just in time before is planet blew up . He Land on a weird planet he checked his planet watch but did not find it when the orphan family found him crying that he lost his family they let him live with them.And let him go to a nice high school. But they did not give him any respect aspect for a girl named Milka . Soon they became friends . Soon they heard on the news that a boy got killed in the woods 5;00 . So blamed Lou and banished him to a Manson with little food and water. When is friend came he ate him because he was so hungry. He got a job at gecio . Soon he learned enough money to make him look like a human. When he went to the doctors he waited 3 hours until it was is turn.Soon it was his turn a they fixed him up but ,It had a side effect he had superpowers. And had to save the world for now one .And soon people respected him

  11. Dear tr.Lacey,
    People always get the wrong impression on samantha,they think she is a stuck up rich kid thats also snobby like the rest of the rich kids,ometimes people would also say that she dont care about anybody else but hersself.But your wrong she is aperson that would give her life to help out anybody.
    People would also say that she has everythimg in the world that most kids in the world kill for,but you also wrong about that as well she really wishes that she could have real friends to talk to instead of the mean rich kids and she really wishes that her family would pay more attention to her.
    Let me tell you more about her,she has one older brother they were really close but he's going off to college in the comin fall.Samantha live with her dad since her mother died when she was at the age of 5.Samantha live in Las Angles and goes to Lincon high school and has a country side manson.

  12. David Johnson

    Some call him the dumbest in the class but he is really smart and talented. He gets sensitive and angry when someone says something ignorant about his dad, who had died in a war back when he was about 1(he can't really remember seeing him). He lives at home with his mother and stepdad(who he does not like) and his two little brothers. David is in the 10th grade and his planning to go to college at Duke to play basketball with the Tar Heels. Although he needs to get his grades up to play ball.........

  13. Jose Markado Rozoni

    If I ever find Jose will be very recognizable his eyes are green and full of goodness. Jose’s hair is black and one ear is slightly higher than the other. Jose is very friendly and always open to helping others that is tall and slender and muscular. Joe is friendly, funny, caring, and always open to new ideas. If you give Jose a obstacle to hard he’ll try to find a way to work around it and finish it. Jose never had a good education, but he is pretty smart. Jose’s parent’s moved without him during a house fire so he is sometimes depressed and lonely he has three pets which are a horse, falcon, and a trained wolf. Jose has minimum of friends because he’s always on the move he makes most of his living by helping people.

  14. Who am I
    Lucus Bobby wilson is the weirdest kid in the world He is a Ugly skinny nerd who never really gets out of the apartment. He goes to west Philadelphia High people make fun of him every day because he is missing 7 out of 32 teeth and the rest of the 25 teeth are all light crispy yellow. He wears the same clothes every day because he cant afford any other clothes. He lives with his mother and father they have trouble paying the bills and putting food on the table. So when he goes to school he takes advantage of all the food that he gets to eat. His favorite thing to do is work with computers he is hoping to graduate from high school and go to college and become a coputer in ger and provide for his family. But he thinks that it wiil be very hard because of the of the way that he looks long nose like panokieo and has a wide ace like soonge bob and smells like two dumpsters in the summer and the sun is beaming right on it and is making it smell even worse. and has the worsest smile like an old man who just lost all of his teeth. That is why Lucus Bobby Wilson is the weardest person in the world.

  15. Selena Leon-Rodriguez
    Selena is the coolest person you’ll ever meet because she is very talented and when she’s with you she makes you feel safe and welcome. The first thing you’ll notice when you meet Selena is that she is that shes very sweet and kindhearted. Her hands are as smooth as a baby's skin and her hair is as soft as a new cotton pillow.
    She has 1 brother named Samuel, and 2 sisters named Crystal and Lexi. She is the youngest of her siblings. She finished school and lives with her older sisters. Shes very sweet, she has a nice voice, and shes always at the right place at the right time. Her only problems is that she has no common sense. The things she don’t like are scary movies and the dark. Shes very famous but not rich. Shes middle class, has money, has a very good job that she loves, and she goes a lot of places with her family.

  16. “what a life!”

