Friday, April 1, 2011

A Love Letter For ICS

A Love Letter for You - West Philadelphia Murals from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

In 2009 Steve Powers, a New York City based artist, illustrator, and Fulbright scholar, who began his career as a graffiti writer on the streets of West Philadelphia, had an idea for a mural arts project that would bring him back to the city he loved.  It was an idea that he said "came out of the ether"; he called it "Love Letter."  Perhaps you have seen the result?

Love Letter is a series of 50 rooftop murals from 45th to 63rd Streets that run along the Market street corridor and are best viewed from the Market/Frankford El.  Together the words and images tell the love stories between a guy and a girl, an artist and his hometown, and from local residents to their neighborhood of West Philadelphia.  Powers has this to say about the project, Love Letter is “a letter for one, with meaning for all” and speaks to all residents who have loved and for those who long for a way to express that love to the world around them. He considers the project “my chance to put something on these rooftops that people would care about.”

This week, as we complete our final character analysis essays (they are looking fantastic!) and we begin to blog again, I would like you to write your own "love letter" to ICS in a genre of your choosing. You may compose a poem, a song, an ode, a letter, a newspaper article, or a six word memoir even, if you provide a few sentences that explain what your six word memoir means.  As you write your commentary this week consider the following questions.
  • What do you love most about ICS?  What makes our community special?
  • Describe a favorite memory (be specific and use details).
  • What is your favorite ICS event, tradition, or trip?  Why is it your favorite?
  • Describe someone who you admire at ICS.  Why do you admire them?  What do you appreciate?
  • Describe your hopes for ICS' future.  What hopes do you have for ICS over the years?
This week, your commentaries will be read not only by me, but also by Tr. Tracey.  Exemplary commentaries may be selected to be published in this year's yearbook so try to give your commentary a little something special!  Commentaries must be MEATY with examples, description, and analysis; in other words 2-3 paragraphs please.

**As always, remember to TAGG your answer and proofread for CUPS.  Quality commentaries have been composed in google docs and proofread before posting.


  1. ics we need to stop wasting all them papers and cut off the lights when we leave, turn off the computer when we not there, core:this is my letter to ics core core core core core,but there is somethings we love about ics the great community the family we grow that everything ics has, core

  2. We need to stop wasting stuff.
    What I love about I.C.S. is that we have an diverse community. We meet new people everyday, which makes us special and different from other schools. My favorite memory at I.C.S is when I get on High Honor's or Honor Roll cause they are basically telling me to keep the good work up.

    My favorite tradition is International Festival because we see how other cultures act and interact with other cultures. I admired Tr. Anne the middle school counselor cause she always would help me. I hope that the school gets better at dealing with the violence.

  3. I like I.C.S because the way the school is, is really edjucated and responsible and nice some of the teachers are really good but some of them are not because they really some times dont really care also i think that some teachers are good because they now what to do say and act like.

  4. around the world,still in Philly
    I wrote this because we learn so much about the world around us and don't even lave the building.We also have a lot of diversity in our school. It especially feels this way on International Day.

  5. Eric-ChristopherApril 4, 2011 at 2:42 PM

    What I like about I.C.S is the way the school pushes us to the limit and the teachers.I think the eviorment around us makes us special because the school is eco friendly.My favorite part of the school is the international festival because all of the foods and performences.
    I admire because he always tries to push us to our litmit.I appreciate when he gives us candy.I just hope I.C.S can save up some money in the future.

  6. 7th grade, let's remember our blogging skills and write quality commentaries.

    Try to add details and more details to your writing. So far, these paragraphs are not very "MEAT-y." Also, please proofread for CUPS. These entries should all be publishable in the yearbook.

    I have seen what you can do with your essays (they are looking great!); let's not take steps backwards now!

  7. whatI love about ics is the way help us thrue the bad of times when we are being desrecspectful and maen. Also how the teachers push everybody to the next level when there is a pop quize and it is really hard to get us ready for High school and Colloge.

  8. Apparently, ICS is known for all the awards and competitions that we are so close to win, just
    Like how we are one of the top charter schools in all
    Of Philadelphia. All of the teachers that have left, left a memory in our minds, but disappeared. But still
    Very unforgettable like if it was not so long ago. Just for a few years. ICS favorite memory is the
    Event of International Day. Many people, I too, love this because at the end, there’s nothing to say
    Love the teachers, students just because they all aren’t strangers like
    E.T. They play a roll.
    They all are very important
    To our school
    Especially because without them, this school wouldn’t be a school. It would instead be a
    Ridicules school
    Filled with empty halls.
    Ofcourse, ICS made shocking history in the past. In the present we’re all trying our very best.
    Right? In the present we are the student of the future. The students of
    (read the capital letter in the beginning of each the sentence)ALOVELETERFORICS

  9. ICS is known for awards, and multiple languages. My favorite memory of ICS was the walk-a-thon in 7th grade because we got to talk to friends and catch up on the weekend. My favorite tradition is field day. I admire Dean Kareem because he is always fair and wants to hear both sides of the story. My hopes for ICS is that it will get a larger place and be able to get more things like a gym, a bigger yard, and a bigger food court.

