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These are a few of our favorite...READS!

 Alice, A Mad Tea Party by Su Blackwell

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It's been a while since we've reflected on our independent reading!

For this week's blog post, please think back to an independent reading book you have read this year that you think is deserving of a spot on the New York Times best seller list.  The next step: pretend that you are a young adult book critic and tell us (your readers - and your editor) about the book you have chosen and why you think it should be on the list for teens.  Please be wary of giving away any plot twists and turns; ideally, these are books that your classmates will want to read.

In your commentary, please make sure to include the following elements:
  • Title of book and author's full name (spelled correctly!)
  • Describe the characters. Is the main character developed well? What is it about the character that you like so much?
  • The setting: When and where does the story take place and how does it affect the characters?
  • What is the main conflict or problem of the plot? Did it keep you reading? Were you not able to put the book down? Why?
  • What is it about this book that you like so much and think it should be a must read for teens?
Remember, you are selling this book as one of the best young adult literature books.  Why should your editor include it on the bestseller list; better yet, why should your classmates pick it up off the shelf?

Convince us if you can...

**Quality Commentaries are 2-3 fully developed paragraphs in length.  They have been composed in a google doc and proofread for CUPS before posting!


  1. The best pre-teen & teen books in Philadelphia Drama High series by L.Divine. This series had 14 books in it. The main character is Jayd Jackson a black smart teenage girl who goes to a high school with lots of drama, so she likes to call it drama high. Jayd lives with her grandma ma a position queen. Most of the books do take place in drama high.

    This book has the problems & troubles of Jayd Jacksons life. Between school problems . home work . trying to get her licensece and dealing with her grandma's work. Jayd has alot of thing on her plate.
    I would sugest this book to kids 13 and older. It does had violence & other grown up things but it is a great series and once you start reading you want to finish the whole series.

  2. How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff.
    The main character's name is Elizabeth but she prefers to be called Daisy.
    Edmond is a boy that Daisy has a crush on. What I love about Daisy is how she is always so positive about things. She had to move to England . She lived in New York City. It took place back then when London was in war. This book is a novel and it is very interesting. I mean like she moves to the country side with her cousins that she has never met before. So when she moves there, An unnamed enemy comes and attacks them. Their left with no power, and crops start to die. I love this book because there's all this conflict and it is also a love story told by a 15 year old. I really recommend this book to all my friends.

  3. Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul by Jack Canfield , Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger. This book has 8 different sections to help teenagers through there teenage years. The first column is “On Relationships”, the second one is “On Friendship”, the thrid one is “On Family”, the fourth one is “On Love & Happiness”, the fifth one is “On Learning”, the sixth one is on “Tough Stuff”, the seventh one is on “Making A Difference”, the final one is on “Going For It”. Each and every one of these sections explain to the reader how hard it is going to be a teenager, with puberty & hormones.

    This book has many different places some take place in a car, in a house, on a block, at a party but the main thing is to understand the moral of the story. Also, it takes place at anytime of day at lunch time, breakfast time or even midnight. The main problem is that people put there stories up here for you to learn from there mistakes, so you don’t experience what they went through. I enjoyed this book a lot, because it can help you through a lot during your teenage years.

  4. @7th Graders: These books are sounding OK...but I'm not really convinced that they should be on the bestseller list. Students: use interesting details and examples to express why you think these books are so wonderful.

    Do you know the difference between "there" and "their"...? Are you using the correct one? How do you know?

  5. Parvana’s journey Deborah Ellis
    This wonderful book has wonderful characters there a little girl named parvana who is risking her life to find her family who she lost during the Iran war.There also a boy his named is asif. He is very hardheaded and doesn't want to listen to anyone he just likes to make his own rules kind of like a bad boy. Parvana met asif in a cave when she was running away from bandits. Then there is hassan who parvana found in an abandoned village which was bombed by the Taliban. Last but not least there is leila who parvana found skipping through a mine field. The story takes place in a lot of places like in the woods,jungle,cave,streams .ect mostly it takes place in nature.The main problem in this story is how parvana is going all around the world to find her family and she doesn't know where shes going and she scared if she goes any further she will pass right by her mother and family. What i like about parvana the most about parvana is her bravery how she risked her life for people she just met on her journey. I keep reading this book because it is very interesting and it gives me an idea of how people are living in other countries. This book is good for other people and teens because it gives people an idea about how people live.

