Thursday, January 12, 2012

Picture This: Our School In Words and Images

The Brooklyn Bridge

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AP/Kathy Willens 


This week's blog post is inspired by a post from the Edublog Student Blogging Challenge. Using the skills we've been working on in writing our This I Believe Essays (word choice, including juicy details, using vivid modifiers and verbs) I'd like you to describe the five most important images you think best represent ICS.  Use this week's Achieve3000 article: "Here's My City: A Walking Tour" as a model.  The images you describe could be specific places, people, or objects: pretend you are holding a camera and take a picture for the reader.

We won't be including the actual snapshots you describe in your post, so try your best to include details to help your reader picture each of these scenes.  Think about what images would help someone outside of our school get to know our community and what we're all about.

**Remember to compose in a google document to back up your work and proofread for CUPS (Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation, and Spelling before posting**


  1. The first picture I would pick would be a picture of the front of the school. You know, like a picture of above the ramp with the name: Independence Charter School across the front of the photo. The second picture I would pick would have to be a picture of one of the classrooms. It would show the students working and having a good time. It would probably have to be a picture of a seventh grade class because I probably wouldn’t be able to get into another class. The third picture I would pick would be one of the school yard. I would pick this because recess is another part of the school day. It would probably be of kids on the playground, although middle school isn’t allowed on the jungle-gym. The fourth picture would be of the cafeteria. It would be of students in the lunch line, getting their lunches. The lunch people would be handing out lunches. The final picture would probably be of Naudain street. It would show some students coming out of the Naudain street stairs for dismissal.

  2. Independence Charter School.It's the best school ever!Just kidding it's not my favorite but its my second favorite.:)We are all about the learning.Each grade has a special topic to learn about each year.I can't remember precisely what the topics are but, they are still around the same idea, sort of.Well,Our school is pretty big.It has dark red bricks,with big doors in the front and a ramp on the side for people with disabilities.Because we, the people at ICS care.And we have our own little playground.It has a slide, swings and a spider web, and other little extra things.And we have a big place to play random games,like football, basket ball, soccer and much, much more!Now lets talk about inside the building.We have 4 floors,the ground floor, first, second and third floor.On the ground floor is were we have the cafeteria its big but not so big,it's sort of uncomfortable to sit in it.I feel like a sardine in a can!We also have the art room, fitness and movement room(it's like a gym but smaller and we have no treadmill nor anything else), a science room, music room, Arabic room and a global arts room.(Global arts is like a drumming class,with Arab drums)One the first floor we have the kindergarten,first and second grade.They are so small and cute!On the second floor we have the third fourth and fifth grade.Some of those kids are REALLY tall I feel so small even being in the seventh grade.On the 3 and final floor we have the sixth SEVENTH and eighth grade.I still feel really small when I'm walking through the hallway going to a different class.We have so many different classes!It's kinda hard to keep up with them.We have Arabic, English, Spanish, social studies(in spanish), global arts, science, two math classes, math problem solving and math procedures.The difference is that there are different math procedures.They are divided by how advanced you are in math.But everything else is by whether your enhanced or immersion.We sometimes have one class more than one time!There are four homerooms in each grade,and in each homeroom the kids are divided into two groups,enhanced and immersion.Immersion are the kids that have most of the classes in Spanish.Enhanced are the kids that have most of there classes in English.This school is a very good school.We have many programs to help every single kid, but, of course, we cant please every one,but we do our best.Our school is a bully free zone,all of us, well, more than 90% of us are friends.We care for each other and never let each other down,no matter what.And the teachers are really nice and try to help you as much as they can.So now you now about my school, ICS.Hope you are able to come to this school we are a great big family. :)

  3. Images I think could describe our community and our school are kids because, our school focuses on the students and how they perform in school. Textbooks for academics which is also important we focus on education it comes first. A heart to represent the love we share the passion that the teachers show that they care. The sun to show how bright we shine and the commun ities power and how much we have. A smiley face to represent the smiles that is shown on our faces which reprsents goodness and power.

  4. ICS could be described in so many different pictures, but we have to choose five. I would choose: 1) the yard, 2) the cafeteria, 3)the first floor, 4) the second floor, and 5) the third floor. The yard is always full of children. They can play in many different places. Like the playground for example, with its slide, climbing wall, and everything else. All the different colors drag children in to play in it. You can also play in the four square court, the basketball court, play soccer, or just hang around and talk .The cafeteria is even more full. It has plenty of tables, with plenty of kids sitting in their own little groups and having fun. On one side there is the kitchen, mostly the food is good. The cafeteria’s just a place to relax and have fun. The first floor is always exiting. From the first day of school were the kindergarteners get scared to second graders who wait until the day were they get to go up to the second floor and grow up. On one side there’s Dean Andreas office, and the nurses office. The second floor is also exiting. Children run around, and don’t have any worries. The second floor is the floor where you grow up but still have time to be young. It always has pretty pictures outside in the hallways that leave you staring. The third floor is without a doubt the best part of all. It’s always full of energy, weather its bad or good. Every thing is always bigger from the lockers to the kids. There’s always stress but you always have your friends to help you along.

  5. ICS can be described with so many different images. But I think if I could only choose five I would choose 1) the cafeteria 2) the first floor 3) the second floor 4) the third floor 5) the yard. The cafeteria can be a crazy place full noise but it can also be a place to have fun and be with your friends. The first floor can be full of memories, memories of you when you where just starting school. The second floor is full of kids waiting to go up on the third floor and feel like there the oldest kids in the school. The third floor is wild and can be full of chaos sometimes. The third floor in my opinion is the funnest part of the whole school. I say that because it's almost time for you to leave ICS and it feels good to know that you were able to achieve things and be able to get through every single grade. Finally the school yard, the yard is filled with kids running around. It's a great place to be with friends and play games with them. It also can be a place where kids can make new friends. Over all are school is a very good community and is a great place to learn.

