Monday, February 28, 2011

Building a Better Blog ~ Assessing Your Blogging Powers!


This week's blog commentary includes three parts.  Please complete all parts by Monday.

1.  It's that time of the trimester again when we must take a step back to assess where we've been and where we are going.  Much like we did during the first trimester, this week you will be looking back to re-read your blogging commentaries from December through February.

As you re-read your commentaries, I'd like you to think about your blogging strengths and your areas of growth.  What would you like to work on as a blogger as we head into the Student Blogging Challenge this March? What blogging skills would you like to continue to practice?

Have your comments changed at all from the first trimester?  If so, how?  Use the below rubric and the google doc form to assess your progress this trimester as we grow together as bloggers.  Just like last trimester, you will be selecting one piece to edit and polish to include in your writing portfolio, so make sure you read through each and every comment.

Interesting –
Something special.
Makes the reader think and wonder
Everything listed below.

Good information.
Well written.
Detailed content.
Everything listed below

Correct usage and punctuation.  On topic and on time.
Well organized.
Everything listed below.

Correct spelling and capitalization.

This form is password protected, so make sure to log in after submitting! (This form is now closed for comments)

2.  When you are finished, add your comments to our "wall wisher" - what can we do as a community to build a better blog?

3.  What ten (10) images should we include on our blog to introduce the world to 7 Speaks and our school?  Think about images that we can include in a digital photo.  Please respond in the comments section below


  1. The Ten images I would include on our blog would be hands shaking because it would symbolize peace and equality amongst everyone. I would also include an apple because it is the I.C.S logo and it would show our school and represent it. Next I would add a picture of all of us together so that the other people would know what we look like, our ethnicity and who we are. After that I would include planet earth to show that we belong there and it is ours and that we share it. In addition to a planet earth I would include a dove because it also represents peace. I would also include a bald eagle for it is our states bird and it shows what we are and what we believe in. Next I would include a U.S dollar bill because it represents our wealth. After that I would include embers because it would be representing how we are growing like how the ember is going to grow into a fire. I would include the ocean for it is calm and yet sometimes vicious just like humans. The ocean can be useful if we work with it just like how we can get work done if we work together instead of argue with each other. Finally I would add the school because it is our place, where we learn and most importantly where we are as a community.

  2. Ten images that I would include on our blog is pictures of our city Philadelphia PA, and of our school including the 7th graders. If we were to take images of Philadelphia it could be the important parts like city hall, the art museum, and our city out line. I would want those photos because it will show the good city that we have besides like worse. Those three pictures would represent the monuments that we the Philadelphia community appreciate.

    The pictures of our school would represent the Independence Charter School community that we all take part in with making it greater. For instance we could get pictures of our head staff all together to show them that they are the reason we succeed in staying strong. Then a picture of our wonderful teachers that help us for future references with getting in our dream high school. This will show that not only head staff helps us at school but teachers that we see everyday in class or in the hall way our ticket pass to succeeding to be greater than we dreamed of.

    Pictures of our seventh grade students will show that we do care about our blog postings not just something we think that teachers just give us to add more homework. Also this will show the rest of the world who these blog post belong to and to them the credit that they deserve for trying to make every other blog post better before.

  3. @Kayla: I'm glad that you care about the blog and take pride in it - it shows!

    @Jeffer: I love the images you chose, especially the ember. My biggest hope for this blog is that it has sparked, at least for some, a love of writing.

  4. 1 The 10 images I would choose is the city of Philadelphia because this is were are school has been and we are getting a good education because of the teacher because they want you to have a good education. 2 I would also choose any hospital in the USA and in other states because if you are injured or dying or in ache (pain) they would do anything to help you and choose what is right for you.3 The people who made the world today such as Harriet Tubman Rosa Parks Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Honest Abe (etc) who made people stand up for there rights and make the world a little more peaceful .4 would be the school and pictures of people who never gave up on their grades and kept pushing them self to achieve what they want and never gave up on a friend who is struggling and need help so you and your friend can get a good education to a good high school and once your there DON’T GIVE UP UNLESS YOU TRY .5 I would add the teacher because without the teachers who may we be today without a good education or a degree you might not get a job you wanted your whole life and if you were bad the teachers might not give up on you.6 Are playground because without it allot of people will probably get hurt by falling on the concrete or nothing to do but since we have it allot of people have fun.7 Is the people build the building that we leaned in because if you did not have this school we would still be at the old school with no playground or school area so thank you.8 7th grade because this is the year were other high school look at your behavior and grades so if you care about someone and they are doign bad help them because you might learn something yourself.9 The author and because iif you read the same book it would be boring and you could read without seeing it so thank you for good book (hunger games triolgy)10 thank for the people who let us go to the places during may for 5th 6th 7th and 8th grade and letting us stay there and exp it

