Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Saddest Sea Monster

Respond to the prompt above with 2-3 descriptive paragraphs.  This week, I'm grading on ideas and word choice (just how did this sea monster get to be so sad? Poor thing!) as well as conventions, specifically: Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling.  Check your work (try rereading aloud) before posting.

Due: Tuesday, January 31st 4 PM


  1. The sea monster, Bart, was entangled in weeds. He was thrashing about, calling for help. Suddenly the rope-like weeds fell away. A blue whale by the name of Fred, had come to save him. It was a habit of Fred’s to save whatever it was that was dying. This sea monster, happened to be his friend. When Bart turned to thank him, he found himself being stared at by Fred. Fred shrieked louder than he had ever shrieked before and swam off into the deep blue ocean.

    Bart was frightened by the strangled screams of Fred and sped off towards his monstrous home. When he got there he pondered about why Fred had swam away from him, like a horrible, vicious underwater Werewolf. As he was brushing his spiky teeth, he caught sight of himself in his dirty, underwater monster-sized mirror. He almost let out a shriek like Fred’s. His face! His eyes! It was almost as if there was another ugly sea creature looking back at him.

    The next day as Bart lay in bed, he kept on willing himself to think it had all been a dream. But nooooooooooo! As he looked in the mirror he saw the same horribly vicious face looking back at him. He immediately called Fred. “Help me! My face...” “I KNOW already. I saw you after I rescued you from those weeds” He replied. “Please come straight away!” pleaded Bart, “I need you to help me get my face back to normal.” Alright, alright. I’ll come, but don’t be expecting me to stay long.
    Bart waited and waited, but no Fred came along to help him. He decided that Fred was never going to come help him and he was never going to be his friend again. He became very sad and depressed. He stayed that way for a very long 4 months.

    When he moved again he was 34 years old. He was still depressed and his face had still not gotten back to normal. He went into his bathroom and forced himself not to scream as he looked in the mirror. It was the first time that he had seen himself properly since the time he had come back from being rescued. His face was blotchy and swollen. One of his eyes was a lot bigger than the other, which was as small as a pinprick. His head was practically dangling off his neck and there was tons of rough, yellow-green crust underneath those swollen eyes of his.

    As he began to fix up his face he thought about Fred and how he had promised to come by and help him fix his face. He had just been thinking about this, when the door of his house opened and Fred came in, carrying a brief case and some tweezers. “Fred!” Bart exclaimed, forgetting that he was no longer his friend, “Why on earth did it take you so long to get here?” “Well, I’ve been doing gallons of research and it seems as if your symptoms are being caused by a magical but deadly thorn in the weeds that almost strangled you.” “How will you get the thorn out?” Bart asked, eager for his symptoms to cease. “ Well, you wont like it but I’ve got to knock you out and then dig into your skin to retrieve the thorn. I’ve located the exact spot on which the thorn has punctured because I saw it go into your body.” “Oh” said Bart, his face falling, “Well, I guess knocking me out and getting the stupid thorn out means more to me than having all this” he gestured to his face.

    And so the examining and curing and taking out the thorn began.

  2. The sea monster was sad because everyone neglected him, He was shunned, ran away from, even almost killed by the unforgiving humans. So (WARNING, If you hate unrealistic comedy, stop reading) Then he build himself a super mech suit, and went on destroying all humans, then he start reproducing using magical powers, and then he attack the humans, and he killed them all on December 23 2012, the end!

  3. Once upon a time, a sad, sad sea monster named Fishy that was sad because he had lost his best friend, Mr Whale. Mr Whale was a clown fish.

    One morning, when Fishy and Mr Whale went swimming, a giant boat threw a net over the side. The net fell on top of Mr Whale and Mr Whale couldn't get out. Fishy tried to help him by using his sharp tail to cut the net. But the net was rough and tough and scratched at Fishy's tail. Fishy started to cry for help when the net suddenly broke apart. Fishy swam in to the torn net to save his friend, when he saw that Mr Whale was hanging on a hook by his mouth.

    Suddenly, Fishy was angry.

    Mama Fishy and Papa Fishy heard Fishy's cry for help and went to the rescue. When they got to Fishy, he was trying, unsuccessfully, to tip over the boat.

    Fishy saw his mom and dad, and soon the family of whales had tipped over the fishing boat. Then came the frantic search for Mr Whale.

    Finally, they found him. the hook still in his mouth, and his eyes closed forever.

    Fishy cried a lot that night, but he soon stopped mourning his friend's death when Mama Fishy and Papa Fishy told him that Mr Whale hadn't felt any pain when he died. "He died in peace." So now, Fishy isn't depressed anymore, he is just a really, really sad. He is a sad, sad green whale, that now is a sad, sad sea monster.


  4. Once upon a time there lived a very sad sea monster. This sea monster lived in the deep blue ocean where no one can see him. But one day a boy named Jake and his father went out fishing. They were fishing around the part where the sea monster lived. Suddenly the Jake heard crying.

    Father!, Father! What's that noise? asked the Jake. What noise son? The noise of cries said the Jake. I don't actually know but it sounds close. Father can I go check it out? asked Jake. Pretty please?! Fine be careful down there you only have twenty minutes. Okay! thank you father.

    So Jake went down in the ocean to see what it was that was crying. Until he saw something wide , green and something he never seen before. Then Jake came back up frighten and anxious to tell his father, Father! Father! I saw something, something huge, frighten and it looked really strange. son what are you talking about? I saw something down there and it wasn't nothing ordinary, come look father come! come! Fine it's probably just your imagination.

    No it's not. It's real. So Jake and his father went down in the water to check it out. Good lord!! what the hack was that?! Shouted the father who was coming back up for air. See I told you. Son! get out that water right now , bur before he could get out he felt a black shadow appear behind him. Son get out the water! Dad help! I'm coming son.

    As soon as Jake got back in the boat they took off. What was that back there? asked Jake. don't know but it surely caught my eyes said the father. I know right said Jake. Dad next time maybe tomorrow can we go back there and check it out? I don't know son it seems dangerous, maybe.

    The Next Day!

    Are you ready? Jake! , Jake! screamed his father. Hold up dad I just have ti get my stuff and grab my camera I will be down. Be careful honey and bring me back some pictures so I can see this creature said Laura Jake's mom. Jake ! Come on I will be waiting in the car. Alright i'm coming bye mom see you later. alright be careful. I will mom thanks bye! Jake and his father finally arrived to where they saw the sea monster. Woo ah, dad! look I see something it's the sea monster it's coming our way. Okay son stay still get your camera ready. Okay dad . Suddenly the sea monster got closer then came to a stop. Why did it stop? What is it doing? asked father. Wait aw look dad it's fine. Look aw he like that. purr! See he's even smiling said Jake. Was that you back there that was crying? Huh was it? asked Jake.

    Look! He nod his head said Jake. Why were you crying? Me have no friends said the sea monster. He talks! This is a miracle said father. aw I will be your new best friend. I will name you Guppie. Me like new friend. From that day on Guppie and Jake still are best friends. Jake visits him everyday now. He even swims with him and teach him tricks. Sometimes if he is being a good boy Jake gives him food as a treat. Now Guppie have a new best friend. He is happy now.

