Thursday, March 29, 2012


Sabine: Hello everybody!!!

We had a WONDERFUL time at ANS today!  We all really appreciate the warm welcome we were shown there.  

The students at ANS were so very, very friendly.  Everyone had words of welcome, encouragement, and kindness.  My buddy introduced me to a lot of new friends that I hope to keep in touch with via Facebook or email.  There was not a moment that I felt uncomfortable and I was never by myself getting lost on the huge campus!  We would really like to thank the ANS buddies for showing us around and becoming friends with us.  We also thank the teachers for being welcoming.  We all had a great time and can’t wait to see you all again and work with the Chacocente students as well.  We hope you enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being there.

Ahmirah: Once we woke up at 5 o’clock we got dressed and ate a typical Nicaraguan meal. Then we drove to ANS. I was really surprised when I saw how big the school was and how much security there was! The security guards had big rifles and both entrances and exits were really congested. When we finally arrived at ANS we stayed in a room to meet our buddies. After we were told our buddies, we shadowed them around and took observations about how ICS and ANS are different and how they are the same. This was our schedule: History, English, Math, Lunch, P.E. and Spanish. This was only a shorter version of their schedule. At lunch I was surprised to find that they had a food court that had American places like Dominos and Subway. After lunch we went to the room where we started and gave out our presents then watched the film that we made to show ANS about Philadelphia. Then we went to Spanish where they only spoke Spanish! You COULD NOT speak in English. When that was over we stayed at the food court for a while and socialized with our new friends. We found out that Cullan had most of the girls swooning over his every move. The girls kept telling me that I was lucky to be even breathing his air! When we left we got back to the hotel and wrote about our feelings about the day for ten minutes then swam. Later that evening we went to dinner. 

Cullan: ANS works outdoors much more than ICS. In math class we went outside and ran around for an experiment instead of learning staight out of the textbook. The PE class in ANS goes out to their very own baseball field to play a game of baseball, instead of staying in a classroom like at ICS. At recess time there are tons of outdoor options to have something to do, like soccer basketball and baseball. The cafeteria is actually outside, and all of this is really nice because it is very warm. The hallways do not have roofs or walls so you are freely traveling to your next class. In all the kids at ANS go outside much more than us. 

Lola: Personally, my favorite part of the day was getting to know my buddy Andrea. Each class she really helped me get to know ANS. We went to English, Math, P.E., and History and I actually enjoyed going to school. I really got to know  how everything worked there and how different it was from I.C.S. Andrea was so nice and really made me feel comfortable throughout all the classes.

By: Sabine, Ahmirah, Lola, and Cullan


  1. Wow. What a day! Thank you so much for your words and photos. I will be thinking about them ALL day today. Celia: We love you!

  2. Hello, Sounds like you all had a wonderful experience at ANS. It just all sounds so different from what you are used to at ICS. Ahmirah what is a typical Nicaraguan breakfast? Hi Logan we are all missing you but we are all happy you are having this wonderful experience. Love you, Mom

  3. Hey guys,
    Your day sounded really fun! I hope you guys have a great time,and I can't wait to hear all about it later.See you guys when you get back!

    1. Hey Ali this is Isabel and Indee. We miss you a bunch and we will make sure to tell you all about it. See you soon.

    2. Hi All, What a fun day you had yesterday! Thanks for posting updates with pictures we love checking in with you. Soak up the sun and fresh air, Enjoy...miss you Ind.. :) Love, Mom

  4. Wow, I am so glad that Teacher Kate shared this with me! I love reading all about what the seventh graders are up to in Nicaragua! I'm also a bit jealous, given the fine weather there...

    I miss you all and I hope this experience is one that you'll remember for the rest of your lives! Have fun, take lots of pictures and DON'T STOP WRITING.

    -Tr. Ben

  5. Principal KristenMarch 30, 2012 at 7:51 AM

    I wish ICS had a basketball court and baseball field like ANS! Looking at your pictures and reading your stories brings back fond memories of Ecuador. This is going to be one of the best trips of your life and I am so very happy for you :) I look forward to reading more about your adventures.
    Pr. Kristen

  6. Hey This is Luke, Hope You Guys Have Fun Like I Did In Nicaragua.

  7. Hey Noah.I miss you dude.I hope it's really hot there and hope you're having a great time.From:Jonas

    Noah!! The day at ANS sounds great. I hope everyone is having fun and enjoying every new experience. It was great to see a photo of you--I miss your face. I love you--mom

  8. Hey Bea and Everybody! Your blogs and pictures are so good! I particularly love the part about the girls lovesick over Cullan...and the boys and girls bahroom signs...hilarious.

  9. Hello Ahmirah It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. I glad you got to experience and grow as a more responsible person. Have fun out there!!!

  10. Hey Ahmirah!!!! So excited that you could have this experience. Have fun be safe and be ready to talk about it<3<3 I Love you
    From your Big sis

  11. its me again kai.what r u going to do tomorrow.j.i s hope u r safe. a. u r o the best. i hope u come n back soon and safe.
    FMOT #anonymous215

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