  10. I: I love the way I.C.S has many students from different parts of the city of Philadelphia and have different ethnicities. I love how everyone has a role in I.C.S. Most of all I love the way they teach. When you’re struggling with work the teacher would stop the class and help you to better understand the subject rather than leave you behind. What makes our community special is the fact that I.C.S has many students from different parts of the city of Philadelphia and has different ethnicities. My favorite memories from I.C.S would be hanging out with all my peers laughing, playing and having fun learning.

    C: Continuing to do the International Day would be my favorite holiday since everyone gets to experience multi-cultural places and their traditions. I really admire all the staff and teachers because without them our school wouldn't be there. I appreciate the fact that everyone puts their time and effort to make this school as good as it is.

    S: Since I.C.S is kind of a small school I hope in the future I.C.S becomes larger so that more students can experience the kind of learning that I did. A kind of learning that has hopefully inspired everyone to push their brains to the limit by learning. I hope over the next few years I.C.S will become a better community and make students interested in learning.

  11. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    Ics is like my second home. I've been a ICS citizen since I was 6 years old.So I decided to write my school a little letter.

    Dear Ics,I can't believe how much you've grown. You started as a small little school, to a big growing SCHOOL! Me I've been there in your chairs learning for 8 yearsand counting. I've learned to love your teachers and students. Sometimes it's hard to walk through your door because I don't feel like going to school, but when I start to learn there's a smle on my face. I've officialy become a ICS Citizen. I even have my own little ICS family. To tell you the truth if it wasn't for you ICS I wouldn't be the girl you know now. I wouldn't know the people I know. I wouldn't know Spanish or Arabic or even Swahili. So basicly I'm trying to say Thank You Ics!
    <3 Sydne

  12. ICS is a place that’s fragile,
    It’s in a city of cement and gravel.
    When you go to school there, you meet people of all kinds
    The sun makes it a place that shines.

    Teachers there will tell you how you’re doing,
    And say, “You better lose that gum you are chewing.”

    Recess is a place where you can always run.
    Or you can kick a ball and have some fun.

    At lunch you can sit and talk to your friends,
    But you better eat fast before it ends.

    Honor roll is a goal for everyone to attain,
    It requires a lot of hard work and pain.

    Teacher Rich is a person everyone admires
    but you need to do the work he requires

    When the day is over and the clock says three,
    You will accomplish your goals and be free.

  13. Dear tr Lacey
    Dontae said
    Ics needs to stop using paper because it kills trees and we lost carbon that we breath in. I admire tr. Kerry because she helps me in poi's to get a good grade n maths and encourage me to work to my limit.I like when we go to special places for middle school like heifer the camping trip . I also like Field day because you can be with your friends and play with thae

  14. ICS is the best school ever because you can learn more subjects that other schools don’t teach you like Arabic, Spanish as a 2nd language, and SEI. The teachers teach you how to be a better person and a better student too.

    One day at recess I was playing soccer and I hit my friend Mateo in his head and I thought it was very funny! My favorite trip was when we went to the camp Onas for 3 days.Camp Onas was very fun because we played games everyday. I admire the custodian, Teacher Pilar, because she works really hard cleaning the school by herself. I admire Chef Greg because makes better lunches.

    I hope that for next year ICS can have a soccer team for the people that play soccer. If they make a soccer team for next year, a lot of people are going to be happy with the school. I hope that next year they can teach the students more languages.

  15. I love recess and specials. My favorite memory is the camping trip because we played "MANHUNT" and we did a lot and had a lot of fun. My favorite event is International Day because you tell people about what you learned or what you are learning. Tr.Rich is who I admire because he's fun and calm and cool. I appreciate him because he teaches me a lot. My hope is to get on honor roll and not get smart with teachers.

  16. I love ICS, is really pretty
    Is in Philadelphia a really big city
    Is a very good school
    And the teachers are cool
    But most of all I have lots of memories

    Some subjects are hard
    Some subjects are easy
    I have many good friends
    And their all really cheesy

    There are really big trees
    And a really big park
    But there’s no aquarium
    I wish we had a shark!

    Well in the end of all
    Is a perfect school
    With lots of good teachers
    I love them all.

  17. I like I.C.S because they do things other school won't do. For example they take us different places like Haffer and camp Onas. They give you tools for success, like Arabic and Spanish. They make these classes mandatory.

    I think we can put all our Homework, on computers like the blog. This will have us stop wasting or using as much paper we do. I think homework club was a good idea because it makes me do my homework more often.
    i also hate it because all my friends end up having it.

    One of my favorite memories is when we had to take the PSSA's last year Tr. Josh taught us how to play Black or 21. Now I'm really good and obsess with it.

  18. It’s on the soil of philadelphia
    It been in the goods and bads of philadelhpia
    Love and hate is all
    Brothers and sister
    Side by side
    Our school grow like we do
    During time
    friends are their for you and me
    pssa,peoms arn't the same
    Isn’t it all we should need

  19. ICS is the best
    better than all the rest.
    We may have to follow many rules
    but I ain't singing the blues.