  5. Ten photos I would choose would be a picture of students typing on computers to show how we are really into blogging. Another would be our I.C.S logo just to represent, also a picture of Tr.Lacey because she is the creater of the blog, our graffiti wall, books, a picture of the front of our school and, picture of our 100 book challenge honer roll wall. Three more would be our reading strategies, the neighborhood in which our school is in because it is so clean and, the 7th grade classes. Done!

  6. The images will be listed here:
    1. The 7th grade
    2. The school logo
    3. A picture of a peace sign that all the 7th grade adds to.
    4. Tr. Lacey's photo
    5. Flying doves as the back round
    6. A campfire to show that we can all be calm and vicious at the same time
    7. City hall
    8. The liberty bell
    9. Graphs of how many people get on this website
    10. All the teachers that work at ICS

  7. The ten images that our class should paste in our blog post is a picture of our old school and our new school. To show how we had achieved during the years. Another picture we should add is the logo of our school, so the community can see our school name. We should also show a picture of how many people graduated each year to show how smart we are. We should show a picture of many flags to show that our school is a multicultural place to study.
    Another picture can be the students work they dun during the school year. We should also show a picture of Philadelphia, so that people out the country could see were we are. Another picture can be two people shaking hands so that it be piece and safe in i.c.s.. Another idea can be all the awards i.c.s had gotten from the community and all over the USA. Last picture can be all the fundraisers we dun to help the world like the earth quake of Haiti. Those are the ten picture i think we should add to our blog post.

  8. 10 pictures that I think we should use is the following:

    1. The word wall
    2. Our school building
    3. All of the 7th grade together (so that they know we stand together as a team)
    4. Our school logo
    5. Pictures of people working together.
    6. A picture of Philadelphia.
    7. Put the cover of ROT,HMC (or whatever book that we are reading)
    8. A picture of the classroom( so that they can see how it is set up)
    9. The number of people that has gotten on honor roll or high honors this year.
    10. 100 book challenge.

  9. The 10Th image that would represent ICS is the title on our blog post “7speaks” because every seventh grader does it and likes to do it. The 9TH image that could represent our school is the books that we have read and, the reason why it should be an image is because we had a lot of with the teachers, and the students. An image of the 8TH one could be a dove because our school is all about peace. The 7TH image could be a honoroll of high and low because from, every single grade gets good grades. The 6TH image could be our stage outside because everybody plays on it. The 5TH image maybe can be the play ground that is outside because everybody played on it and had great memories. The 4TH thing that can be an image of all sports because we are all playing sports. The 3rd image could be all of our spelling words in a wordle because it was fun to learn. The 2ND image could be the ICS logo. Last but not least the 1st one should be the mural that is outside from our school.

    by Sied

  10. Ten images we could include in our class blog is our school so that they could know what school we go to. We could have pictures of what we do in class like our recent tableaus for the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry so that people will know what we do in class instead of writing all the time. Images of our surroundings and where our school is at. We can have images of teachers teaching. Important places of Philadelphia like Love Park or museums because it shows and tells about history that people may not know about.
    We could have pictures of churches and cheese steak stands. Different malls and clothing stores. Pictures of the different things in the classroom.

  11. The 10 images that could be shown on our blog are.......
     Picture of ICS’s building with the name showing,
     Picture of the entire 7th grade (together),
     Picture of Tr. Lacey,
     The school's logo,
     The principal,
     The director,
     All of the staff that works there,
     Pictures of the kids working in different classrooms,
     Pictures of students who participate in different programs (Take Flight, Odyssey of the Mind), and
     Pictures of the International Festival at our school.

