Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ABC Story

Human crafted typeface, found on Hijack Your Life and courtesy of Brand Flakes for Breakfast.


For this week's blog post you will be publishing the "ABC" stories some of you began before winter break. The purpose of an "ABC" story is to help us move away from the same old sentences that we typically use, and use new sentence patterns to make our writing more interesting to read.

The rules are simple: each sentence of an ABC story must begin with each letter in the alphabet IN ORDER. For example, the first sentence of your story must start with the letter A, and the second sentence must start with the letter B, and the third the letter C...you get the picture.

For your story, consider writing about a family anecdote. Your story could be about your winter break, a family tradition, or a favorite memory. HINT: If you get stuck on a sentence, try using dialogue to begin your sentence! Don't forget to skip a line in your dialogue to indicate a new speaker.

Teacher Lacey's example:

Armed with flour, a bag of sugar, and more butter than I cared to consider, I began to examine the index cards each written out in Nan’s careful, spindly handwriting.  Beside each recipe, Nan had jotted down a few words for the inexperienced baker: Forgotten Cookies, “they’re worth the trouble.”   

Christmas, from as far back as I can remember, has not only been about family, but about...cookies. Deliciously sugary, buttery, morsels of sweetness.  Everyone in my family had a favorite: Sand Tarts, Molasses, Chocolate Drops, Ginger, and of course, forgotten cookies: the cloud-like meringue castles that concealed chocolate chips.  From Thanksgiving on, Nan and my Grandmother would head to the kitchen, churning out tub after tub of old family favorites.  

(To be continued...)


  1. As the sky grows grey outside, I pull out my stuffed bunny. Before I can do anything, I hear something. Cries for help, coming from outside our cabin. Darkness engulfs me, as I wander out into the night. Even though I can’t see the person, I know the cries are coming from the lake. From here, they sound like human cries, but who knows? Gee, for all I know, they could be the screams of a wounded werewolf. Hunting out the source of the noise could take hours and even though it’s 89 degrees, I still don’t want to be out here all alone. I’m still determined to save whatever is dying: it’s a habit. Jousting over the fence, into the wilderness beyond, I can just make out the form of two feet sticking out of the water. Keeping whatever has their/its head beneath the water, the thing in the water certainly isn’t letting go. Laden with whatever I could find, sticks, and rocks, I pelt towards the scene. Muttering curse words as I go, I splash and kick the thing in the water. Nothing comes in contact with my foot, but I do make out the shape of a weed in the water. Only one person could of caused this. Plunging my hand in the water, I pull hard on the weed. Quickly, it comes free, and I pull the unconscious body to the surface. Reem, my dear old friend who insisted that she come along with us when we announced that we were going camping. She made the awful mistake of lying that she would be a big help to us. Too bad for her, she had to say she’d be helpful, and my friends made the mistake of believing her. Unknown at the time, she would become unconscious in a days time. Violating the rules, she has been coming to this lake and playing around here. Why, how do I know this, I don’t know. Xeric animals live out here, and I was worrying about her all along. Yabbering to her, though she’s unconscious, we make our way back to the cabin. Zig-zagging back to the cabin, we make it there, even though i’m not sure what just happened, or how we got there in the first place.

  2. A cold, white, snow flake falls from the sky. Billowing in the air. Can it be Christmas without snow, of course it had been like that for years. Darkness already painted the sky.
    -"Elinor" my mom screamed.
    -"Flowing through the air would be fun" I said trying to stall my mom from making me come inside to the relative jungle.
    -"Guess so but you have some people to say that you love them in there so don't go floating away."
    Helpers at the Goodwill must hate after Christmas donations pile after pile of ugly sweaters, old ones from the good old days says grandma.
    jokes are distributed, hugs, "you sure have grown". Kisses the wet ones that leave bright lipstick stains on your cheek. Long dinners with seventy courses. Mornings of joy and presents. No school blesses the week. Open mouths commenting on your "different" style. Party poopers sit and moan. Questionable gifts, I hate socks. Red for you now who. Santa with a beard from the Dollar Store. Twigs on the dog for a rain deer, this is sad. Unique people budged into one small house. Various cookies of course. What marks the spot? X is not the spot of course it is the tree with perfectly wrapped gifts waiting to be torn. YEEPERS!, it's Christmas. Zebras were not on my wish list.

  3. Well done, Celia! "Zig-zagging" is genius!

  4. After we all wake up, we have to sing to my parents to wake them up so we can start opening presents. But, before we can even see the presents we have to take our annual Christmas picture. "Cheese!" Dashing down the stairs, we see all of the wonderful presents under the Christmas tree.
    Everyone sits down in front of their stocking. Finally, we dump the small gifts out of the stockings to unwrap them all. Grabbing the wrapping off of the tiny boxes reveals their surprise. Happy faces with big eyes stare at their gifts. In a while, every one has opened their gifts and before we open the rest of the presents, we take a break for cinnamon rolls. Just one roll is never enough, sometimes we even eat two. Kicking and screaming won't get you a third. Licking the final remains of icingy yummyness, we go back to the tree. My brother always goes first, since he is the youngest. Next I open mine, then my dad and finally my mom. Opening the biggest one first is my favorite thing to do. People usually give friends gifts that they know that the person will love, not in my family. Quizzical looks go around the room when someone receives a gift of an odd shape. Regularly, my family gives 'interesting' gifts to each other. So, quizzical looks go around quite often. Then, when all the presents are gone, we eat Christmas breakfast.
    Ultimately, the breakfast that we eat on Christmas morning is nothing compared to any Thanksgiving feast. Veracious appetites are satisfied once the first round of food lands on your plate. Waffles smothered in syrup or cream-dried beef. Xmas feast is something that I await for all year to be in my stomach. Yummy waffles will fill my dreams for the next 12 months. Zany present ideas will compete with my waffle dreams.

  5. An early morning rises on a sunny summer day, and I'm woken up so soon. Bags ready?My Mom would say, Yes! I replied for the fifth time today. Car full of, bags in the trunk jammed way to the top, off we go on the road making one last stop. Driving on the highway with fresh air blowing threw the window top.Every hour that it takes to get where we are going makes me bored and more bored. Finally make another stop to stretch and breath again. Getting back in the car ready to start this up again. Hope the pool is still open, I say to my brother and sister as we jump out the car, finally arrived. I can't wait to jump in the nice blue pool and swim once again. Jamming bags out the trunk reaching back for mines, I yell at everyone to hurry up because they are wasting time. Keeping my balance as I run up the steps to my hotel room with the key that I took from my parents. Lovingly opening up the door I ran to a room with my heavy bags and quickly got ready to go over to the pool. My mom slowly walks in the room with everyone else behind her, hurry up please; I scream. No one hurries up they just walk in being all slow trying to take their time. Oh my goodness! I say trying to be calm and quiet. Pleaseee hurry up! so I can go to the pool. Quickly my brother and sister get their stuff ready, and then we finally run over to the pool. Running to the inside pool and jumping into it felt so refreshing..finally, I scream and start to walk in the six feet side almost drowning. Swimming quickly to the five feet side gasping for air, I see my brother and sister in the six feet side, I start to get mad because they are both taller then me, but I didn't care anyway because at least I'm satisfied. Tossing water in my sisters face making her mad I swim away and act like that wasn't me. Usually, I get tired and get out to go back to my hotel room, but not this time because I was happy to go swimming for the first time this summer, so I swam for as long as I wanted to. Video games and television do not compare to the love I have for swimming AT ALL. Wishing that this moment will never end I enjoy every single minute of this day. Xtremely cold water turned into a peaceful soothing summer. Yes, I would go swimming at anytime, minute, hour, or second of the day if you ask me. Zooming back to the hotel feeling as if this was a dream...

  6. Another new jersey Christmas awaited me. Bouncing of the walls, here comes my cousins dog barking, sniffing, pouncing, and clawing. Cousins greet me then sit down with the family for about five minutes before running upstairs to play video games. Delight fills there eyes as they look at the bright screen. Enough for me but they don't stop so... Faster I run down the stairs. Going forward to the adults to have an actual conversation but they are arguing over politics. Hot dogs are done my aunt tells us people snatch them off the plate. Insults flutter across the room about people who are not even there. Jingle bells does not play instead the sounds of the who, the jam, the clash, and the Beatles fill the air ( it's the only thing we can agree on.) Kids finally come down from there room and join in our ridiculous argument. Loud is what we are. Meaningless arguments change to a so hows school conversation. Noise all the sudden fills the room as each kid tells the latest news. Opinions on the other ones school can be harsh leading me to defend my school more and more. Philly v.s. New Jersey sprouts into yet another argument. Questions of dating start to arise from the parents. Rosy cheeks then appear on all the kids faces. Shut up they all yell at their parents. The night is still young but we decide we had enough. unbelievably cold as we walk out. Very wet kisses and tight hugs are everywhere.

    "well bye then" I say.

    Xylophone versions of merry Christmas turn on the radio as my dad cranks the heat up to mild.

    "You can crank it all the way up" I say.

    Zooming on the high way a sigh of relief comes out of our mouths

    Then I say " well I had fun."

  7. After a certain time we all went to sleep...Beep the alarm clock went off .Come on you guys christmas is here.Doors opened and then everything changed from that moment on.Everyone was up opening gifts from mother father santa grndmother and greatgrandmother smiles on our faces as we see what we got.Finnaly we knew this was the ultimate gift for the kids all of us this guessed for days of what it is we waited for people to arrive to open it .Guess what it is kids said my mom we all raced for it. Here we go they said 3.2.1 all of us tore open the paper to be disapointed with another tv .How do you manage saying? sarcasticly ,kowing we get a new tv every 2 seconds.I was on the floor laughing ha you were all looking forward to another tv fools I said.Joking with me my mom says this one goes in your room this is yours this ugly tv with the smallest little silver ugly lines on it i said are you going to take down my tv to put this one on the wall she said no but stop teasing it was then my turn to get laughed at.Kids were still playing with thier toys all through out the day we all swore we saw santa iN his sliegh .Like every other christmas grandmom makes oatmeal chocolte chip cookie umm so delicious.Most of us went in the basement to play darts because we all had dart guns it was funny.No one wanted to go outside except me I was sad i still was happy I got everything I wanted. Over looking the house was a chipmunk that was like a sign it had white stripes on his side and brown face the cutest little thing ever.!People was filled up with mommys pie and mac&chesse and chicken.Quarts of eggnog were relaying to the recycling bin.Running around of course me the cluts fall and spill food all on my white dress coverd in Dutch crumb Apple pie.So much for going right to sleep i have to clean up wrapping paper.Tags popped from clothes were the hardest trying to pick up because of that little clear piece.Undeafeted in darts still and christmas is still going my way.Virgin mary stories circled the air among the un greatful kids.Wondering what is going on in santas head right now like waiting for next christmas.Xoxo's as everyone leaves.Yikes says the people leaving it cold.Zig zags of slober wher the babies played in the house.my families chritmas

  8. Part 1

    Afternoon finally dragged itself in like a snail finally reaching its goal. Before anyone could notice me I grabbed a big glass of sparkling cider and a brown paper bag."Could life get any better than this?" I thought as I stuffed the items into my coat’s long pockets and left the store as quickly as possible.Deran street was a sweet and quiet little block that had those old brick roads and houses from the 1600's and was always dead silent. Eli’s house was parked right in the middle of the block and as the only house that seemed out of place. Flags that had all the names of people who inspired him dropped off the balcony he had gotten attached to his house. “Gong!” the doorbell groaned when I rung it, taking almost no time the door opened and I was greeted by the sweet sensation of his lips on mine. “Hey gorgeous. Do you have it?” He asked grabbing my hands and guiding me into his house and up to his room.”I would never let you down like that.” I smiled and pulled out the ‘borrowed’ items out of my pockets. Jumping with glee and clapping wasn’t the most masculine thing a 19 year old boy would do, but then again he also didn’t look very masculine either, he was right in the middle of feminine and masculine so it was endearing.”Kenna!!I love you!” he exclaimed taking the sparkling cider and paper bag from me and I could do was smile in response.”Let’s get intoxicated!”Eli screamed out the open window which pointed to the police station that lived cross the street.”Makenna go in my nightstand drawer and there will be our school ID’s from 10th grade. Get them please.”Eli commanded as he slipped on his favorite black leather jacket, but not putting on any shoes. Nodding I went to get them not realizing how weird it was for him to have our school ID’s.