    I don't mean to brag,don't mean to boast
    but the teachers here show us the most.
    I know we learn so much it hurts
    but someday you'll figure out what it was all worth.

    I've learned teachers really do make a difference
    so in 2 years you are who i'll be missin.
    So once again ICS is the best
    better than all the rest!

  20. ICS a school with rules
    A place where you don't feel like a fool

    People of all kinds nice and cool
    A place where your actions rule

    At lunch talking with your friends chillin
    Always feeling safe with no villains

    Tr.Rich a fun and cool teacher
    With the chilling feature

    Everyone takes another step closer to their career
    With no fear or tear but a cheer

  21. Dear Independence Charter School,

    I, Aaliyah Henry, personally love this school and it's not because of the delicious lunches or the fabulous trips. I love this school because it gives a variety of children many opportunities to succeed and be somebody. With all the language classes and global learning ICS provides for students, we have a better chance of understanding what goes on in the world. 

    ICS is a one of a kind school because of the amazing teachers we have. I don't think students appreciate teachers enough and that's probably because they don't notice all the time and effort teachers put into trying to help us learn and comprehend what they teach. I admire all the teachers at ICS because I know that they didn't have to teach, they could have taken up a different profession, but they chose to help educate young minds in an effort to make a better world. There are no words to describe how deeply I respect and care for teachers, but I think I show it by listening and paying attention to them every time they teach. I hope no teacher ever feels like they made a mistake in choosing to instruct children and young adults because all teachers are cherished and of great value to us. Nothing brings me more joy than to see teachers proud of and interested in their work. 

    My favorite ICS tradition is the International Festival. It's so fun going to all the different rooms and experiencing the diverse cultures. From past international festivals I know Mexico is the place to be. I can't wait until we have this year's International Festival. Another favored ICS tradition is Field Day. There's nothing like taking off a day of school to frolic. 

    Best wishes
        Aaliyah Henry

  22. Dear Ics my school, my pride and joy my other home I love the spirit in all the teachers every single last one of them when your down any teacher
    Will try to turn your frowns upside down whatever you need help with the teacher will try in there best interest to help you .my school is a challenging school and all teachers believe that you have to work hard work to succeed.
    What makes ics special is all the donations and all the parents coming out helping and supporting our school in all that we do and we give back to countries by raising money for example we raised money for afghanistan and almost a millon dollars for haiti and all the kids are special too its so beautiful to see over 700 little faces to come and learn a t ics and to have a diverse education and last but not least the teachers if it werent for the teachers i believe ics wouldn’t be as phenomenal as it is today.
    My favorite memory was 5th grade pennies for peace it was a fun experience It felt like a real job we had logistics,schedule directors and penny collectors at the end of it all the 5th grade went to td bank and converted our pennies for favorite ics trip is the 5th grade camping trip it was fun filled we played predator prey,roasted smores got on the zip line went canooing and learned how to team build and work as a team i areally think these trips are worth the time they really pay favorite ics tradition is the annual international frestival you get to go to each classroom and learn about daily life in different countries.
    I Admire Tr.Adrianne Polen and teacher Rich Taggert I admire tyr adrianne because shes just a talented and free spirited person shes srong in the inside and out. i love to walk down the hallway and see Tr.Adrianne sitting at the desk when im down she cheers me up she more than an nta to Tr Rich Is a talented and hardworking man and i can tell that he wants every single one of his students to do good he persuades his students to try new things and work hard i can tell he wants us to get somewhere in life and when he pudhes me to do something i dont get upset i just do it because i can tell he wants me to do good.And loast but not least Tr.lynne Eckerman for the past couple months she has encouraged me to do excellent and she wants me to suceed and to meet my epectations and i really need that to do good.And I aprreciate all the help that they give me. My hpes for ics is that it can stay the same way it is when i leave next year nothing needs to be changed about our school and as we say we have opening worlds of opputunities and i belive it and i can see it in all the teachers faces that they are proud to be apart of the ics community.Me Asiah Bailey-Smith a 7th grader is proud to be a student at Independence Charter School.

  23. Dear, I.C.S

    This year is my first year in I.C.S. The first time I walked into the building of I.C.S, I felt really nervous. I was so thankful that there were people who wanted to help me. I thought no one would care about me, because I was new. I was totally wrong. I think one thing that is special about I.C.S. is that they teach the children to be friendly and care for others. I love the friends and teachers at I.C.S. They are really nice and friendly. Teachers help me as best as they can to make me understand something. They teach and make me smarter. I.C.S also teaches me new languages. I just started to learn Spanish and Arabic. I don’t really have a memory in I.C.S since this is my first year. I admire all of the teachers because they patiently help and teach all the students even when we make them disappointed and make them don’t understand sometimes. I appreciate their patience and all the hard work they do to share their knowledge with us, so that we can use it in the future. I hope I.C.S will be better in the future. I hope there would be another lessons for instrument for students that interesting in music so that students can learn about music they like like violin, piano, vocal, guitar. I hope that I.C.S will also move forward and continue to train and teach all students so that all students will be successful in the future.


