Monday, March 26, 2012

Extra Credit: Comparing and Contrasting the Hunger Games


This week you have an optional extra credit blog assignment to start off the next trimester on the right foot.  Did you read The Hunger Games or catch the movie this weekend? 

Option 1: Write a review of the movie or the book.  What did you like about it and why?  Who would you recommend this book or movie to?  Click on the following link from Scholastic for tips on writing a review:

Option 2: Compare and contrast The Hunger Games movie with the bookFor those who haven't read the series or watched the movie, try not to include any spoilers, but explain what you liked/didn't like about the movie vs. the book, and where you think the movie could have been improved. 

For either post, make sure to proofread your writing for conventions (CUPS) and compose your response in a google doc before posting.  This will graded as a reading classwork grade.


  1. The Hunger Games was an exiting ride. I usually do not finish books, as I abandon them in the middle. But I finished the Hunger Games and I have one word. Meh. I liked the way the story progressed and I never wanted to put it down. But the characters were the most generic, predictable, uninteresting people I've even read of. I would not care if Kaniss died in the end of the book. I would not care if Peeta died and I would not care if Primrose died. One more thing. What kind of name is freaking Katniss? Or Peeta? Or Primrose? Or Effie? There is not one normal name in the entire book. This annoys me so much. But overall, not a bad book.

    2.7/4 stars

    1. Hey! Calm down, if u took the time to think u would hav loved this book as much as everyone else! The names have meanings. Primrose is a delicate and small flower, do u kno wut pita bread is?? Effie TRINKET, trinkets are pretty crazy and spontanious objects. All of the names from the capitol are roman. She is relating it to the Romans. She is relating the whole book to different things. There are deeper meanings.

  2. I went to go see The Hunger Games in theaters this weekend. I thought the movie was in general pretty good. I had expected it to be a very violent movie but in reality, the violence was very toned-down and that was good in my opinion. I had read the books before and I was disappointed with the changes and omissions they made but I expected that after watching other remakes.

    I thought the characters were good actors, but the way they looked was wrong. They were all too chubby to convincingly be starved people. This might not be incredibly important, but I got annoyed that Peeta was ugly... I don't think that Katniss did the best job of not falling in love with Peeta.

    The way the filming was done seemed a bit annoying to me, the camera kept shaking during the whole film. Sitting in the 2nd row, it was difficult to keep up. Though, during the violent parts, I was grateful for the shaky camera.

    Over all though I thought it was a very good movie. I loved how they did well in making it "pg 13" during the killing parts by just showing the tributes rolling around or a scream and then a dead body. The most frightening part for me was when the first mutt jumped out at them. The acting was good and the costumes and settings were incredible. In general this was a good movie but if you've read the books, don't have extremely high expectations.

  3. I am reviewing The Hunger Games book and movie. I really loved the first Hunger Games book, and the second one started off slow but I still really liked it. I can’t say the same about the third. I did not like the third book very much, but I still think the series was overall really good. Normally when I see a movie after a book I really liked, it turns out as a great disappointment. I loved the Harry Potter books and the movies were pretty good, but not nearly as good as the books. As for some of my other favorite books like Cirque Du Freak and Percy Jackson, the movies were awful. This was not the case for Hunger Games. I think The Hunger Games the movie, was amazing and was as good if not better than the book. Unfortunately I read the books a long time ago, so I do not remember if the movie was very true to the book, but even if it wasn’t true I think it was very good, and they might have had some improvements from the book. In all I would recommend this book to anyone who loves exciting page turners, and the movie to anyone who loves fast paced action.

  4. I did see the Hunger Games on Friday and I thought it was really great. I expected them to leave out some important events but in reality, it was amazing: the best movie in 2012, even though 2012 is not over yet. There are some books like Harry Potter where the books were great, but the movies were horrible, or left out some very important events. But in the Hunger Games, I felt that the director cut out super minor details and added some cool things like the uprising in District 11. Also, I think they tone down on the violence and they didn't show very many deaths. This movie is the best I've seen so far in my whole life and I'm sure people who've read the books, and who love action, will love this movie.