  6. ICS has so many images that can describe it, choosing five is so hard. I would have to go with 1) the world map, 2) the roof, 3) the front of the school, 4) the yard, 5) cafeteria. The world map is a great way to show our school because our school tries to teach about many cultures. The map shows how divers our school is. The roof shows how we have a great location and also that we have kids con from all over the city and not just from one neighborhood. The front of the school because it gives you a good estimate of how big the school is. The yard is a wonderful shot with a new mural and it is just a place to relax with friends and hang out. They have a playground basketball court and just places to talk. Finally the cafeteria because it's just a place were you can relax and eat some food.

  7. If I had to describe ics in photographs I would choose to take a photo of the first floor. This is because it would show those with young children the enviroment that their young will be exsposed to. Also I would use a photo of the third floor because they will be able to notice the change and improvement of those who stay in ics that long. Another reason for the third floor is to show once again how we prepare our students for their next step in life. Meaning by showing them how you would help them make it to highschool. Another photo would be of the second floor to show the transaction between elementary and middle school. Of course a photo of the lunch room to show the enviroment their children would eat in. Also a picture of every special simply to show that although it isn't needed to have such priviledges as Arabic or music you give it to us. Because you feel as though we deserve it and that it will be a good exsperience for us. And at last a photo of the yard with a younger grade in the playground ,older in yard to show that even with different age we all treat each other the way we want to be treated and that us older kids will hopefully show good influences. And to show the pretty playground we have.

  8. Independence Charter School, a second home to everyone in ICS. We go there 5 days a week, and learn new stuff everyday. If I had to pick 5 photos to describe ICS and its history of 10 years, I would pick: a classroom, the yard, the hallways, the cafeteria, and the a globe. I would pick a classroom as one of my photos to describe ICS because ICS is a school where we learn stuff from all different subjects, everyday. The photo would have a teacher looking at the class but pointing to a list of adjectives and a couple of the students raising their hands while every one's paying attention to the teacher. The next photo that I would use to describe ICS would be the yard. I would pick the yard because every student in ICS goes outside to play basketball, play soccer, play tag or just talk and have fun. By this students are entertained outside and always have fun outside and being a kid with a break of learning. I would use the hallway from the third floor as my next photo because every student on the third floor goes through the hallways going to class in a rush, which always shows that ICS is a school that take things seriously but in a good way. With the hallways it shows lockers and students with smiles on their faces laughing at something their friends says. I would use the cafeteria as my fourth photo because lunch time is the best part of every ones day. We eat and laugh and sing and talk for 25 minutes. It gives us energy for the rest of the day. The last photo I would put would be a globe. I would pick a globe as my last photo because ICS is a international related school where we learn all different educational facts about the world we live in. Also everyone learns Spanish from Kindergarten until 8th grade and from 6th grade on, we learn Arabic so a globe is something used a lot in ICS.

  9. I can think of so many images that would represent I.C.S well, unfortunately I can only choose five!
    1) I would take a picture of morning arrival when students are coming from every direction by every type of transportation possible. It would show the diversity between students and show how important it is to us to get to school on time every day. It is always so crazy and hectic. It would be fun to see how different how everyone is and how we start our mornings.
    2)I would also have to include a picture of our school yard. It would show the students at their happiest time all getting along and having fun together. It would show who hangs out with who and what type of people do what with their free time.
    3)I would take a picture of an eighth grade class taking a test. It would show how hard we work. It would show that even though we can be insane during arrival and recess, we can pull it together and work really hard when we need to.
    4)Another picture I would include is a picture of our second language classrooms. People could see that our school values second language education.
    5)I would definitely take a picture of all the staff and parents working at I.C.S because it would show how involved all the adults are in the success of students. The parents and teachers should be appreciated just as much as the students, I think!

  10. We have a nice playground with a zip line, slide, swings, and a rock climbing wall. Right next to it there’s a huge mural of the world and all its cultures. We have a basketball court and a mini soccer field.
    Our cafeteria is a big room with a bunch of tables with benches. The food we get from the cafeteria is okay, and on Fridays there’s pizza.
    Our “gym” is a classroom with a bunch of sports equipment and jump ropes. Also the gym shares the room with the dance and movement room, so there are a bunch of pictures of dancers in it.
    We have a drumming room. It’s a small room with on the windowsills are a bunch of Arabic drums. There’s a smart board what we watch drumming videos on. It’s right next to the cafeteria so when we eat we hear people playing drums.
    We have an Arabic classroom as well. It’s a big classroom with a smart board and there’s a bunch of Arabic letters, words and famous people. Our tables there are set up to form the letter T.

  11. 5 pictures I would use to describe ICS are:
    1. A picture of the front of the school. It would show the front doors with children going in and smiling. There would be a couple of teachers their to meet them and they would be smiling too. This would represent how the students and teachers thought the school is a good school because they are smiling.
    2. The second picture would be of sign in English and Spanish that has the rules of ICS. This would represent how you learn 2 languages and the rules and expectations of the school for students.
    3. The third picture would be of the Arabic room. The smart board would be in the middle with Arabic words on it. The teacher would be next to it asking a question and some students would be raising their hands. This would represent that in the school we learn many languages and learn about different cultures.
    4. The fourth picture would be a picture of one of the posters with the mission of the school. It would show one of the ones decorated by students. This would show what the school is trying to do.
    5. The last picture would be of students in a honor role assembly. There would be lots of students getting certificates and smiling. There would be lots of students clapping as well. This would represent how hard the students work.
    I think all these pictures would represent ICS well.