  24. ICS is cool and fun place to be
    You can come and see

    You can reach for the stars
    And achieve all you can be

    Where you can make new friends
    And even create a band

    See ICS is the place to be
    And the place to be seen

    So dont e scard
    But give us a shout

  25. What I love most about ICS is that the students can express themselves in different ways. Our school accepts all types of races and different back rounds. A favorite memory that I have at ICS is when we used to have color teams at field day. I used to love it and I still do even at our new school. Field day is my favorite thing at ICS because I feel great on that field that we play activities on. What I hope for ICS in the future is who ever comes to ICS will have the same fun I have in this wonderful school.

  26. Dear ICS,
    One of my first memories was way back in 5th grade when I transferred to you in the "new" building. I felt very out of place knowing little spanish and not knowing how things work around here. But luckily I had a bunch of welcoming peers to help me out! A couple that I want to shout out to:
    I first met Soledad when I visited here. We were writing in our warm up in Teacher Martha's class and I sat across from her. We didn't say anything until later in Gifted. What fun we had doing improv! And afterwards on my first Dollar Dress Down Day I remember Soli saying, "I don't get why we have to pay to wear our own clothes!"
    When I met Ava it was in Gifted and it seemed that we clicked. We both had blonde-ish hair and blue eyes. It was fun messing around at recess and at lunch.
    Laura was just another person who I faintly knew (because of Soli). But one day after a trip from Rita's we started talking about birthdays. I was just sitting there eating my water ice (I don't remember what flavor it was) when Laura asked me what my birthday was.
    "December 7th," I said shyly as I was back then.
    "Wait September 7th?" Laura asked.
    "No DeCEMber 7th." I replied.
    "Are you serious? She questioned
    "Yeeessss..." I replied again.
    " That's my birthday too!!" She yelled.
    We then figured out at what time we were born and who exactly was older. It turned out that I was younger by 12 hours and 1 minute. from there on we were like 2 peas in a pod.
    Brittany just recently moved last year and I miss her. She was one of the first people that I talked to. I remember her peering down the table at me when I sat down in one of my classes. That recess, I was standing alone o the playground when Brittany asked me if I wanted to play tag. Sure I said. But we only got about 2 minutes of tag before it was time for lunch. The next day after that we played tag and the next and the next and so on.
    So to those couple people i would like to say thank you if I haven't already! And also I want to thank Teacher Martha and Teacher Scott for welcoming me into the ICS community! And thanks to ICS for everything!
    Love, Dillon

  27. I.C.S is a great school it teaches people to be independent and to have success. I.C.S is place where people can learn a lot that other schools probably would'nt learn. Even though this is my first year I really like this school because it has a second language spanish and arabic. This is school where many people of different cultures can come and I think that is cool.

  28. I love Independence charter school

    The things I love about I.C.S are the visitors and some of the helpful educated teachers and students. Our community is special because our school has many races and religions. Other things that make our community special are the parents and people who donate money to help the school out and the parents who participate in their children’s education.

    My favorite memory was when I was in 5th grade and the whole seventh grade went to Camp Onas. I had a lot of fun. The activities where challenging but I managed to push through and try my hardest. It was cold and rainy on some days and rain makes me sleepy. I was happy when we had a chance to go to our cabin and get some rest. My favorite part of the whole trip was at the end when we had a campfire and ate smores and played a game called BAMZOWIE it was fun. I was little sad when I had to leave because it was the most fun thing I did all year. The only thing that was going through my mind was more work and more school. I was happy to go home to my mom dad and brothers.

    I admire dir. Jurate because she has been in I.C.S for many years. It’s amazing to see how far this school has come along. I also admire Teacher Rich for pushing me harder. I also admire Teacher Lynn and teacher Elaine for believing in me and telling me that I CAN DO IT!!!!!! I also admire Teacher Lacey because she always reminds to READ AND READ AND READ.

    I hope in the future I.C.S will be full of technology and more students and staff. I also hope that I.C.S can go up to 12th grade so it will be middle school and also a high school. I also hope that we can learn get a head start on high school math and reading. Just to get student’s prepped for high school and what the students will be expecting.

  29. Tyreek isnot&#39;A HumanbeingApril 7, 2011 at 6:55 PM

    What I love the most about ICS is that everybody in the school, staffs and students are there to help each other.What makes the community special is that we are in the Top-Five of the best charter schools in Philadelphia.My favorite memory was doing our 6 Word Memories in the beginning of school, because we had to do a lot of descriptive writing.We had a lot of fun doing it because we had to make a video of showing our hard work of being such imaginative writers’. My favorite ICS event was the Outwit Challange. The Outwit Challange was my favorite because every kid from the 7th grade and 8th grade had fun with guessing games and sports games, and the 7th GRADERS WON THE CHALLANGE!!!! People that I admire at ICS are my friends and teachers.I admire them because they have been showing me respect and love for 8 years.My hopes for ICS is that when i get a life out of school and have kids, I wish I could send my kids to the best school in the world, ICS!The hopes I have over the years that I can’t wait until school back- to- school reunion.

