Thursday, March 29, 2012

Traveling and Who We Are

We are the 2012 Take Flight group, and we are traveling to Nicaragua to make new friends, make a difference, have a great time, enjoy ourselves, and relax. Most people disliked the flight to Houston far more than the flight to Managua. It was a lot longer and there wasn't a lot to do. Here is the opinion of one of our travelers while we were in Houston, Texas.

Sabine said that when she woke up this morning she was super excited to leave, but she calmed down eventually. She was nervous all throughout the wait for the plane and on the plane she thought she would have a nervous breakdown, but yet again she calmed down. The flight was fine in general, but the turbulence made Sabine nervous. When we finally arrived in Houston she said landing was rough and that it really irritated her ears. Even though the plane ride was rough, we still had some memorable group moments.

1. While we were in Houston all the boys were set on this quest to find a soda called Big Red, because they were informed on the plane by a Texan of its greatness. Although they were all disappointed.
  1. When our plane landed in Houston we went and got something to eat in the food court. And while we were there got a compliment for our behavior by a passerby.
  2. We went on the moving side walk and struck a pose.
  3. For the second flight we weren't allowed to switch our seats because it caused too much trouble the first time. One thing that was a lot better than the first flight was the fact that we were able to watch a movie.
  4. When we arrived in Managua we went through customs and the second we walked outside we were approached by a child beggar. We also saw several stray animals.
  5. When our bus driver was loading (It took a little team work) the same child approached us but with two other boys. They asked for money again and tried to sell a flower that one of the boys made from leaves for ten dollars. Then one decided to ask Tr. Kate for a KISS!
And that's all we have so far, keep reading!

By: Kai, Royalti, MyKyah, & Noah


  1. Hi guys, so glad to hear from all of you. I hope that you are having a great time. Stay safe and do not give out any kisses!!

    Love you all,

  2. T.Larry, (poppop)April 1, 2012 at 5:11 PM

    To KAI, and all my ICS kids that I have known since you all were in the THIRD GRADE as well as my ICS colleagues,T.Kate, T.Lacey and M.Anthony. I have been following your trip every day since you left and I have been excited with you and for you as you continue your journey. Continue safe and joyable travel.

  3. Great picture Celia! Aunt Betty