    Bouky Towain Charles is the name of an orphan who’s life she thinks is ruined. She has hair black as night with a red highlight like her true loves blood. Her lips are sweet just like a twisler that when you kiss her you will want to eat her up. She’s the perfect 17 year old, she love sports and school and she has a taste for fashion. She also adores to read fairy tales. High school everyone knows how it is, but in the high school Bouky goes the popular girl whose name i will not say won’t accept her because of her beauty. Sadly that’s one of Boukys two wishes to be popular and for her life to be like one of her fairy tales she reads.

  17. The Life of a Trapped Rich Girl

    My character Brianna Alexis Johnson is the most interactive person you'll go ever meet. Her mom and dad are famous. She tries to live a normal life as a teenager. So she makes up a fake name and it’s Maria Custis. She loves to shop, text, and have fun with her friends. Her parents aren't around that much because they are busy pursuing their careers actors. She has a best friend whose like her sister but her best friend doesn't know because she doesn't feel that she can trust anyone with her secret. She lives with her dads butler whose a good friend of her dad. She feel unsafe sometimes because she’s living with a stranger to her and their lots of money in a safe hidden in a box type thing that leads into the basement which she only think she knows the pass code to. She loves life but she wishes to have her family weather poor or not than be rich with no parents in her life to interact with her. She a kinda tall person and is medium size. Her keeping this secret all her life devastates her because she feels as though if she tells anyone people will start to act like her friend and she wont know whose her friend and whose not. Brianna wants her family more than anything. Her goal is to not be famous but to be a lawyer so that her life will be easier.

  18. Monae Whitfield saysFebruary 13, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    Keshia Marie Jones was a normal kid who just wanted to make friends and guadute from the 11 grade.Keshia live with both of her parents ,she second oldest from her brother Trey and her sister Tasha who is only in the middle school.Keshia is smart she get all A's and B's.Keshia is not very popular but she has a friend name Julie and a enemy name Katie that don't like her.Keshia loves to draw when ou walk in her big room she hundreds paints everywhere.Keshia faviorte word to say is "I UNDERSTAND"beacuse she like making people laugh and its just funny. Keshia is a INDEPENDENT person she don't care what anybody says behind her back because she know its not true but when she take it too far Keshia is going to do something about it.The one place Keshia will love to go is Paris because she always wanted to see the tower there and wanted to see if their food there is like America food

  19. John Cristiano white trump De Los Santos is the most funniest , aggressive person ever. He’s funny & fun , but some times he gets aggressive. Nobody knows why , Some people think that’s normal. But some times he gets all mean for no reason. His parents got divorce when he was born. They did not knew that they where going to have a child. John’s dad is a wolf and strangely her mom is a vampire, but he doesn't know. John is rich. He is a famous soccer player, plays for Manchester united. He’s 29 years old. Obsess with rag to riches. Lives in London. He IS 6’1. But he’s weakness is knowing the truth of his parents and getting bit by a vampire. he really wants to know where his parents are. He likes to say a lot “The Guido's are here”. His story is about to Begin.

  20. Wayne Ovechkin

    The first thing that you notice about Wayne Ovechkin is how dull hisb eyes are, and his smile. He has brown black eyes, a scare on the side of his face, and short hair. At a young age he was very talented at sports, he played soccer, football, rugby, and hockey. His favorite sport was hockey. Growing up in Ontario, Canada, he was not the only person who loved hockey. Canadiens loves hockey and he had lots of friends to play with. He was a all around, he could've be a foward and be the best at defense, or he could've been a defesive man and be the best at offense. It was hard growing up since his dad died when he was four years old. His mom had two jobs and still didn't have enough money to just come home and put food on the table. At the age of sixteen Wayne found a job. He was a store clerk at models. The job paid off, and he had a oportunity two go to Notre Dame college. still talented at hockey, a scouter from the Chicago Blackhawks club ofered him a job. Wayne was thrilled, but his mother wanted him to go to school first. And so he did, four years of hard work paid off and his dream came true. His jersey number was 99 just like his super star Wayne Gretzky. And his story countinued.

  21. When you first see Darkness ( also known as King of Despair, Hatred and Darkness), you see his bright yellow eyes, if you live that long. You would see his long sharp fangs, if you live that long. Finally you will notice his extremely Oreo black skin. You will not live long after that. Darkness is a very unfriendly guy for three reasons. He hates his family which is one of the reasons he is angry. The second is that he is lonely, which has a negative effect on his personality. Finally, the fact that everyday of his life he wants to rule the world, but it can never be. These are all of the reasons he is not a friendly person.