  30. Omar Hill-WalkerApril 7, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    What I love most about I.C.S is that it provides many oppertunities. For example the edjucation in learning new languages. We currently learn two languages which are spanish and aribic these languages provide us with a very wide rangeof languages and prepare us for the world. Also that I.C.S trys there hardest to make themselves a very ejucated and diverse school. For example the school provides math classes with teachers that try to work with you. Our community is special because we are a caring and safe community. For example when we have our homeroom we feel welcomed into school with a great greeting. These examples show that our is a place to be loked at as a school for acedemic excellence.

    A favorite memory I have about I.C.S is Wings. Wings was an after school program that provided kids a time after school where they could relax themselves and get out energy with friends. This was my favorite memory because it was the event I looked forward to after school. This meant to me that when the day was over I would be able to play and let out enrgy. Also the consulers were always nice they never were mean and they always were there when ever one of us got hurt. For example I learned how to write in cursive by one of consulors who took there time to show me all the letters in the alphabet. This was good for me because know I have more ways that I can write. This is my favorite memory from I.C.S.

    My favorite I.C.S tradition is the international festival The international festival is the time where each grade is assighned a country and they are to learn and study that country and then have the cultures and every thing in there room decorated like that country incuding food, clothing, and traditions. It is my favorite tradition because of all the new things we learn. For example we go to Egypt I would see history of Egypt and and every thing Egyptians eat you also get to try out culinary dishes from the country. The things the school does during the festival is they have shows of dances and drumming from that country. This is my favorite tradition that I.C.S does.

    Someone I admire at I.C.S is Tr.Rich. I admire Tr.Rich because he only gives grades that his students each of his students earn. Also because he is always he is always there when you need help on a problem or when you cant understand some thing he is there to show and break things down step by step. These things help when you don’t understand and show care for your students. These things show that he is a teacher who is well prepared amd understands the math that he teaches. So all these things show that he is a good teacher and deserves to be reconized.

    My hopes for I.C.S’ future is that it become a great school and that it comes to be a school that is in the world news as the greatest school in the history of schools. This is also a great thing for the school over time because it will develope and grow and the school will just be like a flower and blossom into a flower and will become a place with kids or bees all over it. This will make the school the place to be so much so that after ceverything is done or the school reaches its pinical it will become the school to be at.

  31. Jordan Meriwether :-DApril 7, 2011 at 7:07 PM

    I love life at ICS, but what I love most are the friendships I made throughout the years. The trip I enjoyed the most was the camping trip in the 5th grade. It gave me a great experience of camping and adventure, since I rarely go. My favorite memory is when I was in Kindergarten. I was a loner and did not like to be bothered, but soon I made friends and became who I am today. One of the biggest impacts in my life was when I first got honor roll, I have to thank the teachers for helping me get to that point now every year I get honor roll I so must be on a roll. Those are the best memories I have from ICS.

    My hope is that future generations of ICS students enjoy the school as much as I do. I also hope that ICS will have more trips and continue to have great teachers. My last hope is that ICS students will learn more and get less homework. Those are my hopes for the future of ICS.

  32. Dear ICS,
    Wow! Like Sydne said, this is also my second home. I've been going here since kindergarten (A full eight years!) and I have a memory from each year. I remember in kindergarten I came in late and it was raining so hard! I came with my mom, and we had to walk so I came in, my very first day of "big kid school" (like my parents called it) soaking wet, nervous, and tired. In first grade, we had to do a dance in Maestra Davelba's class and I danced with Ryan! In second, I remember playing AMBUSH!, a game we made up, to take all of our stuff off of the hooks outside of the classroom and bring them inside because all of the "big kids" would come out, knock our stuff down, and replace it with their own (apparently, at the time, the big kids to us were fourth graders). In Maestra Luz's third grade class, I remember Daniela's first day here and at the end of class saying to me, "You know, I really wanted to talk to you today" as we walked down the steps, and that started the ultimate friendship! Maestro Arturo's class was definitely one of my favorites, in fourth grade. At the end of the day, after all the kids on the school bus left, the "walkers" and "drivers" (I was a walker) put on a High School Musical or a Beatles or a Grease CD and DANCED. We would take the plastic baseball bats and tennis rackets and use them as guitars. We'd all put on hats and dance and sing along and M. Arturo would just laugh and sing along. I would call him "Feo" and I used to be "Danielita Feita." Fifth was when we started switching periods. I remember feeling like such a big kid. I had my first dance, and towards the end all the girls took off their shoes and it then smelled like sweat and feet. The camping trip was FANTASTIC and that's where I bonded with Dillon! We were in the same cabin, and the first thing I said to her (other than "Hi") was who she had a crush on. Sixth grade was no doubt my favorite year. Finally moving up with the middle schoolers, the independence, the fact that we switched classes and that they were so short (of course, now, they feel like ages) made me feel like I was really getting older. That was the first year I started talking to Soli (eventhough she's been going here since 2nd grade) and I think that we automatically bonded. My favorite part was dreading going to Tr. Joshua's class (I thought it was boring and easy), but then everytime, within a few minutes Soli and I would be in the back of the classroom cracking stupid jokes I'll never forget. A funny moment was when Ava sneezed on Soli's arm and Soli screamed a scream that could break a glass. My homeroom was like a mixture of all the goofballs in one room (Me, Soli, Janaeha, Eric, Naomi, David, Sydne, Ava, Luisa--sorry if I forgot you if I did, because I have the same amount of memory as a chair) and I didn't know how M. Lindsay could stand it! It was hilarious when the "Moops" were created in Tr. Joshua's class, or when Janaeha misheard Eric saying "My glutious maximus is hurting" (because Ava kicked his butt) as "My bootysmacks are folding!" It was a really funny moment when Maestra Lindsay said bootysmacks for the first time. I remember when the old building had those disgusting, packaged food lunches or when we went to Washington Square Park and I brought out my snack (Chinese bread) and Sydne eating most of it and calling it "Good Stuff." Overall, every laugh (or Guckle), joke, cry, crush, teacher, friend, and "enemy" has slowly pieced together most of my life into this crazy blob lodged in the back of my brain that I'll never forget (even with my chair memory). So, thank you ICS for leading me on to a long and happy life
    Love, Danielle

