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Finally...Introducing Six Word Memoirs from the 7th Grade!


Your Six Word Memoir videos are finally here (with the help of several student video-editors - thank you!).  After you watch and enjoy each class' final videos, please respond to the questions below.  This week's blog commentary has three parts:

1)  Type your Six Word Memoir using quotation marks, just like this: "To Make Fire: Fuel, Friction, Faith."

2)  Is there a story behind your Six Word Memoir?  If so, tell it using details and description that support your memoir.  If your memoir is more of a personal motto, then finish this prompt: I am someone who... 

  • Who are you?  
  • What are you passionate about?  
  • What can't you live without?  

Your response can be unrelated to your memoir if you like.  For this week's post, please be honest, personal, and creative!

3)  Shout outs: which memoir  (other than your own) stands out to you and why?  What do you like about it?  You may choose a memoir from your class or from another class to shout out.

Tr. Lacey's example:

1.  "To Make Fire: Fuel, Friction, Faith."

2.  I am someone who believes that our failures often teach us more than our successes.  When I was twenty-four-years-old I went to live and work in the Utah desert as a wilderness instructor for "troubled teens."  Although I was already an experienced backpacker, I was required to learn many additional skills that were new and unfamiliar to me, so I could then in a few weeks time turn around and teach them to my new students, many of whom who had never spent any time outdoors.  One such skill included making a fire without matches.  During our week-long training our teachers showed us how it was done.  We were given knives and saws to harvest the desert materials necessary.  Making each tool took a great deal of energy, effort, and patience.  I used a branch from a juniper tree with a natural curve to make my bow, while wood from a cottonwood tree provided the raw material for my pencil-shaped spindle and the fire board upon which everything would perch when I was finally finished.  While hiking I found a rock that was porous enough to make a top socket, the key component that would allow my spindle, with the right down-pressure from me, to spin and hopefully create a spark.

Alongside my fellow interns, over the next couple of days I tried my best to make a bow drill fire.  Each time one of my fellow interns created a spark that they then gently blew into a fire, it felt as though I was witnessing a miracle.  However, try as I might to replicate everything I had been taught, I simply couldn't create a spark.  My arms cramped, my spindle spun down to a stub, the cord of my bow snapped, and each time all I got was smoke: no fire.  My fire making failure rocked me to the core.  How on earth was I supposed to teach these teenagers anything if I couldn't master this basic skill that everyone else had gotten before me?  I felt like a fraud and I feared that I would never get it.

I started my internship in earnest, working in the field for the first time with students, without having mastered this skill.  While everyone else, including my students, worked on their own bow drill fires, I avoided my own set by "helping" others.  I helped my students harvest and make their materials and helped them apply down pressure, hand atop hand, until we saw the tiny glowing ember ignite.  I tried to ignore the pit in my stomach that reminded me that I could never do what everyone else around me seemed to do with such ease.  It was a little thing: fire making, but it tore away at my own view of myself and my confidence as an instructor.  Finally, after three weeks working in the field, I was working a double shift during Thanksgiving.  There was a certain camaraderie in the group among both students and leaders as we were all away from our families, surrounded by desert snow, creating an entirely new version of the holiday that we were all missing back home.  At some point, I shared with my students who I had come to care quite a bit about that I had not yet made a fire with my bow drill.  Some of them had been in the program a lot longer than me and were shocked, immediately springing into action.  Without a thought they gathered around me and demanded that I get out my fire set.  For the first time in weeks, I set up my materials as my students talked me through each step.  As usual, my arms hurt from the down pressure and my spindle threatened to spin away out of control, but something happened as my students watched me expectantly.  I understood then that I was not alone, and that if nothing else, if I didn't believe in myself, I could put my faith in them.  I spun the spindle against the fire board far longer than I ever had as they stood by chanting words of encouragement.  Before long smoke began to curl up, and it wasn't much longer when a spark flickered as if by magic.  My heart almost burst from happiness and relief as I carefully blew the spark into a flame, and then a fire.  This experience taught me that sometimes the best lessons grow out of the spaces where we are truly challenged, where the only thing we can do to move forward and grow is have faith.  I will never forget that Thanksgiving in the desert, making my first fire, achieving something I never thought possible.

3.  I will save my praises for my grades and comments for all of you.  But I will say this, all of your memoirs are incredibly powerful!

7D Six Word Memoir 2011 from lacey boland on Vimeo.


  1. we all have the best 6 word memoirs!

  2. )”How-to-guide:loss of Cookie;sit,cry”

    2)My memoir is about my dog Cookies death.When I was born,I came home and there was a cute,small,black Labrador retriever.It was love at first sight.We played and did everything that kids and their pet dog do.We were best friends for life.But then,after my first birthday,my dad had to come here,to Philadelphia to help his family.Then later in the year me and my mom had to leave Costa Rica and come live with my dad.So we had to leave pretty much everything except for some clothes and necessary stuff.But what really broke my heart was that we had to leave my dog,Cookie.

    I was devastated.I just wanted to see his face one more time.When I came here I was crying so much.It was the worst thing that ever happened to me.I kept bugging my mom:”Mom!When are we able to see Cookie again?”She would reply:”I don’t know,baby I don’t know”So,eight years passed,and my grand mom came over from Costa Rica for the summer.I remember this day like it was yesterday.I was sitting on my computer playing dress up games.Then my grand mom comes over and says:”Nayeli.I have to tell you something”So i say:”Sure grand mom”And in my head I was like,oh no!Before she told me anything I started to cry.She told me to wipe those tears away then she said”Cookie,remember,your dog,well...he died”I kept hearing those words over and over in my head”He died”I cried so much.I only saw him for barley two years.And now he’s dead.I couldn't believe it,I didn't want o believe it.To this day I still cant believe it.I cry when I think about him.When I made this memoir I cried.When I drew the picture for the memoir I cried.When I wrote this blog,I cried,a lot.

    3)A memoir that really stood out to me was”Take my heart,end the suffering”(Ahmirah W.).It stood out to me because it really relates to my life and how these years in middle school have been.I like that it’s sweet and simple,but says a lot.

  3. “I’ll make you believe in me...”

    Most people do not believe me when I say something. I am a person who does not have many friends in 7th grade. Most of my friends are either in 6th or 5th grade. Not that I’m not happy... I am... its just... not many people believe me. In reality, I often think of me as an outcast. One day I was listening to a song called “Believe in Me” by Lucy Hale, when I realized: This song was powerful! It not only related to me, but made me think differently about how to get people to realize who I was inside. I had been writing many ideas for my six word memoir for a while now, and when I compared this one to the rest, it really stood out. I did not have very much trouble finding a picture to go with my memoir, for there were many pictures that related to my memoir in many ways. I kept on thinking up new memoirs, and soon enough, I had so many, I just made a 6WM slide for all of them. I ended up choosing this slide because I thought it was powerful in its own way.

    I really liked the memoir that said “Take my heart; end the suffering” by Amirah. This memoir stood out to me because I have suffered a lot in my life and I would like to be gone because of it. Over all, it was really powerful. (Along with everyone else.)