  5. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster. He was sad because his pet shark ran away. It wasn't just any shark; it was the shark he got for his birthday, the shark his mom gave him. The sea monster didn't know what he did wrong. Did he not feed him enough food? Did he not give him enough love or playtime? There were so many questions in his mind. What can I do to get him back? Where is he!? He put signs all over the ocean with a picture of his shark, his address, and his shark’s name, Timmy.

    That afternoon the sea monster spent so much time looking for Timmy. He looked under rocks, under sand, even under his house, but still nothing. The sea monster never gave up, because he spent all week trying to look for Timmy, but still nothing. After a hard day, and still no Timmy, the sea monster gave up. His best friend was gone.

    A week later, the sea monster took down all the papers he put for a missing shark and threw them away. He was swimming back when; he saw a fin, a pointy fin under seaweed. He kneeled down to see what it was. Timmy! He found Timmy. The sea monster was confused. Why was Timmy hiding? After a while of thinking he realized. They were playing hide and seek. The sea monster got so tired of looking and took a nap. After waking up, he forgot they were still playing. Silly sea monster!

    The End

  6. Luke Watson-SharerJanuary 27, 2012 at 6:48 AM

    Once upon a time, there was a very sad sea monster named Gerald. He was sad because he decided to go to the mall where there was a Qdoba and he ordered a quesadilla with Sprite. But they gave him a burrito with diet sprite which he doesn't like so he was sad that he wasted 3.99 plus tax. So he said he ordered a quesadilla but they didn't understand sea monster because they speak jellyfish.

    So he sat there looking at his burrito very sadly. Then he found 10.00 dollars on the floor. So he has enough for 2 quesadillas 2 Sprites and 2 candy bars which he never had enough for earlier. So now he's a jolly happy sea monster was Gerald eating his quesadillas like there was no tomorrow.

    When he got home and saw mama sea monster Suzan , daddy sea monster Chris, His brother Ryan and his sister Sam he told them the whole story word by word and he got them each a gift and several for himself celebrating the eating of quesadillas. Then he threw a party the next day since he got 3 quesadillas and found 1000$ on the floor.

    The End.

  7. Once upon a time there lived a very sad sea monster. People often asked why was he so sad. My guess was that he was sad because a ship carrying 1,000,000 gallons of oil. Normally the sea monster was green. Now he he is black. He was rescued and bought to safety. Now there is another reason that he said. That's because they took him away from his natural environment.

    6 years later the rescuers released the monster and all the oil was all cleaned up. The monster was back to his natural environment. He looking around for some people he may know. He found another female sea monster. Then they got married and lived happily ever after.

  8. Once upon a time, there was a sea monster named Senor Taco. He had a bestfriend named Squiddy. You would think he is a squid, but he is really a starfish. Well, anyways Squiddy and Senor Taco would do everything together. They would explore the Sea and create many memories. They were basically so close they thought of each other as brothers.

    One day, there was an oil spill. Senor Taco was pretty much immune to it. Though, Squiddy was not. A couple days later Squiddy got sick but he thought it was just a little cold. Nothing major. As the days passed Squiddy got sicker and sicker. It was like he was dying a little bit both outside and inside each day. Senor Taco didn’t pay any mind to it until the day came. A week after waiting, Squiddy passed away. This hurt Senor Taco a lot. He thought everything was going to be just fine. He didn’t think Squiddy would pass away. Senor Taco thought since he was immune to it, Squiddy would be immune to it too. He was wrong. His emotions were mixed up, he was mad and sad. He was mostly sad. He was mad because he didn’t help Squiddy. He was sad because he lost his bestfriend. At that point, it was clear that life was and is unfair.

  9. Once upon a time, there was a sea monster name Billy. Billy was always sad and never wanted to go to school or out to play with friends. Well billy didn’t even have friends so he played by his self and imaginary friends. October 15,2011, Billy had been in school for a bout a month. Billy would always get bullied. He would always get bullied by the most popular guy in school named Sevester. Sevester was on the football team and had all the girls especially Jodity Michelle! In school Billy watched Jodity Michelle all day in school. She flipped her hair the way she stroked her hair behind her ears and put all that shimmery lip gloss on from Bath&Body Works. Billy went home and was thinking about asking Jodity Michelle to Sea Prom of 2011. Billy study his lines so much his head started to ache. Billy even asked his 5 year old brother Buster. “You’re a major dork billy you cant get her” Buster said. Anyways Billy ignored what he said and study his lines even more. Next morning Billy got up extra early. He took a 45 minutes shower. Put his father Ester’s Colon on he even shaved his legs! Using his mother Bertha’s shaving cream. Billy ate breakfast, “Billy you’re a jerk” Buster said!!

    It was lunch time, Billy had gotten his lunch and a big Hershey Kiss for Jodity Michelle. Billy walked over to Jodity Michelle.
    Billy: Ummm, hey Jodity!
    Jodity Michelle: Umm Hi, Billy! What are you doing?
    Sevester: Yeah, what are you doing kid?
    Billy: Shut Up Sevester, anyway Jodity will you go to the Sea Prom of 2011?
    Jodity: Ummmmm.
    Sevester: No jerk, she is going with me!
    Next thing you know Sevester picked up Billy and slammed him into the Jello. Billy tried to fight back; he tried everything it always back fired even harder. To be honest Billy got beat up. Billy was so embarrassed, he did not only get beat up in front of the girl he liked! It was in front of the whole school.
    Bertha: What happened to you face Billy?
    Billy: I don’t want to talk it about it, just know i don’t have a date to the Sea Prom Of 2011.
    Buster: Hahahahah, I told you! Stupid is what I would call him Mom.
    Billy was so sad from that day on he got embarrassed in front of the whole school; everyone was laughing too! Billy was so sad! He cried his self to sleep every night.
    ~The End~

  10. Once there was a sad sea monster, the saddest sea serpent in all the seven seas…
    Oh brother, another day at the job.

    I put my lime green sea monster head back on as I once again step into the matching lime green suit. "At least in this suit I can't hear him as well" I mutter under my breath. Then the commercial starts again.
    "Monster cereal commercial, TAKE TWO!" I hear someone say in the background. I don't have time to think about that though, the commercial is about to start.

    "…The saddest sea serpent in the seven seas…" That's my cue. I jump out in my costume with large, sad puppy eyes painted on the head, green scales that look dull yet neon at the same time, and claws that look like they couldn't hurt a fly, and dive into my sad act. I blubber, I moan, and I go on my knees and grovel to the painted sky. Then a guy in a fish costume comes, and hands me some monster cereal. I instantly cheer up and the commercial ends with my beaming face, which is just the back side of my costume head. As I walk out the door, the one thought that kept gong through my head was: How on earth did I end up with this job?…

    To Be Continued…

  11. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster who was to shelfish to admit that he loved the seas princess, Princess Mons. Ever since sea monster, whom is named Ter, laid eyes on Princess Mons he’s been in love with her. Their first meeting was at their school Sea and Above at the age of 17. Ter was the guy everyone adored. He had good grades, had the looks, was friends with everyone, was captain of the baSEAcketball team, the captain of the baSEAball team, and quarterback of the footSEAball team. He was talking to his friends from the footSEAball team when multiple sea girl monsters walked passed them. They all looked a them as the girls did the same and Ter made eye contact with “the most beautiful girl he ever laid eyes on” also known as Princess Mons.