  33. What I like most about ICS is the community and how far this school has come from the old building to this new building. The ICS community is special because they are caring and do whatever they can do to make our school awesome. Even after all of the construction at the new building, additions to the school are still being thought of. My favorite memory is when ICS won the Goldman Sachs Award. Our school earned that award for its excellence in international education and for the hard work the staff has put into the school. My favorite trip will be going to Ecuador because it will be a great experience for the students that will be traveling. We will get to encounter the Ecuadorian culture and learn about the country. We get to expand on our Spanish and meet new students.

    Someone I admired in ICS was Tr. Anne H. because she always helped with the big problems between students. She found all the sides to the issues instead of just 1. If this school has more ICS staff like Tr. Anne H. and Tr. Mike F. this school would be amazing. Both Tr. Anne H. and Tr. Mike F. are not here, but they will always stay in everyone’s hearts. My hopes for ICS’s future are very high now that I know the changes that might come. Some of these changes are making a better gym, adding cool scenery to our school and putting fantastic designs up in the stairways. I hope that I am still at ICS when the changes are made so I can enjoy the new equipment and environment. In the future I think that ICS could be one of the best schools in Philadelphia if it keeps up the way it is going. It will be a legendary school that people will still talk about in 3000. WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. What I love about ICS is that it cares about its students, the satisfaction of its students. The new building. A favorite memory of mine is when I first walked in the new building and saw all the new things such as the flags coming up the stairs and the brick walkway. My favorite trip I have been a part while being a student at ICS is by far the camping trip. The camping trip is fun and you get to do all sorts of fun things with the whole grade, with a group, or independently when they gave us free time or when it was time to go to sleep. It's my favorite because I enjoyed my time there and the activities they had to offer us were fun, basketball courts, a zipline and delicious food. Someone I admire at ICS is Tr Barb because she has been here for so long teaching new kids every year and she sticks with it ( her job). I appreciate that when she was my teacher, she made her class and learning math a... little bit fun. I understand that it can't be all fun. She was very friendly to me and I enjoyed being in her class. I hope to graduate from ICS and know that I'm going to the high school I want to go to. ICS and my teachers are helping me reach that goal I.
    Thank you ICS.....

  35. 8 years ago
    was it really that long ago
    My first day
    at a new school
    Being a new step in my
    I sat down where everyone else was
    My dad was there
    I ate breakfast
    Thought of all the years to come
    When the 4 kindergarden teachers came in
    Everything was quite
    They introduce themselves and call their classes.

    8 years from then
    Here we are
    7th grade nothings changed
    Everyone is outside waiting for their teachers
    The teachers come out
    Everything goes quite
    They introduce themselves and call their classes

    Next year when for the last time that same thing happends
    I’ll be happy it’s the being of the end.
    And I hope it’s lie every other year.

  36. Dear Tr. Lacey,
    My favorite trip or event is International day. Its International day because we can walk around the school and get stamps. And in some peoples classes they have food.
    You also can have learn different dances and other things.
    In conclusion, my favorite event is International day because of the food, dances and activities.

  37. My favorite memory of ICS was my first day of kindergarten. I was in Tr.Justine's class. Most of the seventh graders today were in that class. On my first dress down day I was not intended to not wear open toed shoes, so I had to wear these ugly shoes that my mom bought and I was highly upset. Everyone was laughing and I didn't want to come into the class. My favorite ICS event was to go to the B.F.G play (Big Friendly Giant) I was really happy to see all the characters dressed up I got to meet two of them. The graphics that they used to perform this play was amazing I was really impressed when they made potion bottles look like real potion inside. My hopes for ICS in the future is to have an even huger community, with a bigger school that haves a real gym with the basketball court, a bigger space to run etc.

  38. I: ICS has always been in my life from when I was 5 years old to when I'm soon going to be 13 years old. I was here when the International Festival first came here. From when I was here I know just about every teacher in the school. When graduate I plan on visiting every year whenever I can.