    Darkness hates his parents for one reason because he thinks they like his brother, Light, more than him. Darkness believes that his parents (Sun and Moon) prefer Light most because they both have a special glow. So, Darkness thinks that his parents are living signs that they like their other son over Darkness. He hates his brother because Light controls the one thing that he hates most of all, the light. That is why Darkness hates his parents and his brother.

    Darkness was not always a loner. He was once a very outgoing and happy person but not many people liked him because he was annoying. One day while he was walking down the street he saw a man that he already spoken to twenty times. Darkness walked over to the man and said “hi” again and the man became angry and slapped and kicked him repeatedly. Darkness bled on the floor, as the man watched him for a moment and then left. Soon his brother found him and took him to a hospital. Although he was fine, he changed. Darkness only left his house to grab a quick burger or attack and killed random people.

    Darkness had the dream of ruling the world for many years. He tried to find a way to rule the planet without anyone finding out. His first plan was to kill his family members but soon he realized that would not work because they were Gods and they were immortal. In another plan, he wanted to surround the world in darkness and not allow the people to see the light again. He knew his brother would get in the way and keep the light bright for world. So as you can see he has never had a perfect plan but some times he gets close. Those are the three reasons Darkness is an evil person.

  22. who am i
    the girl with thoughts unknown to some people only because i care to listen i am Samantha j wings born a girl with the mind of Albert Eisenstein.

    Yes that would have to mean that i am in fact smart i am at the top of my class honor student who is best friends with her principal and dean!

    I know im not the coolest of the bunch and most kids hate me because i almost always know the answer to a question.I have never been kissed i have braces but im not a total geek i got glasses so i guess im OK .

    Now my family is how most wealthy families are my dad business man my mom doctor so i never see her but you know they want me to be a docotr or go to law school but little do they know i have the voice of an angel and i wanna sing but they would say get my head out of the clouds and do my work.

    Mostly my life is ok and someday i plan to make it way better but this isn't the last you've heard of Samantha j wings.

  23. What Do You Think About Fred’s Life?

    The first thing you realize when you see Fred is that he only has 1 tooth. But that does not mean he is a bad person. He has long blond hair and loves to play sports. He has blue eyes shaped like a circle. He has a nose the size of a lady bug. Fred’s friends think he looks like an alien from the wild. Doesn’t he have the best friends? Like everyone, he dislikes school and doing work. He has a very happy disposition. My characters catch phrase is “you get what you get and you don’t say shiz”. Fred’s ears make elephant’s ears look small. He does not have a weakness because he does not know what it means. He is 5 foot 4 inches tall. He has both a mom and a dad. Also in the family package, he has 1 sister and 3 brothers. His family is rich but likes to save; that is why they live in a cottage. The fish tank he has in his room could not hold anymore fish. It has 18 goldfish and 1 turtle. In his backyard he has a cage for his pet lion. He uses the lion for protection and to scare people who like school. My character’s adventure is to raise enough money to move out of his parent’s house. He has quite the life, even though he is 37 years old.

  24. markeem and me on facebook follow me a twitterFebruary 13, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    The first thing you will notice about Drew is that he loves is family more then anything in the world. He love his parents Mr.Desean and Mrs.Kim Jackson and he really love his brother Steve Jackson. Everyday he help out his parents,taking out the trash, help is mom cook ,helping is little brother with his homework.So drew was on his way to school with his two best friends Bob,Jon.They were going to ELA Tr.Lacey class as they walk in to the classroom the bully killer push drew,”drew got up and say why do that”? Killer said because you were in my!!Drew said OK then out of the blue drew just punch,killer and from there the fight was nasty but drew won.Now when the teacher broke up killer said you will pay for this drew you will pay for this.So killer went home and he sat in his room and was thinking and thinking and then he had and he remember that drew love is family more then anything.So killer said he is going to take them away so he called is cousins Rockey and Balboa.So they planed and talk and them came up with a spooky planed.Drew had a good day at school got a A on his history test met this wonderful girl name Beth.So drew ran home to tell his mother but when got home nobody was home he check all the rooms,check to was the car in the garage but nothing he got scared and start crying. He was up in his room and he found a letter and he check it, It was form killer and it said,If you ever want to see your family again you will have to drop out of school.Drew called up killer and said “no”,”I WILL GET MT FAMILY BACK AND WHEN I DO YOU ARE GO TO SEE A BAD SIDE OF ME.Drew called up his friends Bob,Jon drew told them about killer and they said we be right by your side.So drew and his friends pack for there journey water,tools.They were ready so then they had a little problem they didn't where killer where and bob remember that killer love to be in the woods.Drew and his friends start they trip and it wasn't easy they went thought killers whole family grand-mom, grand-pop,his parents, bother, sister.When drew and his friend was done with killer sister they saw killer escaping form burger king and killer his had a whooper in his mouth.Drew said guys there is killer they rush over there drew jump on killer back.Now this wasn't a far fight Bob and Jon got in it and then killer cousins got in and was destroying drew and his friend but luckily drew parents broke out of the hand cuffs and they destroy killer cousins and called the cops and killer and his cousins got put in jail.When drew parents UN-handcuff drew little brother Steve ran up to Drew and hug him and your my hero.Drew parents drop Bob home and Jon home.Drew told his family I LOVE YOU GUYS.!!