  4. @Nayeli: Thank you for sharing your story about Cookie - your memoir is a wonderful guide for all of us who have lost pets.

    @Celia: Your memoir is powerful, and your reflection very honest. Thanks for posting.

  5. “Tears don’t stop me...from smiling”

    I am someone who used to cry over everything like if I get hit or something happens to me I would cry, but at the end I would always have a smile on my face or laughing. Also I am someone who thinks that if you fall and cry or get hurt really bad that a smile can never hurt after the tears have went away.

    I am passionate about having fun and just being alive. I am also passionate about my friends and family.

    I can’t live without my friends because my friends are very weird and is fun to be around. Also my friends are funny and know how to make someone laugh, another thing is they’re there to talk to when your feeling down or just need to talk to someone. That’s why I can’t live without them.

    I like the memoir “I cry then laugh: funny crying”(by:Alexander). This memoir stands out to me because when i cry i tend to laugh after. What I like about this memoir is that when you cry you laugh and so it’s called funny crying. Also I like this memoir because it’s kinda funny.

  6. "Oh Its just a flesh wound"

    I don't really have a back story to my memoir, I typed it because I like the movie holy grail, its really funny. I know my memoir isn't Powerful like the others, but hey, you'll get a good laugh out of it :)

  7. "Be peppy everyday; will make peace.
    The story behind my memoir is if everyone be happy everyday it will make peace. I made this memoir because all there is in the world is war and hateful people. I don't think everyone have to be like that to get a reputation from someone. People just are cruel and sometimes it's not even their fault it was how they were raised.

    I want to give a shout out to Ahmirah six word memoir because it was real strong to me. She said "Take my heart end the suffering". I think that was a strong six word memoir and I really liked. I like Arion six word memoir too even though I forgot what she said. Those were my two favorite six word memoirs. Everyone else did good too.

  8. 1) “Help wanted: a knight would do”

    2) The story behind my Six Word Memoir is to be as good as you can be but some times you need an extra hand. If it is to slay a dragon or to just help around the house. A knight as Teacher Lacey told me may be revered to as a love story witch it is not I just want some help. I am going through some rough times and I feel like i have to be on top of every thing. What I ha realised during the Six Word Memoir project is I don’t have to be on top of every thing. So unfortunately my Six Word Memoir is no longer relevant to me.

    3) I like Isabel H.'s because I had the same exact experience so it speaks to me. I think she also selected a good picture. (" Lesson learned: don't give cats baths ")-Isabel H.

  9. One bite, lifts spirits, tastes good.

    In my life, I ate lots of food. But there was one food in that changed it all.That food was bananas. I ate them ever since I got my first tooth.That was practically my first word.When I was 4 years old, I would go into the refrigerator and get me one.That is why I like them so much.But, when they were on top of the refrigerator, I couldn't reach reach them.Finally, when I was 6 years old , I could reach them.I was so happy.

    I couldn’t decide who’s memoir stood out to me.So, I think we all did great.

  10. 1] “Dance;heart,soul,love,special,Forever.” is my 6 word memoir

    2] My whole world revolves around dance. I dance at least an hour everyday and can do stuff that very few can. I’m very flexible so I can do splits and bring my legs all the way up to my head. The story behind my 6 word memoir is that when you find something that you love, it stays in you forever and ever. It shows that you have a true passion that you never want to give up. My photo is multiple people showing only their ballet shoes, doing a very tough position. That’s what I can do, and that’s what I love to do. To me dancing is the most amazing thing and being able to do it everyday is a wonderful experience for me. When people do something that people say they can’t do, you should never stop because your in charge of your life, dont let others be in charge of what you can accomplish. With heart, soul, love, special and forever you will make your world a better world one at a time.

    3] “Tears don’t stop me...from smiling” by Shaniyah. I love this memoir because when you are sad are afraid you can always smile to feel better about yourself and you can get over the pain inside.

  11. 1. My memoir is: “Sailing, gliding... through the baby-blue sky”

    2. In the summer my family and I went to Ecuador for 3 weeks. My parents wanted to go somewhere else than Guayaquil. They decided we should go to Quito and Mindo. It was really fun . I got to see my cousins, grandparents, uncles, and aunts. After staying in Guayaquil we went to Mindo. At Mindo you could zip-line. We decided to zip-line. I was a little frightened because it was so high up. When I looked down I couldn’t see the ground, only trees and a river. It was really exciting and fun. It felt like I was flying. There were 13 zip-lines some were fast and others slow. After we finished it was raining but I wanted to do it again.

    3. I liked Aya’s: My heart...will always be crowded because I like the picture she used and the message she is saying. I like her choice of words and how she expresses herself.

  12. 1. “Blue-eyed, dirty-blond, independent; sounds like me.”

    2. My 6WM is just like me. Plain but has its own jazzyness to it. Like the photo is just an eye, but it’s such a deep and unique blue. The independent part was something I knew would have to be in my memoir no matter what the other half of the memoir is about, because that is a part of me that is one of my most special and obvious characteristics that really is like its part of my mind and of my life. My name, Emma, comes from my great-great-grandmother Emma Rickner, and she was also extremely independent and stubborn. I feel like because of that and because of her, I am who I am.

    Who are you? … Emma.
    What are you passionate about? … My name, and stubborn independentness.
    What can’t you live without? … My family and friends and Philly.

    3. My favorite memoir is by Najae Nobles. “Freedom, is just another state of mind.” I like it because it sounds like a memoir that is sort-of regular. But, knowing Najae, I can really see her writing this because she is the perfect person to be writing this memoir. She is so free with everything that she does and that she thinks. She also has very many different “states of mind”and freedom is definitely one of them. I also love the memoir by Elinor Coats. “Help Wanted. A knight would do.” This memoir is also such an Elinor thing to say. She is like the night that she searches for, so its like she is looking for another person like her when there really isn’t another person like her. She is her own species of a unique kind of person.

  13. Nayeli- Your memoir was also just so powerful, it made me cry a little bit too :)

  14. 1) "I am the purple pencil among yellow"

    2) I am someone who is different. At least, on the inside. On the outside, I am that girl who ends up sitting with the same people at the same table at lunch every day, I have the same best friends, I have the same problems and the same strengths and the same interests. I am that girl who always laughs too hard and sings too loudly and carries on with a subject that has ben old for months. But that is just the outside, and you should never judge a book by its cover.
    When people see my memoir, they see words about pencils in different colors. Not very powerful, at least on the outside. But if they take the time to understand it, they will see a deeper meaning. I'm very similar. On the inside I am a girl who, all her life has dreamt of becoming a star, who's life revives around music, who needs someone to understand her. I am a purple pencil because I don't care enough about dating drama and care too much about silly little things like the Peace, Paz, Salaam concert being spectacular. I am the purple pencil because I like Daughtry more than Drake. I am the purple pencil because I still dream that a prince will come and save me from my nightmares. I am the purple pencil because I sleep with a pink unicorn that I've had since I was two. And everyone around me, it seems, are the yellow pencils. The "normal" pencils, the "cool" pencils. And I'm still purple, on the inside.