  9. Part 2

    Opening the door to his room I slid to his side, handed him the IDs and we linked arms and skipped across the street to the police station and sat right under the security camera. Popping open the cider and placing it in the paper bag we took turns drinking it.”Quit spilling it.”I said nudging him then laughing as he tried to contain is laughter long enough so that he could swallow, but he failed miserably and it spilled from his lips and onto his jacket.”Relax and just chill duuudee.”I slurred and allowed some sparkling cider to slide down my lips and that began our Make the cops think we’re drinking under the influence game finally start.”S’cuse me. Just what do y’all think are doing?”A police officer with a southern accent asked us almost 30 minutes into our game and 10 minutes of us singing off key at the top of our lungs for no reason except that we were simply drunk and bored.”Tis just me and boyfriend doin’ ‘othin’ in particular officer” I drunkenly explained getting up to shake his hand, but I stumbled and fell so I just patted his leg and leaned up against Eli’s shoulder.”Ummmm…”The police officer started but trailed off when Eli loudly whispered to me that he looked like a balding camel and we both broke out into a fit of laughter “Can I just see your ID’s and I’ll be on my way.” “Well if you insist officer sir.”Eli said reaching into his pocket and pulling out our ID’s and giving them to the officer. Various emotions swung on and off his face like a disco ball “You two are under arrest for drinking under the influence. “He announced with a certain pride that made me suspect that he was new at this job.”WhAt?!? B-but we weren’t drinkin’ sir!”Eli sputtered holding the sparkling cider to his chest trying to protect it, but the officer pried it from his hands “Nooooooooo you’re so vile. Give it baaacckk” Eli whined.”Xpect no respect from us anymore. We’re innocent I tell you innocent!” and kicked his leg, he ignored me and took the “alcohol” from the bag and became dead silent when he saw the label and he sighed.”You think this is funny?”The officer glared at us”YES! You fell for it which makes it that much funnier!!”Me and Eli exclaimed cracking up until our face turned red and we couldn’t breathe. Zippering his jacket up as a cold April breeze came, and before he could he could say anything else we ran and didn’t stop until we were in the safety of Eli’s room where we threw ourselves onto his bed and laughed then we fell asleep holding hands.

  10. @Keziah: I love the afternon "dragging itself in like a snail"

  11. An amazing night, it was. Before it happened they were in danger. Cute puppies were shivering in the cold. Dying slowly, they were crying out. Ezra was going to help, but these dogs came running at her. Freezing dogs with nothing rage. Grabbing the two puppies, she ran for her life. Hurrying down the slippery road,she ran into a man in a long black, black jacket and a black hat. "I'm being attacked by by dogs!" Just before the man could respond, the dogs jumped on top of him. Kicking the dogs away, he pulled out two guns. Looking at the dogs he pulled the trigger. Moving quickly he grabbed Ezra and whispered into her ear: "Never speak of this." "Oh, of course." Puffing out cold air, Ezra asked: "You're quite good with guns, aren't you?" Right then and there the man vanished completely. Snow fell on Ezra's head as she looked at the spot where the man had vanished. Taking the puppies, Ezra kissed thier heads and smiled. Underneath their eyes were small sparkling rubbies. Violets were what they looked like. Wondering what type of dogs they were she looked them straight in the eyes. X-rays wouldn't have been able to good enough to see through these dogs, because Ezra knew there was something special about them. Yawning, she looked at the dead dog that was closest to her. "Zeke?!"

  12. "Ach-oo! But mom it's snowing! Can I please go outside?"
    "Don't you but mom me. Ethan I told you twice already that you are sick, and if you go outside where the cold snow is it will just get worst."
    "Forget about my cold, act as though I'm not sick."
    "Go let the dog outside."Mom glares at me.
    "Hanzel outside boy! I wish I wasn't sick so I could join you outside Hanzel."as we both were walk to the back door.
    Just as Ethan opens the door to lte the very happy dog outside a wind blows across the yard, making the snow lift up in the air and dance around.
    "Kent the dog is outside so look out for him"I yell as I see my brothers and sisters laughing and running around throwing snowballs at eachother. Looking around I was wishing I could be playing in the white snow wonderland.
    "Mom please can I go outside?"
    "No. Out there is very cold where you will just get more sick and I will have to take care of you when you feel dead and complaining about having the flu."
    "Pretty please."
    "quite the whinning, Ethan. Right Now. Stop complaining about not being able to go outside. There will be more snow through out the month because it is indeed January, so it's not like you won't ever be able to play in the snow."
    "Ultimately your saying that in two days I can go outside?"I asked as she opened the kitchen window and the frosty air came in sending chills down my spine.
    "Vinnie, Fern, Xzavier, Hanzel, and Kent come inside now!"She yelled out the window."What's wrong Fern?"as she looks at sad fern walk through the door.
    "Xzavier throw a snowball at my face"She rubs her fave with her hands.
    "You should be happy you got to go outside" I growled...if that's possiable.
    "Zip it."Mom galred at me."Xzavier say sorry"
    "Sorry Fern" he rolled his eyes.

    THE END xD

  13. Astounded by the news, my mom told me I couldn't believe my eyes and ears I thought what I was hearing wasn't true. Baby! your having a baby?! I respopnded back with excitement. Calm down and do your homework and I will tell you said my mom. Dancing around chanting yes! My body couldn't stay still. Even though I know it was a 50/50 chance I was going to have another little brother then a sister but I was still happy. Finally relaxed but still jolly inside I was back to doing my "homework". Girl! What? I am still at work said my stepmom as I called her with some other news about the baby. Hardly able to tell my step mother the news from being out of breath and being so excited I told her the news, honestly I felt like that day I drunk three large cups of caffeine. Impatiently waiting for the big day when the big daay came, I counted and stayed updated with everything and how many months my mom was. Just when my mom hit 5 months ready to go see what she was having, eager toknow what she was having I woke up early that morning for her to get the results. Knowing in my head that she was having a boy, I still had a feeling I was going to have my first baby sister. Later that morning I called my mom for the big news, and then that's when I found out I was having my fifth baby brother , oh boy!! not again . Months went passed my mom was getting bigger and close to her due date. Not knowing that , that day on may 11th 8 days after my b-daqy my mom had my baby brother, she sent me the picture of the baby when it was just born I was speechless. Over the pass day's , weeks I couldn't wait to see my baby brother I finally saw him . Perfectly healthy and small, I held my little brother for thew first time, I was afraid that I was going to drop him, he was really light, small, and scrauny. Quickly he grew and got bigger now in his months smiling and getting into things and talking a little. Recently the last time I saw him he acted like he didn't recognize me or know me, I felt kind of sad and mad at the same time. Suddenly he warmed up to me a little just a little laughing at me sometimes, letting me pick him up with out him crying, just in my arms looking around still a little puzzled on who I was. Then I realized he might not have to scream at him to stop or leave me alone or get out my room, he probably be my only that's not annoying. Unable to walk or talk yet I still think he might be the best, brother yet, even though I can't jump to conclusions right away since his dad is well a little annoying towards my mom and since he hang with my two babd brothers he might just be annoying and bad. Various times I asked for a sister my last chance I get it was a brother but still I love him at least he is quiet for now. When my mom first found out about the baby she wanted to name him kareem after his dad , but I said no eww and suggested kaiden but instead we picked khazim. Yesterday it seems like he was just born now he is 7 months almost 8 months sitting up, jumping off tables when my mom is in front of him with her arms out, even trying to beat box he makes noises with his mouth with my brothers when they be beat boxing. Zoom! time went fast.

  14. An american girle named China loves to sing, But the thing she Can't do is write a song.Dad rhas tolled me to write a song I know. Each morning she woke up to sing her song. For tommorow will be the last time she sing her song, you will sing in our camp said China's dad. Get your stuf. Here we go to our camp! I love this place!! Just go to your room said the main of the camp. Keep singing so on friday you will be singing your song, make sense?"yes". Lol I forgot that my funny friend Nayeli and Anamaria. My trip will be amizing, and when people come to see me. Never give up said Nayeli I know you will win. On tuesday China did whet Nayeli said to "never give up", Practicing makes it good. Quiet said Anamaria to Nayeli, China is singing. Roses on the floor will be good said China as she was planning how the stay will look like. Same as us said Nayeli we think roses will be good as she was standing next to her door. Thanks but I don't need any help. Ur dress will be red my mother has made It for your thanks said Cjina, Tommorow is the big day. Vote people said a girl named "Zee", as I was singing my song in my head when I said the last word of my song the called my name, the people got Wield. Xoxo said my family as the were taking pictures. Yummy said my mom come lets eat. Zee, next time you will sing with me China, so her family and friends were happy that she winned.

  15. @Samiyah: it looks like you have some good material here you could use for your This I Believe Essay about your syblings! Well done.

  16. A long day at school. Bet you don’t know a thing about school. Crazy days all week. Dang teachers getting on your nerves.English language arts with teacher Lacey now that’s awesome.Food from the cafeteria that’s not the best.Great days when there’s no school.Homework that’s never fun.Instead of school why not stay home.Joking around in class.Kids who are always talking.Lots of students bugging me.Many years I’ve been here.Nosy teachers who are always in your business . Omg don’t talk about that MATH...People know what I mean.Quiet the teachers say to me.Red and blue the colors we have to where. Shut up is all I wanna say to those teachers . Too much work. Unfortunately where there to learn. Voices in my had say Tanae you can do it. Why am I hear I think.Xoxo I right on my black notebook. Yappity yap yap these teachers uhhhhhh. Zip I zip up my bag as the bell rang.
    The end.