    They became good friends after that. Princess Mons became cheerleader captain of the Sharkies thanks to Ter giving her confidence. When senior year ended, they hanged out a lot during summer vacation and went to the same college “Sea is better then a C” where they dated once and it worked out great. After senior year of college they never say each other ever again. That’s what Ter is sad. He wants no needs his friend and love of his life back. If there was only a chance to go back and tell her his true feelings.

  12. Dear Diary,
    My name is Jack and I am a sea monster. Yes I realize that you are wet but you are going to have to deal with it( I mean you are in the sea with me so...). I decided I am going to put you in a plastic bag and I am sorry that I was so mean, its just that all I have gone through I have the right to be mean. Also I know that it is so funny a big fat green sea monster has a diary but my diary is the only friend I have so back off earthlings you are lucky I that I have not eaten one of your ships yet.
    Dear Diary,
    I don’t see why this had to happen to me and me of all people. I mean I am good looking and I was nice and kind and sweet oh and did I mention good looking so why cruel world why? For the people who don’t know my story I will tell you. I was sitting on my couch when I hear a knock on my door. It was that girl that I used to like at the court( I used to go there a lot) she told me that she had a letter from the court that I lost my job and that I was being sued at the same time. I get to the court my girlfriend is sitting is sitting right next PRAYING what type of person prays in a court but she’s really religious so oh well. Back to the story so I was sitting there and really I wasn’t paying any attention until they called my name( doesn’t mean I knew what they called me for) Turns out my ex-wife wants money and I don’t want to pay her because I think that she should find her own money. I mean doesn’t she have her own job I also have a life I work hard and I have to pay bills and the rent and all that other stuff that I never knew about until my older years. I really try to hold my anger in sometimes so I don’t loose it but sometimes the anger is to big to hold. In the court at that moment is when I completely lost control of my anger. I am going to stop my story there before I rip you in half because I feel the anger coming back inside me.
    Dear Diary,
    I am feeling better right now I feel calmer so back to the story(lets skip the part where I flipped out because that has ugly words in it). I was literally kicked out of the court(we sea monsters take our sayings very seriously)so I went home and about 15 weeks later I had ran out of all my money so because I gave half of it to my ex-wife and the other went into the rent.So I was kicked out of my house (again literally) and I got in trouble with some police officer and well that was the last straw so they kicked me out of the town. I am starting feel all sad inside so I am going to stop now.
    Dear Diary,
    I met a little girl on a cruise she told me I was fluffy on the inside I wonder what that means but I have a earthling dictionary so that will help..... I just looked it up means soft so does that mean that I am soft on the inside........ AW-WWW that is so sweet well I will write in you later good bye.

    Jack lost his diary that day but now he is living perfectly fine as a sea monster who gives directions for lost ships(and he gets paid)

  13. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster. It all started a week ago when he and is wife(the president of the 7 Seas) were taking a swim in Lagoon Island. Then all of a sudden a big water current took his wife. He looked for her day and knight, sunrise to sunset. He searched for her for almost almost 2 years but to no avail.
    Then all of a sudden the Secret Service heard word of her being in Atlantis. What might she be doing there? She had been captured by the evil water god, Poseidon! So he and the Secret Service went to Atlantis and saved his wife. Now they live happily ever after growing older by the year with their family.

  14. Where am I? I wondered. I looked around, there were a dozen doctors giving me shots of green liquid. "Hello" said a little rich looking pudgy man to my right. "What are am I doing here" I asked. "You are going to be my greatest experiment"! replied the leprechaun looking man. "Let me out"! I shouted at the top of my lungs. Apparently as I struggled in my bonds I got stronger. The straps started to tear. "Keep him down" shouted the pudgy man. Quickly the doctors ran to me and held me down. "Hand me the final shot" the leprechaun said to one of the doctors. The shot the doctor gave him wasn't like the rest. This one wasn't like the rest. This one had a needle at least 3/4 of a foot long and the liquid in it was green. Quickly the leprechaun jumped on my stomach and drove the needle into my heart. I started glowing and growing. My skin turned green and my bonds broke. I was getting way too big for the lab so i busted out the front and jumped right into the ocean. My feet and hands into tentacles and my head turned into the most of my body. Suddenly I couldn't breathe until I fell in the water where oxygen filled my... gills! Suddenly I realized I was a ginormous octopus. I knew humans would attack me if I stayed so I swam off into the ocean. A tear rolled down my cheek, I would never be able to see my wife again or know my unborn baby. I shouted as loud as I could but it came off as a shrill sound making the water ripple around me.

    I'm so sad.

  15. Once upon a time, long, long ago there was a very sad sea monster. He was old and frail and also the talk of the ocean. He was he was greener then all the other monster and had misfit scales, bulging eyes and his smile wasn’t any happier then he was and he carried it around upside down.

    When ever he walked through down, people would sneakily stare, and then turn their heads in a flash. “Why he sad?” Monsters would croak out in their hoarse voices. “Why he always cry?” and that he did. He heard them talk, and he saw their faces. For in a small town there’s not much more to do then stare at the sad man.

    He understood, and well he would do the same thing. No one knew why he cried like he did, he knew though. Every day he would remember those pictures he took in his mind, with the pictures memories would come. How they walked with two legs, talked with a mouth. Their beauty always left him awed, and he knew one thing for sure: he wanted nothing more but to join the humans on land. He would do anything to be like them, even just for a day.

    Years carried on and he would always wish for the same thing for his birthday or whenever he saw a shooting star. Sometimes he would fall on the floor and tears would rapidly fall down his face. As years progresses he also got older. His wishes became muffled and sometimes he would forget the small details about the humans. On his last day he whispered “I’m going to be with them.” When he closed his eyes you could see a smile appearing on his faced as he dreamed about the humans.

  16. Aaron :( Mr sea monster :(January 29, 2012 at 11:36 AM

    Once upon a time there was a very said sea monster named Will. Will had ruled all of the sea Atlantic Ocean, Pacific, Arctic, Indian you name it. He had 40% of the seas wealth. He would enslave clownfish to embarass them in public and be silly or they'd face death straight in the face. He would destroy all coral that was not his and hed eat sardines and lobster all day. He was a chubby wubby monster.

    Then one day all the fish, sharks, dolphins, clams, whales, jellyfish, stingrays, polyps, sea turtle, seahorses, pirahnas, eels, octopus, starfishes etc. went up to Will and made him surrender most of his things. He had to give up 82% of his money, crown, royal stuff, castle and such. He had to do it or he'd die so he did it. Will was so upset that he had been a good boy since. He never was happy again no fun he died 24 hours later. Fin.