    3) I really enjoyed all of the 6WMs but I'll just say some of my very favorites. Peter's, because it's really sweet. Elinor's because I believe that knights will always give you a hand. Aya's because it mede me really think about what she's feeling inside. Isarael's because it made me laugh. Noah's because it made me cry. Nayeli's because it made me cry HARD. Megan's because it made me feel happy and sad at the same time. Miecha's because it lifted my spirits. Ashana's because it made me panic and feel scared. Najae's because I had to find the deeper meaning. John's because I think it means more than he says it does, and Indee's because it reminded me a really powerful song, Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield.

  15. Well said, Kia. I agree with all of your shout outs, and also agree that John's is both funny and deeper than what he claims.

  16. I also agree with Kia and Tr.Lacey. John's memoir was powerful in its own special way.

  17. "Cards, my family's only one weakness"

    The story behind my 6 word memoir is, that my family loves to play cards. We go nuts over cards. I’m always playing cards with them so that’s why, I’m so good at cards. We play cards at our family reunion for fun and for money. I join in the games with my mom because that’s where they play card games i know, and they give me a good game. Since my family loves to play cards, I have to practice every chance I get. I practice with my mom, and grand-mom because, they taught me how to play cards. They are the best card players I know in the whole world. I get better at cards every time I practice with them. I’ve gotten so good that I beat them sometimes. I’m mostly winning now because, I'm getting better. Cards are my family’s life. Nobody can beat us because we rock.

    I am someone who loves video-games, days off from school, TV, animals, and holidays. I am someone who has a black-belt in karate, a cat, and a family that loves me all the time. I am someone who can’t live without my family, cards, video-games, food/water, television, and my cat. I love those things so very much, and could never live without them.

    I give a shout out to Anikah’s 6 word memoir because, hers is so deep. It reads “My eyes are open. Darkness. Death.” That memoir is so deep. The picture goes perfectly with the memoir. She has the best one according to my opinion

  18. 1) "Darkness Now Has Found It's Light..."

    2) My 6WM is telling about how I feel sometimes when I think about my dad, and how he has found his light and how he doesn't have to struggle anymore, no more pain, and he can live in happiness out and away from this world;he can live his own life.

    He was in the darkness while being sick and having to take all these different types of medication and now it's all over, no more, and I'm pretty sure he's happy right where he is now.

    I give a shout out to Rosa's 6WM (" In the mirror I see beauty") because It's telling that you don't care about what anyone says about you.

  19. 1. “Go Team Go, Live, Breath ,Cheer

    2. I am someone that commits completely to a sport if i truly love it. I started gymnastics when i was 18 months old. I loved it so much, and I was very dedicated to it. Last year I had to quit it because my coach wanted so much dedication, and with schoolwork and other activities I just couldn’t do it anymore. I tried going to another gym, but it didn’t work out. I finally just had to quit it completely. I didn’t do anymore sports for 3 weeks, and i missed gymnastics so much. I finally turned to my last option. To do Cheerleading. I had done cheerleading a year before, but my coach had made me quit it saying that it messed up my tumbling. So I was finally left with one option. join a cheerleading team, or just completely dedicate everything to dance. I chose cheer in the end.
    My mom chose do go to a cheer team that was about 30 minutes away from our house. I got there and everyone was so nice to me and helped me out. They finally put me on a team. I was a little worried when they first did it. A lot of the girls on the team were a lot better than me, and I was afraid they would put be in the back for most of the routine. I didn’t complain or worry at all. i just kept on trying new tricks, and doing the best that i could possibly do. Whenever I fell on something, or made a mistake i would get back up and try it again. When i got hurt, I would just ice it for a few minutes than get back up to do the routine again.
    After a few months I really started to love Cheeleading . I completely dedicated myself to it, and every week I try as hard as I can to get a new trick. When i get home, i run threw the routine to make sure i don’t forget anything. I stretch myself almost every night so I don’t loose my flexibility from gymnastics. I love cheerleading with all my heart, and i work the best that I can, so that i can be the best that I possibly can.I will never give up on it, and I will be the best cheerleader that I can

  20. 1) ”I got it after I tried”

    2) I don’t really have a story behind my six word memoir but it has many reasons for being my special poem, one being that I could never get anything right. I was always trying to get things right and impress my parents, and even now I try to impress my parents and it always gets harder. But after every assignment and every job they still love me, which is basically all I care about. Although I don’t have nearly as much emotion in mine as in some of the other six word memoirs, I still have a little bit of a personal motto, which is that whenever I am feeling down, I always remind myself that I can only do things right if I try.

    3)I guess that my all time favorite six word memoir would have to be “Just one more visit would do...” because it has a really big sentiment of loss that I feel every day. I would like to be able to see my two cats again, my grandfather again, and also I would like to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a really long time. I also like “How-To-Guide: Loss of cookie: Sit,Cry” because I like the way it can be interpreted in a humorous way but also in a sad way kind of like with me and my cats. Additionally, I like the six word memoir “Darkness, now has found its light” because it relates to my six word memoir by being a personal motto that you can say when you’re feeling down.

  21. 1.Pensieri dico.Parole penso?(Thoughts I say.words i think?)
    2.I am someone who doesn't like to be told who to be,how to act,what is right,and what is wrong.I will be who I am and no one eles since everyone always tells me to be myself.My 6WM is too personal to share on a blog so i'll give you an image that if you think real hard you'll understand the meaning of what I am trying to say.I'll try my best to write this in words,this is not something that will not be easy to explain.I'm not passionate about many things,but the two main things I am passionate about are music and being able to love anyone I want even if they might not love me back.My 6WM is a love story that has two endings: A happy one and a sad one.The happy one is almost not a love story it's more of a story of a guy and a girl who become best friends over a 2 week period just because.I was reading a book and the father in the books best friends died while they were together on the battle field during a war and the son asked how come they were best friends if they only new each other for a few short months.His father said the he knew because when he first met the guy it was like they knew each other for ever and that It was just a special something, a connection.That's how it is for the guy and the girl.Me and my best friend.We know each other so well that we know how each others mind works and when we are felling a certain way even without being near each other.Like that strange connection that twins have it each other.Then the two best friends eventually fell in love.Sounds crazy because we're so young and don't know anything,but it's just something that happened.The rest is just a nasty love story that no one wants to hear the end of.The sad ending is the secondary ending to my story and is to personal for this blog post and will be shared another time at another date maybe.

    A 6WM that i'd like to shout out to is Alex's "I cry then laugh:Crying's funny" I like this memoir just because it was one of the only memoirs that really stood out to me.I found it very true in every case for me.

  22. “Harder I hit, Further It goes”

    There is a story bed my my 6 word memoir. My story is baseball. I grew watching my older brother play baseball now he is watching me play baseball. This season I was terrific in baseball I was hitting the ball hard and pitching hard as well. My family was so proud of me. This year I plan to do the same. But overall this i did the best out of my team in batting. I had a lot of triples, And doubles. This season I won most valuable player and I had this awesome trophy. I’m really passionate about baseball. If I could i would eat, sleep, and drink baseballs. Baseball is everything to me. If i couldn’t play baseball i wouldn’t know what to do.