  5. I enjoyed the movie very, very much. I believe that it deserves 5 stars and deserves to be 3rd in makings in the first week. The movie matched almost exactly with the book and did exactly what the book wanted to. It was very violent, and even though that's what it was supposed to be, it was kind of scary at some parts and completely scarring. The part with Thresh and Clove... I won't spoil anything but that scene is at the same time scarring an scary yet epic and the scene with Kato and the guard was horrifying. Even though it was very violent and missing a few details, it was the best remake of any book that I have ever seen. For example, most of the Percy Jackson series's The Lightning Thief was finding pearls and in the book it only briefly mentioned them. In The Hunger Games it is all about the Hunger Games and survival, just like in the book.

  6. I thought that the movie was good, and the movie was very similar to the book, making it awesome. What I like about it is that they kept it at a PG13 rating and didn't show all of the gruesome things that were included in the book. For example, in the end of the movie when the dogs are killing Cato, it only lasts about 30 seconds when in the book, Peeta and Katniss have to watch them tear him to pieces for an entire night and some of the next day until Katniss kills Cato for his sake and the sake of her sanity. Also, I really liked the actors that were chosen to play the parts that they played because for most cases, they did an excellent job playing their part. I would recommend this movie to the people that read the book because for someone that hadn't read the book in advance, some things wouldn't have made sense. For example, if you hadn't read the book, you would have a very hard time understanding the system of Panem where there are 12 Districts and the "all powerful" Capitol and how the lower Districts are poor and many who live in those Districts die of hunger and thirst. Also, if you have read the book, you have the advantage that you know what is going to happen and you are familiar with the characters. I love both the movie and the book equally, unlike any other series that I have read before.

  7. The Hunger Games is a great book series and of the best I’ve ever read. The movie came out last week and was pretty good but missed many some moments that were in the book. Although mostly every book turned into a movie is never great and forgets many important moments, The Hunger Games the movie was pretty good. The movie had moments which were very awkward and you couldn’t feel the actors playing their parts. Other than those awkward moments the movie was pretty good. It involved scenery that we didn’t visualize while reading the book. It also involved funny and smooth lines that were a good add to the movie that weren’t mentioned in the book. As for the actors, they did a pretty good job at casting except at times where you couldn’t bear to feel the awkwardness from the tension of each actor while they were performing a terrible performance. The three actors that played their parts with strong and powerful lines were Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket, Amandla Stenberg as Rue and Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy. Although those two characters had a bigger part in the book they played their small part very well. The three stars Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson as Petta Mellark, and Liam just Hewsworth as Gale Hawthorne, played their parts good part of the time and bad the other part. Yes Jennifer Lawrence is a oscar nominated actress who is a very good actress as well, but you could see it from her movement in the movie that it was a hard movie for her because she’s used to a strong movie with drama used in it, but she did a good job for most of the movie. As for Josh and Liam they played their parts well but there were moments where you just their lines were not meant for them and their facial expressions showed the awkwardness they felt while delivering their lines. The movie was pretty good all though there were some awkward lines and facial expressions, over all the movie was pretty good and I and the rest of the world can’t wait for the second movie and hopefully the awkward movies will be gone.

  8. I am reviewing the hunger games movie. I thought the movie was great because everyone says the deaths weren't shown enough or weren't good enough but if they were shown more the movie would have been rated R and many of us wouldn't have seen it.
    Second I thought the actors did great Katniss is supposed to be a person who is not very good at making friends and kind of keeps to herself and the actor did great at that and the actor for peeta was fantastic he is supposed to be like a innocent boy who is in love with Katniss. Also there is Haymitch who is supposed to be a care free person who doesn't really care if Katniss or Peeta die in the Hunger games until he starts to realize they have a chance of winning then he starts to work hard and the actor did that exactly. Finally there is Cato who is a cocky kind of guy until Katniss starts picking his team apart then when it is just him left he starts to go crazy and I thought at the end of the movie when he is fighting Katniss and Peeta he just seems like he is going crazy he is talking to himself and saying he could kill one more person he just seems reckless also with all the blood smeared across his face. overall I thought the movie was as good as it could be being pg 13.