  17. Aaron is my name.
    Broncos will lose to the Steelers today.
    Champ Bailey is not fast enough to cover Mike Wallace.
    Defense is the key to the game.
    Eddie Royal will not return the ball for a touchdown.
    Fumbles are haunting the Steelers due to losing their running back Rashard Mendenhall.
    Good passing is what the Steelers have but the Broncos don't because Tim Tebow can't throw.
    He, Tim Tebow, is a football player but not a quarterback.
    I think the Steelers should be playing at home because we have 4 more wins than those Broncos. Jamming the receiver is a problem for Denver. Kicking will be hard in Mile High Stadium due to wind.
    Lamaar Woodley is back from his hamstring injury.
    Mike Wallace will have 100 yards receiving. Neither team will reach the 40 burger. Offensive line for Pittsburgh needs to step up. Polamalu will get a pick six.
    Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is playing with a high ankle sprain.
    Roethlisberger will throw for 300 yards.
    Safety Ryan Clark will not make it to the game because the last time he played in Denver he got some of his internal organs removed.
    Tim Tebow will not complete 50% of passes.
    Under rated Isaac Redman will do better than people think. Von Miller will have at least 7 tackles. Wide recievers on the Pittsburgh side of the ball will need to step up. X Rays were performed after week 17 to determine Rashard's injury. Yanking Polamalu's hair is illegal and the penalty is a million dollar fine. Zone defense is what the Steelers normally play.

  18. After a 2.5 hours drive, I saw the sign -
    "BWI" airport.
    Continental terminal.
    "Do you see 'Long Term Parking?""
    Eventually we find the parking lot and grab out bags.
    Finally, the bus to the terminal arrives.
    Going like 5 MPH.
    Hoping its is a safe flight.
    "I'm tired already."
    "Just hold your horses - we leave in an hour."
    "Keep to the right while walking to your plane."
    "Luke, pay attention."
    "Mom, can I check out the scores?"
    "No, we need to be ready to get on the plane."
    "Okay - hey, they called our row!"
    "Please take your seats."
    "Quiet and listen to the directions."
    Rest time!
    Smooth sailing.
    "There's Managua!"
    Uncle Greg is suppose to meet us.
    Very long line for a visa.
    Wow - there they are!
    Xiotchil, my cousin, kissed me on the cheek!
    Younger cousin, Caralis, kissed me on the cheek!
    Zoning out, I need some sleep!

  19. As sunday school draws to a close, the children rush out the door. Balls start flying and children start yelling for the game to start.
    "Capitan, I called it!" my little brother Maty calls.
    "Don't forget, there are two capitans! says a kid named Jonothan as he steps up to be the other one. Everybody gets in line as the capitans start calling names.
    "Huh, an odd number of kids." Maty comments.
    "Is there anyone else who wants to play?"
    "Jorge, will you play?" Jonathan pleads, but Jorge shakes his head no so we continue.
    "Kia's on my team!"
    "Lilly's on my team!"
    "Michael's on my team!"
    No one else wants to play and since one team has three players and one has only two a screaming match is sure to ensue. Only two people will argue but it will be loud enough for the five of us but then…
    "Perfect!" I yell as I snap my fingers because I have come up with a solution.
    "Quiet!" both Maty and Jonathan yell at the same time. Resentfully I back off, not understanding why they wouldn't want to hear my solution.
    "Stupid boys," I think to myself.
    Then I say, "But I have a solution to your problem, one of us just has to be a permanent pitcher."
    Usually they would have heard me but this sunday, they didn't.
    "…Violets are blue and I know that I HATE YOU!" Jonathan said, obviously in the middle of "insulting" Maty.
    "Why you…" Maty began.
    "… Xanthocomic meany butt!" he finished.
    You might now understand why I don't like sunday school. Z might be the last letter of the alphabet, but this game of kickball hasn't even begun.

  20. Another day. But different. Cold whisks around the house, chilling any outside. Darkness is no more, the bright blue bearing witness to the fact it is no longer morning. Endless expanses houses meet the horizon, even though from my point of view, a neighboring house blocks my vision of the outside world. Finally, it's Christmas. Games of some sort might lay underneath the Christmas tree. Hidden things, waiting for this moment to be revealed. I can never fathom where my parents hide the presents, for no matter how detailed a search, I can never find them, so I wait until today. Jovial, my brother and I wait. Keen on discovering what gifts were under the christmas tree, we decide we have waited too long and go upstairs, finding my mother, surprisingly not sleeping, but silently working. Laying down a paper, my mother looks up, and realizes our intentions--bringing her downstairs. Measuring the last detail on the X-ray, she gives up and goes downstairs. Now, we wait for our father to arrive as my mother makes coffee. Our father arrives. Presents we now open as our mother finishes preparing the coffee. Quarters are strewn upon the coffee table as we set the opened presents upon them. Racks in which my mom stores newspapers are also being filled with the wrappings. Sifting through any remainders, we stand up with our new belongings, happy. Tonight, we shall go to our grandmother's house to also see our aunt and uncle, as according to tradition. Unbalanced as we suddenly stand, we thank our parents for the gifts. Violently shaken as stars cover our vision, after sitting and quickly standing. When we finish our "thank you"'s we start using the presents. X-rays are what my mom returns to, and my father stays downstairs, watching the two of us. Yet we still have the rest of the day to go. Zealously, my brother and I have begun the day.

  21. After meeting my family, you probably will not want to know our traditions. But we do not have the strangest traditions. Cracking jokes is normal, right? Ditching each other while playing hide and seek. Eating food. For goodness sake, that is all normal. Great, do you think is not normal. How about you tell me your traditions. Is that true? Jeez, you have to be joking? Korea. Losing that game must not be fun. Many people have strange traditions. Now I will tell a little more about my traditions. Or I will not. Pink zebras are popular among my family. Queens eating them is even better. Really though, the best thing is when you get a cooked queen with a zebra in her stomach. Silly mongooses are delicious fried. Tie them up, but do eat eat them live. Unless they have no fur or hide. Very loud monkeys have had there keys stolen. What, oh. Xylophone is making to much noise again. You will not notice though, but. Zombies are coming in for dinner.
    Now you know my family story, aren't you sad you asked.

  22. All my writing is different. But sometimes its the same. Cause I feel different every time.
    Dangerous. Excited. Friendly. Good emotions to have. However sometimes it gets in the way. I may feel like this but you would never know. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. Kangaroos jump around just like my emotions. Like I don't understand. My emotions should be for me to control. No its not.
    Only my emotions control itself. People don't understand how I feel. Quit minding my business. Really I don't even understand. So why would anyone else. Trying to be me. University. Voice rising as my anger rises up. Weird is what they call me.
    Xylophone music!
    Zig Zag away cause I don't really care.

  23. @7th grade bloggers: Wow, I am impressed. I'm getting so caught up reading your stories that I'm forgetting about the parameters of this crazy assignment. You are making it look easy!

  24. A couple of months ago I had a birthday party, and I invited a lot of friends. Boys only, because our plan was to play football and wrestle and watch scary movies; not exactly fun for most girls. Comically, my parents actually believed that if they limited the number of boys to only eight, we wouldn’t mess up the house. Dependably, we wrecked the place.
    Each of my friends loves sports and loves to play, so we spent some time playing basketball and football at the park, and then came back to my house to hold wrestling matches. Football was the most painful of the three sports by far.
    “Get inside for dinner,” my dad called to us. Hunger made us race inside, where we quickly shed our jackets and shoes, washed our hands, and hurried to the table. I asked my mom to make pizza for us, because her pizza is the best in Philadelphia. Joking and clowning at the table, we accidentally knocked over a full bottle of soda, making a huge mess. Kleenex doesn’t do much against puddles of soda, so my mother sent me to our laundry room to get some rags.
    Later, after cleaning up and clearing the table, we went down into our basement to play dodgeball. Many of the balls we used to play the game were basketballs and footballs, which are not the best for this, since they hurt like crazy, but we don’t own a real dodgeball ball. No real injuries were reported, however. Outside of a ragged hole on my palm, which I caught on a nail in a piece of wood, I had no aches or pains.
    Peg was the game we played next. Quickly we grew bored with that, and so we began our wrestling contests. Rules were set down first that everyone agreed to so that nobody would get hurt and nobody could cheat. Silently we lined up on the wall, two ‘captains’ chose their teams, and the contest began.
    Two-on-two was the first contest I was in, and since my partner gave up almost immediately, I was left to fight two boys, both bigger than me, who took me to the ground. Under their weight, I was barely able to breathe, so I pushed one off, did a backwards somersault and kicked the second one into a mattress. Virtually a second later the contest was over as I was tackled to the concrete floor and my head bounced off of it.
    When we were done wrestling, we all sat down around the television and started arguing about what to watch. Xmas movies were dull, everyone said, so we searched through Netflix streaming for something else. Yes, this was a great birthday, I thought to myself. Zippering up my hoodie, I snuggled down into the couch and started to watch the film.

  25. Arise!,the scientist said. Before my eyes,I saw a new creation.Continue your rage!Destroy the town!Enough!,I said in rage.Forget your plan!Give it up because you know what would happen if you go through with this.How are you going to stop me.I don't know.Just give up tring to stop me.Know this,you will never stop me.(Maybe he's right.Now he has his creation on his side.Or,Probably it has a weak spot.Quickly,I left the scientist's lab.Running on my way to confront the monster,I was thinking of it's weakness.Starting to slow down,I saw that my house.Telling my incident to my family,my mom told me to ride my skateboard to get there faster.Unfortanetly,all the wheels were all off the skateboard.Viewed my eyes behind me and saw my scooter.What will happen next.Xciting will happen next time you read the next version.You guys toon in next time.Time to sleep.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  26. Alright let me tell you about my funny family. Before I tell you guys they are hilarious. Cousins, I have a lot of them really too many to even say, we always fight and laugh together but we are family and we love each other. Dar-nit I forgot to tell you about my favorite cousin Ra-Tah we have a ball, every time we have a family event we always go over his house we stay up all night, he is the best. Every time we have a family gathering all you'll hear is hahahahahah they'll be having a ball with their selves. First thing all of our family is different in different ways. Going away every year is what my family do we go to ocean for a week and have a ball. How do we do this?, we take a lot of cars/trucks. I must admit I love spending time with my family. Just because that's my family and they're fun to be around. Kevin that's me my family loves me, they really do that's why I love them too. Long ago but not that long my aunt died, she was the heart of the family I'm just glad that we all still stick together. Mommy, Aunt Mommy, Auntie, people called her a lot of names I call her Aunt Mommy. Note that she was battling a fight against cancer, she beat it then it came back, she was a very strong lady I miss you Aunt Mommy. Of course the whole family does every single one of them. Pancreatic cancer I believe she was facing but it’s okay. Questions?, no let’s get back to the happy stuff now. Right now we just had a family get together, and guess who house I stayed at Ra-tah. So to all of my family I love you sincerely. The most important thing about the family is we stick together and we get along. Under all circumstances the family always has fun what so ever. Vegans in our family, no we love our meat. Worrying about people in our family happens sometime we always pray for the sick and the disabled. Xavier no, not one person in our family has that name. Zoo is what a lot of the kids and my family like they love animals.