    My cousin Shafeeq is the one who is getting me more more into. My cousin is really good he has college teams looking at him so he is really getting me more and more into it, and also is getting me a lot better.

  23. 1) “My music is always this LOUD!”

    2) I am someone who thinks with out music, life would be an error. I am passionate about music because I think it is a way every one can express themselves. Also I think music is a great way escape from your problems. I can not live without music because I LOVE it. Music is apart of my soul. I always listen to the radio or just relax some where with my Ipod and listen to music. I listen to all types of music. I like rock, country, pop, metal, rap, and etc. I am always listen to music, like right now while I am typing this I am listing to music on YouTube. Music is something you can just jump up and dance to when you’re all alone or just bored. A party would be nothing without loud music to dance around to. To me music is everything.

    3) I give a shout out to Shaniyah’s Six Word Memoir.(“Tears don’t stop me...from smiling”) I like this because it made me think. Also I think it is true with me that tears don’t stop me from smiling. Even when I am crying tears of joy I smile. I like the picture she chose. I think it went with the memoir.

  24. “ The delightful meaning of unforgettable love”
    I’m someone who believes that anyone can find true love and that when you find the one you love it will be unforgettable. My mom tells me how much she loves my dad and how that’s her soul mate. I just thought that their love is unforgettable and that they are perfect for each other. I watch a lot of romance movies and I see how people don’t realize that their true love has been there the whole time. I’m passionate about my family and friends and I love them so much.
    I can’t live without my family and friends because they are all fun and weird. They are always there for me and when your sad they will always try to brighten up your day. Also, they are true friends and they never turned on me and that’s why I can’t live without them.
    I really like shaniyah’s memoir “ tears don’t stop me.....from smiling” because when I cry I always laugh afterwards. I also like this memoir because they picture she used went perfect with it.

  25. 1) “She can be cute, but deadly.”

    2) My 6WM is about my dog in case some people were wondering why I choose a picture of a dog. I came up with this memoir because my dog is very cute but has many dangerous qualities. Her cuteness is her weapon, and with this cuteness of hers it just seems like she’s able to get into your mind and bend it to her will. When she puts you in this almost mystic trance you’ll find yourself either giving her a treat, a long walk and or giving her table food. I also came up with this memoir because when she’s sleeping or laying down on the floor she looks so sweet and innocent and helpless. But when she wakes up she can act the complete opposite! She can take care of herself easily and is crazy and rambunctious.

    3) All the memoirs in 7th grade stood out to me. They all stood out to me because I liked how everybody’s 6WM was creative and unique. Also because I think that everybody choose the right set of words for each of their memoirs. I liked each and every 6WM because everybody wasn’t afraid of being personal in their memoir and weren’t afraid to express their feelings. I also liked them because everybody’s 6WP related to the picture that they choose.

  26. 1) Type your Six Word Memoir using quotation marks, just like this: "To Make Fire: Fuel, Friction, Faith."

    2) Is there a story behind your Six Word Memoir? If so, tell it using details and description that support your memoir. If your memoir is more of a personal motto, then finish this prompt: I am someone who...

    Who are you?
    What are you passionate about?
    What can't you live without?

    Your response can be unrelated to your memoir if you like. For this week's post, please be honest, personal, and creative!

    3) Shout outs: which memoir (other than your own) stands out to you and why? What do you like about it? You may choose a memoir from your class or from another class to shout out.

    1) Memorable, heat drenched, July in Nicaragua

    2) I’m someone who is cares for lots of stuff and i’m enjoyable
    I’m passionate about baseball, football, my family, my friends and more stuff
    I can’t live without football, and activities and people to have fun with
    I like the one that said “ the blank page told the story” because you’ll never know what will happen next.
    Also I like “ you start with just some hope” because I believe it reflects on our life
    I enjoy “ my eyes are open. Darkness. Death. because i believe its really deep.
    I enjoy many mroe but that will take too long too write.

  27. 1) " Twenty-five at eleven and eleven at ninety-five "

    2) My six word memoir is somewhat hard to understand so let me enlighten you. All my life I have either been treated like a "twenty-five" year old or I acted like one. A good example would be now. My birthday is october 9th. Most people thought that I was turning 13, I was only turning twelve and everybody looked shocked when I said that. When we were first starting our six word memoirs I was still eleven because we started in september. Therefore meaning that as a twelve or eleven year old I was mature and responsible. Wait hold up, I am not done yet there is a second part to my memoir.
    NOW, the second part of my memoir is " eleven at ninety-five". As some of you know many ninety-five year olds can be very dependent on other people. This may not be true for all ninety-five year olds but it could be for most. This part of my memoir is saying that older people return to a state of childhood in the sense of not being able to take them selves were they need to go when they want or need to go. To conclude the second part of my memoir is trying to say that when I am older I may possibly " go back to being a child" in some sense.
    3) I would like to give a shout out to Najea's six word memoir because I have never thought of freedom that way. The memoir really sits on your hard and on your heart

  28. 1) “Fighting With My Sister; Room’s Hot”

    2) I am someone who has a lot of opinions and feelings. I am very passionate about sports, especially baseball. I defiantly would not be able to live without sports. I also fight with my sister a lot. Every little thing that you think would be easily negotiable we make a fight out of. I fight with her a lot because I feel she gets her way a lot, but still will do anything to make sure she gets what she wants. This is why I made my six word memoir like this, I basically live to fight with her. I also have some good times with her though. I think when she is in a really good mood she can be nice to me, that lasts about 2 hours. I guess I care for her on the inside, and maybe she feels the same, but neither of us show it. In conclusion my six word memoir is really true, and comes from me fighting with my sister.

    3) The blank page told a story, this one stands out to me because I feel its really true. I like how it kind of give you a lesson, that nothing is always something. I also liked “Blue-eyed, dirty-blond, independent; sounds like me.”, because that also describes me.

  29. 1)‘’What to wear?’’Don’t know .Choose.
    2) My memoir does tell a story that I have so many clothes I don’t know what to wear. I go shopping and buy clothes then i don’t have anywhere to put them and when it’s time to wear them i don’t know which one I will choose so this memoir really explains a lot for 6 words when I hear it I think oh ‘’What to wear?’’Don’t know .Choose.’’ i would respond by saying oh that person has so many clothes and can’t choose what to wear or just don’t know what they like because there all so good. I felt as though my clothes are important to me.
    3)Go India I love it. ‘’Two words choose one Life Death’’ It speaks to me .
    1)‘’What to wear?’’Don’t know .Choose.
    2) My memoir does tell a story that I have so many clothes I don’t know what to wear. I go shopping and buy clothes then i don’t have anywhere to put them and when it’s time to wear them i don’t know which one I will choose so this memoir really explains a lot for 6 words when I hear it I think oh ‘’What to wear?’’Don’t know .Choose.’’ i would respond by saying oh that person has so many clothes and can’t choose what to wear or just don’t know what they like because there all so good. I felt as though my clothes are important to me.
    3)Go India I love it. ‘’Two words choose one Life Death’’ It speaks to me .