  17. Once upon a time, there lived a very sad sea monster named Arnold and he had no friends, because he never liked to be nice. Arnold was nice and lonely. No one liked him. He had no friends or family to go visit, which made him more and more sad every time he thought about it.
    One bright and beautiful day he saw the "prettiest" creature ever. She was purple with lots of blue crystals, (she was also a sea monster, Arnold is red with yellow dots. Arnold swam as fast as he can over to her, as he introduced his self she kept on floating away.
    He swam after her again and stopped her in her tracks, she smiled and said hello.. my name is Alice, he smiled and said mines is Arnold. They swam together for days until they finally realized that they were for each other. They soon got married at a shore and moved to an large island with only sea creatures like them.
    Up until this day they live happily with four babies named: Alexis, April, Alex and the youngest Arnold Jr. Alexis is blue, April is green, Alex is silver, and Arnold Jr. is red with yellow dots...just like his father.

  18. “Once upon a sea” started Fred, “there was a terribly sad sea monster.” Fred was a very redheaded boy with a sprinkle of freckles just under his wide, watery eyes. His classmates snickered. “Well, after the sea monster found out how he got… um… sad, he went to the witch of the ocean and told her his pet squid Sniffles had died that day and he had a pimple on his butt and that he was really embarrassed at seaschool because of that,” he mumbled as he scratched his head stupidly. Now the entire class burst out laughing as he stood, stock still, with his flaming red hair bouncing slightly.

    “Now, now, class, settle down,” said the substitute teacher. She was a tall, skinny brunette, although you couldn’t tell since she had the biggest bonnet any of the class had ever seen. One boy stood up. He was a little bit larger than Fred and was definitely handsomer according to all of the girls in the grade. “We think that Fred did very well on his project but it sounds stupid.” Everyone was rolling on the floor with laughter at this. “You’re stupid,” muttered Fred under his breath.

    After school, Fred was very sad when he went home. His mother, a redhead like him with a smaller dusting of freckles, asked him what was wrong. “Everyone at school is mean and stupid and don’t know what they’re talking about!” he yelled and ran screaming to his bedroom. He felt just like his sea monster. “Seaschool is retarded!” he screamed exasperatedly into his pillow.

  19. There once was a sea monster named Dagger he was vicious.Dagger tried to scare everything in his path.Dagger lived his life having no family or friends causing him to always be hungry.One day Dagger was swimming along the Sea Hill beach he seen hundreds of people surfing,swimming,and even tanning in the sun.The sea monster hated the fact that people with their friends and family were destructively being in his ocean,so he tried to create a big mighty wave that would drag everyone from the ocean.When Dagger did that everyone went scattering off except one brave surfer stood his grounds.Dagger seen he was obviously going to be a hard nut to crack.Dagger went over to the surfer and asked him why he was still swimming in his ocean and what was his name the surfer says his name is Josh and he is a mighty surfer.Josh said he was better than anybody that ever stepped foot on this ocean.Dagger thought about it and he did see him last week and he was teaching a whole bunch of seniors to surf and they were doing a lot better than what a child would think. Dagger said ,well i don't know how to surf can you teach me were all the words that came straight to mind. Josh says that he could teach him and it would be a a little hard because he has no feet.Dagger was so determined to now have feet he started to try everything shoes blowing fire on his tail and feet would appear nothing worked .The next day it was difficult for Dagger to get his balance without feet and was upset

    .............To Be Continued

  20. Once upon a time there was a really sad sea monster. He was sad because he lost his family. They told him not to swim off but he didn't listen.It all started on a perfect day. The sun was out and the little sea monster and his family was about to go on their family trip. They gather their stuff for the vacation and are off. As they are going they play a little game. They played sea monster tag.

    They played, and played. They only had 1 rule and it was not to run off to far because, you'll be taken by the sea monster hunters. They were having the time of their lives, but the little sea monster forgot the 1 rule. He was getting chased and went to far away. Before his family could get him the sea monster hunters saw him.
    They caught him, and took him away. He cried for help, but his family couldn't get him back.

    As the little sea monster gets taken away he keeps calling for help, but his family's actions are useless. The sea monster hunters got what they wanted, but the didn't realize that the sea monster they have is a baby. The little sea monster and his family were both sad because, they would never see each other ever again.


  21. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster. He was sad because he didn't have no other sea monsters to be his friends. There were other monster but just didn't want to be his friend.
    One day the sad sea monster was sitting outside his house and all the sea monster came up to him. He didn't know what was about to happen. When they got close they said they wanted to be his friend. He was very happy now.

  22. Once upon a time there was a sad sea monster. He was on a long car ride with his parents and his sea monster girlfriend. His parents told him to go to the bathroom but him being a “cool” teenager monster he did not. He bought and drank a lot of Green Monster. That Green Monster just went right through him.
    He had to go to the bathroom so so very bad. He squirmed and wiggled. He told his mom that he had to go. All she said is you should have gone at home. He leaked all over the place they were all soaking so not was he sad but very embarrassed.

  23. I looked out the window and sighed. My friend had promised to come but he still wasn't here. Outside the seaweed danced around the ocean floor. The coral gleamed and sparkled but the the ocean was deserted. I swam to my room slowly and reluctantly as the clock chimed 3.

    Someone knocked on the door. I swiftly swam to the door to open it. My dad was there with someone else.

    "Hello," he said,"this is my friend Elizabeth."

    "Nice to meet you," I said politely. Elizabeth grinned at me.

    "Nice to meet you too," she replied. My dad and Elizabeth conversed until 5 and then she left.

    The next day I was alone again when I heard a knock on the door. It was Elizabeth.

    "Good morning," I said,"my father is not here right now. Is there anything you need?"

    "You stupid sea monster," she replied nastily,"I have something to tell you. You may deceive everyone else but not me. I know your secret."

    I open my mouth to ask her what she is talking about but she interrupts me.

    "I know you have it," she hisses," where are you hiding it?"

    "I do not know what you are talking about," I declare.

    "Liar. Now give it to me or I will have to do something horrible to you."

    "I do not know what you are talking about."

    "Now you will feel my wrath. From now on you will be the most hated thing in the world. Nobody will want to be with you."

    Then she left. I my mouth was open in horror.
    After that nobody ever came to visit me. Everybody hated me. My life just got worse and worse. I was miserable. I just stayed alone hoping that one day things would change...

  24. The Sad Sea Monster Named Sizzle

    Sizzle was a happy sea monster who loved to play love games. He’d marry the night writing bad romances with his girlfriend Stefani. Sizzle and Stefani were two happy sea monsters,so happy they could die. Stefani always told her friends about her little monster that she loved ever so much. Her friends didnt approve but she always told them that he was born this and she didnt care if they didnt approve. So her friends decided that they didnt like the attitude that Stefani was giving them so they needed to get rid of her. Stefani was not going down without a fight so she yelled “SHOW ME YOUR TEETH” at her friend Alejandro. Her friend Judas decided to pounce on her and claw her to death. But Stefani was a total Bad Kid so she put up a fight. She kicked and clawed until Alejandro kissedher his mouth full of poison totally captivating and incapacitating her. She passed away in a matetr of two seconds. Her friends realized what they did and fled before they could get caught. Hours later Sizzle found Stefani’s and wept for an hour before taking her to an electric chapel to help her soul leave her boody in peace. The chapel manager asked Sizzle a question but Sizzle was speechless he couldn’t even nod his head. Before Sizzle left he whispered in Stefani’s ear “You and I forever baby.” He then realized that he could no longer just call her up on his video phone anymore because she was gone forever. So he simply let love down. He had stay strong so he held a total pokerface. But he promised that he would stay on the edge of glory with Stefani. He felt her soul leave her body sending him a number of blueberry kisses him knowing that she would not be back. And that is why the sea monster was so sad.