    This is my family

  27. As the sun rises I wake up. Buried under my sheets and blankets I open my eyes. Curtains block my view of the sun outside my window. Darkness is all over my room because of closed curtains. Even though I am still tired I get out of bed and go downstairs. Family waits for me there.
    "Good morning," says my mother.
    "Hello," I answer back.
    "Isabel," my father asks,"what would you like for breakfast?"
    "Jelly on top of toast," I reply.
    Kooky Daniel, my brother comes down. Looking around the room he spots his breakfast on the table. Monday mornings are my least favorite of the whole week. Nothing ever stops them from coming. On the contrary, my brother loves Mondays. Probably because he can't wait to see his friends. Quickly I finish my breakfast. Running up the stairs as I go to feed my guinea pigs. Soothing the smallest one I give them both a carrot. Turning around my oldest guinea pig eats it quickly and then starts begging for another. Understanding his love for carrots I give him another. Very vulnerable they both look. When I finished feeding them I wash my hands and brush my teeth and think about many things. Xylophones, eggs, guinea pigs, and lots of other things. "You are going to be late for school," my mother yells. Zealously we start walking to school.

  28. Almost nothing could compare to how happy I am right now. Barely a foot of snow lays on the ground covering everything. Calling to my sister to tell her the good news I run across the hallway. “Darn, that’s a lot of snow she says” with a smile. Exited I agree with her, because it sure is. Falling, as I run down the stairs I go and look out the window just one more time. Great, amazing really. Hardly taking any of my surroundings in I hear my phone ringing somewhere in the distance. I run to it, caller ID says it’s my friend Katie. “Jeez, do you see how much snow is out there?.” Katie and I both agree to go sledding, so we start to head out. Laughing each time we sled down a hill. Moments later we sled down again and again. Nothing but snow, and laughter fills our insides, and it feels good. Our bodies shiver as it turns dark and we lump our heavy snow gear to our houses. Paying for hot chocolate at the closest store, we talk. Quizzical looks cross our faces when we see the amazing things people make out of snow. Resting to sit in one of the ice-made houses we sit and talk a bit more. Sadly the days almost over and we have to keep on walking home before it gets dark. The suns finally gone and we’re finally home. Uggs keep our feet warm and we change into dry clothes, turn up the heat and listen to music. Veraciously we choose what kind of music to listen to. What to choose? Xylophone music comes on, and we both agree against it. Yard is outside and we can’t resist it anymore. Zigzagging out side we continue the fun.

  29. A sad expresion crosses my mom's face as i get into my aunts car. Between her and me, we both hated this moment. Counting the seconds until I can't see her face anymore, I breath in and out. Different conversations our exchanged between my cousin, aunt, and me. Every time we'd pass a field of horses we'd all shout , "Lightning!" Finally we arrived at their house. Gathering all my belongings took a while, although everyone helped. However we were all encouraged to stay up later when we heard there was pie. I was so tired when we finished that I almost past out at the table. Just when my eyes were about to close for good, my cousin shook me awake and told me we should go to her room. Kindly she took my hand and guided me up the stairs. Later on that night we were still up laughing until our sides hurt. My homesick feeling I had before was no longer there. Nothing could take me out of this beautiful moment with my cousin. Our laughter seemed to mix together into one. Physically we were in no state to do anything except lie on the floor and wait for the laughing fit to end. Quietly we tried to settle down. Rain started to fall on the window and roof. Somehow we both realized at the same time that we were exhausted. Tentatively we got up and into our beds. Under the covers I was nice and warm. Velvet was wrapped around me. Words started to drain out of my head. Xenodochial, I realized was a word I could describe my cousin as. Yes, that is a perfect word to describe her. Zero thoughts flew into my head for the rest of the night.

  30. After guitar lessons I'm eagerly awaiting to eat. But after a long day at school I'm already tired but muster enough energy to walk to one of my favorite burger joint. "Cheeseburger" I say as the waitress asked what I wanted. "Do want it rare, medium-rare or well done?" Enough of the questions, I thought, I just want by burger! Forget it I think, the quicker I answer the questions the quicker I'll get my meal but before I answered the waitress left to the kitchen due to an emergency. "Great, just great", I saw to myself. How could there possibly be an emergency in a kitchen I thought. I thought of how long it would take for the waitress to come back. Joking around seemed the only way to pass time until she came back. Keeping tabs of all the other waitresses, I still didn't see ours. Losing patience I thought I would've lost my mind. "Mom" I said, "do you the waitress will ever come back?" Never answering she just nodded her head in response. Opposing to what she said, I said "She might not never come back." Pointing out that we were waiting for her for 15 minutes, I almost lost it again. Questioning the next waitress that passed me, I asked did she know where our waitress was. Realizing that he lady I was talking had no idea of what I was talking about, I quickly said "Never mind." Sure the waitress didn't know what I was talking about and left. Tuning out everything and everybody in the restaurant, I enter my world starting to zone out. Understanding what I was trying to do, nobody talked to me for a while. Veins starting popping out of my head from a headache due to not have eaten since breakfast. Wanting food now more than ever our waitress finally came back!!! "Xandria!" I said reading her name tag with joy. "Zonks!" she said, "no need to be that loud.

  31. As I walked into my house all I smelled was the sweet aroma of coconut cream pies. Buzzing with excitement I go into the kitchen to get some of the delicious pie. Carelessly I ran into the kitchen and bumped the table and the pie dropped to the ground.Despite the angry look on my moms face she calmly said that it was alright. Even though the pie was gone we steal had a great Christmas dinner. Finally all my family arrived and the party was about to start. Gladly I ran up to give my nephew sonny I hug. He is only three but acts like he's fifteen. I went up to my mom to see if she was mad about me knocking over the pie but she said she was fine.
    Just because my mom says shes fine doesn't mean anything she tries her hardest to keep her emotions in. Knowing that my mom wasn't in the best mood I put on the just dance so we could have a dance competition. Lastly my aunt Sharee and my cousin came so we started the game up. Me and my sister started dancing and me having no rhythm I lost. Now my sister she has a little bit but it was enough to beat everyone. Of course everyone started laughing because I was really bad what can I say i'm my dads child. Preparing to battle my sister my aunt got all pumped up and started doing random dances. Quickly my brother came into the living room to see them dance. Right when the game was about to begin my brother accidentally knocked out the cord.Suddenly the room became really quiet my sister yelled "Dang Myles". Then he plugged it back so everything was once again cool.
    Usually after somebody ruins the game by knocking out the plug no one wants to play anymore but today was special. Very loud sounds came booming from the t.v as they danced to the song satisfaction. Why? I don't know. Xmas is probably the most exciting holiday for my family because we get to be together and all the presents. Yummy smells filled my nose and I realized my mom made another coconut cream pie! Zooming I ran to the kitchen not knocking over the pie.

  32. An apple falls from the tree. But leaves it's kin. Could there be an proper reason. Die all the apples cry. Either out of love or hate. Farther and farther the apple flies. Getting caught up in th moment I might have cried. Having lost kin that have died. "I will once again see you guys". "Just come to see mother cry" shouted an apple not far from the sky. Kindness is what the young apple tries to provide. Love is what he denied. "Mother...oh mother why do you rest your eyes". "Neither I know or care to, all will be well just don't cry". Of all the feeling I'm given,they only swell in my eyes. Providing care for father can only cry. Questions like me being the strongest man I can be. Resting,hoping that my father is only a little dry. Should I watch as a courages man dies. To be right in only his eyes. Understanding many other feeling sucked from me as he dies. Very little will not be sucked dry but why. Why should I cry id rather be on the bed ready to die,I let go. "Xing" is what I hear as my one leaf suddenly dissappears. You could never know how it feels to fly but suddenly the pain of death shocks my chest. "Zing zong" my hearts stops I as hit the ground that's the life of an apple far from the sky, is it worth not being able to fly.

  33. Armed with deadly weapons.

    Before me is my war-mates.

    Creating a wall that separates the all great American, and the terrorists.

    Down by over 40 men.

    Even the score: USA-1 ENEMIES-1

    Feelings from home must come to an end in the line of battle.

    Great men and women unite to fight.

    Heroes come left and right but you must prove that your heroism is different than the rest.

    Injuries: Patch it up and prepare to fight again.

    Jeopardizing my life to make America greater was no question.

    Karma isn’t on the good side for them

    Leaving the war with a smile on my face and a pep in my step was all that mattered.

    Mourning was more depressing when you were the one dead.

    No one ever asked me what I looked for in the army.

    Only why.

    Paint smelled horrible when it was on a casket that was being shoved in your face.

    Quite the funeral: everyone lined up to see me, all shocked at how there was no smile on my face and no pep in my step.

    Rarely any movement at all- only my spirit still wandering around.

    Staring at everyone dressed in black and sobbing made me want to die.

    That was stupid... I’m already dead!

    Uttered with exhaust, I finally rested my eyes.

    Vaguely remembering what happened next, my body felt weird.

    Worrying I tried to move but remembered i was dead.

    X...y...z...I finished off in my mind

    Young+dead=bad combination

    Z was the last word that sprang across my mind before i was officially gone.

  34. As I exited the car I looked around the zoo. Basically every inch of the zoo was packed with parents and their children. Carefully I escorted my younger cousin Quinn to the entrance of the zoo patiently waiting for my family. During the wait, I got distracted by the man making balloon animals and apparently so did Quinn. Either between the times of 10 or 15 minutes I started to wonder where everyone was. Forgetting the balloon man I went with Quinn to go find them. “ Going where?” she asked puzzled. Having a younger kid to drag around with you was both reassuring and irritating. I had to make it sound like we were going to do something fun to prevent her from having a meltdown. “Just over there to get a better look at the hippos” I lied. “Kay,” she responded waddling over to the hippos. “ Lovely flowers,’’ I herd someone say. Moving forward, I turned my head around, the voice sounded so familiar. “ No way are those real,” She continued. “ Oh Lola! Hi!” She exclaimed. “Patricia!” I said, trying very hard to sound excited. Quinn came over and greeted her with a tiny hi, not knowing Patricia at all. Rawring tigers were all I herd due to the silence of neither of us knowing what to say. Taking her time, like always she asked me how I was. Usually I would say good how are you but I was lost and she was the only person I knew here. “Very well, well have to find your parents now won’t we?” said her mother who at the moment was looking at the bright pink flamingos. “ Well look who it is?” Patricia’s mom said, it was my mom and aunt. Xavier my cousin spoke for my mom and aunt. “ You two are in so much trouble we have looked everywhere for you I hope you enjoyed your day to the zoo because we’re leaving right now! ” Zoo days were always so much fun.

  35. A vacation to remember
    Bahamas was the ultimate destination.
    Caribbean to be exact.
    Don’t under estimate the scenery.
    Gorgeous beaches.
    Hot days all the time.
    I played in the sand.
    Jumping over the waves I see.
    Keeps me going just thinking about it.
    Loving how the sand touches my feet.
    My mom had fun, too.
    Never wanted to leave.
    Oh that’s how I felt.
    Quietness all over.
    Riding the Banana Boat.
    Sailing on a Crystal clear boat.
    Thinking about it makes me happy!
    Under water swimming.
    Victory accomplished when my mom rode a boat!
    Watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean.
    Xeric, dry, was how the climate was.
    Young kids having the time of their lives.
    Zipped up my bags and my dream was over.