  25. Struggling to Stay Alive

    Gwen is the most quiet person you’ll ever meet. She has deep red hair that’s long and wavy and her eyes are big and round. The older kids in the neighborhood taunt her and call her “Fox girl.” She’s medium sized, and she knows she’s stronger than them, but she chooses not to fight back. She always comes home at around ten, without dinner or not enough to satisfy them. Her mother, Evylin, stays in bed and refuses to eat but Gwen always catches her snacking on the food under her bed that Rosol, Gwen’s 9 year old sister, doesn’t know about. Evylin cannot be trusted. Gwen is a math genius and even telekinetic but is unable to use both abilities supporting her family without an education. Gwen is only fourteen. Her older brother, Hal, tries to be there when he can. He is in the army and is working with his fellow troops to find more land and more resources to keep the rest of the survivors of Earth living. During the apocalypse, a large earthquake broke a tank of a toxic gas that scientists have been studying and have affected many people. Some people were left dead, others left with supernatural powers, like Gwen.

  26. Life’s Not All That Precious

    Miu – the weirdest girl you’ll ever meet.
    The first thing you notice when you meet her is she appears to be a typical, teenage, goth person. She is political, serious and good-hearted.
    She has orange eyes . Her hair is black and she wears tons of makeup. Her clothes are black velvet and she wears engineer boots. Miu plays bass guitar, and loves Goth music.
    She is trying to help her father, who is dying, and she doesn’t know what to do in her life. Her mother committed suicide after she got fired from her job. She tries to start a band to make some money to help her father. She thinks if they could be the best Nine Inch Nails tribute band, then they could make enough money to pay her father’s doctors bills.
    You will not believe how her story ends…

  27. The angry colors of majestic blues and furious reds and metal melting oranges fire raged around the small foster home . The fire was like a kid having a volcanic tempure tantrum. It was out of control and was consuming all unfortunate objects in its path. The fire was every where. Loud voices screamed from all directions. Cries for help were competing with the crackiling sounds of burning wood and the melting of plastic. The people in the biulding were yelling “get out of here” and things like “were not going to live through this”. But me I was standing frozen by the shock of the of the smoke. Which didn’t change my breathing. The fire touching my skin. Which didn’t burn. I stood there and after several minutes. When I heard a large explosion I realize it was time to escape as fast as I could. Running faster than I have ever ran before it felt like the world was going in slow motion. I finally stop running and hid behind a old brokendown van. The foster mother screams the name Zy!! Zy where are you!! I know thats what she calls me but In my heart I knows thats not my real name. I find myself watching the fire trucks and ambulances leave the scene after the fire was put out. After everyone finally leaves the burned out foster home I just sit and stare. I just stare into the night sky then it hits me. How did I not get burned in the fire? How is it that I’m still alive? I want answers so now how will I find those answers?

  28. Mother are you really Dead!?

    John Kodaly is the most angriest person you will ever meet. He grew living in a house hold with a younger brother and sister and the richest man alive. Who doesn't seem to have much time for John because he,s always on the road doing what he does best(singing and being an actor)but he happens to find time for the other kids Joey and Marisa. John is growing up with his father because his mother supposedly died...or did she that is often how John thinks now that he watches all those crime show so he's a pretty good detective. So him and his best friend Mark...Or is he...just joking they've know each other since preschool so they're really close...well like I said they're gonna try to find John's mother. Boy will they stir up some trouble!