  25. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster named Kevin, Kevin was sad because he had no friends. He had no friends because he was very small, all the sea monsters at school were big and strong, all except for Kevin. But then a miracle happened, one day when Kevin was swimming home from school he saw a lamp at the bottom of the ocean. this wasn't just a lamp but it was a jinni lamp, but Kevin didn't know that. So Kevin picked it up and brought it home. When he was doing his homework the lamp started to shake, Kevin was scared and didn't know what to do. All the sudden a blue man came out the lamp and said '' greetings sad sea monster, for I am the great jinni, you may ask for three wishes and I will make them reality''. Kevin already knew what he wanted an he said '' I want to be the biggest and strongest sea monster in the world''. ''That's all you want?'', asked the jinni, ''yes'' said Kevin. Before he knew it he grew and grew and grew until he the biggest sea monter in the world and Kevin became the most famous sea monster in his school.

  26. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster, he was sad because he has to breath oxygen every 2 to 3 hours. Every time he is about to catch is dinner he needs oxygen, every time he finds a new place to live he needs oxygen and forgets where it was, every time he goes to sleep he needs oxygen so he is always tired. One day he got feed up with always having to go up above water to breath so he decided to make a huge bubble of air to live in. He huffed and he puffed and blew a huge bubble to live in. The only problem was that it was so big the sea level went up and all over the world there were huge floods. The humans came to him and pleaded for him to pop the bubble. It was only when they told him that they would forever be in debt to him that he decided he would pop it. The next day he popped it. That was not a good idea the air in the bubble exploded outward making huge tsunamis everywhere. After that there were no more islands on earth.

  27. I was scared.

    I looked at her from a crack in the covers. Her big blue eyes fluttered at the Hunters. She smiled warmly as she asked them if there was something wrong.

    "Where is it?" one said.

    "What?" she responded.

    "You know what. The crown. Where is it?"

    "I have no idea what you're talking about. Really! Now, why don't you gentlemen stay for some sea--"

    "Shut up!" yelled another. "We know you know where it is. All signs led to this house, and we are not going to hesitate in the decision to kill you. Where is it?" Lily stared at them. For a second, I could see a hint of terror flicker in her eyes. But then that second was over.

    "I didn't do anything wrong and I don't know where it is. Now, I kindly ask you to leave my property!" she said in a controled voice. The Hunters looked at her without saying a word. Then, a rather large looking Hunter stepped forward with a large spear. His gigantic claws clutched to the wood of the spear.

    "Tell or I will kill you," he said in a thick accent. My eyes widened. I knew that the Hunters would kill her in a second if they wanted to, but first they wanted to get all of the information out of her as much as they could. Even if she did tell them were the crown was, they would sentence her to death for failed cooperation. That was just what the Hunters were like.

    Tears began forming in my big green eyes. I knew I couldn't do anything. My training was not remotely complete and I was still very small, not to mention the fact that the Hunters were trained killers and ten times bigger than myself. Lily studied them. Don't fight, I thought, it will just make it worse. Maybe, since Lily was so beautiful, they would let her go, if she would just tell them. Maybe I could tell them... no, I didn't even know, and they would just use me against her, like Hunters do.

    A large lump formed in my throat as I saw the largest Hunter raise his spear. No, no, no! I was about to cry out when I saw her defend herself, she hit her tail against the Hunter's and he fell to the ground with a thump. Maybe she could actually fight her way out! Lily smiled, but then I had to throw my fins against my mouth to avoid emmiting the awful cry that I would have otherwise let leave my throat.

    Lily doubled over, her fins clutching her stomach. Tears flowed from my eyes as I saw the spear's head that had gone through her stomach. Behind Lily was a tall Hunter, his helmet covering his face, but his eyes were visible. Small brown eyes. He held the end of the spear that had gone through Lily's body and pulled it out. Sparkly pink blood covered the head and part of the shaft. Lily fell to the ground, blood flowing out of the wound. I felt as though I was choking, two fins grasped around my scaly neck.

    The Hunter that had killed her turned her over with the head of the spear and smiled wickedly.

    "You're quite pretty," he said. "It's a shame that you didn't cooperate." Her eyes blinked slowly. The Hunter yelled and thrust the spear through Lily's chest. Lily gave out a loud groan before her body started to relax and go limp. My heart sank as I saw her eyes roll around in her head. Then she let out a last breath and I could hear the words that I knew were for me.

    "I love you."

  28. Once upon a time, there was a sad sea monster named Jill. He was a very ugly sea monster. He was so ugly that when he looked in a mirror, it broke. All of the other were mean to him and would not let him play sea monster games. Then one foggy Christmas eve, his wife came up to Jill. His wife's name was Carol. Carol was the only sea monster to ever love him. Carol said "YOU IS TOO UGLY. I is leaving you for your brother..."

    Jill began to cry. He was a very sad sea monster because even his wife didn't love him anymore. It was Christmas eve too, so now he's going to be alone on Christmas day. That is why Jill was such a sad sea monster.

  29. Once upon a time there was a tiny, green, sea creature named Bubba. Bubba's favorite food was tacos. Every Tuesday, Bubba and his friends went out for Taco Tuesday. Unlike his friends', Bubba would wait to eat his tacos for when he got home. One Tuesday, as usual BUbba and his frinds went to get tacos. Bubba's friend Momo, noticed a strange black, oily substance flowing around in the water. Nervous, Momo warned his friends and recommended that they throw away their tacos. The gang refused and scarfed down their tacos. The next day everyone in the gang except, Momo started to get stomach aches. Momo blamed the black, oily substance. All of the sea monsters groaned, and moaned as they heard voices of what sounded like humans. None of the sea creatures understood English except the oldest creature, Jim-Bob Boe. He overheard the humans rambling about the horrible oil spill that happened yesterday. The sea creatures all looked at each other in fear as Jim-Bob Joe informed the group on what the humans were talking about. After months of feeling ill, all of the creatures died so Bubba had no one to play with. So Bubba was a sad, sad sea creature.