  36. About 50 years ago I was walking to the grocery store to get my mom some apples, when suddenly, I fell in a hole in the sidewalk. Bouncing off the walls in the hole, I yelled, "HEEELLLPPP!" Caplam, I got to the bottom and landed on a, "Pile of pillows," I say confused. "Don't bother calling the police," I drop my phone and look around to see who was talking, but I didn't see anyone. Escape, was the only word I had in my mind, I had to get out. "For the only people who've escaped were the smart ones," said the mysterious person, and than I realized that the only way out is to think hard. "Give me a hint," I yelled. "Hints are for the small brains, but trains are for the big brains,"said the mysterious person. "I don't understand,"I said, I wanted to go back home. "Just let me go home," I begged. Kaboom, I jumped up so scared and see an explotion, and realized if I didn't get out soon I'll be...dead. "Little steps he took, and than he died," said the mysterious person, so I realized every step I took, I was closer to death. "My life is over isn't it," I asked. "Never said that," said the mysterious person, "All I said was...well why don't you use your brain." "Of course I'm dead you liar," I yelled. "Positive words not negative," the mysterious person said. "Question first," I said, "Whats your name?" Ron...my name is Ron," he said. "Sam, that's my name," I tell him. "Time begins now," Ron says, but his voice cracks a little. "Uncle Jack used to tell me when I'm in a bad situation, to always think about a blue sky a rainbow, freedom, happiness," I tell Ron. "Very close, times is almost up," Ron says. "Wait if I die, leave me down here, don't put me in a dumpster, OK," I ask him, "No problem son... I mean buddy... I mean kid," he says. "X-ray, a doctor killed me with an x-ray son, I want you by my side, when times up, you'll be by my side forever," Ron said, and at that moment Sam realized that Ron was his......


  37. As the Phillies 2011 season came to a end I slumped miserably down to the floor. Being a huge Phillies fan, the loss made me really sad. Cardinals, once again won the world series, beating Philadelphia to get to the World Series. Did the Phillies really lose I repeated to me self over and over again after the game. Everytime a Philly team makes the playoffs they lose I though to my self. Forgetting that they even won in 2008. Gee I hope they win next year. Halladay pitched great to, they just didn't hit! It's the hitting that they need to improve to win next year. Jonathon Paplebon will be joining us next season, so that will help our bullpen. Kaboom! Let us not forget that Dontrell Willis is joining the Phillies so that will aswell help our bullpen. My problem, is that they are sill getting pitcher, when they need position players! Not to forgot, they did acquire some people to boost our offense. Our old favorite, Jim Thome, will be rejoining the Phillies for one year. Probably just to fill the line up till Howard can come back. Quick on the base path, is one of the important Philly loses, as well as Howard. Reading Phillies, also have a few prospects that could come to use in the 2012 season, especially a young, talented, first basemen. Still on the team is Jimmy Rollins, who to many's surprise, resigned with the Phillies. That means we are fine on the middle of our field, with a great catcher, pitcher, shortstop and center fielder. Unbelievably, the Phillies also got Laynce Nix. Very rarely do teams get 100 wins, which the Phillies did last year, and they are only improving. With additions like Ty Wigginton they will surely accomplish this feet again. X flies across the jumbo screen as the Phillies pitching shuts down the other team. You now know where the Phillies stand so hopefully you will continue to root for them. Zero chance of the Phillies not winning next year.

  38. A Christmas Eve starts. Berries smashed to perfection then put in cups of small pastries. Carrots with small amount of Parmesan, brie and goat cheese. Dates with chocolate and nuts covering them. Eggplant Parmesan just finished and put on the counter to cool. Fudge with powdered sugar and sprinkles put right in the oven. Greek stew almost done. Ham and cheese being attacked by the younger kids. Kids running around and getting ready for their show of the year. Luckily I got out of the show 2 years ago. Miranda still is in the show though and I feel bad for her. Nicki making fun of Mac and making everyone laugh. Once again I’m called to the kitchen to help with the rest of the appetizers, dinner, and deserts with Grandma, Aunt Alicia and mom while everyone else is in the garden room having fun. “Prepare the Buche de Noel” Mom says. Queen of the Buche de Noel is what everyone says, I make it during Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Easter and it’s the favorite food of Christmas Eve for everyone. Right when I finish the Buche de Noel and put it in the refrigerator to wait for desert, I’m called to set the table with Shay and chose where everyone seats. Shay and I place ourselves together, her next to Lisa and me next to Lucy while we are right next to her. Tara comes from the garden room just as Shay and I finish and go back to the kitchen where Aunt Alicia, Veronica, Janet, Grandma, and mom are. “Uncle Tom and everyone is on the phone now” she says. Veronica, Janet, Shay and I all go to the garden room to say hi to Uncle Tom and his family. We, all 30 of us, laugh at a funny story we all remember from Thanksgiving this year. “XOXO” Aunt Marion and Mackenzie say from the phone as they log off of the call we were having, our whole family always says “XOXO” after the end of a phone call to each other. “You’ll never believe what time it is” Grandma says coming into the garden room. Zero hurt during this Christmas Eve but a million memories are in the minds of all of my family, we just can’t wait until next year.

  39. After Christmas this year and after getting a good amount of presents, I flew into Boston Logan airport with my sister as UMs(Unaccompanied Minors). Being a little bit early on our flight, we were picked up by our grandparents and headed to my cousin’s house. Cars are not my favorite mode of transport but we got to the house in a speedy 20 minutes. Dying to get in the house I rushed up the stairs and to the front door. Early as we were, our cousin was expecting us. Felix-fanatic as he is, he is 6 years old just like my sister and the chain of adoring goes from my sister Olivia to Tavi my cousin and then to me. Gratefully, he plays sports and loves playing instruments and listening to music so he’s always occupied and I can always get him and my sister away as well as a moment of peace when I’m with him. “Hateful relationship, me and my sister do have”, as Yoda would say and it’s pretty much true, even though sometimes we get along. Inquisitively, I start looking around the house, seeing what’s what and whether he’s got the electronic drum set that only makes noise into headphones or speakers that I gave him for Christmas. Just barely, as he has about 5 other drum kits but it’s there and he LOVES it. Krash-thomp-baddabingggggggggggggg goes the drum and I realize that instead of headphones he’s hooked up speakers.

    “Loud.” I say. “Maybe too loud!” I scream. Now that he hears me he stops playing and turns his stool to face me.

    “Okay. Do you want to play basketball or football or hockey or baseball or-”.

    “Perfect idea.” I say before his list gets him out of breath. Quizzing him about the sport we will play, which is a mixture of them all, we head to his patio. “Right. What do we play now?” I ask as he is a stutterer and is so hyper about seeing me he has just said “W-w-w-w-w-w-w-e... W-w-w-w-eeeeeeee”.

    “Soccer!” he says, and I start kicking the ball at him. “Tremendous save!!!” I yell like an announcer as he dives for the ball and rolls into the grass with the soccer ball in his grasp. Understand that I am not as good as him and probably never will be as he and his dad play sports of all kinds all day every day and he will never stop, even after he has grandkids and has brittle bones and can’t jump anymore. “Very well done” I say as he shoots a ball into the net. “What do we do now?” I ask and he suggests going inside and making a band. Xylophone for me and guitar for him we rock out until we’re called into the kitchen for a snack. Yam has been squished into a dip and so have some peppers and we dig in with crackers. Zucchini was also made into a soup later that evening and we left for my grandparents’ house the next day with some of that as a snack.

  40. "Almost there,almost,almost there!"

    Bouncing in the car,my head goes through the roof,the house is a big ball of lights.Cousins and best friend Julian are there.Dyed my hair red with bangs,yup I will make an entrance...Entered with a whiff of ginger and vodka with a splash of something else...Find Peanut and Des.,watching movies.Guess what?Hiding from the monster that will jump out and eat me,I look for Julian.I hear a knock on the door that made my soul run out the room,but I'm strong enough to stay.Jamaican men singing a scary songs is just what I needed to open the door.Kindheartedly,Julian comes out of no where and scares me.Let's sit and forget about it,but right now we are going somewhere.Me,Julian ,Des.,and Peanut buy drinks at CVS and the gas market.Next,McDonald's runs out of chicken nuggets,thanks to us.On this most glorious of days we came back with 17 or more bags of nothing but crap.Past the dragon,the gate and the chihuahua is where we have our lair.Quietly we made our way.Romero's are out side,OK good gate is done,but where is the dragon?Swaying our bodies as innocently as possible we pass everything.Together we go down to the basement and take everything out.Undercover we mix all our drinks and some others,chat with random strangers online and play around.Vacancy overruled our brains,we were fried and couldn't do anything right,oh no...Well we went upstairs,as steadily as we could.X-rays would show us we were full of jelly.Yawning we all got warmed up together on the small small,dirty torn up black couch;Des,Peanut,me Julian in that exact order.’Zhu-Zhu pets...' was all we heard before well fell into an forever,(well more like 7 hour sleep),’till we got woken up by a sweaty shirt;what the...?

  41. Amazing how when your having so much fun the time just flies by! But Christmas could not have more fun or flown by faster. Could not have asked for more in terms of presents (except for the scarf my aunt gave me that was about six inches long...thanks?). Dozens of clothes and since I’m a girl that alone made me happy. Everything else I got was amazing too. For my grandma I made a necklace that she claimed she likes, but who knows? For all I know she just said that to make me happy because she is my grandma and she loves me. Good thing my mom liked her presents this year because I had a feeling she was not satisfied the past year. Hang on! I forgot to tell you what my dad got. Just for fun, my mom and I got him four album cover frames. Kangaroos dominate the back ground of one of his albums that he hung. Lot’s of food was eaten after everyone opened their gifts that were wrapped up so nice. Maybe three turkeys were sacrificed to feed the huge family under my grandparents roof. Not only the three turkeys but a billion potatoes. Our family is big on taters. Peas were also passed around the table (covered in butter of course!). Quirky presents for quirky people were further investigated after dessert. Randomly, my cousin shouted “Happy birthday Jesus!!!”. Still, it made us all laugh due to the fact that none of us are very religious. Too fast for my liking, Christmas was nearly over. Under the warm and cozy roof of my grandparents house, I dreaded leaving and traveling out into the cold. Very chilly, my parents’ car made me freeze! Without leaving anything behind, we set off for our home town of beautiful Philadelphia! Xylophones is what I thought was playing when my dad pulled up to our house late on Christmas day. Yellow lights were blinking while people walked up and down the street ringing little bells (not xylophones!). “Z” is the last letter in my A-Z story about Christmas...I hope I didn’t miss any letters!