  29. Tyreek isnot'A HumanbeingFebruary 13, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    The first thing you notice when you meet Brianna Estrellas is that she is smart when explaining things to people.For example if you ask her about the Emancipation Proclamation, she will give you all the details about how Abraham stop slavery.Brianna also has a little sidekick, Todd the mouse.she brings him everywhere, even to the hospital where she gets her blood pressure checked because of her diabetes.On most weekends Brianna likes to hang out with her friends at the mall.They shop at every single store.Shoe stores, makeup stores, even at the clothing store.One thing that creeps her out is being alone with a stranger.She gets very uncomfortable, but her friends are always with her.Some people see her as a shy and nervous person, like a lady bug trying to find its way home in the dark.The one thing Brianna do every day is bragging.She brags about herself every two minutes when she looks at the mirror hanging up on her ceiling.Everyone in the house can here her brag about herself.”I’m soo beautiful, my hair is soo long and soft, my skin is flawless!” Oh and here’s the funny part about Brianna, when something goes wrong or something really weird has happend.Her so called “Punch line.”Is
    “Well that couldn’t get any worst.”
    Its like when she says that, her attitude gets bigger.There is one thing that Brianna always wanted since the 2nd grade was a boy named Mason Parker.She has been in love with him for a long time but there’s been one thing that always gets in her way and ruins it all.Her enemy Miranda Haskins.Miranda always been doing pranks on Brianna and hurting her since the 2nd grade and now Brianna must find a way to end this nightmare.

  30. Will I make it?

    Jason Rodriguez is a freshman in Father judge high school he plays field hockey and football. He has crystal blue eyes that sparkle oh so beautiful in the sun he looks like he should be son of pasiden with eyes like those. He basically has the perfect life his parents have good careers as lawyers and his little brother mat. Jason is '5 ''9 and is pretty husky for a freshman. Even though all the girls like him he just sticks to his studies. Even though his life sounds so perfect he must fight the world as a under cover super hero called bird man he claims bird man stole his name but who will ever know it's not that important. As his duties call (hehehe i said duties) for him he must cut out of class and save everyone from gillastic the villan. But since his parents do not know about his secret life they think he is a bad influence on his younger brother mat because they think he cuts school to go be cool. So as he is fighting gillastic the villan his mask almost comes off and he almost gets exsposed but he always says caca like a bird as he flyes away to keep him from getting exsposed. That night when he got back home his parents were fed up with him cutting school to be cool and if that was the case they were ready to kick him out of there house and life. So he told them the truth and they were shocked that he wa the famous one they called bird man!!

  31. Dear Tr. Lacey

    Imagine a sneaky, crazed, rich con artist. Then picture a little girl that always seem sweet. If you put all these things together you will get Gracie Cane. Gracie is like her father, always cheating someone out of their money. She is also like her mother, a little crazy. She goes from happy to annoyed, to angry then furious in 5 seconds. Gracie looks and seems like an average little 7 year old when you see her, but when you get to know her she's a slick, annoying little shrew. Her baby sitter Michelle doesn't really mind Gracie's attitude, she kind of like Gracie. Michelle is in college and Gracie sometimes help her with her work. Gracie is a genius by the way. Gracie's parents own many houses, but for now they're living on the 17 floor of one of the many hotels they own. Anyway while her dad is working and her mom is out shopping or something she goes around the hotel conning people by playing cards and things like that. Since she is a little girl people don't suspect anything out of the ordinary and her long black hair and little smile she does when she's about to con someone make it hard to resist playing with her. She cons people who underestimate her ability of doing things by herself. It makes her feel powerful inside, but she knows how to control it. At least for now. 

