Monday, December 20, 2010

A to Z Story: Creative "Winter" Write

            Lithograph, Eric Carle 
For this week's blog commentary, I'd like you to complete a creative write using (you guessed it) the alphabet.  Write a winter themed story (sounds easy enough, right?); the catch: each sentence must start with each letter of the alphabet in order (hence the title: A to Z Story). 

Before you begin your story, think about what you will write about.  The theme is "winter," so think about the kinds of things (people, food, activities) you associate with this time of year.  You could even try writing about a favorite winter-themed memory.  Snow days, cookies, overeating, frigid walks to the subway, mall exhaustion, vacationing with family: what stories do you have to tell about winter?

This is a tricky assignment.  To help keep your sentences following in alphabetical order, try writing with dialogue and beginning sentences with dependent clauses.  Read the beginning of my example story below for ideas.

**Remember to compose your story in a word document and proofread for CUPS (as well as alphabetical order) before posting!

P.S. If you're having trouble composing a full length story, try writing a poem.  The same rule applies for a wintry poem: each line should follow in alphabetical order.

Happy winter writing!


Armed with flour, a bag of sugar, and more butter than I cared to consider, I began to examine the index cards each written out in Nan’s careful, spindly handwriting.  Beside each recipe, Nan had jotted down a few words for the inexperienced baker: Forgotten Cookies, “they’re worth the trouble.”   

Christmas, from as far back as I can remember, has not only been about family, but about...cookies. Deliciously sugary, buttery, morsels of sweetness.  Everyone in my family had a favorite: Sandtarts, Molasses, Chocolate Drops, Ginger, and of course, forgotten cookies: the cloud-like meringue castles that concealed chocolate chips.  From Thanksgiving on, Nan and my Grandmother would head to the kitchen, churning out tub after tub of old family favorites.  

(To be continued...)


  1. dear tr.lacey
    At 1:00 i ran doonstariers hoping there are cookies and milk on a, stool to sit and eat. But the cookies and milk were gone but all that was left was a crum of a chocleta chip and only a inche left of milk. Cousine nate came doonstaires a copule of minutes later and i seen him with a plat of cookies and a glass of milk, but thing about he was not here when everybody was a sleep. Dory my cusin shuted out, but nobody absweard i looked at my cousin to see if he was crazy because he was just laying down with a cortin of half of milk left, so i started to wonder if he ated the cookies and the milk. Eating cookies so good and with milk my cousin said to his self with his eys closed, i was thinking to my slef agian maby my cusin did eat the cookies and drink all of the milk because, i see him drinking all of the gallons of milk, but then agian he could not because he was not here.Forgot to feed the hamster whspierd my cusin said. Going to feed the animales and lucas the snake my cusin whisperd agian. He is so annoinying right now i said.I am going to slap him if he somthing else if he say something else. Jump high sied and you will see who ated the cookies said my cusin, at first i thought he me to just jump but he gave me a clue and the was the room underneath the living room. Keep jumping on you will find who ate the cookies and drunk the milk. Let me think the room underneath the living room are my moms and my step dad, my lilttle brother, my big brother and mines. My that is alot of rooms to look at said my cusin so i started going up the staires and went thourgh there room to see ig they had any cookie crumbles on there faces and pjs. Nope not in their room so i ran to my little brothers room and I seen crumbs on his face but it was buges. Ooo so that is whats bine on his mouth all of long. People who ate they cookies and drink the tv i said to myslef so i rab to the next room watch was mt big brothers. Quckly i ran to my big brother room but when i came up their he was not their. Run run as fast as you can so you can fine who ate the cookies. So i ran and ran to my room and i see somthing amazing. The time i ran to my room is seen a plat come out my bed. Up said a voice so i looked up there was a mirror and it was showing a refelction of me. Vocies i hear and they are saying you, you. When there were a cuople of mintuse i just laid on my bed but when i was laying down i hurt my face on somthing. X-ray said the vocie i hear but this time it siad you ate it. your the person who ate the cookies so i laid in my bed and i heard just catch a couple of z's and go to sleep the voice siad. Zzzzzzzz away meaning sleep.

    by sied

  2. Alison loved the winter everything about it. But she had never seen snow before,because she lived in florida. Christmas was always fun but Alison would always see moves where it snowed christmas day and wonderd what it would be like to have snow on christmas. Dorthy (Alison's aunt) sent Alison a card each year usualy contaning $20 as a presont the week of christmas,but this year it came on Dec,1, a very odd thing. Everything about this card was as usual, exept it contant a pain ticket to main! Finaly I will see snow! Giggaling and crying at the sain tine she went into the kichin to see her mom.Her mom acted suprised even though Alison know aunt Dorthy and her mom had planed this all along. Insted of celobrating christmas at her house Alison was going to to main from whem her school got out for winter brake until new years day.Just inagen all the fun she wos going to have, and how jelis all her firends would be.
    Keeping up with her mom at the airport was hard, but it was probably because of the hevy bag Alison was carying. Living to go on the plain was hard to, all of a suden Alison's mom started crying which mabe alison start to. Many people where giting on the plain by the time they bouth stoped crying,and the plain was geting redy to go so alison got on fast. No one notesed her as she got on the plain. On the opposit side of her sat a nice looking old lady, she was the first to nodis Alison. Puting her bag on the floor the lady smiles at alison. "Quack,quack",what was that! Right right it was just the lady's cell phone, well so much for talking to her.
    Sudenly alison is woken by the captin reporting that the plain will be landing soon,she Alison sudenly relised she must have sleped through the hole trip! "Two min til landing aoucs" anunses the copten.
    Using her aunt's shovel to shovel,piels and piels of butiful snow! Vasts amoun of snow angels, forts and men where covering the yard and Alison was having the best time of her life. Wandering around the yard coverd in snow was fun in it's self. Xilaphom music was playing in the living room when she walked in the house. Yummy cookies where dabing in the oven. Zippy the dog (Alison's favret TV show) was playing its chrismas spesial,everything was ferfect!