  6. My book would be(you guessed it)... Alice in Wonderland. It is by none other than Lewis Carroll. The main character is Alice, whose last name you never learn. But to me that doesn't really matter, nor does the fact that she doesn't seem to change through the book, because she is such a wonderful girl. The thing I like most about her is how she talks to herself, and gives herself advice. I think the reason I like this so much is because I tend to do it myself, I feel connected to her in a lot more ways than that.
    This book takes place in Wonderland, and besides that I don't know. But I am fairly sure that Alice is British. The setting affects Alice a great deal, because she has no idea where she is, and is very worried. The book is a good read, because it is an adventure, from the point of view of a little girl. It is good for teens because it is good for all ages, and it is a classic.

  7. The title of the story is Dirty South by Phillip Thomas Duck
    In the story a teenage girl named Kenya goes through a lot of problems. Every where she turners there’s trouble except when she is with her boyfriend Donnell. Lately Kenya has been having dreams about man named Mr. Alonzo. The dreams she’s having aren’t good. In the previous book dirty jersey it tells everything he did to Kenya.
    The thing like about Kenya is that she is nice and she cares about her self and the people around her she especially cares about Donnell. Donnell cares about her a lot but she is going to do something to break his heart. The main conflict of the story is that Kenya is breaking up with Donnelland every one thinks they are cute together but she is going off to college and they have to go their separate ways. I didn't keep reading the book because i has to take it back to the library. I love the book i could not put it down. I would read it every second i could get. The thing i like about the book is how the story builds up and your so excited to see whats on the next page. My book is definitely a teen book. I recommend it to teens that like drama BOYS and more drama.

  8. The title of my book is called Mama and the author is Terry McMillan. The characters in my book deal with a hard life growing up in a small town in Michigan. I think the main character is created well. The way they portray her makes it seem good to be a parent not saying it is just saying she really loves her kids. She is a true person. She is a single mother on her own struggling to give her kids the best in this town where everything goes bad that's why i like her so much. The story takes place in Point Haven Michigan. Where it is alot of low life's people drinking and on drugs. The main conflict in the story is the mother trying to keep her 5 kids safe in a horrible place. It kept me reading. I wasn't able to put the book done but i was tired so i did. What i like about this book is. The mother reminds me of my mom when she was being the best mom she could be to help and love and care for her children. I think this book should be read by teens because it shows people what love is about.

  9. My book is called Enjoying True Peace by Stephanie Perry Moore. The main character of this book is Yasmin Peace. All the characters names are York, Yancy, Perlicia, Asia and Myrek. York and Yancy Peace are the brothers of Yasmin Peace. Perlicia, Asia and Veida are the friends of Yasmin and Myrek is supposedly her boyfriend. The character is developed well. The characteristics that I like about my character is her personality, confidence and positivity. The story takes place in Jacksonville and Yasmin is upset because she has to move to Orlando and leave all her friends and her boyfriend. It affects her because she has to move away from her friends and go to a different school. Her dad just got released from jail and he found a job in Orlando, so now they have to move. Since Yasmin and her brothers were so upset their dad decided that they were going to wait, and her mom was so upset because she really wanted to move to Orlando. The main conflict or problem of the plot is that she did have to move and she didn’t want to leave her friends and move to a different school. I didn’t finish the book yet. I’m close to the end of it and I was not able to put the book down because it was getting interesting between her and Myrek. I like the drama and the characters of this book. I think it should be a book for just teens to read.

