Wednesday, November 7, 2012

American Born Chinese - Reader Response Blog Entry

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This week in ELA we learned about the medium of the graphic novel (and how to read it) and began reading American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang.  It's safe to say that even though we are only on page 40, this book is already a hit!  We then discussed (and Teacher Lacey modeled) the process for composing reader response blog entries.  Together we decided that there are many strategies that we can use to respond to our reading.  Here is a list of what a Reader Response Blog can do (compiled so far by three sections of 7th grade ELA students).

A Reader Response Blog Entry Can...
  • Include your thoughts and opinions on a text
  • Make connections to your own feelings and experience
  • Introduce and summarize the events in the text you want to write about
  • Ask questions
  • Include your predictions about the story
  • Make inferences about the main character's problem
  • Talk about how the main character feels
  • Include specific details from the story
  • Draw conclusions about the author's purpose and craft
 For this week's blog post, please compose your own Reader Response Blog Entry on your first impressions on the graphic novel American Born Chinese.  For this week you might also choose to focus on what you notice about the graphic novel medium and details from the panels themselves.  Alternatively, you could discuss your predictions and how they may have changed as you began reading the story.  Your blog post should be at least two paragraphs and carefully proofread.  Please include a title and, as always, you're welcome to include relevant images in your post.

Your published blog entry is due Tuesday, November 13, by 8AM.  Please be prepared to share your entry with your peers.

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