  32. Ax: The Vampire
    The first thing you see when see me is that I’m 6’10, and if I was a social person, I would probably be looking down at most people. I’m very pale. But, you won’t see me, I promise you that. I’m quiet, steallthy and the chances of you seeing me is slim. I’m not social, and I don’t want to be anyway. For 200 years, no one has discovered me. My fangs are short but very sharp. I can go a week with only a millileter of blood. After that, I start getting TOO blood thirsty and I risk being discovered. And when I’m in that state, I can get violent. I’m a mean person, and I don’t mind being mean at all. I like it. I don’t feel sorry for people, so that’s why I don’t mind getting blood when I want to or need it. I’m 212 years old, I haven’t seen any of my family members since I was 12 years old and I left my girlfriend from sixth grade ( I didn’t care much for her anyway) and I haven’ had one since.

  33. Arie Marie Hezikyah Simmons is on her way of being a lawyer.She lives a wealthy life but with these economic problems its hard for her to pay for her college sessions and textbooks while paying her mothers medical bill. She always has been very smart,independent, physically strong, She lives with her boyfriend and sister. Her dad died when she was younger . She goes to University of Pensylvania . She was never a rich type. She always did good in school never got a grade past D. Her sister always encouraged her to do her best in school. Her sister is a cheerleader for a basketball team and is also a model for a magazine called Ebony. Arie also is well in dancing and she wants to become a dancer but she does not know if that would be a good job for her because lots of dancers do not make a good living out in the world. Her mom is in the hospital because she has bone cancer and she has been doing good but sh has had a lot of kemo therapy done on her. Arie does not know if she should wait to finish college or continue while her mother goes through therapy? Her mother tells her to go on but she does not know.

  34. Jimmy Carter is a 12th grade graduate, yeah everyone knows him. He is the most athletic boy in the 12th grade, he has big, blue, handsome eyes and short, soft, blond hair. Jimmy is a very intelligent student he gets all A's and sometime B's his parents are separated though he just wish that things were normal in his life you know he hates it when his moms says jimmy lets go your going to your dad’s house. That's all he wishes for every night but his wish never came true and he is sometimes antisocial because of that. His mom try to make it seem like her and jimmy’s dad are just taking a break but jimmy is not a little boy he knows in his head that things are not going well and are never going to be the same. His little sister amber doesn't even care about the separation she loves to travel from mom’s to dad’s place its quite fun to her switching form car to car.

  35. "Hello my friends I'm going to talk to you about my best friend Todd Bittlemen".Todd lost his mom when he was only 7 years old.He is 18 now.Todd has two brothers Joesph and Wayne.They were...hold on it's not about Todd's brothers it's about Todd. You can describe Todd as ripped,muscular and also tall. Todd likes vegtables because it keeps him ripped.Now you why a boy likes television."Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that Todd lives in a 5 star mansion.He has a hot tub right next to his pool.Todd also has a slide for stairs and when they want to go up they use a elevator.Their friend Bruce visits them alot.Todd graduated and got a diploma so now he works at a foot locker store.He does get alot of money.So does his dad that works as a engineer.That's all I have to say except for if you ever meet Todd then you'll like him because he is very cool and loveable.

  36. Some Background Details

    Lucie had heard this story many times, told by Toby, Molly, Nan and even Ezra. Every birthday the kids hear the story of how they came to be with Nan. So now when it was Lucie’s 13th birthday, the kids took turn telling the story, for every one's entertainment. “You arrived at Nan’s door step around dusk on a Sunday evening. You weren’t crying, so Nan had no idea you were out there. She decided to look at the sunset, because that evening it was more beautiful than Nan had ever seen it in her life of watching the sunset.” Toby said. “ Wait but why does Nan always look at the sunset?” asked Ezra. “Well I always look at the sunset because when Pop and I were together, every night we would sit outside on the steps of my old apartment building and look at the sunset. And when Pop went off to war, me and Pop made a promise that every time that we weren’t together, we would look at the sunset and know that the other person would be looking at the same sunset as you were. But when Pop was called “missing in action”, I went into a stage of depression. I broke that promise that we made and didn’t even care. So my friends came over and took care of the cats, as I went to the hospital. I stayed there for about 4 months. The day that Lucie arrived, was the day I had just come back from the hospital. I remembered the promise and went out to look at the sunset.” Nan paused as she remembered that night. All the kids sat very still, making sure not to break the silence. This was the most that they had ever heard about Nan before the kids came to her and they wanted to make sure to get every little detail out. Nan continued, her voice becoming very soft. “ And there she was watching the sunset with me. Her hair curled in just the right way and she looked almost like a fairy. Her bright blue eyes were like a trance, when she looked at me I couldn't tear my own eyes away. The whole sunset, she watched and when it was over, she finally glanced at me. I realized that I was crying and was overcome by a wave of emotions that I had never felt before. Her little fingers reached out and made a sign that I had seen my own daughter do...” Her voice trailed off and suddenly said “All right now where’s the cake?” Toby was the first to get up and go into the kitchen, then followed by Molly. Ezra and Lucie stayed at the table and waited. Nan had her eyes closed, as if the story had worn her out.