  12. Choosing 5 ways to describe ICS is actually quite easy. The first picture I would take would be of D. Jurate. I would choose her because she is the heartbeat of this school. She spends the majority of her time improving and finding grants for this school. The second thing I would take a picture of would be the map on the 3rd floor. That is my second choice because this school is all about international diversity. To add on to that idea the map on the 3rd floor is especially detailed the most more so than the other maps on the second and first floors. The third thing I would take a picture of would be the assembly's that we have because all the kids are gathered in our beautiful yard and just looking at all the different kids is really amazing because there are many different kids with many different back-rounds. The forth thing I would take a picture of would be the waiting list outside the door of the front office. I would take a picture of that to show how many children wish to get into our school, it is amazing how many children want to. I even believe that the teachers have to had worked here x-amount of years before there kids can get into our school. And the fifth and final thing that I would take a picture of would be the quote outside in the school yard. I would take a picture of that because that shows how much we respect history. That quote was found in our building before it became our school building. To conclude those are the 5 things that I would take a picture of to represent our school.

  13. The first picture that I would show would be of the front office with Teacher Tracey and all of the people coming and going through the office to show that our school is always busy.
    The second one would be of the cafeteria with all of the students eating at the tables, smiling and laughing with their friends.
    The third one would be of the school yard when all of the little kids are playing in the playground and the big kids playing basketball and soccer near the parking spots.
    The fourth picture would be the new-edition stairway with the younger kids walking up on one side and the middle-school kids bounding down the stairs on the other side so that they aren't late for class.
    The final picture would be of the third floor during a 3-minute transition. A picture that summed-up all of the pushing and rushing to classes. The bustling through the crowds of red until you can finally breath again.
    The five pictures that I would use to describe my school are a picture of the front office, the cafeteria, the yard, the new-edition stairway, and a grand conclusion photo of the three minutes of third floor transitions.

  14. ICS could be described in so many ways from the teachers to the classrooms. the first picture i would choose would be a picture of the outside of the whole school to see the full view of our school. the following picture would be a picture of all the students walking to their next class. after i would put a picture of students in whatever class they have and working on their work. one of my other pictures would be the cafeteria with all the students eating their lunch and talking. finally my last picture would be all the students playing outside playing.

  15. If I had to choose only five pictures to represent my school I would choose 1)class rooms learning different languages. 2)The yard, 3)The busy halls 4) All the teachers and last but not least 5) a photo of the front of the old building and new building.
    I would choose a picture of the class rooms learning different languages because my school learns Arabic and Spanish. In the class rooms the room is covered in bright paper with pronunciations and “I need to go to the bathroom” in many languages. The teaches are tired but happy to teach us they are hoping we understand them. I wold put a picture of our yard because in the city yards and playgrounds in schools are not very big but ours is. It it black top all around with a basketball court, a stage, and a play ground. It has mulch around the sides witch gets everywhere.
    The busy halls shows how ‘over populated’ we are. It would also show that we are not afraid to get close. And that we all understand each other like family. We have nice big halls but not with everybody in them rushing to our next class not to be pronounced late by the loud bell. I would also show my teachers because without them things would be different. They choose every day to come in and be near us kids. It is one of the hardest jobs they don’t deal with phones or sit at a desk all day they listen to us, help us learn. Lastly I would choose a picture of the new and old building. My school changed school buildings a couple years ago and I would do a before and after scenario to show how far I have come and how far my school has come.

  16. I think ICS could be described through almost anything, except negative things, because this school has so many good things aboout it like the diversity, the languages, the more advanced opportunities that we have than other schools, so i would choose, the kids, but certain grades mostly the first floor to show how quickly they progress, the 3rd floor to show how we matured from then to now, the second would be the hallways with work on the walls to show how much we know, the third would be a teacher teaching and a kid raising their hand. a fourth would be, A picture of students who used to come here to show how much fun they had at the school. and the fifth would be all the kids and teachers, janitors etc. together because that shows how much of a family we are and how close this school is with each other. That would be my five images.

  17. If I could take but 5 pictures, I would take pictures of the entrance, the school yard, the cafeteria, students in a classroom working, and the devoted staff members. I would take a picture of the entrance because it displays the award ICS won, and the ramp for people with disabilities shows that ICS cares about every single student. I would take a picture of the school yard as well, because of the playground, the stage, the basketball courts, benches, a place to play 4-square, and a wide expanse to play football or soccer. I would take a picture of this because recess is an important part of the school day, where students can get a little break from school and can play games or stay with friends. Thirdly, I would pick the cafeteria because lunch is, of course, another very important component of the school day. The picture would show kids receiving lunches, and the staff graciously handing them out. My fourth picture would be of students working diligently in a classroom, to show the students here, at ICS. And lastly, I would take a picture of the devoted staff members, who made ICS come to life, and whom take care of, teach, or run the school.

  18. Our school could be described in many different ways with pictures but here are the five. 1.) Our classrooms to show people where we learn and our work space. 2.)The playground to show all the kids where we get to hangout with our friends and all the kids playing on the swings showing the bright colors and the smiles on the kids faces. 3.) The Arabic and Spanish room to show the different languages we learn at ICS. 4.)The special rooms so people can see the different classes we have and that we don't just have Math Science and English class. 5.)The front of the school so they can see the sign that says Independence Charter School.