  10. In my opinion I think the book Life of Pi by Yann Martel should be on the New York Times best seller list. This is because the book is one of the all time greats. It starts off with this boy who also is the main character named Piscine Molitor Patel. Many people just call him “Pi” for short. And he becomes stranded on this boat with a tiger because of his ship crashing and sinking making him the only surviver.This character is developed well because the book is basically told in his view about spending 227 day on a boat with a tiger named Richard Parker. I really like this character because he isn’t afraid to spill anything out, like embarrassing stuff. One would be the time where he became desperately hungry and ate Richard’s poop. I also like the way how he doesn’t hide his emotions. Like how he felt about Richard. At first he saw him as a nuisance and wanted to kill him. Later on he like Richard and wanted him to stay.

    This story takes place in a boat stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It affect how Pi lives. For one thing he has to conserve as much as he can: including food and water. It affects his eating habits and sleeping habits. The main problem of this story is that Pi was on a ship with his mom and dad and then it crashed. He presumably was the only one surviving, and gotten stranded on a boat with a tiger for 227 days. It definitely kept me reading till the end because of the suspense and just the story of the challenges Pi had to face. I couldn’t stop reading because I would always wonder what happen next and how Pi will face the next day.

    I like this book because it has what I call an “X factor.” An “X factor” is something that you know is there, but you can’t really explain what it is. That is just what Life of Pi is and it has plenty of it. It has a great feel to it and you don’t really understand or know why that is. I think it is a must read for teenagers because it incorporates learning and interest. It also shows what we are thankful to have instead of nagging our parents to get this and that when Pi has nothing.

  11. The book that I would recommend is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The main character is Bella. She moves to her dad's house in Forks, Washington and decides to start a new life there. When she goes to her school the next day, one of her peers, Edward, acts very strangely towards her. They are lab partners and Edward sits on the edge of his chair as far away as possible and holds his hand in a fist, as if he is restraining something. Bella notices his actions and starts to wonder if this really was a good idea to come to Forks in the first place. One of the main conflicts of the story is when Bella finds out Edward's secret. She really likes him but there is another boy on her mind. Jacob Black, who was a good friend when she was little. Jacob and Bella start to hang out, but just when Jacob confesses to Bella about his feelings about her, Jacob doesn't call anymore or talks to Bella. Jacob's dad tells Bella to stay away from their house but of course Bella has to investigate. Soon she has two secrets on her hands and she doesn't know what to do about them. I was not able to put the book down because there were always parts when it lead up to something else, not one time during the book was I bored. This book is made for teens but my warning is that it is a long book. However if you are committed to reading it, this book is for you.

  12. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. The characters are Katniss her mother and Katniss’s sister. Katniss is the main character she is a hunter she is the oldest sibling Katniss takes care of her, her sister and her mother. I like that this character is always taking charge and can handle more than one thing at a time. This story takes place in the ruins of a place once known North America it now lies in the nation of Panem a shinning capital surrounded by twevle outlying districts. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games a fight to the death on live TV.
    Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives alone with her mother and younger sister, regards it as a death sentence when she is forced to represent her district in the Games. But Katniss has been close to dead before-and survival. The main conflict is that poor districts have to choose two kids from their districts to represent in the hunger gsmes. The kids must fight to their death in order to win things that their district is in desperate need of. I kept reading this book becuase it was intense and it was filled with suspense it was hard to stop reading the book and put it down. What I most like about this book is that it had challengeing words that I could look up and find out what they meant. This book gave a better imagination and it was a cool book I think that this is a great book for teens.

  13. 1. Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bears By: Isabel Thomas.

    2.The thing i like about the charecter wich is are bears is tht i like the way they descrie the bears and the information about them and the difrences they give about Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears.

    3. The book takes blace in the forest for the Grizzly Bears and in the Arctic for the Polar Bears, it afects the animals because they have to fight for survival and hunt for survival.

    4.This book keeps me reading because it gives cool and good information about the both kind of bears.