    Johnathan can be a nice person when there are people around, but when he is alone or around his family he could be the craziest person ever. Johnathan is a 17 year old teenager who is tall,sort of muscular,smart,and he loves sports. He likes to go to the mall and shop with his pet hamster. He loves girls,money and most of all, his family. His family is the the most important thing in his life. He loves to go to school to learn things that he doesn't know already and what he likes to learn.

    Johnathan’s description is brown sort of spiky hair, hazel eyes, full fat and shiny lips, and sort of wide and thin eyes. his dislikes are losing, spinach, and most of all, he hates bullies. He is the oldest of 3 sisters and 2 brothers. His father is a NFL player and his mother is a stay at home mom. His obstacles in life are trying to pass algebra.

  38. Life Of Creepy Daniel

    The first thing you notice when you see Daniel is he dose not have lots of clean clothes and he does not have any money. Usually when people ask him if he has any money he would say "not today". Daniel is a smart kid but he does not have money for books or for an education. Daniel is nice to all of his friends and when he does have money or something he share it. He is always asking his mom and dad interesting questions. His friends see him as smart too he seems to answer quetions that nobody knows even though he does not go to school. One line that he uses all the time is "I got this". His friends ask him the same queston over and over "why do you say that". He gives them the same answer too "It comes naturally". What he needs the most is money. He wants that b/c he need better clothes,house,and he needs to go to school. What is standing in his way is his parents getting a job.

  39. Sabrya Simone Brown

    Sabrya is a 17-year-old teenager who lives in West Philly in a nice clean,organized and big house with her mother Sherry Jones. The first thing you recognize about Sabrya is her face. She has dark brown eyes,they're round and pretty. Sabrya has small lips,they're pretty. Her hair is short,it's origanally dark brown but she died it light brown. Also it's thick.Sabrya is the smartest,agressive,beautiful teenager.

  40. EL CHICHARO !!

    Hello friends my name is Miguel Chicharito but my friends call me EL CHICHARO ! I have medium cat size eyes they are green when it’s night they glow. I also have long thin blond eye brows. I have short blond hair sticking up. I like to dress as a gangster and as a sports men guy. I’m the size of a lego toy. I became a orphan at the age of 2 my parents died in a car accident.My school used to be big as a mansion I have smart brain cells that are good for memory so I had a good chance to finish school early and so I took my chance at the age of 10 I finished the university and graduated in every subject possible. I live in a small neighborhood with one person his name is Angel.Angel is my childhood friend.I’m one of the riches guy in my town.

  41. Max Miguillikuty:The story of an unusual kid?

    Max is an strange,cool and weird kid that is obsessed with sports.Sports is one of the reason he can’t get something he can’t live without,a girlfriend.Max is 20,dark brown eyes,6ft 7in,dark hair and loves the ladies.Max is not the brightest adult in college. He attends the university of Philadelphia.The one thing people doesn’t know about Max is that he is not human.He was a alien from planet Sportacon.Max phrase was always (Sports is my cure).The reason max couldn’t get a girlfriend is because every time he saw a beautiful girl he would wet his pants every time.

  42. What I expect from my friends is to respect me,also I expect from my friends is that I can trust them with my secrets. What makes a rent from an friend different from an acquaintance is,a friend makes you feel good when your down,helps you out with family issues as well.
    Yes I did have a friend that was hard to be with because the friend would talk about me behind my back and when I didn't do what that friend like she wouldn't talk to me for a week or so.
    The problems I see developing between friends is T.J and Stacey,because ever since they got into a fight in school they haven't been the same and to me I think it maybe another one on the way