  30. 1) “Take my heart; end the suffering.”

    2) I am someone who believes in love, yet fears it.
    I am someone who stands out in the crowd.
    I am someone who has lost a love.
    I am someone who believes that enough is never enough.
    I am someone who picks up my broken heart and tries to glue it back together, no matter how painful it may be.
    I am someone who never says never.
    I am someone who has repeatedly lost the game, yet tried again.
    I am someone who knows that love is just a word that never can be defined.
    I am someone who is being held captive by a string, and pulled by my heart like a puppet.
    I am someone who never reads her poems-just writes them.
    I am someone who is tired of being “someone who”. I want to be...

    3) I would like to give a shout out to Nayeli’s 6WM (How-to-guide: loss of cookie; sit, cry) because the story behind it touches your heart and makes you appreciate your pet even if they get on your nerves. I would like to give a shout out to Ravyn, Faith, Megan and, Indee.

    Ravyn- (What happened to Ravyn being herself.) I liked this memoir because it had a meaning that was obvious but made you think if you’re losing what you’ve always been. Also it was something that no one wrote about, which made it a very interesting memoir.

    Faith- (Be peppy everyday; will make peace) I liked this memoir because it made me smile at how happy it is.

    Megan- (The stars will lead me... HOME) I liked this memoir because it was something that made me think of a black and white movie when a couple sat on the grass and watched the stars.

    Indee-(The blank page told a story.) I liked this memoir because like Kia said, it reminded me of the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

  31. ) The blank page told a story.

    2)At first my 6 word memoir had a different meaning then it does now. I used to think that it just meant that a blank page could tell what I wanted to say withought me having to say it. Somewhat like magic. But now after I think about it, it means that although someone or something may look a certain way on the outside ,there’s more to it on the inside. It’s sort of supposed to make you think that if a blank page can tell a story, what can an ordinary person do?

    3) One of my favorite memoirs was Philippa’s,"I just needed a little push." I thought it was cute and true. I thought the picture she used was perfect for her 6 word memoir.

  32. My Six Word Memoir is “Suitcase, traveled-sized items: it’s vacation time!” . I am someone who loves to travel to different places. I am someone who is passionate about music. I am someone who can’t live without her family, friends, and her cellphone. My Six Word Memoir is about how i love to travel. Its specifically about my vacation last summer when i had to pack up things fast because me and my family won a vacation. So basically in my memoir that's all i had on my vacation which was a suitcase and travel-sized items. In conclusion that is my story behind my Six Word Memoir.
    Logan P.’s memoir stand out the most because that memoir to me really described the her. I liked the picture she had because to me it really stands out and her memoir goes with it perfectly.

  33. 1"the moment for tears to drop"
    2 The story behind my six word memoir is how my life is theres always a moment when i need to cry just to let it out and talk about whats wrong. Those moments i have are the worst moment but im glad they happen because like everybody says thing happen for a reason and if those thing had never happen i would have never been the person who i am today. I wrote that story to tell who i am and how im like everyday. To show what happens everyday what i go through and how strong i am adn that no one can boss me around.

  34. 1)"Erase me like a writing error"

    2) I am someone who is artistic and weird. I draw pictures every day, drawing is my life. Since I was in pre-kindergarten I was drawing, and I kind of thought I was the best drawer in my class its just my opinion. Now im looking forward to going to CAPPA for art because I really think I can get into this high school for how the way I draw, I draw pretty well but if I get into CAPPA I want to be able to draw good better than what im doing now. Im pretty much a weird person, my parents even tell me that im weird. I can't help it, it's just how I am. I say the weirdest and randomest things. I think im funny actually, I'm very amusing when my friends are around becasue I can be myself around them.

    3) I want to give a shout out to Faith her 6wm was "Be peppy everyday; will make peace". I really like her 6wm because I also think that if you have a positive attitude everyday that would be a great day.

  35. 1. “Just One More Visit Would Do.”

    2. I am someone who loves my great-grandfather very much. When he died, I was un-believing, and incredibly sad. He was 105. I was 11. He had had many health problems and surgeries but he was very resilient-- he would come back as healthy as before. I keep several memories with me, locked away where they won’t be able to escape-- that would hurt. We didn’t see him all that much, and we couldn’t run down to him whenever we needed to-- after all, it’s complicated to get to South Carolina from Philadelphia in an instant’s notice. I always would treat it as a last visit-- but I hadn’t really prepared myself for the real time. I thought I would be happy for him, and sad, but not extremely sad-- I saw him once a year. Happy, because he really wanted to move on. I thought he would’ve lived on to 106, and seeing as he was 105, I thought he would live on forever. I even imagined the time when I would be 36 and he would still be alive. But I was wrong. I haven’t ever experienced anyone’s death, or not until his.

    He was on my father's side of the family, but it was my mother who told me. I had gone to Spain a week earlier than my mother and brother, and when they joined me in Spain, over breakfast she broke the news to me, whispering what had happened. She told me the family was waiting for us to come back from Spain, and had even invited my her--she and my father are divorced. I think it was actually the worst time for her to say it, though, because I would rather have actually asked her questions in private, where we wouldn’t be able to be interrupted, where people wouldn’t be able to insert their opinions, how sorry they were. My 6-year-old-cousin asked me why I was crying.

    To this day, I still believe he is alive--not even his burial proved it to me. I think the only way to for his death to actually sink in will be for me to go back down to South Carolina, and not visit him in his nursing home.

    3. My shout-out is to Miecha, ("Darkness, now has found its light") because her 6 word memoir showed a situation without giving details, of darkness ending, or meeting its light. I also liked Megan's, ("The stars will lead me... HOME") because it made me think and feel sad within the 6 words. I also really liked Celia's, ("I'll make you believe in me") because it shows a situation very clearly, and made me feel sad. Another that stood out to me was Ahmirah's ("Take my heart, end the suffering") because it was very powerful and really enabled me to tap in to what Ahmirah was feeling. The last 6 word memoir that really stood out to me was Diamond’s (“Erase Me Like A Writing Error”) because it was a powerful memoir that made me feel sad.

    I think that when 6 word memoirs can make you feel like the 6 word memoirs above, it qualifies it as a very good one. I do think that everyone in the 7th grade did a nice job on their 6 word memoirs, but the ones I selected above were the ones that really stood out to me.

  36. 1. “Splitting up, Papers signed, Separate lives”
    2. My six word memoir is about my parents divorce. The beginning part, “splitting up”, is about when my parents got separated. Fortunately this was at a very young age therefore I don’t have a very good memory as to what happened. The second part of my paragraph, “papers signed”, is about when my parents signed the final divorce papers. This was not a good time in my life at all as I was one of the only people with divorced parents. The final part is about the rest of my life from that point in. I doubt that my parents will ever get back together. The point of the last part, “ separate lives”, describes the fact that my parents try to interact as little as possible, therefore they have separate lives. But in general my six word memoir is about the phases of divorce that I, as well as my parents and brother, went through.
    Who are you? I am Noah Gindin
    What are you passionate about? I am passionate about reading.
    What can't you live without? I can’t live without water or oxygen.