  30. Once there was a little sea monster named Clyde. He was a new student at school, so he didn't have that many friends. Clyde was upset because he wasn't good at making friends he thought that they wouldn't like him. Susie was an awesome jellyfish. She was very kind and sweet. She swam towards Clyde, "Yellow!" said Susie.
    "Hi." Clyde said in a whisper. "I noticed your new here" she smiled. "Yeah." he frowned. "What's the matter?" she asked. "It's just that i'm new at this school and i don't have any friends." Clyde responed. "Well...I'll be your friend." said Susie with a smile. "What's your name?" asked Susie. "Clyde." he said. "What's yours?". "Susie!" she said. Clyde's sad face turned into a happy face. Susie and Clyde shooked hands then Susie stunged him. "Ouchhh!" screamed Clyde. "Oh my fish sticks i'm so sorry Clyde" The End

  31. Once there was a sea monster, her name was Asia Star, she was beautiful but Asia was sad. Asia's colors were starting to fade because humans were mistaking her for coral reefs.
    They were throwing there anchors into her, polluting her ocean with their human waste, and taking her fingers to sell them on the black market faster than she could grow them back. So Asia became a bleached sea monster...
    The other sea monsters laughed at Asia and told her the humans didn't like her because she was starting to die and they were not.
    As a last effort to try and save herself Asia wrote the humans a letter on the back of the statue of liberty saying that if the humans didn't stop unintentionally trying to kill her, she was going to die and her death was going to upset the balance of the ecosystem and soon all the fishes and sea animals were going to die without her!
    The humans responded effectively and soon Asia's colors were bigger and more beautiful than before!

  32. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster named Ollie. Most of the other sea monsters did not understand why he could be so sad when he had such a blessed life. You see, Ollie was the only son of the king of the sea monsters. He lived in a huge sea castle with a million mer”maids” and always had fresh jellyfish each morning. But his father was always busy and would never spend time with him. Actually the only thing his father ever talked to him about was how he had to start preparing to become king of the sea monsters. These conversations always made Ollie uncomfortable, for he was not ready to be king and just wanted to be a regular monster with a regular father who actually cared about what he did or said. So Ollie would always leave the house with a full stomach and a frown on his face.
    One day while Ollie was taking a swim he was stopped by an elderly sea monster. “Hello young sea monster,” the old monster said in a voice so low Ollie had to strain to hear it. “Good morning,” Ollie replied. The old monster pulled Ollie down to her height and began to whisper in his ear. “If you want your father to notice you make yourself seen.” She slowly began to swim away never looking back. Ollie was shocked. How had she known that his dad did not notice him or that he even wanted to be seen. Even weirder what did her little quote have to do with anything. Than it hit him like a smack on your fin. If he wanted to talk to his dad he’d have to start the conversations and if he wanted to play with him he would have to persist.
    The next morning Ollie got up earlier than usual and began to practice what he’d say to his dad at the breakfast table. It took a couple of tries but he finally figured it out. At 8:30 he swam down stairs. His dad was already seated at the table eating his squid. Ollie sat down and began his breakfast only to be interrupted by his fathers booming voice beginning again about how he should be preparing to be king. “You should start to study Ollie. You never know when my time will come,” he always began this way and Ollie hated how he could even think such thoughts. “I have actually arranged for Patricia to take you to the museum to help brush up your history of...” I don’t want to go to the museum, Ollie butted in. His father was surprised by his actions. “I was actually wondering if we could do something today,” Ollie was so nervous but his voice seemed to stay strong. “Ollie you know i am very busy,” his father trailed off. “How do you expect me to learn if I can’t even be around the king,”this confidence was overwhelming for Ollie but he kept going. “We are going to spend the day together,” Ollie finished. His fathers baffled face slowly turned into a grin. “Well done my boy,” he said sounding very pleased. “You sounded like a real king just then.” Ollie was delighted. From that moment on Ollie and his father tried to spend every single minute with each other. Now Ollie never left without a full stomach and a smile.

  33. Once upon a time there was a monster.He was very sad.The reason he was upset was because he missed the taco night.That was his favorite night of the year.But since he missed it,he missed chating with his friends and eating.Then a robot by the name grr was flying and saw the monster down below.Are you all right,grr asked.Well,it's just that I missed taco night with my friends and im really upset about it.Ohh,want to come to my taco party?Ok.After going to grr's taco party.The monster was really tired an fell asleep with a happy smile on his face.

  34. Once upon a time there was a sea monster.He was so sad because of his weight.Most monsters weighed about ten tons,he weighed forty tons.He was made fun of because on his first day of sea monster school he could not catch a paddle boat without paddles.Every other sea monster considered him as a failure.Teachers giving head starts so he had a chance but he wanted to earn it by himself.Though he did destroy ships before but not by catching them,one day a battle ship came by him they shot their canons at him instead of penetrating his skin the canons bounced right off him and hit the ship but was not able to eat the people .

    Then he decided if he wanted to earn the chance to get his first kill.He practiced every day swimming lifting huge rocks.Then one day after running he came upon a fish dealer(all the sea animals and sea monsters made deals only eat humans and plankton.)The dealer said "this fish will make you stronger,faster and leaner." The sea monster new how this would be cheating himself so he declined.after months of training he accomplished his challenge.He was so fast he could catch a sigaret boat,he was so buff when a canon shot at him instead of bouncing the canon ball cracked in half.His nick name at school was"lean mean killing machine."All the days of crying ended everyone excepted him as a sea monster.Though when you complete sea monster they can choose their own name.He chose the Kraken

  35. Once upon a time there was a sea monster named James. He was the king of the Pacific Ocean. He ordered all of the other sea creatures to do whatever he pleased. The octopus got him all the fish and seaweed that he wanted. The sharks cleaned his palace twice a day. The stingrays were his own personal band. Whenever he wanted o hear a song they played it for him.All the sea creatures of the Pacific ocean looked up to him,and adored him. He was a very nice king though, and paid them all 20 sand dollars a day.
    One day he was taking a walk down Coral Boulevard. He saw the most beautiful sea monster girl in the entire ocean. She was in the sushi shop,chatting away with her friend. He went up to them bravely. He said to her,

    ‘Hello, What’s your name? ‘
    ‘ Briana,Hello King James, what can I do for you today?’

    ‘ I just saw you sitting here, and I got up the nerve to ask you on a date!

    Briana had a huge crush on King James, and had posters of him hanging up in her room.

    ‘ Of course I’ll go on a date with you! Were do you want to go?’
    ‘ How about we have a date in the movie room? My shark maids can cook us fried conch and Calamari.
    ‘Sounds like a great plan to me!

    Briana rushed home with her friend Ashley and spent 2 hours getting ready. They tried on numerous dresses and skirts, tried so many different hairstyles, and re-did her makeup 6 different times. Finally when Briana was ready Ashley drove her to King James’s palace. They had a great time. They watched Harry Potter, Date Night, and The Notebook. Finally at 1 a.m Briana decided to leave and go home because Ashley was probably getting worried. King James walked her out to her car. Just before she could get safely into her car, a black bag was shoved over her and King James’s heads. They were thrown in some type of van. Briana was to scared to even scream.
    TO BE CONTINUED................................

  36. Once upon a time a sea monster named Jeff he was the strongest monster the ocean has ever seen all the girls loved him until one day. Every day people would compliment him and dream about him. He was the owner of the local football team and quarter back the Atlantic Monsters. The Monsters have won the past 4 fish bowls and he was awarded the MVM ( most valuable monster). His Best friend and he wide receivers name was Frank. Frank and Jeff spent almost every other day together. They would always go fishing or the would train together.