  19. The first picture I would describe would be the first floor. Every time you walk through the door your eye are blasted with colors and words. Everything from poetry to self portraits hang the walls. Little voices fill your head surprising you with how soft or hard their voices are. The second picture I would describe would be the library. A small room but crammed with shelves and shelves of books. The scent of crayons and paper always hang in the air. I would describe the yard. Our playground is as colorful as a clown. Purple slides and green railings. The walls that are behind the playground are covered in murals. We have trees to give us shade and benches to let us relax. The fourth thing I would describe would be the art room. It had always smelled like paint. It had racks and racks of art supplies. A white board hung on the front wall. The last thing I would describe would be the lunchroom. When you come into the lunchroom your slapped in the face with the smell of whatever they're cooking. Long tables fill the center of the floor. Large trashcans are put in each doorway to make sure we throw out our trash. Those are five pictures I would use to describe I.C.S.

  20. I would choose an apple with an arrow going through to show a students technique and skill.
    I would choose an atom to show a teachers intellect.
    I would choose a teddy bear smiling to show how comforting the staff are.
    I would choose an ear to show how attentive the students are and how much the teachers listen to opinions.
    I would choose the playground to show how much fun we have.

  21. To described ICS with photos it will be the third floor because its crazy and has a lot of students.the yard is fun because it big but no so big and you can see a lot of students playing something.the bathrooms are o.k sometime it will be fun because sometimes a lot of students will be there at the same time.the class rooms are always fill with students.the teachers always teaching.the teachers are great they help you with homework.

  22. To describe this school with photos there would be a small gym room when its not really a gym.There would be a huge line for food because there 15 min. lunch lines.Also small portions of food because we have a really small amount of food and it also has to look unappealing to most of the kids

  23. The first picture I would describe would be the art room. It would be a picture of a small gallery room from an art museum with plenty of drawings surrounding the walls. And besides the art there would be little artists working on other drawings. The second picture would describe the playground. It would be a picture of a playground with play equipment with kids of all ages running around playing and laughing. This would represent our playground because that's how our playground is. The third photo would describe the third floor when the bell rings. It would be a picture of a rock concert. This picture would relate with the third hall because as soon as the bell rings it becomes loud and chaotic just like a rock concert. The fourth photo would describe the cafeteria. It would be a picture of a couple of babies eating. This picture relates to the cafeteria because by the time a grade gets done eating lunch there's always a mess somewhere. And the fifth photo would be a couple of music notes. This describes our Global Arts class where we learn how to play the Egyptian drums.

  24. I would describe I.C.S with images as. a big school building, crowded hallways when the bell just ring.Kids interacting with each other also in classrooms kids are focused. Well not all kids are focused,sometimes you will hear them getting off topic. But then get right back on track. 5 minutes later back of track but doing there work at the same time. I will also describe I.C.S as a place that has a lot of groups. What I mean is that everyone is in a group. that's always sit together at lunch. Always hanging with each other and not anyone else. I will also describe I.C.S features as Jolly Ranchers, because the school is so colorful and bright.

  25. To describe ICS I described the third floor hallways it's very crowded during transitions. I also described the kids in ICS very friendly . I described the teachers and the students very helpful towards one another. I described ICS as a very creative school especially when we have things like survivor challenge. Last but not least I also described ICS as a strict school especially when a kids is being bad or is breaking the rules.

  26. If I were to describe ICS with images, these are the ones I would pick.
    1) A picture of a smiling teacher leaning over a student, helping them. I would choose this image because the teachers at this school are very devoted to their students and are always gladly able to help. The teachers are one of the best things about this school.
    2) A small kindergarten student beaming at a paper with a A on it, every question answered correctly. His/Her mouth is spread in to a wide grin, teeth showing. This is important because the students here at ICS are always learning new things and are very skilled.
    3) A child on the playground, caught in the act of brushing dirt off of his/her clothes, in the middle of getting up after a nasty fall. This to me shows how the students and teachers and staff never give up. Everyone at ICS is always trying their best and when they have nasty falls, like the budget cuts for example, they always bounce back.
    4) An overhead shot of a table in a middle school classroom. The students all have their heads bent, pouring over books. This is important because our school is always trying to promote reading and we do many activities, such as IDR or core book reading, to help build vocabulary and other skills.
    5) A picture of the 8th grade graduation class, most of them teary-eyed about levying ICS and their friends, yet happy to have accomplished so much. This shows the achievements of not only the 8th grade, but it stands as a symbol for the whole ICS. Students accomplishing big things, like graduating from 8th grade, and moving on to bigger things in the future, like high school. That is how I would show ICS.