  12. 1. the ICS logo, with "7th" under or next to it
    2. Tr. Lacy's class room
    3. the picture on the top of the blog
    4. the cover of NBTT
    5. cover of ROT
    6. cover of other books we read
    7. 6 word memwhars
    8. Philadelphia
    9. kid working
    10. 7th grade and Tr. Lacy
    P.S. may not by in the best order

  13. The ten image

    1.Our school logo
    2.the word wall
    3.the school with name showing
    4.all the 7th graders
    5.the staff and the people who help us learn
    6. Pictures of people working together
    7.A picture of all the classroom
    8.Put the cover of ROT hear cry
    9.100 book challenge
    10.Tr. Lacey's photo

    I pick these 10 pictures because theses pictures show how great our school is how we came form nothing to something.I was hear where didn't have no playground,nobody know about are school.NOW WE ON THE TOP AND WE ANTI FALL!!

  14. 10 images that will represent our school is a picture of our uniform because its part of the school code and it tells who we represent. Second thing will represent our school people a picture of the books we read and do work out of because other people can look for what we doing and what kind of work we doing and what it’s base on. Third thing that will be nice to represent is a website of our school and about our school, to like let them know a little more about independence charter school. Forth thing a picture of all the teachers and staff that work here. Fifth thing image will be all of the students that attend i.c.s because that’s important and the presents can see all the people/student. Six thing image will be the computers because other people would like to know what we use. Seven thing will be the picture of our school map because people would like to know where everything is.Eight thing is the picture of where our school is located because we don’t want people to get lost or anything in case they want to look at our school. Ninth thing will be a image of our yard to get a better look around our school. Tenth image is the picture of a piece of our best writer’s work shop for people can look at.

  15. Ten images that we should include on our blog are:
    1. Picture of Philadelphia so, they know that we our school is in Philadelphia.
    2. Picture of outside ICS so they know how ICS looks like on outside.
    3. The logo of ICS, to tell people what logo our school use.
    4. Picture of inside hallway to give them a picture how our school inside looks.
    5. Picture of some classes, to show them how our classes look like.
    6. Picture of teachers that teaching students, to show how the teachers teach the student.
    7. Picture of student that doing activity, to make people interesting about our school that have activities for student.
    8. Picture of students that get award from our school or honor roll, to show people how our school has many students that get awards and make them interesting.
    9. Picture of awards that our school got to make people interesting about our school.
    10. The picture of concert or activity that our school made for the whole school and all grades combined to make a really great concert, and show interesting to other people that see it.

  16. Students, these suggestions for images are fantastic! I've added a Shelfari bookshelf to our blog so that our readers will know what WE are reading.

  17. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    I think these should be the 10 pictures we could use.
    1.A picture out side of ics like our comunity
    2.Kids writing in class or typing on the computer
    3.The kids reading there favorite books
    4.A picture of all the teachers
    5.A kid can design there own backgroung
    6.All the steps kids read
    7.Kids reading outside of school
    8.A kid interacting with a Teacher
    9.Reading buddies
    10.A group picture all the classes together

  18. The ten images I would include are pictures doves for a symbol of world peace also some images of people we are inspired by like Martin Luther King Jr. We can have images of murals like the one on our school, status and a picture of our school. For a digital photo we can have a picture of students working together on a project or something. We can have pictures of our tableaux that we did. We can also have a picture of a mural, with lots of different hands holding up the world to symbolize that were all in this together. We can also have a picture of our city. We should also add a picture of our school logo because it represents who we are. We can have pictures of our staff and the students doing something together.

  19. The ten images I would choose to represent our school are:
    Two different races shaking hands showing that everyone in our school gets along.
    Kids in our school in a class learning.
    Our ICS logo.
    The front of our school where the name is.
    The peace sign to show we aren’t troublemakers.
    Some pictures from Field Day when the kids had played the teachers in basketball or when we got to dunk the teachers in the dunk tank at Field Day.
    The kids doing the outwit and the outplay, for ICS survivor.
    The pictures from outward bound when we did the group activities in the circle or when we were playing tag during lunch when we were done.
    The honor roll kids being presented their awards, and the science fair honors.
    Of the kids in a small room without any teachers and that are different races and are laughing and getting along nicely.