    3. I really enjoyed Ana’s poem. I think I enjoyed it so much much because I feel I can relate to it. I have lost someone I care about and wish that I had more tine with her. I think that what she wrote was deep and descriptive. It also contained a interesting picture that seemed to fit what she wrote.

  37. 1) "Lesson learned: don't give cats baths."

    2) My 6 word memoir is about a time when I gave my cat a bath and she flipped out. My dog and cat both had flees so we got special shampoo for both of them. Outside we easily gave my dog a bath and he was clean but then there was my cat to consider. my mom held her and scooped a bit of water of her back. She was starting to freak out but not too much, we rubbed some shampoo on her back. As we started to lightly rinse it off she freaked out! She started to meow loudly at scratch us eventually she got out of out hands and we put her on the floor on a towel, she ripped the towel and was sill flipping out. Eventually she started to calm down. We wrapped her up in the towel and held her like a newborn baby in it until she was dry. And that is how I leaned my lesson to not give cats baths.

    3) I liked Amanda's 6wm because i thought it was funny. I also like it because I can relate bugs can really annoy me.

  38. 1)My eyes are open.Darkness. Death.

    2) I am someone who will never let anyone get in the way of my dreams or hold me back. I will always strive to fulfill my dreams and whatever new ones that come to my mind. I have always since maybe 3rd grade wanted to be a cosmetologist. I don't know why, but I just love to do hair. I want to open my own shop and supply people with jobs so that they can get a chance to be successful in their career. I can’t live without my cellphone I have to keep in touch with all of my friends and family so that I can always get the loving support that I need.

    3) I would like to give a shout out to Ahmirah. Her 6WM is very deep with just those six simple word......’’ take my heart..... end the suffering’’. Good Job! Everybody else did a good job too.

  39. 1) “Friends: the right thing in life.”

    2) I am someone who believes that those people you call your friends can help you, greatly and more that you think. A friend’s not just a person you hang out with everyday, no they’re the person you call when your crying in the middle of the night. They’re the one that always has your back no matter what, they’ll always support you. They’re the one you share you secrets,fears, happiness's at one in the morning at a sleepover. The one you laugh with for hours on end with out stopping. Whether it’s your neighbor, your boyfriend, or your relative, your friends are the ones you trust, and that’s what makes them a true friend. Life never turns out the way you expect it, for the good or the bad. But friends and all the people you love and trust with all your heart are what gets you through the hard times and make good times great. My Six Word Memoir is about my friends, and what I’ve learned: that a good friendship should never be wasted, and good ones are amazing and you should value that greatly. So, in conclusion real friends are your real friends, the amazing people you love and would do anything for them, knowing they would do the exact same thing.

    3) I liked many of the memoirs but my favorites were Samiyah’s, Israel's, Rayven’s
    and Philippa’s. Samayah’s memoir was “I feel stuck, surrounded by little demons.” I really liked this because I thought it was a good way of saying pressures that's on you;making the demons pressure. Isarael’s memoir was “Toilet ready: oops pants wet again.” I really liked it because it was extremely funny. Another one I liked was Rayvens. Her memoir was “What happened to Rayven being herself?” I really liked this because I thought it was really personal and had a lot of meaning to it. Last but not least I also really like Philippa, it was “I just need a little push.” I liked it because it was about doing anything with just a little help.

  40. "Don't Shoot! Don't Shoot! Good Shot!"

    About a year ago me and my basketball team were playing against these girls and I can't lie... I was TERRIFIED! They were ENORMOUS! It didn't make any sense! Okay so we were 3 points behind in the forth quarter and somehow I found myself out side the three-pointer line, outside my zone. Great; Next thing I knew the ball was in my hands. The point guard had passed it to my as some sort of last-chance-of -winning-this-particular-game scenario. By now everything was in slomo and I got my form up and started to shoot A THREE POINTY!!!! In my left ear I herd my couch cry "DON'T SHOOT! DON'T SHOOT!" I hesitated. Talk about no faith. Then I saw my dad, and I shot the ball... IT WAS ALL NET!!! The ref. called over-time and when I got back to my coach he could barely look at me.
    "Good Shot." It was all I got but it's all good.

    I want to give a shout out to MyKyah's 6WM 'cause it reminded me of a particular Kevin Hart bit about a ostrich. He was talking about his phobias and when he started talking about that ostrich I literally almost DIED, because I was laughing so hard and thats how I felt when I read MyKyah's. Good job gurrrrrrrrrrrrl!

  41. 1) “You start with just some hope...”

    2) I’m someone who thinks that you should never give up on your dreams. My six word memoir is somewhat similar, in my case there are two stories behind my six word memoir. The first story behind the 6WM is about my grandfather, he died before I ever got to meet him, I mean if he lived in the USA I could of met him, but he lived in Ecuador. Sometimes I dream about meeting him but I know I never will, so with just some hope, I can try and move on.
    The other story behind my 6WM is my dream of becoming an actor. Ever since I was 7 years old I dreamed of being a actor. I always kept it as secret (I don’t know why) until I told my parents when I was 9. They told me they would fully support me and give me all the courage they could. A couple weeks later they signed me up for a acting club that Ive been in for a couple years now, and I really love it. I'm currently in a play, The Sound of Music, I don’t have a big part but i do have a part, and I'm having so much fun with it. My point is, is that all I needed was some courage, support, and hope from my family and friends, and that's what I got so, Thank You.

    3) I would like to congratulate everyone for their amazing and thoughtful memoirs. I loved every ones, and I'm not saying anything negative about any of them, because they all amazed me soooo much and, I even think there all better than mine... No one could of done a better job than what they did, so I’m taking my hat off for all of you.

  42. ”Dream Jellyfish; injected venom, leg stained”

    I am someone who learns that a dream can be more than just a vivid image inside your head. I am someone that learns that you can over come your fear through a nightmare. The story behind my 6 word memoir is about a dream I had 4 to 5 months ago. I was in an underwater bedroom, funny enough I could breath underwater. It was like an aquarium and the ocean put together, I was surrounded by creatures from the ocean. In my dream the jellyfish had fangs, went to my right leg and bit me with its fang into my skin, and injected its venom. When I woke up I found a mark on my right leg where the jellyfish had injected the venom in my skin in my dream. This may be related to the fact that almost every year I go to Venezuela. When we are there we always go to the beach, I am always terrified in the beginning of going in the water because I am scared of getting stung by a jellyfish.

    One of my favorite memoirs is Miecha’s. I like hers so much, it is as if someone is lost and believes that he/she will make it through, and finally finds the way out after believing in oneself. I also liked Shinayah’s, hers tells me that nothing can stop her from being herself; if something/somebody makes her feel sad she’ll put that behind her and feel happy again. I loved Indee’s, it meant to me that everything has a story, you just have to look in the right place. My favorite is Megan’s, I love hers because it tells me that I can trust my instincts and I know where I shouldn’t be and where I can call “home”.