  42. At first I thought I was going to die. But then I saw my uncle, and knew I was in the right arms. Crossing the street without looking both ways, BAD IDEA! Death flashing before my eyes at the age of 9 wasn't a good image. Especially when my mother was in New York and my father was home. Faithfully im still alive. God obvisously sent me a message. How do I really know it was a message? I really need to know. Just need to think a little bit harder. Knee: Shaddered. Luckily, because of the fast reaction of my family the ambulance came just in time. Miracle is what that was. No, it was just love! Oh really... People care deeply about me. " Que te paso ? ". Relax Yolanda ( My aunt said to my cousin because she was about to fight the person that hit me with the car ). Stop crying! " Thank god she's okay! " Unless she needed to learn a lesson. Verbely I need to tell the story. Wait, can i even remember? Xylophone playing in my head, I can't get my words staight. You okay? (whispered my cousin). Zoo animals appeared as their faces, I knew something was wrong, but at least they were all there.

  43. After 10 months of school summer break has finally arrived, and the airport awaits. Because my dad lives in Hong Kong I go every summer to go be with him. Craving the ocean and relaxation I board the plane and prepare my self for the 16 hour flight. During the flight I watch movies and eat snacks, it feels like hours have passed but 15 more hours are still left. Every single person around me seems exhausted and I feel dead so I fall asleep. Finally I'm Honk Kong, my dad, thrilled to see me gives me a big bear hug when he sees me walking through the arrival doors. Geez! what time is it, it feels as if it's 3a.m but it's only 1.am, there is an 12 hour time difference so when it's morning in philly its night in Honk Kong.

    Hasty humid weather covers the area, makes you feel extremely thirsty. In Hong Kong the weather is usually very humid and hot if not it's usually raining. Just because of the not so pretty weather doesn't change the fact of having an awesome summer break, I can still go the pool and hang out with my friends and my dad. Kicking soccer balls and going to the skatepark about every single day. Learning new tricks and making new friends, so far my summer is great. Maybe this summer me and my dad will go somewhere else besides Hong Kong so we decide on going to Thailand because there are really nice beaches and it's right around the corner from Hong Kong. Never ending beautiful weather and clear blue water is what I am most thrilled about. Over the time in Thailand we went to the beach and I surfed, later we would go out and experience great thai cuisine. Plane ride back was short but we had a great time, and hope to visit other great places like Thailand. Question is how much time until I have to leave, turns out I have to leave in about 3 days, summer break passed by real fast.

    Return flight home was the same deal except I was sad because I had to leave. Sweeping down into New York and awaiting a big hug from my mom. Time flies by and I'm back in school with my friends for another ten months. Understanding new subjects and deciphering math equations is what I'll be doing for quite a while. Various other kids aren't very exited about coming back to school but oh well. Why does summer break seem so short?, I think we should have more vacation time. Xmas is close and I can't wait. Yet again it might feel as if we only have three days of vacation. Zoom! winter break is over and next thing you know it will be summer again.

  44. A morning different than a the other ones! Barely awake I just jumped out of bed. Christmas it's Christmas I said,can't believe I almost forgot! Dashing down stairs I see a presents! Excited to see what I got! For a second I wondered. Gee, what would be in that present I said to myself? Hoping to see what I wanted! I just wanted to tare open the gifts.Just have to wait til' my parents and my brothers to come down so we can open our presents together.Keeping in mind to wait,but I just could'nt anymore.Lying I see my parents sleeping so soundly. Mom and Dad wake-up I yelled."Now,Now I coming said my Mom". Ok, I said meet you downstairs. Please tell me it's a New IPOD? Quickly I opened the gifts and got exacly what I wanted A new IPOD and two giftcards! Rushing to turn my IPOD on I also thanked my mom.Sadly the day went on and came to a end. Using my new IPOD I took videos and pictures of this memorable Christmas! Videos and pictures of a great memory I will never forget!
    Wishing Next Year's Christmas will be the same!
    X-mas is a word that I don't like using but in this sentence I'll use it. ZZZZ.... A great Christmas like always! :).

  45. Angry children all around. Bullies in every class. Cellphones ringing off the hook. Detentions handed out daily. Evil faces drawn out on the desks. Forged notes passed everyday. Gum smacking kids walking down the hall. Homework finally done, time for fun. Independent reading is a blast. Jumping down the stairs the fastest. Kickball what a pain. Longing for lazy summer days. Math problems not soo cool. No more art classes, gasp. Outdoor recess sometimes cool. Pizza parties everyday, Quaking in fear of every test your about to take. Rumbling stomachs heard right before lunch. Study hall meant for snoozing. Tardiness is totally not allowed. Unusual smells wafting in the air. Violent hallways to tread, hoping to survive. Whole numbers such a blur. Yes, the day is finally over. Zigzagging thru the hallways trying to make it on time.

  46. Anyone who looks at my family would say you think that's bad, wait until you see mine. Because my family looks so perfect people would just continue to complain about their family. "come on" I would tell them. Don't just say that to make me feel better. Every one tells me i have the best family in the world but they haven't seen the behind scenes of my family. Friendly conversations would spark into a fight instantly. "GET OUT OF HERE" someone yells. "How can anyone be such a moron? Insults fly across the room from left to right. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. Keep on thinking my family is the best but does your family fight over what's for dinner? Later on in the day we would be sitting in separate rooms not talking to each other until the next day. My mom would ask me to do something but it would turn into a fight because I was being "fresh". Nobody should every get in trouble for saying no to your mom it makes no sense at all. Oh I forgot to tell you we get into the biggest fights over pointless topics. Probably nobody would expect that from the perfect family. Quiz me on a perfect family and I would fail because there is no such thing as a perfect family and if there was mine would be far from it. Rethink if you think my family is perfect because if you still do you must be out of your mind. So every night you can hear us fighting. Too many fights have been jokes or real it's getting to hard to tell if they are. Unique is possible the only word you can describe my family. Valuable family time has be wasted spent fighting. Watching my family fight could be the most entertaining thing in the world. Xylophones wouldn’t be able to get our attention in a middle of a fight. You’re crazy if you think your family is worse. Zoo is all I have to say about my family.

  47. Peter (Arthur Schmidt)January 9, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    Arthur Schmidt is my name.
    Bleep Bloop goes my robot butler.
    "Can I get you anything?'
    Dunfrey says.
    Even though I always say no he continues to ask.
    "For the 100Th. time Dunfrey, no thank you."
    "Good answer sir!'
    Hissing, my pet snake slithers toward me.
    In Parseltongue I say to my snake,
    "Jeffrey, go fetch me a mouse please."
    "Kill it?"
    "Let me think......"
    Maybe Jeffrey should let it live so I can kill it myself.
    "No Jeffrey, do not kill it."
    "Okay. I am on my way to get you that mouse."
    Quietly, I start playing a game where you have to escape from a maze.
    Right or left......
    Throwing the computer to the floor, I unleashed all of my anger.
    Unknowingly, I cut myself on a scrap of metal.
    Violent spouts of blood come shooting from my arm
    "Wow!" Says my butler!
    Xis is the fourteenth letter in the greek alphabet.
    Yes! Now I remember!
    Zits start forming all over my body. Thats the last thing I remember.

  48. A day after Christmas...it was a horrible day. Believing the fact that a good friend of mine has passed away, was something I couldn't do. Caused a major heartbreak. Day after day, I thought about our memories. Even if we were in an argument, she was still with me through thick and thin. For a major amount of time, I thought about what we have been through. Good times and bad times, we have been through it all. Home alone thinking of the things I would have said to her before she said her good-byes. I always get tears in my eyes and a knot in my throat when the thought of her leaving me behind comes to mind. Joking around was something I could not do , due to the fact she has passed away. Killing our friendship little by little. Lost a little part of me that day. My mother and her mother cried, I think they cried more then me. Nathan her older brother was in the car accident also. Part of him died that day too, he has a scar on the top of the left eyebrow and he also broke his arm trying to save her. Quakertown was where the accident happened. Reality was a place I wanted to leave, I wish it was all a dream. Saving her was all I wanted to do when I found out. Thinking about how life would be if I died instead of her. Unhappy was my mood at that point. Vacation was something i wanted to do to run from my problems. Wondering why she had to leave at this young age.Xray’s showed what happened, how many fractures she had.Yearning for a visit from her, even though I know it won’t happen.Zero chance of seeing her again, I’m happy I atleast got the chance to meet her.

  49. As I finally get there I see a snow ball land on our window. Before I get out I realize that I have to be very cautious because there most likely will be snow ball fight. Coldness fills the air as I get out of the car. Dashing to find shelter to survive the snow ball fight I see the house that we are staying at for three days. Easily I make my way because my cousins haven’t targeted me yet. Feeling warm all around me as I enter the house I put all my stuff down. Getting used to the house and the room I start to unpack my stuff. “Hi” my sister says with my cousins coming in the room with her. I look at them they have snow melting on their shoulders. Jackets thrown to the floor and my cousin leads my sister and her brother down stairs. Kids laughter fills the air I guess they are playing Go fish its the only game they have. Leading myself around the house my cousin catches me. My mother calling me down to eat as I walk down the stairs my cousin talks to me about how she always loved to look around the house and find new things each day. Now my stomach was grumbling. “Ohhhhh my gosh look at all the delicious food” my cousin says. Please can I have another serving I says as I stuff my face.Quiet as a mouse my sister passes by I almost didn’t notice her. Running away from me up the stairs. She locks the door so I can’t come in. Trying to open the door while fidgeting with the knob I finally open the door trying to pick the lock. Usually she doesn’t let you in until after the 4th hour but she finally realized that I wasn’t going to stop trying so she opened the door. Vacation time is over we pack our bags and I am really going to miss that house. When will I come back? is the question i have and I will never know until I do. Xylophonist is what my sister wants to be and I find out that the only reason that she locked the door was to annoy me. Zero’s all over when I lose the game that my sister loves that she learned to play at that on that one day of fun.

  50. After this is done it will be around 10pm. Before this I had a basketball game. Coming straight from the game left me tired right now. Dreaming in the car ride about homework. Eventualy waking up and remembering that I will have to do some. Finaly the car stops I get out and knock on my door. Grateful that it opens quickly because I was cold. Hang my jacket and go to the kitchen to tell everyone about my game. I had a good game even though we lost by 3 points. Joyfuly telling everyone That I blocked 2 shots Had 8 assist and 10 points. Knowing that my team hasn't had a practice yet and we are still doing this good makes me feel good about our team. Listening to everyone else talk as I eat my dinner. Milk and cookies are for desert. Nothing makes me more tired than thinking about that I have to do homework next. oppening my backpack I look for what I have to do. passing through my backpack quicly I deside to do the blog first. Quicly I get on the computer and start working. Reading everybody elses before I do mine to get some Ideas to write about. Starting is the hardest part for me but once I already started I'm fine. Thinking about what I should write about I decide I should write about what I have done since the basketball game. Using Arter as my first word I start typing. Vincent my older brother comes in and starts reading my work. When someone is watches me do my work I can't think so I stop writing. X-mas, xylophone, and xciting are the first 3 non-name words that start with x so I'll use them. Zoom! a motorcycle just went by and I am so happy it did bacause it would've taken me a long time to think of something else that would'nt be random.