  20. Ten pictures i think would be good are love park sign more things that have something to do with Philly and then the other 5 could have the school sign our symbol what we stand for our school colors
    1school colors
    2prizes we won
    3our symbol (apple)
    4liberty bell
    5words we stand for
    6love park
    `7places if history
    8art museum
    9Franklin institute
    10our school

  21. The ten images I have on our blog are...
    - Our school logo
    - A peace sign that all the 7th graders helped make
    - A new person other than Martin Luther King Jr. Another icon in world history
    - A backround color that people will notice and think is cool
    - Videos of the students doing... something funny or cool
    - Optional assignments not involving ROT for extra credit
    - A picture of the whole 7th grade
    - A pic of our school building
    - Another section where anybody who visits the website can blog
    - A pic of the book Roll of Thunder and the complete book so you can read it online

  22. Ten images that I would choose to introduce the to 7 speaks and our schools would be,
    our school to show where were located, city hall to see the buildings around us, museums to show learning, students in our school to show who the bloggers are, teachers/deans/principal to see whos’ in charge of these excellent bloggers, our play ground to show our cumminity, art work in the hallways to show how creative we are, awards(to the school) to show that we’re a good school, classrooms to show where the learning is happening, and the cafeteria.

  23. Ten images that i would pick to be on are blog is :
    -hand skate because it symbolize peace and equlity to everyone
    -Picture of Tr.Lacey because she maked the blog and it only nice to saw who made the blog
    -A picture of the book Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry
    -A pic of all the 7th graders because its our blog
    -A pic of all the teachers because they are giving us a eduaction
    -A pic of earth
    -A pic of are ICS uniform
    -School logo because we wanted to show we love are school
    -A video of us talking about are school
    -A pic of our school
    -A pic of me beacuse i post on the blog and i think i should be on the blog showing my pretty face.

  24. The ten images I would use would be one of city hall, one of ICS, one of us, and one of our class.
    I would include a picture of city hall because it shows our city. If people are looking at our blog from across the globe,and they don’t know what Philadelphia looks like they can see. I think we
    should put a picture of ICS because that is where we learn and get inspired to blog. I would include a picture of our class because it shows how we learn and our work ethic.

  25. Possible Images:
    1: Something representing Philly (Liberty Bell, Love Park sign)
    2: ICS Logo
    3: The entire 7th grade together
    4: The ICS building
    5: Us interacting with eachother, laughing together or playing a game
    6: Us learning in a classroom
    7: Reading buddies with the little kids
    8: The staff
    9: 7th grade with Tr. Lacey
    10: Cover of ROT

  26. 10 images that could be a good reflection on our school (ICS) could be a group of people cleaning up their community. They are helping by picking up trash on the streets in their area. Another image could be students that are in school helping each other in a calm and helping manner. Maybe a drawing of the word respect because students and teachers give and show respect to themselves and show it to others.

    I would also take a picture of a big open land and that would represent the freedom that we have in our school. We also could have a picture of our logo, or a picture of our school. Maybe a mural of some parents helping kids. A picture of a child thinking of what he wants to be when he grows up. A picture of a role model.

  27. some possible images:
    1-picture of the mural
    2-picture of the staff
    3-picture of the 7th grade
    4-picture of us reading
    5-picture of books we like
    6-picture of all the classes
    7-picture of the building
    8-of our blog
    9-of our principal
    10-of all the language art teachers

  28. The pictures that represent our school our
    1.a picture of our school building
    2.a picture of some kids wearing our school uniform with the school logo
    3.a picture of some kids while they are learning in class
    4.a picture of the kids out side having fun at recess
    5.a picture of all the kids together at lunch
    6.a picture of one kid asking the teacher a question and the teacher actually listening and answering
    7.a picture of two or more friends talking and having fun like best friends
    8.a picture of the kids at an assembly
    9.a picture of the kids having a big event at school
    10.a picture of the kids having fun at a field trip