  43. 1)"Live,Love,Laugh;Live Life Right".

    2)I am someone who has learned from her mistakes.I am someone who sometimes regrets the past.I am someone who thinks about a lot of things in life.I am someone who makes mistakes like everyone else.Finally , I am someone who is not perfect.<3

    I picked "Live,Love,Laugh;Live Life Right" to make this my official 6wm because i actually have a lot to say about it.I'm pretty sure that many people think about their past and how they've lived there life so far so my 6wm is trying to say that you should live your life to the fullest and be yourself because everyone else is taken.It also says that if someone tells you to change , you shouldn't change.I guess the fact that people try to change me annoys me.

    3)”How-to-guide:loss of Cookie;sit,cry” Nayeli,I really like yours.It has a really sad story behind it.I have a dog too.He's about 9 years old.I would be devastated also.Thinking about it makes tear up and sometimes even cry.Especially because he is a huge part of my life.He's like my bestfriend ... even though he probably can't understand me,I still live my dog.He's Family. <3

  44. 1) "Pennsylvania Dutch: Big Farms, big families."

    2) The story behind my memoir is very short. First of all, my family is Pennsylvania Dutch. Sometimes when I tell people that they say "Oh my gosh! Are you Amish???". NO! Thank you for asking but I don't know anyone who is Amish. Anyway, the next part of my memoir is "Big farms". When my mom and I drive out to visit my family, we always see these huge, beautiful farms. I really enjoy seeing them. They are fun to look at and are very different from things we see around the city. Another reason I included this in my memoir is that some of my family grew up on farms. The third part to my memoir is "big families". I have a huge family and so do many other Pennsylvania Dutch people. My family is really important to me so I had to make it apart of my memoir.

    3) Shout outs: One memoir I like is "Freedom, just another state of mind" By Najae Nobles. This is a fantastic memoir all by itself. When it is paired with the amazing picture she has, it really is one of my favorite memoirs. Another great memoir is by Philippa. "I just needed a little push..."

  45. 1.“toilet ready;oops, pant wet again !!!
    2.I am someone who likes to hang around with friends. I'm so someone that likes to have fun. I’m someone that likes music and would like to be a lawyer or a doctor. I’m someone you can trust. i someone that can't live without a laptop.
    3.I like Anamaria six word memoir ( live,love,laugh;live life right.) because life is the great thing in are life. I like it because it remain me when i did something really bad and i wanted to die( i was only 6) but then i thought to my self why die, i have so much to life for, school an a job i would really like.

  46. 1) “So happy, kiss, pinch...go away.”

    2) My memoir was about my earliest memory which was seeing my baby brother for the first time. I was two and very........ confused. I thought my brother would automatically be able to play with me all the time. The first time i saw him my mom was lying in the hospital bed with my brother in her arms while I walked into the room with my dad. When I saw my brother, I went over and started smothering him with kisses and pinches. Apparently, I got carried away so my dad had to take me away. After that I don’t remember anything. But that’s not the reason I added the “go away” part in my memoir. My brother was placed into my life for the only reason of making my life miserable. Before then I never had to fight anyone for the attention of my mom until my brother was born. Even now i have to fight my brother for my mom’s attention!

    3) I think all of the memoirs all have something that’s special and important about them! They all stand out to me for they’re own reasons.

  47. “big loud beaches; ice cold water”

    I’m someone that believes that you can’t trust anyone and you should always be on the look out. My 6WM means that you can be surrounded by people and your in trouble but they don’t care or they don’t help. Also it could mean that the world is big and something is always going on but you are empty on the inside and you don’t want to to anything or your helpless. I’m passionate about sports and my family. I can’t live without my family.

    I think that Felix’s six work memoir stands out to me because the story is really easy to understand. Because its basically saying that you can’t get anything or any where with out trying. And when you try you will eventually succeed. I like it because it’s very inspirational.

  48. 1. "My heart--will always be crowded."

    2. I am someone who cares for a lot of things and a lot of people. There will always be a lot of things and people in my heart and like my memoir says, "it will always be crowded." I am someone who loves my friends, my family, and I also care for my classmates, my teachers, my fishes, and my neighbors. I love things like soccer, writing, hanging out with my friends and my family, ice skating, and much more. I am a person who can't live without my family and my friends. They are the people who crowd my heart the most and I don't know what I'd do without them.

    3. There were a lot of 6WM that I liked. I really liked Peter's because it was really sweet, and I also can relate to it since I have a little sister too and I love her so much. I also liked Noah's because it made me feel sad and the picture went really well with the memoir. Also, I liked Kia's because it shows that she is extraordinary. I also liked Philippa's because I really liked the memoir and the picture went well with it. Finally, I liked Elinor's because I liked the picture and I liked the meaning of her memoir.

  49. 1) “I just needed a little push.”

    2) I am someone who never does that embarrassing thing people make you do the things like dancing in the middle of the circle or doing an educational rap that your teachers thought would be fun. So since I never liked to do those things i was always the person to get cheered on to do something forcing me into doing the thing that scared me the most. So i think that if I wasn't pushed I would still be a very shy person and I am thankful to the people who pushed me into being more outgoing.

    3) I liked Emma’s memoir. I think it stands out because you can really tell what she talking about in her personality.I like it because I feel that it really does describe her in only six words.

  50. 1:Ah...Bugs Nature Isn't My Friend.

    2:I am someone who doesn't like insects at all. They look nasty and i don't like them to be on my skin and if they were to be on my skin i would freak out.
    I am someone who screams louder than ever if a bug was close or nearby.
    This shows that yes i will take chances and be hesitant about at first so i might do something and might not and consequences. I can be afraid to try new things but after an while i catch on too it.
    My 6Wm was really about when i went to Washington D.C. and we just got out of the museum and we were waiting for everybody to come back, so as i was walking an green spider jumped on my skin yes i freaked out but i had to get use to it because i had to deal with the camping trip so it couldn't worst.

    I think 6Wm Expresses your feelings in certain ways but it just that your only 6 words to tell and story and give hints about it. I like the 6Wm because it lets me tell my story in many different ways and it gives a detail of what might go on.

  51. “I cry, then laugh, crying’s funny.”
    My memoir is a statement that I think we should all follow, including myself. Sometimes we get sad and upset, but we need to focus on what’s good, what we are blessed with, and think in context of the world. Does this really affect this world at all? Will my life really be affected awfully by this? We need to stop worrying about school, job, etc. Because if all we do is worry, then we’re just wasting our life, thinking about what may happen in the future. So the point is, live in the moment, think of how blessed you are, and have some fun once in a while.
    I heard Shanyah’s and thought it was kind of similar and had the same message as mine. But one that really stood out to me was Austin’s (“Never Run, Don’t Jog, But Walk”). I felt like this was about not rushing in life, taking time to sit and smell the roses and actually spending time to enjoy life, instead of just wanting to grow up.

  52. 1. “I never waste, a summer vacation”.