  27. 1)I would get a picture of a teacher teaching, meaning that we learn in this school.
    2)I would get a picture of us in the fitness and movement room doing..Fitness, to show that even though we have to learn all day; we still need to stay fit.
    3)I would also get a picture of the school yard to show that even though we have to always work that we do sometimes...have fun.
    4)I would get a picture of the lunchroom showing how nice we keep it.
    5) And last I would get a picture of the whole school

  28. The first image i would use to describe ICS would be the mural because it shows how despite our differences we come together as a fmaily. The second image I would use to describe ICS would be the honor roll assembly.Because it shows how hard we all work.The third picture I would use to describe ICS would be us during recess because it shows how despite all the hard work we still have a lot of fun. The fourth picture I would use to describe ICS would be some student working on a project such as NHD because it shows how great we work together,and how creative we can be. And the fifth and final picture I would use to describe ICS would be us in the lunchroom chatting and laughing because it shows how we are all a family. :)

  29. The first picture I would to describe ICS would be a picture so a poster or a paper with different languages because not only do we learn different languages but there is a lot of different diversities in our school. The second picture would be two students working because when it comes to class work or projects we all work hard. The third picture would be a friendship bracelet or a best friend charm neckless to show how over the years we have became really good friends and stand up for one another. The fourth picture would be a teacher teaching a class of a mug that says #1 teacher to represent the nice and caring teachers we have. Even though we some times play and mess around in their classes they help us understand things and are only trying to teach us stuff so we can be successful. The final picture would a nutrition chart to show how the members of ICS try to keep us on the healthy side. Also the picture might be food because the cafeteria staff makes the food instead of giving us gross, nasty already made food that com in plastic bags or boxes. These are my pictures I would use.

  30. When I think of ICS the first thing or place I think of is the third floor because all of the drama and stuff going on. The second picture I would describe is all the homework I'm prepared to get and not want to do it but end up doing it. The third picture that describes ICS for me is the yard and the fun we have playing all sorts of games. The fourth image that come to my head with ICS is study hall in Tr. Rich's room where I can catch up on all my homework and projects. The fifth and final image that comes to my head about ICS is gym class although I wish the room was bigger. I like gym class because its fun and I can get lots of energy out and it's my last class on wednesday before I end the day. Those are my images that describe ICS.

  31. Ics, when you walk in feels warm. Later on the temperature starts to go down. It feels like being in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Like the cold water the people from Titanic died in.

    When you walk to the gates, you feel safe. You feel like no one can hurt you when you're in school. It feels like no one can hurt you. The pain goes away.You forget about your problems and think about your future. It feels safe because there are people and methods of keeping you safe.

    The cafeteria, a place with food. You have different choices everyday. There's salad, a sandwhich, and a hot lunch. The food is pretty good. The chocolate milk especially. It's a good beverage healthy and tasty. It tastes like melted chocolate ice cream. It goes into your mouth onto your taste buds directly to your stomach acid.

    3rd floor, the floor with all 6th, 7th, 8th graders. The halls are nice and quiet. Well, at least when the bell rings. When the bell rings, everything gets crazy and loud. It feels like you’re in a stampede. Sometimes it gets so crazy people start pushing. But Of course no one gets hurt. It can be fun.

  32. If I had to choose 5 photos to describe our school the first photo I would choose would be the school yard. The small playground that is more often than not filled with screaming kids. The twisting brick path with names of students, of the present and the past, moms, dads, grandparents, and loved ones we have lost. the blacktop where the boys run and sweat playing basketball. The stage and picnic benches. It may not be the biggest but we built it and its ours. It shows at I.C.S. we are hard workers. Next I would choose a picture of the first floor hallway. It's always covered in colorful art, that we made, and rushing children. We are a very creative school with a great arts program.
    The third photo I would choose wold be the Arabic room. The walls covered in a language foreign to most. Our school is very much about the different languages. The fourth photo I would choose would be of the staff, because without them there would be no school. They are all different people with different ideas that make our school a great place to go. Lastly I would choose a picture of a classroom. Just regular classroom. With work covering the walls and kids filling the seats. It shows that even though our school may be different from other schools in many many ways, in the end we are just a regular school. Those are the 5 photos I would choose each one with a different reason why.

  33. The first picture I would have would be an image of the cafeteria with everyone in it. The yelling and eating. It would stand for the size of the school and how we have no conflicts. My second image would be one of a kindergarden immersion class. All the little kids copying down how to say cow. It would show how, even at a young age, we submerge the students in a new language. My third image would be one of the school yard during friday recess. All the seventh graders throwing around the football. I would do this to how how we all have the ability to play and we have freedom. My fourth image would be one of the back of the school after school. All of us chatting at the back of the school. It would show how we are all so comfortable around the school and are all friendly. The final picture would be of students in Tr.Rich's class. It would show how we are all also diligent and hard-working students.

  34. Choosing 5 photos to describe ICS is quite easy in my opinion. I would start with a picture of the whole building first to show people what our school looks like. The second picture I would pick is a picture of all the staff because of their love and caring for all the students. They encourage us to never give up, to never make fun of ANY religion, to respect people for who they are, and that's what makes our school special. The third picture I would take would be a picture of the world with people from different countries standing around it holding hands. I would take that picture because ICS is about family and learning about other religions, and being friends with everyone if they have a different religion than you. The fourth picture I would take is a picture of the SLANT and TAGS posters because every teacher in school uses those posters to teach students the right way to pay attention and write a paragraph, and I think that's pretty cool. Who knew a simple word could mean so much! Now the last picture I would take would be a picture of kids laughing, playing talking, or having fun together because it shows people that ICS is a fun community, and we make teaching fun and exciting. Those are the pictures I would take because they are all big parts of our ICS community.

  35. Our school is a very diverse and indpendent. FInding pictures that described ICS' individuality was challenging, but I came to this conclusion:
    1)The first floor where the younger children begin their ICS experience.
    2)The ICS logo (apple on podium)
    3)2 children holding hands
    4)The teachers working with the students
    5)NHD stuff that the 7th and 8th graders have been working so hard on.

  36. 5 pictures I would use to describe ICS are the lunch room and the food because they're always kids in there. The second floor because it has lots of future middle scholers like us. The first floor with lots of very young kids. The third floor because its filled with students my around my age. Finally, the recess area since it hbas a playground and it's a fun place.