  51. All I like to bake is Dessert. Brownies with chocolate drizzled down it. Chocolate cake,with layers and layers of bliss. Doughnuts filled with strawberry filling. Everything I make taste like an explosion in your mouth. For real, the dessert that I make will leave you begging for more. Giant platters and bowls filled to the brink with everything imaginable. Hot Pink,Cobalt Blue,Beige, you name it. I make I make desserts of every color. Juicy fruit smoothies that smell like a tropical island. Kiwi cheesecake,a bright neon color. Love them all so much. Meringue cookies with its light whipped frosting. Never gonna stop making them. Of course I have so many ones that I haven't tried,but I have years to bake more. Please never tell me to stop,because I'll just ignore you.Quickest baker you've ever seen is me,I can finish multiple recipe's in a day. Rasberry and chocolate chip muffins made in a flash. So quickly that you'll wonder how I managed to do it.Tiramisu so creamy it will make your mouth water. Upside Down Pineapple ice cream that smells like a sunny day in the Caribbean. Very delightful morsels of sweetness that will make your stomach rumble like a lion. White Chocolate poured onto Strawberries.Xinomavro grape syrup poured onto pancakes. Yum,this story is probably making you hungry, isn't it? Zebra Stripped Cheesecake is my friends favorite dessert. What is yours?

  52. A long time ago I played my first sport. Baseball.Coaches showing off their team to others.Dash the coach always telling us when half of us did not understand what that meant.Eventually we understood what it meant.Figuring out only took days.Gathering the information from my mom.

    Happy one thing the coach was not.I thought he was angry because it was so hard for our team to pay attention.Jabbing the ball with the stick like it would bite but im talking about the kids not the coach. Kam corders out to see the kids first hit and then rerun it over and over until they figured the kid is going to hit more baseballs.

    "Mitchell" my coach would yell 'forgot your helmet agin."Never forgetting
    to not smile at me because he was always mean.Opposing coaches always saying i feel bad for you kids, joking around.packing up there stuff at the end of each game.

    Quickness the coach always said one thing you need to play baseball.Reflects was another.Stability that was the last one.Those three things the coach said we needed we did not have i only had reflects.

    Ump always saying your out to my team constantly.Victor was his name I call him the main ump because the real main ump was always on vacation.White that was the color of his face,I only remembered the color of his face and his name because I remember him being as white as the baseball.

    X-rays in the hospital almost making me not play for the rest of the season.Years and years passed and i still play the sport.Zero days until baseball season is coming soon

  53. As I looked across the table at the 4 year old I knew it was game on. Beware though, my winning could result in tears and a pout face and it's game off. Carefully I make my first move, soft and harmless. Did someone on T.V say Justin Beiber could be a baby daddy? Enough with the distractions, she's about to make her move. Fortunately Roydesha's new to the game and only knows I'm not suppose to get the puck in her goal. Gee would it kill her to move her mallet an inch to the left? Have you ever played Table Air Hokey with a toddler? It's extremely annoying. Just sayin, if she scores a point I get to hear HAHA you're gonna lose, but if I score I have to stay quiet or she's gonna break into hysterisc's and it's game off.

    Karate; that's the first thing I thing of when my sister makes that strike, sending the puck down my end of the table bouncing off walls making it impossible to keep track of the puck and protect my goal at the same time. LAME! Must be the bad lighting, I thought to myself. Now It's game on. OPEN, she's open! Put that sucker in there then! Queen, I am suppose to be to queen of this game, I WILL NOT LOSE!!!!!!!!! Really... I was losin it. Six- Seven, I won. Tears, they're coming, oh no. Uncle Teddy came in the room just then because he heard my sister bawling. Valley fever or maybe cabin fever I don't know which on I have but I've got a headache and need to excuse myself from the room.
    "What in the name of GEE-sus is going on!?!?!?!?!?"
    "X, Y, and Z is going on! I just won the most dramatic game of the weekend and now I need some sleep, it's a school night!

  54. Almost every winter, my mom, my sister, and I have gone to Erie, PA to spend Christmas with out grandparents. Because we are muslims, we don't technically celebrate Christmas, but we still go to Erie to celebrate it with my grandparents, since they are Christians. Celebrating Christmas with my grandparents is enjoyable and also kind, since there are no other children that live in their house. Doing things that make people feel good is good! Erie can be very wonderful during the winter times. Frost and snow covering the ground are some of the highlights of the trip. Guess what? Having fun is something that is mandatory for someone to have when they are visiting Erie, but not all of the time... Icicles hang off the house and we sometimes break them off and suck on them. Jokes are told and TV is watched. Karen, one of my grandfather's aids, is around at times. Layla has tons of fun in the snow, she loves to eat it the most! My mom and I have snowball fights and wrestle in the snow. Nobody is completely warm from coming back inside the house from the chilly air outside until they sit by the fireplace and drink hot chocolate. Other family members come to visit, my cousins and my aunts and uncles. People are usually very happy during the winter holidays! Quickly, I run back inside, frightened, when dark hits, nothing can be seen but figures and shapes once it becomes dark.
    "Really, now, there's nothing to be afraid of," my mom would say, blind to the fact that I can be really scared of the dark. Staying up late and sleeping in are also some great things that happen there. Talk about relaxing! Unlike most years, however, this year, Erie didn't get much snow, at least not enough to play in. Visiting Erie is cool and fun, but sometimes, I really would just want to go home. Winter is a fun season because of the snow and especially the winter break. X-rays aren't taken, thankfully we don't need them, and we can just relax. Yet, the sad part is that the winter break goes by too quickly. Zap, and the winter break is over.

  55. A long, long, time ago (or possibly last year) I went on a trip with my best friend Sam. Bubbly and flamboyant Sam made the horse ride (excessively bumpy car ride) more of a game and less of a headache.
    Carpenter County (unfortunately) is by far the most boring place in the universe. Don’t ever visit there, the giants (trees) block out all the sunlight, and what light does manage to peak out from their fingers (branches) makes the whole place seem gloomy. Even the people are grey (sun deprived) and speak in the oddest of dialects (simply unused to Canadian accents).
    From far away the forest looks spooky but I know it’s really only because the goblins (tree hugging forest crazies) want it to. Good thing they stayed on their side of the forest or Sam’s uncle Lenny who’s a wizard (street magician) would have killed them all with his magic wand (flamethrower).
    Harry, uncle Lenny’s closest neighbor took us hunting for unicorns (deer). It wasn’t until later that I found out that unicorns (deer) don’t live in that part of the country. Just in case we went the next day again.
    Kelly, Henry’s wife made us some of the best roasted red seed (pecan) cookies I’ve ever had, supposedly they were feel better cookies because I fell so much. Loosely tied shoelaces and sprites (fallen branches) are a bad combination.
    Mark, the prince of Carpenter County (Uncle Lenny’s son) said I have an over active imagination…Sam told him to just go with it. Naturally I didn’t have clue about what they were talking about.
    On the following day the goblins crossed the border and we waged war against them. Polar bears (police) were called in to scare them away. Quite the opposite happened however. Reacting to the lights and sirens, the goblins were paralyzed with fear. Seizing the moment though, the Polar bears were able to catch the goblins.
    Thinking back on that day, I guess it was pretty exciting. Uncle Lenny, luckily caught the whole thing on his cell phone. Video footage it the only way to get people to believe it all. X-treme Reality, a new reality web program is going to air it next month. Zany teenagers will surely make stars out of us all and put Carpenter County on the map.

  56. All over again-winter. Being on the North Eastern section of the country winter means freezing cold icy weather. Chapped lips talking down your ear. Dirty snow covering your porch. Energy of little kids playing in the snow giving you a tiny smile on your face. Fractured ankles on every other person you see from falling on the slippery wet ice. Girls with their Uggs and PINK sweatpants scurrying down the road.Hairy old men trying to shovel their car out of the driveway so they can get to work-or the unemployment office. If only I had some hot chocolate on this cool winter day. "Jump!", yelled a man with a shovel throwing snow on a pile on the sidewalk which was blocking my way."Kick!" Little brother said as he rushed to get through. My little brother-"It's always you!" Never again will I walk him to school. Oh me, oh my is he starting to cry? "Please stop falling!",I call out to him. "Quit telling me what to do!" he yells back at me. Run run run he goes! So stubborn and stupid if only he knew. This generation of children needs to learn to listen to those who have a higher level of intellect.Usually I'd chase after him but it's okay I'll let it go this time.Vending machine I finally found one outside of Walgreens. What should I buy? Xebec?,hmm what is that? "You've come across an oiling vending machine there sir," an old man said to me. Yummy hot choclate is out of the question now I guess-hey what's that a a a a-gasp!ZEBRA?????????????????????????????????

  57. A big bad wolf decided to knock on my door. Better yet random people did. Cowardly annoying people. Despite my very hard try to ignore them they kept knocking. Every single knock I grew more and more annoyed. Forcing my self to suck it up I finally relax. Gilbert my dog started to bark. Having a dog bark has its advantages SUCCESS. Inspection: cowards evacuated Status: leaving my house. Joking around with my brother about the eliminated cowards was fun. Killing came up a lot but it did not happen. Letting your guard down has its disadvantages. More enemies are approaching my house and no one was paying attention. No time to be surprised now we must prepare. " Open the window " I shout. "Patience, Patience" my brother cries. " Quiet" he screams. " Respect your elders bub" I yell. Somethings not right and I can tell my brother agrees too. The enemies are approaching the door very swiftly and quietly a bit strange. Universal destruction suddenly rains over our heads. Very quiet and discrete my brother and me instantly react. Whispering our thoughts to each other we both agree. Xysters we both say at the same time, our xysters are kind of like swords medical swords. Your xysters are like babies one wrong move and they break. Zebras are our only mode of transportation, so with our xysters and zebras we head out to the woods in the middle of the battle never to be seen again!

  58. At thee beginning of winter break I will celebrate my birthday because its Christmas Eve. Babies will be seen because my brother and both of my sisters have bad kids, and I'll be seeing them on Christmas maybe.Christmas Eve is my birthday and I'm really happy because I'm going to see my sister and get a new phone, and other stuff. Dinner is going to be good on Christmas because people in my family can cook. Every Christmas I mostly get half the things I put on my Christmas list but I put all the things I really want at the top of my list. Fires will be burning and keeping me warm and I will be in my snuggie moving around, and playing with my cousins. Giving things and being with family is the true meaning of Christmas, but my sister says its all about the presents, but actually its about the money. Having a good time with family is what I'll be doing over Christmas break. I'm going to have the best winter break. Jelly filled meat balls will be eaten because they're so good( don't judge me ). Killing of zombies will happen because I'll be playing Call of Duty: Black ops zombie mode. Lying in bed is all I will be doing because I really do not like to get out of bed. My mom will wrap all the presents with a little help from me, and she might kick me out of her room but i might see some of my presents. Nobody will see me on Christmas Eve because i'll be shopping. Open of the presents will happen because it's Christmas. People will gather around the fire place to listen/read "The night before Christmas" on my birthday. Quietly I sneak downstairs to open my present then my mom might hear me and tell me to go to bed. Running downstairs to open my presents and I might fall down the stairs. Sitting next to me was a(n) unfinished plate of cookies and a(n) empty glass. The presents are nice, and I got a new phone. Unique things were gotten but I had the best stuff though. Various foods were brought, me thinking what is it. When it's over I say good-bye to family and friends. X-mas was over and Santa Claus was asleep and the elves were just drinking hot chocolate. Yes I believe in Santa Claus and his elves, and rudolph with his red nose. Zero day until 2012 so get ready to go to school because I won't be.