    2. Honestly, I don’t really know if there is a story behind my six word memoir, I just like summer. I am a fun person that tries to have fun a lot I don’t like to be boring so I try to always have fun in some way. I am passionate about my grades, football, baseball, friends, family and how I do academically. I can’t live without my family.

    3. I like a lot of them but I like Lola’s and Isarael’s, I like Isaraels because it is funny and I like Lola’s because that’s how I’m pretty sure Dessler also thought he could play with Luke and I immidietaly and I like how they would have arguments.

  53. I am a person that believes racism is wrong.Where ever i went there was always racism. When i saw it or heard it it was rarely about the religion it was always about the color of skin. Even when i travel to a different country or around the corner racism was always there. The day that we had to pick the 6WM i heard one of the most racist song ever made what made think that my 6WM over racism. I created a powerful meaningful 6WM, so i chose "black or white we are all human"

  54. 1.“I’m packing and I moved on.”

    2. I am someone who believe in people. I wrote this memoir because if you don’t where you’re at then pack you things and go. I know many people feel like this at home. I also know that many people get mad at their siblings or mom and dad and they think they need to just leave. At the end of the day I can’t live with my family no matter how bad they irk me.

    3. My favorite memoir was Shaniyah and it said “Tears can’t stop me from smiling”. This stands out because I believe what it’s saying. I like this it’s saying just because your crying you should not stop smiling.

  55. “My nightmares revolve around you disappear”

    I am someone who loves to love but hates to hate. I am someone who figures things out but second guesses herself. I am me, I am you. I am here. While my mind is elsewhere. I am life I am death. I am a result of happiness and sadness.

    I truly liked Ahmirah’s it was thought and the picture was very pretty. I very much liked Trinia’s it seemed as though it had a more deeper meaning.

  56. 1) ‘’ I drank milk; saw nothing happen

    2) The story behind my 6WM is growing up. From being a baby to where I am now. Every time I see my family members they always tell me I’ve grown so much. Even though I’m not the tallest kid I’ve still changed a lot. I’m now wiser then I used to be and my personality has also changed. Every day I become older and be become mentally stronger. I sometimes wish I was taller but oh well. This 6WM helped me realize some things and I really enjoyed doing this project.

    3) I really liked Johnny’s 6WM, I think it meant more than what he thought it meant. I don’t know what it means to me but it stands out to me. I also liked Philippa's 6WM, I think the picture goes really well with the 6WM. Over all I think every-ones 6WM were really good.

  57. 1) “Thanks for being born, little sister.”

    2) There is no story behind my memoir. Except for my sisters entire life. I was originally doing this in a sarcastic way. This was because there is always talk about how only child's are rewarded with more gifts and get treated better. But as I was writing it I though, wait, I should be thankful for my sister. She has only done me good in my life. She has only been there for me and helped me through life. She supports me and helps me. So then I realized I really am thankful for my sister. I could not have made it through life without her being there for me. I am her brother and she is my help.

    3) One of the most inspiring ones I heard was, “I drank milk; saw nothing happen.” I really liked this 6WM because at first you don't really understand it, but once you think about it, you really start to understand. It shows that parents can tell you things to do. But none of it really happens unless it does. Like the milk. Parents are always saying to drink milk and you will grow big and strong. But it is not up to you. It is up to your body. It shows that sometimes you cannot control certain things. You can only try and hope for the best.

  58. “Looks like me; in baby blue.”
    The story behind my six word memoir is. I have all sisters, no boys in my home. I see and hear people talk about their older or younger brother and sisters. Then me i have no brothers. I really desire to have a brother in my home. I just can’t deal with all girls at times. I really need and want a brother so bad. I said looks like me in baby blue. Because all brothers and sisters have something alike. So i want my brother to look like me but in baby blue. That's my story behind my 6WM

  59. "Born,crawled,walked,ran,played football"

    The story behind my six word memoir is that Football is like the fifth thing I learned in life. Everything I did was to getting closer to playing football and just getting better and better at it.

    I like Indee's memoir [The blank page told a story] because it could be so many things but when I read it I think that it means that someone died and left a note for the ones he cared about ,it was blank page, and it meant that they could think whatever they wanted the it to say.

  60. 1.Two contries mountains,rivers,Cities,Streets
    2.I am someone who lived in Mexico and came heir whan I was 4. I had no friends and a girl came up to me and said "hi" I talked to her in spanish, and she looked at me like if I was talking in chines. We were friends and she also helped me in my work.
    It was like a place that was crazy. It was diffrent from where I was. Icould not understand anything what the kids where saying.
    It took few days for me to get the langueg. During lunch she talked to me in spanish, but whan I need something I always had to tell her how do I have to say it.
    Today I can talk it and understand what people are saying. Also whan I need somthing I now what to say. It was hard being in a place I dont now, being a new kid in school, and learning a new langueg.
    3. I think I like Nayeli's because she shows her fellings about her dog. And how much she loves him. It also think about my dog to. She ranawy and never came back.

  61. “Never Run, Don’t Jog, Just walk”.

    My six word memoir has a story behind it and the story is that I never b run when I’m walking to school or from school. All i do is just walk . I walk because there’s no point in running to you gotta go. Unless someone in your family died then you should run. Maybe you should run if you gonna be late for something important. But if your not just walk. I run only when I’m gonna be late or if I forgot something at home. But usually it doesn't happen and it only happened once.

  62. Just a quick comment to say how impressed I am by your memoirs! They were beautiful to watch and very touching. Whether personal, funny, insightful, scary, anxious, confident, joyful, inspirational, or sad, they were each amazing in their own way. Thanks!

  63. 1.Fill life with your true colors

    2. I am someone who believes that life is good so therefore don't make blank or even black and white, it should be colorful and bright and fun.Thefore my life is not black and white for me, my life is bright and colorful.I personal think that life is fun and that nobody's life is dark and dull. Maybe there will be ups and downs but at the end everything turns out to be okay.

    3 I really liked Megan's memoir because I think that she would follow the stars until she gets home. I also like to give props to everybody's memoir, all of you did a great job!

  64. "I like to be a star"

    I wrote this memoir because I LOVE to play football. When I think about my memoir I think of playing football with my brother. Football makes me think of teamwork, it makes you better by playing a sport that you love. My coaches taught me that when you get knocked down you get back up and be stronger. That your down you can bring yourself back up to be a good person you are. I cant live with out my family there right be side me when i have a problem with any thing in life.

  65. "who are you"

    . i am a person who likes to have fun and am an independent person. and we some need a hand ill reach out my hand to them if they need a hand .

    the stars will lead me home ... lead me to my dreams and let me live my life and let me be me not like anyone else and my dreams will come true by just looking at the stars

  66. "why is your heart so fragile"

    I am a girl who loves my life and i will never stop,i have learned from my mistakes and i will never go back i always live my life like there is no tomorrow because you never know and my life is all a dream i love it i know sometimes i have my ups and downs but i won't let that bring me down.I have friends that care about me deeply and i care about them deeply also and i have a family that care about me deeply.

    I can't live without my phone and my family and friends and school because i need to learn and get a good paying job.