Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Would You Change Our School Rules?
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In honor of the upcoming presidential elections and the debates that we have been watching, this week's blog assignment calls on you to persuade your classmates, teacher, principal and dean about a school rule that you think should be put in place, changed, or eliminated altogether.  This week's post has the potential to make real change.  The best blog entries will be submitted to our principal and dean for their review!

Possible Topics:
  • Gum chewing
  • Uniforms/Dress Code
  • Use of cell phones at school
  • Use of Kindle or other electronic reading devices
  • Other?
Your Task:
  • First Paragraph: Introduce the school rule and state your opinion.  Why do you think this school rule should be eliminated or added to our community?
  • Second Paragraph: Support your opinion with lots of evidence and examples.  What would be the potential positive effects of your rule change?  Consider including student and teacher opinion on the matter. 
  • Third Paragraph: What are the potential negative effects? Explain how your opponents might react to the rule you are suggesting and offer a rebuttal that proves them wrong.
  • Concluding paragraph: Sum up your argument in a thoughtful way.
Check your ICS mail to read an example editorial essay titled: "Let the Kids Choose"

Please post your persuasive editorial on your class blog:
- Give your blog a title - make your title count!
- Proofread for CUPS
- Don't forget to click the blue submit for review button when you are finished!

Your blog post is due: Monday, October 22nd. If you know will have trouble accessing computers or the internet, plan ahead! Write your blog out on loose leaf to type up Monday at school before 4PM for full credit. 

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