  43. What I expect from my friends is to respect me,also I expect from my friends is that I can trust them with my secrets. What makes a rent from an friend different from an acquaintance is,a friend makes you feel good when your down,helps you out with family issues as well.
    Yes I did have a friend that was hard to be with because the friend would talk about me behind my back and when I didn't do what that friend like she wouldn't talk to me for a week or so.
    The problems I see developing between friends is T.J and Stacey,because ever since they got into a fight in school they haven't been the same and to me I think it maybe another one on the way

  44. Crystal was the girl with the purple hair. She has long purple hair. That doesn't mean she is any different from me and you she just has purple hair. H eyes are just what you would imagine on a 10 year old girl, small and wide. Her mouth is big, when she smiles its something you will have to stop and stare and lips as pink as her room. Crystal is short, she gets made fun of being short at school but at home everybody thinks shes really tall ( and her family is pretty tall.) She is really smart but at the same time very snotty but a snotty that people find funny, and shes very obsessed with her hair, it is ever changing. I might say now purple but really tomorrow it could be pink. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mother,father, older sister, and her younger twin brother and sister. She is 10 years old and is in the 6th grade (she skipped a grade.) All her friends all like her and think she’s really nice. She can at times be a little self centered but she is really trying to work on it, ( she hates that fecher.)

  45. John was a cool, nice, fast learning, quick thinking, and his best power of all is being able to left 500,000 times his weight and he can run super duper fast with out stopping. He is always wearying up to date still like hollester, American eagle, Areocambe, and must of all polo. The reason why he were the type of clothes is because, that was his power source. John always like to say stay in school, and do what you have to do. John has everything he wants but a women in he's life. The only thing that is in the way is that the ladies that like him, only like him for his fame, powers,15 stories high 5 mansions, 21 stories high 35 hotels. And the way he found his laddie was calling the laddie that has powers to. And that laddie is........

    Find out in the next blog post and find out.

    The end

  46. my tittle is call RTT mongoose
    This is the story of the great war that Rikki-tikki-tavi fought single-handed, through the bath-rooms of the big bungalow in Segowlee cantonment. Dell, the tailor-bird, helped him, and max, the musk-rat, who never comes out into the middle of the floor, but always creeps round by the wall, gave him advice but Rikki-tikki did the real fighting. He was a mongoose, rather like a little cat in his fur and his tail, but quite like a weasel in his head and his habits. His eyes and the end of his restless nose were pink, he could scratch himself anywhere he pleased, with any leg, front or back, that he chose to use.
    A high summer flood washed him out of the burrow where he lived with his father and mother. When he revived, he was lying in the hot sun on the middle of a garden path, very draggled and a small boy was saying here's a dead mongoose. Let's have a funeral. But just before he was going to give the mongoose a funeral his mom said no he might still be alive.

    The End

  47. * what do you expect from your friends? What makes a friend different from an acquaintance?
    * Quite often friendships are tested by events at school, by our families, and even by other people's opinions. Have you ever had a friend who was especially difficult to be friends with (don't name names)?
    * Describe the problems you see developing between friends in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. Describe which characters make good friends and why. Who would you most like to be friends with in the book and why?
    * How are friendships in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, beginning to be tested?

    I expect from my friend is a good friendship. What make a friend different from an acquaintance well a friend is some one you trust and tell stuff to and a acquaintance is just some one u hangout with there like a friend but not in some ways. Did i have a friend that i ever had a difficult friendship with yes i did.

  48. The Life of Hayla Frank-Ford
    When you look at Hayla Frank-ford what you see is her beautiful face, smile, and the mysterious look in her eyes.

    Hayla Frank-ford is a smart, athletic, bubbly girl. Brenda’s favorite subject is math favorite sport is basketball, and favorite thing besides math and basketball is SHOPPING! Hayla has a lot of friends and knows almost everyone and their “story”. Out of all her friends her best friend is Shena Garnet. Shena is mostly like Hayla they hang out at the mall A LOT.

    Hayla is the oldest sibling of two she has a younger brother named Khaleef’ he is 13. Hayla’s mom Hayleh is a physical therapist at a hospital. Hayla’s dad isn’t around anymore because her father walked out her her mom when she and her brother were young. Hayla’s mom isn’t looking to remarry but Hayla insists that she gets back out there.

    Hayla thinks of herself as a good person who does good things for others. She knows she is popular. the problem in her life is she wants her mom married and be happy. The problem is she doesn’t want to get too invaulved. TO BE CONTINUED...