  37. The first picture I would include is of the front of ICS. The great brick walls tower over everything, and the giant Independence Charter School sign towers over everything. The second picture I would include is of the yard. I would include the yard because a lot of schools don’t have the privilege of a yard therefor I'm grateful for having it. It also has a beautiful mural booming by the gigantic playground, making it a ideal spot for a picture. Next I would include the 3rd floor because it shows the most mature of our school. This is were all of the older kids learn, and this floor shows of most of what ICS has to offer because of all of the intelligent middle-school kids on this floor. After that I would choose the first floor because it demonstrates how talented the young kids are. With all their magnificent work beaming on the walls, it gives a nice feel to ICS. It is also nice to see all of the little kids walking around. Finally I would choose the cafeteria. This is mine, and most of the other kids favorite part of the day. Why not include it?

  38. The first picture I would use would be the hallway on the third floor in transition because it shows how many kids go to ICS. The second picture would be of the playground, basketball court and four square because it shows everyone gets along together and have fun. The third picture I would take is the cafeteria because it shows all of the kids are well fed. The Fourth picture would be the front of the building where it shows the certificate we got because it shows that the kids are well educated. The final picture I would take would be all of the staff in one picture to show that there are plenty of people to help you if you need it.

  39. Thinking of five photos that represent ics is easy so here they are.
    1. A photo of the hallway on the third floor when the bell rings to show how chaotic we can be when trying to get to our next class.
    2. A photo of the people at the front desk to show the people who have to deal with silly kid questions and buzzing a door open every five minutes the people who we should appreciated more.
    3. The bathrooms would be my next photo to show a quick escape for students to get away from their studies.
    4. The lunch room would be the next photo to represent the time we can spend with friends and finally eat after a long morning of work.
    5. Finally I would show a photo of my homeroom to show how every ones day begins.

  40. I chose this image because it represents the fact that our school is peaceful. It shows that we do not allow fighting and are against it. My picture is the earth in the form of a peace sign. I chose this image because it shows that our school is about the freedom of people. Everyone at our school deserves freedom and we receive it. We have freedom of speech and the freedom to write. My picture is a mural of people holding up picket signs with freedom written on it. I chose this picture because everyone who leaves Independence Charter School leaves a star. My picture is of a star. I chose this picture because it shows that our school is multi- racial and has many different races and cultures in it. My picture is of a handshake between a white person and a African- American. The fifth also has to do with our school being multi- racial. We have many different kinds of people at our school that come from many different back rounds. My picture is the 2011 school yearbook cover. It is of a world with many different people standing around it.

  41. To describe our wonderful school ICS I would take a picture of a clown balancing countless things on his head, fingers and toes while balancing on a ball to show how we do so much and are so talented and inspire awe in everyone who visits but we still have fun doing it... most of the time.
    I would choose a dove to show how we mature in our “nest” of a school and then fly away prepared for the outside world. The dove is also a sign of peace which is a very powerful subject in our school.
    I would also picture a globe with many people holding hands on it to show how many people we have who support world peace. The globe also relates to our motto ‘opening worlds of opportunity’ and it represents our diversity.
    I would even go as far as to say that we empower so I would show a fist with a bunch of muscles. The fist also symbolizes how we fight for diversity and equality for all.
    Finally, I would get a picture of a really long maze with complicated twists and turns with a guy in a bulldozer going through it to show how the teachers help us a lot in getting past challenges such as the PSSA’s and other tests like that.

  42. ICS can be described by many pictures, but the 5 I’ve chosen are, 1) Our mural, 2) The playground, 3)The classrooms, 4)The hallways on the 3rd floor, and 5)A ear. I would pick the mural because, it shows a community working and living together in peace despite their race or color of skin. That mural is us because we all work together in peace as a community, even though there’s different races and color of skin. Sometimes we have our bad times, but we pull through them together. I would pick the playground to described ICS because, it shows that kids loves recess. We all love school, but sometimes we need a break from work. The only break we get is at recess. We always love to go to recess, but not as much when it’s cold. I would pick the classrooms to describe ICS because, in the classrooms you will see students at work. If they are allowed to work in groups, you’ll see the students working in groups peacefully most of the time. I would pick the hallways on the 3rd floor to describe ICS because, on that floor every period there’s traffic. It’s like rush hour in New York City because there’s a lot of noise, and it takes forever to get in and out it. If you can dip though it, you’ll get though the hallway crowd with no problem. The last image to describe ICS is a ear because, it repersents how much the teachers listen, and how much you need to listen to them. You always need to listen no matter who’s talking, because it could be important to you. These are the 5 images I would use to describe ICS.

  43. The pictures that I would take would be:
    I would take a picture of the front office in the morning I think this because I think it shows how people are so devoted in their work and how much they love it too. Also there would also be some kids coming in.
    I would take a picture of the yard I would showing all the little kids having fun and enjoying themselves.
    I would take a picture of a classroom on the third floor there would be kids raising their hands or writing words down or even discussing with the teachers. So then you can how much the the kids are involved in the work and class.
    I would also take a picture of the mural because it shows how diverse this school is and how mixed we are.
    Lastly I would show the big world map we have in the lunch room to show that we are always open to new places and we learn new things about different countries each day from their past and their present and we how we always think about the future.

    These are the five photos I would pick.