    C: Continuing the tradition of my siblings going here. Because my brother went here and graduated, my sister went here. And soon my little sister will be coming here when she is old enough.

    S: Since I have been going to this school since kindergarten, It has always been fun to learn different things you wouldn't learn at a normal public school.

  39. I: I is for the important things you offer that can help me with my life ahead. You prepare me for high school, college and beyond. This school offers many thing that most schools can't offer.

    C: C is for the care that you give. You help me believe that I can do my best academically and strive to do my best. This benefits me and other people that I'm going to interact with. You teach me to respect my elders which is the same thing my parents teach me.

    S: S is for how special you are to me. I've been here for almost 6 years. You've taught me a lot in those 6 years. You have taught me many different skills in subjects like math, science, English class, Arabic and more.
    Thank You For what you've done

  40. I love how the teachers connect with the students. How they make the students challenge them self's with things that are challenging.ICS community is special because we have are own style and own things such as playgrounds.When i first came to the school and i already had made great friends the first day of school and how the teachers came over to me and been very helpful.favorite trip I've been on is the zoo because i really liked enjoying my friends,teachers and pets.The teacher that i admire is teacher rich he is the best math teacher a student could ever have.I admire principle Steffane she makes me smile when I'm down. I appreciate how the school gives everybody a good education.My ics future is going to be bright. I'm graduate next year and getting into a good high school. The hopes that i have for ICS is that they have the top school in the U.S I love ICS because its a great school.

  41. I love how the teachers connect with the students. How they make the students challenge them self's with things that are challenging.ICS community is special because we have are own style and own things such as playgrounds.When i first came to the school and i already had made great friends the first day of school and how the teachers came over to me and been very helpful.favorite trip I've been on is the zoo because i really liked enjoying my friends,teachers and pets.The teacher that i admire is teacher rich he is the best math teacher a student could ever have.I admire principle Steffane she makes me smile when I'm down. I appreciate how the school gives everybody a good education.My ics future is going to be bright. I'm graduate next year and getting into a good high school. The hopes that i have for ICS is that they have the top school in the U.S I love ICS because its a great school.

  42. Dear Tr. Lacey what do I love about ICS I love that all my friends are in the same class as me. What makes our community special is that its not just one race our school accepts all races. My favorite memory at ICS is when I first came to ICS in 3rd grade and all of the kids and teachers welcomed me. I wasn’t used to ICS then but I knew that one day ICS would become my home at school. ICS has brought me lots of challenges but that’s why it’s the best school ever.

    My favorite tradition at ICS is the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL, I love the International festival because it makes me happy to know that the teacher are pushing us forth to learn new languages, cultures, and different lifestyles. While at the international festival we taste new things and also experience new things. At ICS I admire a teacher who was once an ICS teacher her name is teacher Sarah, Tr Sarah was a wonderful teacher she taught me a lot of Spanish and even ELA too. I hope that ICS continues to accept all different races and different faces when I leave next year

  43. I love how the teachers connect with the students. How they make the students challenge them self's with things that are challenging.ICS community is special because we have are own style and own things such as playgrounds.When i first came to the school and i already had made great friends the first day of school and how the teachers came over to me and been very helpful.favorite trip I've been on is the zoo because i really liked enjoying my friends,teachers and pets.The teacher that i admire is teacher rich he is the best math teacher a student could ever have.I admire principle Steffane she makes me smile when I'm down. I appreciate how the school gives everybody a good education.My ics future is going to be bright. I'm graduate next year and getting into a good high school. The hopes that i have for ICS is that they have the top school in the U.S I love ICS because its a great school.

  44. Dear Reader,
    I love the fact ICS is cultural and traditional. It makes our community special because a lot of people would come to our school and see what kinds of thing we do. My favorite memory is when I was in the third grade and I did a talent show with my friends. My favorite event that we have every year is the international festival because we get to see what the other classes do and we get to see plays. The person I admire is the director of the school because she is wonderful and she tries to help a lot of people. When she was a principle in the old building she did a great job making our school a better school. I appreciate it because it made me a good student. My hopes for the ICS future is for me to graduate with first honors. I hope that all the kids and teachers in the school will have a great time.
    By Anais R.

  45. Dear Tr. Lacey,

    I have not actually found something that I love about ICS yet because I have not been here that long, but what I think makes our community special is that we care for one another and some of the teachers want us to succeed.
    What I admire and appreciate about ICS is that when I first came here I didn't know much of what they were teaching and some of the staff here took the time to help me, an now I have made great progress in my classes.

  46. Dear ICS,

    I love ics because ics is where i can be myself and learn new languages and different culture like Arabic,Swahili,Chinese etc. What makes are community special design on thing like are new and improved mural that is out in our new school yard. My favorite memory is every year we do international day its when we design are rooms like the country's we studied all through the year. My favorite tradition is when the whole school does are international day performance that the lower school does that they learn in dance in movement. I admire my teachers because how they try to help us get into a good high school. I appreciate my teachers because they push me to do my best. The hopes for ics is hope that people in the future .