  29. 10 images that I would like to use are a picture of the Phillies, a picture of the Philly skyline, and a picture of the Liberty Bell, all to represent Philadelphia. To represent our classroom we should include a picture of a reading log, a picture of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, a picture of the classroom and a picture of a mountain. To represent ICS we should include the picture of the building, a picture of our shirt, and a picture of us in the hallway.
    I think that a picture of the Phillies would represent Philly because they are our baseball team. A picture of the skyline because it looks very pretty when the sun in setting. A picture of the Liberty Bell because it is famous and we are known for that. I also think that a picture of a reading log would represent our classroom because we have gone through a lot of reading logs. A picture of ROT because we are reading it right now and it is our core book. A picture of the classroom because our readers need to know what our classroom looks like. A picture of a mountain because we have had our ups and downs. To represent ICS, the building would be good to include because it is our school, a picture of out shirt because that’s what we wear almost every day and lastly a picture of the hallway because that is where we all see each other every day.

  30. The ten images that I would include on our blog are images about writers and artises.
    Or maybe another idea would be to find images of the school of I.C.S (Independence Charter School).
    I also have another suggestion would be to find a picture of friendship or a family community picture.
    I would also include a picture of someone being successful after graduating from school.Probably a special picture of a memory before or going to I.C.S.
    A picture of all the students and teachers from I.C.S.
    Or maybe our most famous Six Word Memoirs from the Seventh Grade!

  31. 1) I think that ten images that would really represent our school would be a nice big red apple because on our shirts our logo has a pillar and and a nice red apple is on top of it.
    2) I think that another picture that would be mice to represent our school is the wall painting that is outside in the school yard because we have all of the students hand prints on the wall so in a way is would be representing the school and all of the students in our school. 3) think that another picture would be a really big picture of the principal because she is the one who really brought us into this school and if it wasn’t for her a lot of us would not be here rite now. 4)Another image that Ithink that would be good to represent our school is a group of some of the greatest students to ever og to this school. 5) another would be a picture of our school and the princibale around it. 6) another would be a picture of all of the teachers that go to this school. 7) another would be a picture of alk of the students that go to the school right now. 8)anootherwould be a picture of the best call is he school doing their work. 9) another would be the letters i.c.s. 10) another would be the phillies signe because everyone loves the phillies.

  32. Omar Hill-WalkerMarch 6, 2011 at 5:03 PM

    1) A picture of an world map
    2) A picture of the school logo
    3) A picture of the school building
    4) A of an labtop
    5) A picture of an white board
    6) A picture of a math home work
    7) A picture of a drum
    8) A picture of an gym
    9) A picture of the philie sky line
    10) A picture of our hallway

    I chose these pictures because they all represent our school in a certian way. For example picture number 5 represents our school because we have white boards in our school and they help teach us. Also picture number 7 because in global arts we have a lot of drums and get teached how to play them.

  33. Ten images that I would post on are blog are pictures that show that we support each other, where we work and that we work hard:

    1.) A picture of the school or are school logo to show where we learn.
    2.) Pictures of group projects that we did to show we work together.
    3.) Raised hands to show we participate.
    4.) A test that has 100% to show we get good grades.
    5.) The rules a ICS citizen follows.
    6.) A finished reading log to show we are great readers.
    7.) A group picture of all the seventh graders.
    8.) The peace sigh to show there is no fighting at ICS.
    9.) A picture of all the teachers to show who taught use.
    10.) A huge brain to show we are smart.

    Those are the ten pictures I would put on the blog.

  34. Ten images I would include on our blog are:

    1. A picture of our city
    2. A picture of our school
    3. A picture of the school during an assembly
    4. A picture of students in class
    5. A picture of the teachers
    6. A picture of students during lunch
    7. A picture of our school logo
    8. A picture of a mural
    9. A picture of the honor roll students
    10. A picture of people who goes to clubs (basketball club ping pong club)

  35. The ten images that I will chose to represent our school is,
    1)hands shaking it symbolize peace and equality amongst everyone, 2)Our magnificent logo, 3)Show them what our students enjoy during school hours, 4)The playground in which all the community help build for us, 5)The liberty bell will be the that shows the symbol that help us hear that freedom had come, 6)DON’T GIVE UP UNLESS YOU TRY sign as the front cover, 7)The principal,8)The director,9)All of the staff that works there, 10)Add the picture of our school because that is the place in which we learn in.