    One day Jeff was going to meet Frank over at the practice field but Frank never showed up. After a while Jeff went to Franks house to see if everything is OK. Once Jeff got to his house 4 cop cars were outside Franks house. Jeff ran to see what happened but the police wouldn’t let him in. Behind him was Frank’s wife Megan she was sobbing and had a box of tissues in her hand. When Jeff went over to see what was going on they slowly removed a body bag from the house as he started to walk over to Megan. Once he got over there he ask Megan if she could tell him hat was going on if she wanted to talk about it. And she told him “ He’s dead” in a very quite whisper. “ How? What happened?” He asked. She told him that Frank was cooking lunch and somebody broke the door down with a gun. And as soon as He went to get a knife he was shot. From this day on at every game the have a moment of silence in Franks remembrance. That year the monster didn’t win a single game but they always dedicated the games to Frank and he truly was the heart and soul of the Atlantic Monsters.

  37. There once lived a lonely and weak sea monster named Octo-Phillip. He was the weakest and smallest sea monster to have ever swam in the ocean. People made fun of him for his girls name and his scrawny little body. They called him a girl and said he was pathetic. So, after about ten years of the relentless bullying, Octo-Phillip set his mind on revenge.

    The very first thing he did was go to the sea monster building of All Things Important and changed his name to You-Better-Run. The next step in his plan for revenge was to go buy some really cool leather clothes and an awesome watercycle. It was a top of the line watercycle. One where boiling water shoots out of the exhaust pipes. Then he started lifting weights. By the end of the month, he had muscles that looked like they were about to pop out of him. Finally, it was time to go scare anyone who had ever made fun of him.

    Two years later You-Better-Run had scared every little thing in the ocean, not realizing that every living creature had made fun of him. Because of this, every where he went people winced at the look of him and fled in fright. Not realizing what a thorough job he had done, he realized he now had no one left to talk to. No one would stop to even walk past him. Whenever he went to the grocery store they would just tell him to take the stuff for free and to not hurt them. After a while, he got so sad and lonely, he finally gave up on life and just moped around. This is why the sea monster was so unfathomably sad.

  38. There lived a sea monster named Riley. Riley had it all, but one day that ended. He became very sad. Riley didn't want anything to do with life. At this point, you may wonder why, but no need to because i am going to tell you.
    Riley was the sea king. He had the life everyone wanted. Until a anonymous person, on purpose, spilled a lot of oil into his territory and there was no way out. Everyone was very sad especially Riley. Then, the next day Riley woke up, everyone disappeared. Riley became lonely and very sad. Then something happened.
    To be continued.....

  39. Once upon a time, there was a sea monster named Jack. Jack was very lonely. Jack’s parents were always busy terrorizing humans so that was out of the picture. Also, Jack had grown to big to tag along . If only he had a friend.
    One morning, Jack {as usual} was playing tick tac toe by himself in the sand. In the distance he saw a strange figure in the sand. Jack began to get scared. His parents always told him to stay away from sharks. to his surprise it was another sea monster! He came over and said a friendly hello. for the rest of the evening they played games. they became best friends.

  40. Long ago there lived a sea monster name Epicel. Epicel wan't always a sad sea monster. It started about four weeks ago when his parents had died. Unlike most sea monsters he was raised by fish. Everyday he would get ready for school and eat breakfast like everyone in the deep blue sea. He had lots of fish friends but no friends that was his kind. Epicel haven't noticed that he was the only sea monster at his school. He started to become sad knowing that he might be the only sea monster living. When he gotten home after school he asked his mom why there are no other sea monster's at his school. She look at him with a sad face and sat him down slowly telling him that he might be the only sea monster in the deep blue sea. He started to cry and ran to his room not wanting to come out. Epicel didn't believe his mom, so he left his home and sat a note telling his parents that he went out to find his birth mother and father or at last other's that was his kind. He swam for miles and miles tell he saw a sign saying "WELCOME TO SEA MONSTER CITY" with joy he swam into the city. Epicel saw many different kinds of sea monsters, short ones tall ones and many more. But when he went up to one they weren't really real, they where made of wax and all fake.

    "W-why aren't there any of my kind?" he asked with tears in his eyes.
    Epicel ran all the way home with tears and when he came into his house to see that both of his parents was on the floor dead. This made Epicel more sad then he was. Epicel was now a sad lonely sea monster. Tell this day Epicel lives in the deep blue sea all sad and lonely.
    The end

  41. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster living in the ocean. HE was sad because he wanted someone to play with but all of the other fish were too scared to play with him. Only the sad sea monster was very nice. The sea monster thought he was the last of his kind, After the devastating oil spill. But what he didn't know was that at the very deep end of the sea there lived a girl sea monster and she thought that she was also the last of her kind. Her name was Sally, she was very nice too. the sad sea monster went for a swim like usual but since he was so sad today he went a little further than usual and he got caught in a jet stream and was blown away into the very deep end of the sea. He went to look around around and when he went around the corner he bumped into the girl sea monster. They met each other and fell in love they always hung out, and were always together. THE END

  42. Once upon a time there was a sad sea monster but the thing is he really was not a sea monster he was just a little boy. This little boy lived in a neighborhood just like you and me. He liked to play sports, watch the Saturday morning cartoons, and he had a little crush on the girl next door just like any other little boy. Every day the little boy wanted to talk to the girl but he did not know how so every day he would throw his ball over the fence separating there two yards hoping to see the little girl when she went to pick it up. The only problem with this plane was that the little girls grumpy mother answered the door every time and with a grunt go get the ball. This continued for about a year then finally the mother lost it and turned the little boy into a sea monster. The little sea monster has been sad ever since living his days alone in the water.

  43. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster name Larry. Larry was sad because he wasn’t scary to the other sea monsters or to humans.The other sea monsters made fun of him because he wasn’t scary and it made Larry sad.All Larry wanted was to be scary. Unlike the other sea monsters that were big,gross and scary.Larry was small,scaly, havecute and looked more like an over sized fish.Also the other sea monsters had had black,yellow and red stained razor sharp teeth that were chipped and some of them were even missing,but Larry’s teeth were small and human like and were only yellow because he liked to eat seaweed,small fish,and other things he didn’t have to chew wile the other sea monsters like to eat whales,sharks,dolphins,and things that out up a fight.The other sea monster were also scarred and infected from the scratching themselves on the sunken ships they lived in,but Larry like to live in abandoned caves to risk harming himself in anyway. What hurt Larry the most was that the other sea monsters had names that sent chills up people’s spine like:Kraken ,Loch Ness Monster,and other names that the humans gave them which was an honor under the sea,but Larry didn’t have a threatening name and was stuck with Larry.All Larry wanted was to be scary.