    5. I like this book because it gives information and gives facts about both animals.

  14. The book i enjoyed the most was Catching Fire (second book of hunger games) by Suzanne Collins. the main charter is a 16 year old girl called Katniss who takes care for her family by hunting and thinking ahead. What i like about Katniss is she headstrong protecting her family and friends. The story takes place in 12 districts and in , forests.The main conflict was the president and the government are cruel and relentless who force kids between 12 and 18 to fight to the death in a arena and it happens every year on live TV so katniss to join it with her friend petta and fight and it doubles because who ever won district 1 needs to go back and fight to the death i kept reading this book because i wanted to-know what would happen to petta and katniss what will happen to them it’s hard to put it down for me because i wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen and when i was finished i stilled had questions so i read the other to books and could not put them down and it had great suspense , you was shocked that that happen you wanted to know why they did that . It had action, Great Suspense Adventure, Drama , And some romance.

  15. The book I think that should be in the New York Times best seller is Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan and Ben Alirez. This is such a great book the main character Martin Luna doesn’t like to follow rules you can say he’s like a rebel. I like that he has this kind of fire to him and doesn’t take any stuff from anyone. The story take place in a neighbor hood and in a school called Bluford High. Bluford High affects Martin in a negative way because she is’nt used to this kind of school or neighborhood and also he faces a lot of trouble while he’s there. The main problem of this story is that Martin has to find away to break from his old gang an and and get threw the whole school year without being eaten alive. I could not put the book down because it was soooo interesting. Teens should read this book because it fits their age group it’s really mature and fascinating.

  16. 1Brothers in Arms by Paul Langan and Ben Alirez

    2.Martin Luna is a high-school student that got transferred from Zamora high. The character is well developed because the authors not only give a background to his life but gives us an understanding of the problem.
    3. The main problem in the story is that Martin`s younger brother got shot by a drive-by and he lost him. On one side you have a nice,caring and respectable person then on the other there is a boy that wants revenge and hangs with this bad gang. It kept me reading the book because it kept a connection between both sides that had me guessing what would happen next.
    4. The story takes place in somewhat of a ghetto neighborhood with gangs and series of drive byes.It effects the story because then it would make sense because you wouldn`t get shot in the suburbs.
    5. I like the sense that it could happen in real life and not everything is not a fairytale and things like that do happen.

  17. 1.The whole series of Bluford Series by Paul Langan,Ben Alirez,Anne Schraff.

    2.I like all the characters because they are funny and i LOVE drama ,all of these books each character deal with a different problem but at the end they all love each other.

    3.All these these books have different settings but the main settings are school Bluford High School and this pizza place some of them hang at Niko’s Pizza Place.

    4.People leaving and lying to your friends and boyfriend problems and family problems.And yes it does keep me reading because its all drama and i love drama so so so so much and the way they deal with their problems is so funny,everytime i get started one of them book i never can’t put them down.

    5.I love the drama in each book and i think the teens should read it because it just like its happening in real life.

  18. Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

    Winnie is a ten-year-old girl who as an only child is overly protected and stifled with rules. She desperately wants to run away from this and her decision to leave her yard and go into the Wood sets into motion the plot of the story.

    Mae Tuck is the mother of the Tuck family, Mae is very kind and compassionate. She is also quite untidy in her housekeeping, but a loving wife and mother nonetheless.

    Angus Tuck is the father of the Tuck family and though outwardly gruff, he makes Winnie somehow love him the most of the entire family. He is very wise about drinking from the spring or telling anyone their secret.

    Miles Tuck is the oldest Tuck child and appears to be about twenty-one or twenty-two years old. When he and Jesse leave home to seek a life away from their parents, he seems more responsible, holding such jobs as carpentry and blacksmithing.

    Jesse Tuck is the youngest son of the Tuck family and stopped aging at 17. He is a free spirit who does what strikes him at the moment. He is quite handsome and he and Winnie fall in love.

    The man in the yellow suit is the villain of the story, a strange man who wears unusual clothing and is looking to find the spring, which will give him eternal life and make him a lot of money.