  47. monae whitfield saidApril 8, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    I been here since kindergarden but each classroom leave
    a memory when I enter Ics I feel like I can do me without anybody. judging me.Ics can do anything for you no matter what it is.I will
    recommend this school to people how wanted a good eduaction.One thing I love about Ics is that all the teachers wanted you to do good.
    One thing we can do as a community is stop wasting papers and instead of taking the bus we walking
    Ics is a great school and i love being here and I will never change that

  48. My favorite trip is Heifer International. I think it the best because it a learning experience and you can make your own food and learn to made fires with wood and matches.

  49. I have to agree with Danielle and Sydney: ICS is like a second home (you might even get a nap). I have so many things to talk about this school. I remember my first day of kindergarten (wow 8 years, that’s a long time) I was really shy. It got better when I made new friends. It went by quick though. Kindergarten graduation, “start spreading the news, we’re leaving today…” Some, people really did leave and didn’t come back for a long time. 1st grade was a blur, got a couple memories. In second grade, a girl, Ayanna I have to agree with Danielle and Sydney: I.C.S. is like a second home (if you’re sneaky Woods was replaced because she was skipping a grade. Her replacement was a newbie, Soli. After that we got a whole bunch of other new kids. Then 4th grade was an interesting year, when SOMEBODY made me fracture my knee. I forgive that person now because we are good friends. We got another newbie in 5th grade, Andres. But he’s not that important (sike)! When we went to Camp Onas, I will never ever, ever forget that place. It had the best food in the world the best games and the nicest of people worked there. When we played capture the flag: best ever. The one part that really bugged me is that M. Luis was our “guide”. He was OK at times but he had anger issues. Then back to school where we constantly wrote 5 paragraph essays that never ended. Tr. Martha said it would come in handy later. I’m still waiting. Then 6th grade came along. Three words: BEST YEAR EVER. I mean it this time, but we we’re the worst mixture of kids: me, Eric, Danielle, Ayanna, Ava, Ryan, Soli, I can’t remember anyone else (sorry if I missed you). The two most important things that happened that year: Booty Smacks was born and we got M. Lindsay to say it. I remember it like it was yesterday. My class was standing outside the art room waiting for the eight graders to evacuate. Standing at the hooks I heard a loud, girly shriek, it was Eric. He mumbled something undecipherable. Then what came out my mouth is what was soon to be a legend: “Did you just say my Booty Smacks are folding?” Bursts of uncontrollable laughter came from Ava’s mouth. Later on someone told me that he had said “My gluteus maximus is hurting”. So that’s where it began. We still have not yet decided what the definition for Booty Smacks is so we use it in various ways: in handshakes, insult sand so on. That’s as much as I can remember. This year was not as exciting as last year because of one word: Mixing. When I found out that I wasn’t going to be in the same class with the kids I was with last year, I had mixed emotions which I will not describe. Something that I will remember forever at I.C.S. is the international festival. I want ICS to get better space and finance wise. When I graduate from ICS in 2012, I won’t forget anyone or anything that was there. Or all the good times we had, the jokes we told, the times we shared all together good and bad I will never forget, ever. If it wasn’t for ICS, I would have never made the friends I have today. ICS has brought forth many opportunities for the future ahead of the students. Thank you ICS, thanks a lot. I owe you one.
    Love, Janaeha R. Brockenbrough.

  50. The thing I like from ICS is the fun and exciting learning we get the 5 day of the week. What makes our community especial is that we all work as one to help each other in challenges given to us. A memory that really got stuck to my head was the first day I was at ICS I felt as if I were at a safe and the day went on I learned new things I got to admit it it was fun and exciting meeting new people. My favorite event is field day because you get to have fun with friends most of the day. I really admire everyone at school because they teach us new things for our future. I hope ICS continues on its achievements and mission.

  51. Dear ICS,
    The thing I think I love about ICS is that we are such a multi-cultural and language school. I really enjoy the languages and how we get to expolre different things there. I think the fact that we mix up the cultures and the languages are what make the community special. A memory that I have at ics is when we went on a trip and they where looking for a participant form each school to come up and sing a little part of the song "EXPRESS YOURSELF", and I got a chance to go up. I was a little nervous but it was a great experience. I think one of my favorite event would be our talent shows because I really love to see the talents some of my peers have, and also because I really really love to sing so to get a chance to show people my voice is so cool. Someone that I admire at ics now would have to be two teachers beacuse that is very hard to choose. I'd have to say Maestra Roneith because she has always supported my singing, and the other teacher would be teacher Scott , because he is the kind of teacher that would make learning the best thing in the world, it was always so fun in his class. I appreciate how some of the teachers at ics try to give an effort to care about how you are doing and what you need help with. Some hopes i have for ics in the future would be to bring back the talent shows but acually make them fun, sell more things that people would want to buy, and not be so strict on the dress code because I do not think that our dress code is completely fair especially as far as accesories go.
    Thanks ICS,

  52. @Dillon- I remember that! Memories
    ~ Laura Rivera