  59. at winter time i like to hang around with friends.beside being with friends, i like to spent time with my family.Christmas is my Favorited part about winter.Down the snow fall all over my house and other people house.Eating cookies and Christmas food.Falling in love with Christmas because that the time i get new things.Going out side for some fun in the snow."hello snow, how are you today" i look for friends to ply with but no one is out side to play.jingle bell jingle bell" i hear that song a lot.knock out by the snow that fell on me.loosing a game but i'm just having fun.my mom get up and said " who wants to make cookies" no one said no because we all like making cookies."oh, i will like to make my own type of cookies.people start coming to my house but it just my dad's friends."quit down" my mom said because i was getting loud.ready to start open my present.staying up late is fun.trying to open one of the present."uh, i give up"."vamonos, tu puedes" my dad said in Spanish.we all open are present."x" for strike on the bowling."you have to clean up your own mess" my dad said."Zzzzz, im slepping now.

  60. As I wake up I think, just one more day. Besides today I'm almost there, I get up and get ready for the day. Claustrophobic, as we all jam ourselves into the car. Dog, brother, mom, dad, presents and we are good to go. Eventually we arrive at my grandparent's house, late, as usual. Fumbling to try and get everything inside in one trip and keep my dog in view, eventually we make it with everything in one piece. Greeting grandparents, cousins, uncles and an aunt. Happily we all sit on chairs or the floor and put on the TV which no one is really watching, we are all too busy joking and messing around. I am the only girl cousin and so besides my uncle, my cousins like to tease me.

    Jokes about my grandmother's bad cooking slyly pass between us when she's not paying attention. Kids eat in the kitchen, at the breakfast table while the adults and my older cousin sit in the dining room a few yards away. Laughs pour out of the kitchen as we crack jokes and try to think of fun things to do with the less edible food, besides eat it, like give it to the dogs. Mainly we just do weird things to try and get the adults to notice. Naturally we eat dessert after.

    Opening presents will start soon. Quickly we all gather in the living room once again, as the kids excitedly await their gifts. Rounding us up the adults tell us as they do every year youngest to oldest. Shortly it will be my turn since I'm second youngest. Tarring apart wrapping paper to get to what's inside as we all watch as each person takes their turn. Usually I get some money from my grandparents, some pretty jewelry from my uncle, and really anything from my aunt, uncle, and cousins maybe some clothes or a book that I wanted and a necklace. Vacant boxes and bits of paper litter the floor, as we all glow over our new gifts. Whispers and chuckles pass through the room as I somehow wear the leftover trash on my body. Xenial, that’s just the word for my grandparents whenever we come over . Yet another Christmas eve has passed, its late when we get home and I crawl into be tired, I wake up hours later. Yes! it's Christmas.

  61. “Absolutely not young lady” her mother said looking at her

    “But mom its the first winter snow” she cried
    Crystal went up to her room in tears hoping for something magical to happen to her or her life.
    “Don’t cry Crystal...I'll make it snow inside your room” said a voice from above.
    Exploding with tears of joy she waited for the voice to do what it had said it would do. For a while Crystal was going to give up on what the voice had said until little snow flakes started to hit her. Glaring at the snow Crystal picked up a handful just to make sure it was real. Happily Crystal played in the snow and made snow angles and snow mans.

    “I see you let snow in the house young lady” Crystal mom said standing in the door way

    “Just because there’s snow in my room doesn't mean I did it mom” Crystal said slow and steady
    Kindly Crystal explained what had happen. Leaving the room her mom was not sure if it was true or not.
    “Mom” yelled crystal from her bedroom door

    “Not now Crystal I have to do something now” her mother told her.

    “Okay then” Crystal said closing her bedroom door and looking at the snow on her floor.
    Phil, Crystal’s puppy came running in and right into the snow where he played happily and wildly. Quietly Crystal wished for the snow to go away and that she could go out and play with her friends outside where she really wanted to be. Right then the snow slowly began to go away and her room was looking back to normal. Shocked at how quickly the snow had vanish away and dry as if nothing was there she made sure she didn’t image it. The snow was really gone and Crystal was doing her all time favorite happy dance.

    “Um...what just happen?” Crystal’s mom asked with a questioning look on her face.

    “Vanished from my room” Crystal said

    “What you mean vanished?” Her mother asked
    Xaviera, her fairy god mother came down to explain to her mom.
    “ You see I was just giving what Crystal had asked for and I'm very sorry to make such trouble” the god mother said.
    Zoey, the cat came running in and started to speak making everyone wonder if they was still dreaming. They’ll never know.

  62. After going to see scream 4, I was horrified."Boring" I said, the beginning did not catch my attention.Consternating on everything that happens.Determined not to scream when i see scream.Everyone anxious to see, who is about to get killed.Fearing music starts to play Getting ready for screams.Hurry up I'm thinking. If I was you I wouldn't Pick up the phone no more.Jabbing my teeth together. Kicking the seat in front of me.Louder the fearing music played.Moving towards the door she goes. Nobody was there. Obvious it was that he was hiding.Picking up the phone she did again. Questions being ask, Who are you, Why are you calling me etc. Running to the door to escape. Rahhhhh,there he is.. Screams snickered through the rows. Taking her own little time got her killed. Using the exit everybody ran. Vanishing, I made sure scream wasn't hiding in no little coroners to jump out on me. Watching my surroundings,everywhere i went for about the next week. Yet to think the movie wasn't scary it was all a prediction of what was going to happen.

  63. A CHRISTMAS WITHOUT SNOW?! Before I go plum loco and blow my top, let me ask the meteorologist. "Christmas day will be nice and sunny this year! Doesn't look like any snow’s on the way in the weekly forecast, either.” Eventually Mother Nature is going to have to make up her mind about the weather. Figuring out when is the problem. Global warming Is only for the ICE CAPPED places, not PHILLY!! Help me lawdy, aw lawdy, why can’t it be some snow out here?! I’m SUPPOSED to be at my grand pappy’s house, OUTSIDE, throwing snowballs at my cousins. Jamming them into the snow and then running around the block. Kicking snow everywhere as I run. Leaving footprints in the untouched snow in the corner. Making sure not to fall embarrassing myself in front of the whole block. NOOOOOOOOOOO, mother nature wants to be stingy and GIVE ALL THE SNOW TO ANTARTICA!!!!!!! Obviously, Mother Nature isn’t real but she’s the only person I can blame this on right now, so it’s her problem now. Preparing to have a full blown fit, I just happen to look out the window and there’s little flurries.
    “ Quit it with all that noise!!!!! Ratatouille is on!” My cousin screamed from down stairs.
    “Very respectful”
    “ Without a doubt I don’t care about your attitude, right now”
    “Xylophones are dangerous to the scalp, ya know.”
    “You are very violent, but I love you anyway!!”
    “ ZEBRAS Najae, now go OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  64. "Absolutly not Bob, why would you make me do that?"
    Bob had no responce.
    Cathie was so furious that she almost went on a rampage.
    Daniel was with some freinds hiding behind some lockers watching Bob and Cathie argue.
    "Earikson,...Bob Earikson what are you doing?"
    "Finding stuff" replied Bob as his knees were shaking.
    Glazing eyes were still behind the lockers.
    Hell almost broke loose whispered daniel to one of his freinds.
    "I'm fine" said Cathie replying to whatever Tr.Lacey asked her.
    "Jack" said Daniel "are you watching this?"
    "Kind of, it's hard to hear them"
    "Lost it, lost my pen" said Bob trying to change the subject.
    "Maybe you can help me find it" asked Bob really politely.
    "No" snapped Tr.Lacey "just apolgize to Cathie now!"
    "Of course i will....i'm...sooorry."
    Principal Kristian walked up and asked what was going on.
    "Quiet down"Quacked Tr.Lacey while she was trying to explain to principal Kristian what happened.
    Robert(one of the kids in the crowd surronding them)yelled out " what's going on?"
    Sally,Cathie's best freind yelled at Robert "shut up."
    Trouble maker echo from the crowd!!
    "Useless is writen all over this problem" luaghed principal Kristian.
    "Villian"whispered Bob
    "XO is my favorite villian album" said Bob still trying to change the subject but he knows that it's to late.

  65. Armed to the teeth the U.S army gets ready for battle. Byzantine empire waiting on the other side. Commencing for battle, the U.S army makes their first move. Daring to battle The U.S the Byzantine empire get into position. Engaging to battle the U.S starts shooting at the enemy taking out multiple enemies. Firing multiple arrows at the U.S army hitting them multiple times. Getting ready for another attack the U.S army is in position but gets cut off. Hurling towards them is another round of arrows. In the camp of the U.S army more troops are ready to go out to battle. Jerusalem is where this is all happening. killing multiple enemies the U.S army is winning, but the battle isn't over yet. Losing is the byzantine empire but they're getting ready to make a counter attack. Mostly out of ammo the U.S army needs to end this fast if they want to be victorious. Not doing that too the byzantine empire is losing a lot of soldiers. Over the hill on the U.S army's side five Elite snipers are taking out the enemies one by one. Probably the best chance for the Byzantine army to win is to take out the snipers and launch an immediate counter attack. Quickly the Byzantine army took out the snipers one by one. Right after that they launched a very effective counter attack. Snipers were taken out but the snipers bought the U.S army a lot of time to hatch a plan. The plan was to have a stealth mission and send in three men to infiltrate the Byzantine's army HQ. Under the radar the three men got into the HQ and took the armory and the brief room. Volleying grenades to the enemies base taking out multiple enemies in the process. Waiting further orders the men inside the enemy's base they're told to sneak up to the kings room and take him out. X-captain john wake is now cap in the air force. Zooming by were F18's, air support from the nearest air base... To be continued.

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  67. Apples taste so good i could die for them.
    But i luv watermelons the most of all.
    Cupcakes and ice cream is the best at birthday's.
    Donuts in the morning with hot tea is so soothing.
    Elephant ears are nasty to me and they look nasty.
    Fries and BBQ is awesome from burger king.
    Greens on thanksgiving with other good food i love.
    Hot dogs and a soda from a cookout nothing better.
    I luv the smell of all good tasting foods.
    Juice and some good to eat and it's the life for me.
    Keep eating until my paint button pops off.
    Love that good food that your family cooks.
    Mom gives me plat after plat until it's gone
    Nifty fifty's i go when i win a game.
    Opening the foil from the food that i smell.
    Popping pop corn watching a movie with my family
    Quit in the house as we say our prayer.
    Rushing to get more food because its almost gone.
    Steam showing from the hot food.
    The flat screen blasting while we watch the game.
    Unit is what we are because we stick together.
    Vanilla milkshake from MacDonald.
    Wind blowing outside but we don't care.
    X-rays because someone eat a chicken bone.
    Yeah they say because they wont seconds
    Zebra strips on my grand mom coat but it was a good day.