    The toad is Winnie’s first real friend, but it takes her awhile to realize it. It seems to follow her everywhere she goes, and she develops a keen sense of caring for it. It is also a symbol of metamorphosis and change.

    The main character is Winifred “Winnie” Foster. She is well developed because she comes from a wealthy family.

    The story takes place during the 19th century. In a house, in a forest, in another house. A house in the forest is where the Tuck’s live. Another house is where Winnie’s family lives.
    The main conflict is that the Tuck’s “ kidnap” Winnie and her parents are looking for her. Yes. I was not able to put the book down by choice only by force because it was and still is a good book. It’s very old but once you get through the first chapter, you can’t stop reading it.

  19. ilker *_________________*May 22, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    The book that I think should be a bestseller is the novel “Totally Lame Vampire” by Tim Collins. The main characters are Nigel and Chloe. The main character is not developed well; he is a wimpy person who feels no pain. The thing I like about my character most is he is always relaxed and is funny. This book takes place in England. Living in England it does not affect the character but the people around Nigel are affected. Nigel’s parents are “bloodoholics” that cannot control themselves. So, many of Nigel’s friends are getting there blood sucked out by of his parents.

    The problem in this story is that Nigel is a vampire that did not get his special powers yet. He also cannot talk to girls. A new girl comes to his school and he likes her but cannot talk to her. He does not know what to do. I was not able to put the book down because there were so many action packed parts where I anticipated that something was going to go wrong or go right. The book always had parts that kept you thinking.

    What I like about the book is that it is an action packed, romance novel about a boy that has not formed well as a vampire and has a crush on a girl that he cannot talk to. This must be read by teens because it is hilarious and cool to see how a vampire lives.

  20. The best book I read so far this year is H.I.V.E (The Higher Institute of Villainous Education) by Mark Walden. The book is about children who have committed extreme crimes and sent to a special school, H.I.V.E., to become mastermind villains. The main character in the story is Otto Malpense, a boy with an advanced intellect who was sent to the school and put through many difficult and dangerous tests. I liked this main character because he completes every challenge easily, like using grappling hooks to get across a lake to escape a monster. Since Otto was homesick, he was unhappy at H.I.V.E. He tried to escape the school with the help of his best friend, Wing (who is an expert fighter), Laura (who is an expert computer hacker), and Shelby (a skilled martial artist), but their plan failed when a monster was unleashed accidentally and attacked the school. Although life at H.I.V.E might seem secure and safe at first, it gets more dangerous every year Otto stays.
    I like a book that involve evil and villainous schemes and that is why I chose to read H.IV.E. It kept me interested because it had a lot of action, so it was hard for me to stop reading. H.I.V.E. is a good choice for teenagers who like books that have a lot of action. That is why my favorite story this year was H.I.V.E.

  21. The best book I read was A Whole Nother Story by Dr.Cuthbert Soup.This book is about 2 parents and 3 children that keeps on away from agents.The children have to change their identity.Their really isn't a main character just main characters.My favorite was the older brother.Even though he is not devoloped because he's a kid I like him because he knows that he has to protect his siblings.The setting changes a lot because they are on the run but it does affect them espacially to the kids because they don't have friends because they keep on moving somewhere different.So it might be tough on them.The main conflict was when the agents tryed to steal the father's invention.This made me keep on reading it because I was wondering are they going steal it.I think this book should be good for teens because they learn to get along with their parents when their friends are not there.That's why I think that this book should be New York Times best seller.