  9. I am loving reading these reviews! I must say, I agree with Celia in that the movie adaptation was one of the highest quality I can remember. The writers/directors did a great job of ensuring that all the important themes were addressed, but they found ways to include them that did not feel rushed or out of place. I've only read the first book, so now I'm diving into the second and can't wait to find out what comes next!

  10. Thanks for reading, Tr. Jenny!

    I also really enjoyed the movie adaptation. I always think it's interesting to see what gets included or omitted when popular novels are retold through film. Overall, I think the director (with the help of Suzanne Collins who worked on the screenplay) did a good job translating this story to a new medium. However, I was a little disappointed that some details were missed.

    The appearance of the Avox girl in the woods, and her reappearance as a servant to Peeta and Katniss was completely omitted. I think this would have helped to better establish how truly brutal Panem is, and how disgusted Katniss is with the capitol's oppression of the outlying district.

    I also wish that the relationship between Katniss and Peeta was portrayed with more ambivalence. Having read the books, I looked for moments where Katniss looked as though she were performing, rather than just falling in love, but I think if you hadn't read any of the books it would be hard to pick up on these nuances. I'm thinking about the cave scene here, which had the opportunity to better establish Katniss playing up the "romance" for the cameras.

    I agree with Gerrit that the actors were extremely well cast. I wish that I had liked Haymitch and Cinna a bit more on screen, though.

  11. I am reviewing the book of the Hunger Games. I liked the book mainly because of action and when the game first started. When it started something automatically happened. There was also something different happening that kept you on the edge of your seat biting your nails. I would recommend this book to people that don't mind reading a book with a little but of blood and gore.

  12. The Hunger Games is a great series. I really like books that I get to finish because sometimes I start reading a book and end up not finishing it because its boring. Suzanne Collins changed the way I read books, and I bet other people feel the same way too. The thing I like about this book is that it keeps you on the edge of your seat, it makes you bite your nails, it makes you want to read for a very long time. I recently watched the movie, which in my opinion was an amazing movie, but I feel like it skipped very important details, details that made the book make sense. Even though many details were missed, The Hunger Games was a great movie and so was the book. I reccomend this book to anyone who likes surprises and action. A warning, there is lots of violence in both the movie and book, but more in the book.

  13. The Hunger Games is an action packed movie with a range of characters. I enjoyed when Katniss was saved because the boy from District 11 went against his alliance with Rue and saved Katniss. It showed that he cared for others, not just himself. In another action scene, Katniss had to destroy the supplies so she shot the applies which set off the mines around the supplies. The boys who was guarding was blamed even though he wasn’t responsible. His neck was snapped by an alliance member. This broke the alliance. The characters were also unique. For example, Haymitch was the only other person from District 12 that won the Hunger Games by teaching lessons so Katniss and Peter wouldn’t get killed. Haymitch was helpful and competitive. Another character, Primm was Katniss’ sister; Katniss took her sister’s spot so she wouldn’t get killed even though Primm didn’t give her permission. Primm worried a lot and wanted the best for everyone. I recommend the movie, which is similar to the book, for any preteen and teen who likes movies with a lot of action and complicated characters.

  14. I am reviewing the movie. The movie has a lot of crazy violence. For example, when the guy from District 11 killed the one girl by smashing her head, he was revenging the life of his friend. It was also unpleasant when Rue's and Katniss friendship crumbled when Rue died. Katniss showed care and respect for Rue by making her body look like she's resting in peace and then she gave the salute. The visuals and appearance of people were also crazy. I thought the sponsors looked freaky. They had six inch eyelashes and wore a lot of makeup. One good message of the movie was listening to people with experience. For example, Haymitch's tips were smart like to not run for supplies first and to not get arrogant. The two people who listened to Haymitch won the Hunger Games. I recommend the movie but you have to be prepared for a lot of violence and greed.