  44. Five different places that i would pick to describe at ICS are 1) the busy hallways on the third floor because there is always something exciting going on and some days it's very busy, but some days its just right. 2) The classrooms because there all different in many good ways and it's always a good atmosphere. 3) The yard because you can see lots of student outside having fun and enjoying themselves. 4) The teachers because they are there when you need help and they make class fun. Last but not least 5) the cafeteria because it's where student get to calm themselves down before class and talk to their friends at lunch time. Those are the 5 places i would choose.

  45. Here are five images to discribe ICS.1)The yard.We had so many assemblies there are we play there every day.2)The lunchroom.We get to eat lunch there and have some down time with your friends.3)Our grade the 7th grade.our grade puts some spark in the school.Without our grade,the school wouldn't be the same.4)The 3rd floor.Everyone on the 3rd floor is always on the move.A bunch of people get into a big clump that you have to push through.5)The friendship that we all share.We all have friends in the grade that we hang out with.That shows how we all are connected.

  46. To describe ICS, I would use a mural that i see alot on 29th and Wharton in South Philly. It's a whole bunch of hands of different races and ethnicities all joined together as if being in on a team. I think it shows the differences of the people at ICS and i think it shows the diversity of ICS. My second picture would be a before and after picture of a blooming rose to show how the students of ICS have grown and improved over the years. My third picture would be a giant teddy bear that's offering a hug, to show how caring and comforting ICS' staff and students are to one another's needs and problems. My fourth picture would be the first floor because of all the color nd excitement on the first floor. The first floor is always colorful and full of life and excitement. My fifth picture would be of a family all together in a picture to show the bond we have between us and how we care for each other as if we really were family.

  47. To describe ICS with pictures fist I would take a picture of the third floor because all of the craziness goes on. People pushing shoving trying to get to class. The school yard too because that's where all of the action is. Kids talking or just hanging out or maybe even playing some sports. The wall with the mural on it because it shows how all kinds of people can be together. The cafeteria because it's where we all sit with our friends and eat. We eat different things but we eat together. Now last but not least my last picture would be a picture of the ground floor because it shows most awards we've all gotten together. It also shows a lot of art work from the lower school art classes. So that's my five pics I would choose.

  48. The first of five images I would use to represent ICS is a picture of all the staff, deans, ceo's, and the principal, to represent what they did and sacrificed for our school. And how much they care to stay at ou school. The second of five images to represent ICS would be a picture of the kids, all the kids in ICS to represent the existent of ICS because you can't have a school with out any children to teach. That would be just silly. The third of five images I would use to represent ICS would be a picture of our beautiful building to represent our encouragement as a school toward our school. And how diverse it is. The fourth of five images to represent ICS would be a picture of some of our outstanding work to represent what we achieve when we put commmitment into our work. Also how much effort we put into ou work. And our last but not least the last picture would be of me because I feel as though in my own opinion I am a very good representation of ICS. Im very appreciative towards our school and that means a lot in my eyes.

  49. Are photos a good way to learn about a place? I think that it depends on the photo and it depends on the description. If the description of a confusing photo isn't very good, for example, there wasn't a very good use of details, then a photo may not be the best thing to learn aboout a place. If the photo is either confusing or simple, but the description is very good, then I think that you can learn a lot about that place. Indepence Charter is an excellent school, but it does have some faults. One picture that I would use to describe ICS would be a photo that has several kids, standing in a line, wearing the same exact dull gray uniforms. This picture would show the limited creativity and independence we have in how we dress at our school, since we have a strict dress code. The second picture would close up on a light brown desk, that was overflowing with high stacks of white paper. This photo would show how we have to do a lot of school work and homework in ICS. The third picture would show a teacher standing next to a confused student, and pointing to something in the students work, with a smile on his/her face. This picture would show how much the teachers care about the students in ICS and how much they are willing to help them. A fourth picture would show a thin booklet with the words "Unecessary" and "Stress" written in big red letters on the front. This picture would show how us students have to take the PSSAs every year, but how to most students (and maybe even some teachers and parents), it is an unecessary test that only causes panick and worry. The fifth and final picture would show a tall black gate. This picture would show how most students pass through this gate every morning, so they can start the school day.

  50. ur school logo represents us because it shows who we really are. ICS shows that we’re school that trys to be are best and put our all in proving who we’re.

    A smiley face represents ICS because our teachers always try to make us feel better when we are feeling down. They try to cheer you up and make you feel as you want to feel.

    Red and Blue represents us because that is our uniform colors. It shows we really care about who we’re.

    ICS represents a timeline because we have so much history of how far we came along with all of our friends.

    ICS just represents ICS because we’re who we’re. We will not bring nobody down or will not let anybody bring us down. If they do we just get back up and be ourselves.

  51. I would have a picture of a computer because it describe how much we work on our projects.
    I would have a picture of an math equation because it describe how much we know math.
    I would have a picture of students to describe how many active kids we have.
    I would have a picture of actives because we have lots of games and creative things in ICS.
    I would have a picture of teachers to describe how well they teach us.

  52. Some image ideas would be, the front of the school
    (but sure to show the sign). Another idea would be the front office. a image of 2 classrooms would also interest people. And lastly, a image of kids playing in the playground.

  53. When I see the front office I see people working to make this school the best it can be. When I see the classrooms, I see the work of education effecting the classroom in a very acceptable way.
    When I see I see the cafeteria, I see kids happily eating great foods, some people don't like, some they like, and some bring their own.
    When I see the principle, I see a excellent role model for most of the kids here in our school.
    And lastly, when I see our school, I see a wonderful place for many kids of many types, colors, and personalities.