  22. Sally J. Freedman as Herself by Judy Blume, is about a girl that is from New Jersey but has to move to Miami Beach when her brother becomes deathly ill. At first she doesn’t fit in at all. Nothing is the same as it was in New Jersey the bathrooms have no doors and they wear socks with their sandals. The book takes place in 1947 during the war. Sally is a very imaginative girl, she takes her problems away by imagining is a perfect ballerina. Because it takes place during the war Sally also imagines her self being the undercover general that wins the war for the U.S.A. The main idea of the book is the challenges Sally faces in this time, between her fitting in and figuring out why others (African Americans) can’t fit in by law. This made me never want to stop reading and made me read it again and again. The conflict in the book is surprising and you never know what will happen next. This book is a good book for teens because it how that you don’t have to be the best to have fun and in the end everything will turn out OK. Which I think is an important lesson because as I know from experience, you sometimes forget that it doesn’t matter if you are main stream as long as you are happy to be you.

  23. My book would be one of first Bluford Series book Lost And Found by Anne Schraff. The main character of the book is Darcy a girl in high school with a little sister. The thing I like about Darcy is that she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. It takes place in Bluford High and at her mother's house. This affects the story because at home she is having lots of problems because her dad walk out on her family and has failed to try and be apart of their family. Bluford High affect her because she doesn't like a boy named Bobby Wallace messing around with her little sister. She basically stays to herself meaning she doesn't associate with other people. The whole story revolves around her dad not being there for her mom. This book kept me reading because it always left me wondering whats going to happen next on with a mystery. If I was in the middle of a page I would wait to finish the page other than that I would be able to put the book down. This book is a interesting book for teens because it relates to a lot of family issues such as fathers not being their for their kids or family.

  24. The tittle of the book is Princess In Me, by Danna Rosamayna. Well, I don’t really write it as a steps for this book. I only write few steps, and the rest I didn’t count it, but I just like to talk about this book because it’s the first book I read here because someone told me to read it, and it’s really amazing book. The main character in this book is Princess Anandhita, she has a best best friend name Ditya. They have been friend for 10 years. The main character developed really well and the most thing I love the main character is that she is really nice, sometimes she can be funny but sometimes can be serious, and she understands and cares about her best friend, Ditya. It takes place mostly at Pri’s (princess) house, campus, fitness place, and hospital. Each setting affect the characters differently. For example when Pri was at hospital, she was really sad that Ditya got accident, and at house, Pri was really happy that she can have a lot of her favorite food and snacks and have midnight party with her mom. The main conflict in this story, which the main character, Pri’s face is that she regrets 3 things in her life. That things is her name, her body shape and her campus. It keep me reading and it make me not able to put the book down because it’s so interesting for me. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. I think I already read the book more than 6 times, and it’s not boring at all. What I like about this book and must be read for teens because this book really great and it gives me a lot inspiration, One of them is not to giving up that easy because we’ll get it if we want to try hard. It also teach me to have a good heart is the most important thing that you must show it to everyone because sooner or later that good heart will bring you happiness.

  25. The book that I think should be New York Times bestseller is Ruined by Simone Elkeles. There is two main characters Amy and Avi and its kind of a teenage love affair, Amy is a person who is nice and goes to visit her fathers mom in a place that’s she’s not used to but she does it to see her grandmother who’s she never meet.Avi is a boy who’s used to living with animals and is very grateful for what he has . The character that I like Amy because she is kind of like me because I don’t like dirt she doesn’t either and she’s used to getting what she wants. The setting takes place in a dirty place with animals an poop and mud Avi is used to it but it drives Amy nuts.

    The main problem in the book is that they can’t be together because she is just there for the summer and they really like each other. This book did keep me reading and no I couldn’t put the book down I was stuck to the book. The thing that made me stuck to the book was that they were a little older than us and teens go through stuff like this were they meets boys or girl in the summer and really start to like them but they cant be together. I think it a must read for teenager that like romantic things that are kind of relevant.

  26. You Never Give Me Your Money by Peter Doggett

    The book is about the Beatles after the breakup, and it also describes a lot of incidents that people do not know about. The book starts in Liverpool, England and it also talks about them touring in the US.
    The characters are Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They are known for some very famous albums and they are considered one of the greatest rock bands of all time.
    The one thing I didn’t like about the book was that some parts were very slow reading. However, it kept me reading because of the way it was written and it has a lot of facts that I didn’t know about. Teens should this book because it’s to learn about the Beatles and how important.