  44. Once upon a time there was a really sad sea monster named Beef. He was grateful for having his best friend Grubbs with him, and the baby sea monster, Snarl. He found the bright green sea monster all alone, struggling to survive. But it wasn’t enough. They searched every square inch of the sea and didn't find one other sea monster or fish. They also began to starve. He had no food and without food, a sea monster gets really sad. The hunger started to control him and he started to go crazy. His mind was so cloudy he couldn’t understand what was happening

    That’s when he eat them. Beef eat Grubbs and Snarl, restoring his hunger. Over time he grew really sad because he lacked company. He couldn’t understand why there were no fish in the sea! He knew something was weird. Then he realized, how did he get there? He doesn’t remember how he got in this sea. As a weird figure approaches him and swoops down and picks him up, he immediately goes still, pretending as if he was just a toy.

    As Sally walked back into the bathroom to collect her three sea monsters she left in the bath, she was surprised to see only 1 sea monster. She took the sea monster out of the bath tub and gazed at it mysteriously. Where had the other ones gone? She didn’t see anything weird with the sea monster though. Just a toy right? she asked herself. Little Sally had no idea that the sea monster was actually alive.

  45. Once upon a time there was a little green monster who was made fun of because he loved to sing. He sung of the way how the world was so pretty with all of these different types of creatures. He made friends with everyone in the sea except his brother. His brother was jealous of his happiness and told lies to everyone. The little monster was sad. So what he did was write a song and sung of how much he loved his brother and wish he would love him back. The other monsters would join in from time to time. But until this day, the little monster's brother still hates him. Either way, the little monster sings every morning when he wakes up and every night as he goes to sleep. "I still miss my brother."

  46. Once upon time there was a very sad sea monster. His name was Randal, he was a very emotional sea monster and had trouble expressing himself properly. His family wasn’t necessarily the type to show love. The only person who truly understood him was his best friend Dan. That was the reason he was so sad. Dan was moving away. He felt scared of the future. He imagined himself dropping out of the school of fish and lying low around the coral reef.
    The next day he got up and started his new life. He decide to go for a jog. As he ran he saw someone drawling in the sand, he stopped to say hello. Looking up at him, he didn’t know it now, was his new best friend. Randal introduced himself and met Jack. And they would be friends for ever.

  47. I could hear it all the way at the dock high pitched wail. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I grabbed my tiny vessel and set out. The journey took a little less than a day but when I got to where the screams were I was dumb-struck. What stood in front of me was unbelievable. As I stared at the creature it stared back at me. What stood before me was a big green scaly sea monster, with lopsided eyes,and he was crying.

    He sniffles a bit and asks "A you here to hurt me?" "No" I reply "But I heard you screaming and I didn't know what it was, so I came hear to find out what it was" I say very timidly. "oh" He replied. "So why are you upset and crying?" "I just got bit by a turtle" sniffle sniffle "On the knee" Whaa "Well if it hurts that bad was it a big one" When I said that the sea monster cautiously picked up a turtle the size of a pea and it was that vivid green too.

    Sniffle Sniffle "It just burns so bad" Whaaa. And there goes the scream again. "Well why don't you try getting out of the water?"
    "Because the salt water is probably burning it." "ohh" he questioned. So with that he jumped out of the water man a huuuuge wave and I have never seen him again.

  48. There once was a sea monster who lived in the depths of the ocean. He came above water from time to time to watch what happened in the air, watch what happened on land, and, when food at the bottom of the ocean came in meager quantities, would go to eat. He lived a good life, and had no reason to be sad. He had many friends; fish, sharks, and any other strange creature floating about in his area he would know of.

    Everyone in the ocean knew of the sea monster. He was like the King of the waters. He ruled with a just hand and made sure everything in the kingdom was safe. But then, one night, a fish swam his way and told him of black waters near the bay. This night changed his life.

    When he swam to the area, long body pumping for movement, he realized the blackness was not water. It was oil. He knew this because of the horrific stories his father had told him before he passed away. It was followed by death. Always. And the little fish that guided him swam too far into the murkiness, and could not move. The sea monster shouted for the fish, but came with no response. Soon after, the little fish passed.

    So the sea monster was sad. None could enter the bay, the bay where humans had wreaked havoc. He was upset because of the death of his fish, and at the oil that didn't allow them to pass, and at the other animals who probably had their lives taken by it as well. And a big fat tear escaped his eye.

  49. Last week Barry was a very successful sea monster. He had a glamorous job as a lawyer at the 25 Sharks Firm (He was the first non-shark to ever be hired there. But he was good at his job and his clients didn't mind that he wasn't a shark.). His fabulous coral-view apartment was spacious and swanky. His on again off again thing with a beautiful she-monster was the perfect set up. But then the board of trustees at his job called him into the office and told him that he being laid off because of budget cuts. He lost his amazing apartment and was forced to move back in to his old cave and live with his crazy mother. His BMW was repossessed by the bank. His sometimes girlfriend moved to the Mid-Atlantic and married a younger more wealthy he-monster. He had no time to hang out with his old lawyer monster buddies anymore because he had to work multiple temp jobs in order to pay for a bicycle, so they all forgot about him. Now Barry is a very depressed sea monster.

  50. Once upon a time there was a sea monster sitting on a bench very sad. A policeman walked up and asked why the monster was so sad. The monster laughed and said that he had bombed his entire family and was about to bomb the world!!!!

    A voice called out from the back:


  51. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster. His name was Max. It all starts when he was a young sea monster. He had lots of sea monster friends but he wanted new kinds of friends. Max went out to search for friends.he found a ship,he went at it but."oh my god a sea monster." said a man."hi my names Max."the sea monster can talk too." The man stared to get weapons and stared to fired at the sea monste

    The sea monster stared to get scare." Stop, I'm not going to hurt you." said max. He warred to swim away."Kill that monster." Max got away and he stared to cry because he just wanted to make new friends but the humas think he is a monster that will eat them. Max thought and said" the only friend I can have are the same kind I'm am; sea monsters.

  52. Once upon a time there was a sad depressed sea monster. Why was he depressed you ask? It's because he isn't a sea monster!!! DUN DUN DUHHH!!!!!!1 He was a segul that ran into another bird and fell into the water filled with sea weed. When he found a mirror underwater he saw how RIDICULOUS he looked. He was all covered in green sea weed and it was so much that he looked like a circular figure. He must've had some kind of allergic reaction to the sea weed because one of his eyes was bigger than the other!! Then, to add on to his prblems, his wings were tangled up into the sea weed so it wieghed him down and he couldn't fly. So now, he's all out of breath and he's floated to the bottom to die. WAIT, miraculously he has grown gills. Now, he's all sad because he has no one to play with him or be his friend. He talks to the plants. They never respond though. Now he's a miserable sad, segul/sea monster.

  53. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster. Do you want to know why? It all started when the sea monster was a little boy somebody stepped on his toe. After that he just was mean and miserable. Now nobody likes him. So he's so sad and lonely but, miserable at the same time. But since he's so sad and lonely he just want to be miserable.

  54. Once upon a time there was a very sad sea monster. I all happened because all his friends started bulling him after he told him about his dad being a lobster. He should have never told them that now if he tries to mess with someone they always have that to go against him. Now he knows better than to tell people that are not that close to him that his father is a lobster and his mother is a beast.