  54. I would first take a picture of The Homerooms. To show the diversity we have in ICS. That we have children of all races and religions
    Then I would take a picture of the classes. The Variety of classes and the Variety of classes.
    Third, I would take a picture of the classmates themselves and the brotherhood between all of us.
    Fourth, the yard and all of the kids playing together and resembling a perfect example of teamwork.
    Last, the hallways of people rushing to get to their classes laughing all with smiles on their faces

  55. when i walk off the bus i see the school and i see people walking to school and kids getting off the school bus and teachers getting out of their cars when i see the school i see bricks and that it need some work on the brinks and when oi go in the school i see a lot of pipes on the ceiling

  56. the first things i would take a picture of is the teachers and say what they do for us and how much they care about education and how much they want us to learn.
    the second thing i would take a picture is how the school looks and how people feel safe and how they care how much we feel safe in our school.
    the third picture i will take is each classroom and how they look because we have lots of information on our walls and how we not like other schools .

  57. The pictures in the school is very nice. The school 5 photo in my mind is that the school is made of all brick .Second photo is that we can see all the student get off of their buses. Photo 3 seeing the play ground so crowded with ics students.Photo 5 you see the cooks making break feast for a little bit of people in the cafeteria.The school is okay to many student with some teachers are mean and other are mean and strict.Also the school gives you chances from the take a break to get expel and the school it isn't easy to get in the school.

  58. 1. Being in ICS is kind of like holding hands while forming a circle and everyone smiles and laughs… all the while every other person is pinching the hand of the person next to them. Because everyday the order of the people you are standing next to changes, you never know if you are the one about to get pinched. (A large group of young children all holding hands and wearing forced smiles.)
    2. It’s sort of like living with your entire family. Including what’s-their-faces your fourth cousins who you don’t really know or really get along with. (Three children looking perplexed at an endless amount of people in the same building.)
    3. Going to ICS is like attending an assembly (to which it was made clear that you had to be on the list to get into) and then sit through hours and hours of the person giving the assembly complain about you and your peers. (Very strict looking stick of a woman talking to a crowd of half-asleep bored stricken people.)
    4. It’s like being given birthday presents only to open them and find that your gift really has nothing to do with you, your likes, wants, or needs but knowing that the person who gave it to you spent hours picking out the perfect thing to give you. (Boy opening presents surrounded by smiling people and getting ribbons and flower earrings as presents.)
    5. But once in a blue moon it’s your favorite ice cream. (Girl holding a blue moon ice cream cone with a questioning, look on her face.)

  59. Once upon a there was a very sad sea monster that I encountered. I was on my boat heading across the ocean to save the princess. The sky was dark and cloudy causing the ocean to become an unbearable ride. The small boat was rocking back and fourth as the huge was crashed against the boat has if having a game to see how long it would take till the boat flipped over. I wonder was causing this horrible storm. My boat steadily moved across the raging ocean, when I heard cries. I moved towards the noise. Then I see in the middle of the ocean I see a huge sea monster thrashing its tentacles, which seemed to create the huge waves. Big tears fell from all three eyes of the monster. I sailed closer. "Oh great sea monster what is wrong with you?" I yelled loud enough. It stopped thrashing about and suddenly the huge waves also stopped and the sea was still.
    "Who are you?" The sea monster questioned.
    "I am nothing but a human named Tyler, trying to save the princess. Why are you sad."
    The sea monster got closer to the boat. "Well Tyler I am sad because me and my other sea monster friends were hanging out. When the mean sea monster Jake came over and started annoying us. He was like I'm way cooler than you. So I was like no you are not and we got in to this big argument." He looked up into the dark sky as if seeing the flashback.
    { Flashback in sea monster's point of view }
    "I'm way cooler that you." Jack said pushing me back.
    "No you are not!" I yelled.
    "Yes I am and I can prove it."
    "Prove it then!"
    Jack slowly pulled out a sliver object from his bag. "This is a fork. A human fork."
    Every one except me gasped in amazement. The thing is that is you ever found a human object you were consider lucky and cool. But it was hard to find human objects giving we all lived in the ocean and humans live on land.
    "So it's just a fork. Wow." I crossed two of my many tentacles.
    "Whatever you're just jealous. bet you couldn't find anything better." Jack taunted.
    "Bet I can." I said in a some what tough voice.
    "Fine. You have until sun down." The jack and his mean followers left.
    { Flashback is now over }
    "I've been searching for hours and I still can not find anything!" The sea monster whined. His eyes beginning to water. "Maybe I am just a loser."
    "No you are not." I called out to him before he began to cry.
    "You think so?"
    "I know so." I smiled."How about I help you." I looked around my small boat grabbed a bag and began to fill it with things like shoes, spoons, pieces of clothes, and other things that are some what valuable. I held the bag up. "Here you go."
    The sea monster smiled brightly, showing off thousand of razor sharp teeth. He grabbed the bag with one of his tentacles. "Thank you! You are so kind!" The dark sky became full of light.
    "Your welcome. Now I must be off to safe the princess."
    "Okay. But let me help you." With one strong push my boat was speed in across the sea faster than lighting. "Good bye sea monster." I called out. He waved bye, then slowly disappeared under the water. Now I was of to safe the princess. But that's another story.
    THE END!!!!

    1. I like the story and the dialog but you replaced the word "save" with "safe"

  60. •I.C.S looks like a child on Christmas eve so anxious and naive
    •I.C.S seems like a neighbor hood community that is close together
    •I.C.S is like a state with its own language and words
    •I.C.S is like a child's face after ice cream still want more at the end of the day
    •I.C.S seems like a snow story and you have school off it is all the fun and no learning