  27. The name of the book that I read this year and I liked it was Night Of The Twisters and the author of this book is Ivy Ruckman. There are two friends that are on summer break and looking for something to do. All of a sudden the two friends and his baby brother were caught in the great tornado. What I liked about the main character was that when the tornado hit and they were by there self, he took good care of his brother and that is what big brothers do for their baby bros or sis. When the tornado hit where they were, they were forced to leave shelter and look for their friends and families. The plot was that they lost their family members and they had nowhere to go. This book kept me reading because it is a page turner.Once you read one page you are dying to read another page. Its for young adults because its a sad story and its a suspense and if you like books that are sad and has happy endings, this is a book for you.A lot of young adults like sad stories. It has quite a few big words. My classmates should pick it off the shelves because if they want a good book that has mixed emotions this is the book for you.

  28. Twiliht by Stephenie myers because I think that the book is a very drama filled book. And I think that us teens now adays live off of drama and that this book will be a very good book to read. And I also think that eveyone in the world loves drama and that they love to here about drama.And I also think that the book can relate to teenagers because the girl in the book is havig trubble in her life with a reationship. And most teens in the world hve trubble within their relationships and i think that is why this book should be on the the list.

  29. Tyreek isnot'A HumanbeingMay 23, 2011 at 7:21 PM

    The title is called Diary Of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney.The main character in this book is Greg Heffly.He has has two brothers, and older one named Rodrick and the younger one named Manny.What i like about Greg is that what ever happens in his life he doesn’t find a solution until the last minute.The story takes place at his house. It affects the characters in a huge way because Greg is being bullied by his siblings and his dad is trying to send him to military school.The problem for Greg is to dodge his father from sending him to military school for the summer.I kept reading because I wanted to see if Greg went to military school.It shows a teenage life in Greg’s shoes and takes examples in the real world and puts it in the book.

  30. Theodore Taylor's Walking Up a Rainbow is a fun filled, adventuresome novel. I recommend this book to teens who like westerns. Walking Up a Rainbow tells the story of Susan Carlisle, a fourteen year old girl who's parents recently died. Susan inherited her parents beautiful home, two thousand sheep and a debt that could take everything away. The only way she can save her house is to sell the sheep. She decides to travel to California from Iowa, on foot most of the time, to save her house. 

    Susan Carlisle is a hotheaded, outgoing girl who is determined to sell those sheep to save her house. Indian Myrt, Susan's foster mother, is a kind woman but she's not afraid to shoot someone if she has to. Mr. Minzter is the person who put Susan's father in debt. He is really mean and greedy. Drover is a hotheaded gambler who is helping Susan get all those sheep to California. He's getting some of the money though. Clay Carmer is a 23 year old cowboy that's also helping Susan with the sheep. Susan likes Clay but he doesn't really like her. Throughout he story they get closer and closer.

    Walking Up a Rainbow is an amazing book that's hard to put down. You never know what will happen next. I was so surprised by what happened after Mr. Minzters people killed some of Susan's sheep and Drover's goat that I had to keep reading to see what would happen next. Theodore Taylor's Walking Up a Rainbow is a very interesting book. There's never a dull moment. 

  31. Artemis fowl the arctic incident by Eoin Colfer. It’s the new york times best-seller book already. You need to read the first book to understand the 2nd.It’s about this boy name Artemis fowls that his father got lost i Russian territory. He’s in a mission to find his father, Its been a long time since he saw his father. His butler joins him and all his fairy friend to find his father. But the Russians are in there way. It first takes place in the us then they move to Paris to get help. While there finding there father the Russians are building a secret weapon. The Russian are located in a secret hide out in Russia's cold temperatures. I’m half way done finishing the book and it’s getting interesting and Artemis army is about to go to war with the Russian's to get there father back because Artemis founded that he got capture by the Russians. It’s a really good book and thats why it’s already a best new york time seller. The thing that i like about this book is the action and how the writer gets to you to believe your in it.