  36. I'd give myself a B overall. The ten images we should include are....
    1. An ICS logo
    2. A picture of some of the grades best blogs or writing
    3. a picture of Philadelphia
    4. Love Park
    5. the teachers
    6. a picture of all the scholls awards
    7. a philly cheesesteak
    8. a picture of kids working
    9. a picture of Roll of thunder snce one of the main reasons the blog started
    10. The art museum

  37. One image we should include to introduce to the world is the one about the fairy tales.I chose to include the fairy tales because most people believe in fairy tales.Also some parents might need some new fairy tales to tell their little children at night.That is why I would include the fairy tale image.
    A second image I would include a picture of the book R.O.T and students that were doing tableaux on roll of thunder hear my cry .I would want to include that because some people might never heared of roll of thunder.They can look on 7 speaks and find a picture of roll of thunder the book and find out what it is about.Image 3 can be about how all the books we read .Image four can talk about all the trips we been on and how fun they were.For image 5 we can talk about friendships between some students.For image 6 we can put on how to stop bullying because we study how not bully any body.For image 7 we can talk about all our class in I.C.S .For image 8 we can talk about how people are invited to lots of places in this school.For image 9 we can show people all the pictures of fairy tales in order.Finally for image 10 we can talk about are selves in a good way.

  38. Dear Tr. Lacey
    I think ten images that I would include on out blog are

    1. The ICS logo
    2. A picture of the word respect in graffiti letters.
    3.The peace sign
    4.A big smiley face
    5.Palumbo Park
    6.A picture of a Philly cheese steak
    7.The pearl movie theater because we watch a lot of great movies
    8.Us at fitness and movement
    9.A picture of Shop Rite because they call themselves "one big family" and that what I feel ics is
    10.The word UNITED
    Those are the 10 images I'd like on the wall !!!!
    LOVE: NYLA :)

  39. Our ICS 7th grade blog i think when should have pictures showing :creativity,Independence,team work, a picture of all the 7th graders, images/symbols representing strength,our school building,the peace sign because this school is very peaceful, the book that we are studying this trimester in ela,Tr.Lacey,words that we are mastering.

  40. 1) The front of our school.
    2) Some of our work (ie graffity wall, 100 book challenges,)
    3) Us working on the laptops.
    4) Us working in our literature circle groups.
    5) Our neighboorhood because it will represent that our school is very clean.
    6) Moments of us laughing because it will show that we are learning and having fun at the same time
    7) Us reading one step
    8) Everyone holding up a word on a big piece of paper. A word that is very powerful and will represent how much we enjoy blogging ect.
    9) YOU TR.LACEY! You made the blog, so you have to be included.
    10) A collage some great comments on our made up characters.
    11) Philly cheese steak!!

  41. *school neighboorhood

  42. 10 images I would use are... My first image would be.
    The American flag the flag would represent our uniform colors and the stars would represent the number of teachers. Form my third image I would use is a star with a three inside because we are one on of the top third best charter schools. For my forth image I would use a book with an apple on top to show how great the teachers are and how much teachers help all the students. For my fifth image i would use ladders to show how much this school has came along.
    For my Sixth
    image i would use a globe with different colors to show that the school has many races and ethnicity's . My seventh image would be a rock because our school rocks. My eighth image would be Teacher’s with home work and test in their hands because MOST of the teachers flood us with home work. My ninth image would be student’s with bright happy smiles holding hands because every one gets along. My last image would be a big heart to show how much teachers care.

  43. The ten images I would add to the blog would be:
    1. a picture of ICS, because it shows our school.
    2. a picture of Martin Luther King because he was a great man
    3. a picture of the Philadelphia skyline
    4. a picture of William Penn, the guy who founded our city
    5. a picture of Barak Obama, because he is a great President
    6. a picture of Rage Against the Machine, because they are a political rap core band
    7. a picture of Mayor Nutter
    8. a picture of Lombard Street
    9. a picture of Tr. Lacey's classroom
    10. a picture of Public Enemy