  32. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

    There are thirteen different books in this series. I chose this book because I enjoy reading mysteries. I love how at the end of each chapter it's really exciting and it makes you want to read more. Overall, the story is about three kids (Violet, 14, Klaus, 12, and Sunny, 1) who lose their parents in a fire. They are then taken into the care of a "distant relative," Count Olaf (crazy name, right?). He only takes care of them because he wants the enormous fortune their parents left behind. Mr. Poe is a banker who is a friend of the family who is in charge of the family's fortune until Violet turns eighteen. He is very naive and is completely oblivious to Count Olaf's plans to steal their fortune. This book doesn't really have a specific place where they always are because the setting changes every book. Each character has their own special personalities that make the story interesting. Violet, the eldest of the three, likes to invent. Her inventions help her and her siblings out of problems that the average child wouldn't be able to solve. Klaus, the middle child, enjoys reading. His knowledge from his books lets them know what to and what not to do. Sunny, the youngest, likes to bite. Sometimes, this characteristic helps them with getting out of trouble (for example, her teeth allowing her to climb up empty elevator shafts). I also love how in this series all the small things that happen in the beginning, tie up and make sense in the end. This book is covered with lots of action, mystery, adventure, and surprises. That's why this series would be great on the New York Time's best seller list.

  33. Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
    The main character is Greg Heffley he is the middle brother of Rodrick (older brother)and his baby brother. What I like is that Gregory Heffley receives a diary from his mother which he thinks of it as a journal than a diary.Most of the books take place at Gregory's school he and his friend Rowley Jefferson face difficulties and problems sometimes together.The main problem was that Gregory argued with Rowley and they weren't friends anymore.It happened becouse Rowley lended his school patrol jacket to Gregory and Gregory had did something wrong at his job and since he had on Rowley's jacket on a lady saw it was Rowley's and told the school patrol superior that "Rowley" wasn't doing his job right.It helps people let out their bad feelings or strees and as you read you get excited of what your reading you might even get a luagh or two.

  34. My book is called Gone and the author is named Mike grant. The main character is named Sam.He a teen with the power to shoot lasers out of his hands. I like this character because he is the hero.This story takes place in this place called the FAYZ, which stands for Fallout Ally Youth Zone. It's a part of L.A that got trapped in a dome.This makes the kids life really hard because their supplies are limited.

  35. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    The book that I'm reading is called Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund. The book is about two freshmen named Aerin Renning and Dane Madousin.These two different people at Academy 7 will find out that they share an discovered bond.Both harbor a dangerous secret that threatens their own destruction.

    And while their safety depends upon their staying apart,the two are inexplicably drawn to each other.Even as unknown forces conspire to separate them,their competition turns to friendship,and their friendship to romance.

    Now not only their lives but their hearts are at stake.To survive,the two must unite all their knowledge,skills,gifts to uncover a secret bigger than either could have imagined.A secret as big as the entire universe.

  36. 1. The title of my book is called Out 4Self by Michel Moore.
    2. This book is about a young lady around the age of 20 who is a gold digger, she uses these two men named Joey and Kamal who were gang rivals.Joey was the nice, sensitive one who cared for Simone and his first born Lil T but Kamal on the other hand was the abusive one who would beat her and their child an had no problem with it.
    3. What I like about Simone is that she doesn't take anything from anyone except Kamal which I don't like, an she has nice things and keeps herself looking good.
    4. The setting is in Simone's home,the club, and the hospital. The way it affects the characters is not always good because bad things happen in these places and they never turn out well.
    5. The main conflict is that Simone doesn't know if Kamal or Joey is the father of her son and also Joey and Kamal are big time gang rivals.Yes it did make me read more and I didn't want to put the book down , because it was so good and it had good conflict and a good plot.
    6. I think a lot of teens should read this book and the editor should include it has a bestseller because it is a good book that I have enjoyed and that I let people borrow and when they returned the book back to me they said that they loved it.