  3. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    This is my story.
    Apple cider is getting pasted around at Christmas eve. Blankets every ware trying to keep every one worm. Christmas carols are being song to give us that holiday joy. Dancers prancing around to the sound of music. Eggnog is every ones favorite drink. Family and Friends are enjoying the special day. Gifts are being unwrapped and the kids are having fun. Holidays are ever ones favorite. It’s to cold for ice cream so every one liked hot coco. “Joy” is family time spent together. Kids are saying thank you for there gift's. Lights are every ware. Music is playing in the background. Many things happen on this day. Nativity's are around the house. Opening the gift are my favorite. Parents are happy because there kids are happy. Quiet is in the house not even a peep. Reindeer are on my room. Surprises are under my beautiful Tree. Unwrapped gifts are every ware because kids ripped off the rapper. Vacation time is here! Wheres my gift I ask my mom? “xylophone!” is what my cousin screams when he opined his gift.Yo-yo’s are in my stocking. Zooming down the steps to open my gifts.
    That's my Christmas Story

  4. Ages ago summer was here but now winter is here.Beach party turns into ice skating party.Crazy heat turn into freezing cold.Dying for ice cream turn into begging for hot coco.Everyone out of school turned into everyone doing homework.Freezing walks to school was walking to the pool. Getting out of bed early was sleeping til noon.Hours are now shorter. Icy rooms inside is now warm rooms inside. June is now December.Kids outside is now kids inside doing more homework.Lazy Monday mornings turned into school.Making sand mans is now snow mans.No more staying up late. Outside parties are now inside.People wearing shorts are now wearing pants. Queen of the seasons is winter because she is so cold. Riding roller coasters is now riding sleds. Summer is now Winter. Teachers are now teaching.Under the stars sleeping is over. Vacation are no more.Weather is crummy. Go to the Xanadu is over. You are in school and the Zest before x-mas has increased

  5. Andres doesnt like christmas that much.Because everybody is going start saying stuff that they did in christmas and thats boring(IN HOMEROOM).christmas is boring.durango andres felipe happy new year,they be saying that all the time at church you know why because is christmas (and when christmas is over they dont even say hi 2 you).Every year peolpe be signing song about christmas ugh!.Gosh why can peolpe celebrate christmas every 1000 years?.How many people died in christmas because of car accidents in christmas because of the snow...
    IN EVERY PLACE THAT THAT YOU GO YOU HAVE TO SAY VERY CHRISTMAS THATS ANOYING.Just wait people is going 2 start singing about love and all that stuff and i dont like that.karen my sister shes always happy because in christmas is her time to take picture 4 facebook."Look at the window is snowing"that sounds like work 4 me because when snows i have to clean the snow and thats not cool.MAMI loves christmas beceause she likes making bulloelos y arepas ycomida de navidad 4 us.NOOOO i dont like when people be telling you smile you have 2 be happy because is chrstmas and.OH no in chistmas is 2 cool so i dont like playing with the snow that much.OH im sorry teacher 4 tell you all this information christmas.QUIET says my mom at church when the pastor is givin a lesson about being a family en navidad.UM ALL I CAN THINK IN CHRISTMAS IS THE WORD ANDE THE ACTION OF BORING.

  6. Kenan
    Well this was when I was only 4 I went downstairs to eat some popcorn when my mom used it all up for the tree.

  7. A longtime ago was and old woman named Castoria, she did not like this name because it was a boys name. But others loved here name because it was unusual. Candy was her favorite food all year around. Dark black was her favorite color because she was very goth in that time period of her life. Everything in her life was a okay until she met this boy named Ferrell. Ferrell was a gangster wanna-be so, he was always in trouble. Getting used to hanging out with a bad boy was hard for Castoria. Her going out with the bad boy made her forget all about her real friends.In the middle of all of this she turned into a girlie-girl.Just looking around Castoria saw Ferrell leaning over another girl flirting with her. Kicking her in the back was what she wanted to do but the didn't she just simply approached them took Ferrell by the arm then left.Leaving the girl all alone with no one to talk to.Moving down the hallway Ferrell and Castoria began to talk. Nagging him down the hallway may I saw exact. Over the head the girl that Ferrell was talking to threw a punch nut she missed. Paranormal was not the word to describe it but surprising was. Quoting what people would say to her " Two wrongs don't make a right" ahe didn't swing back but begin to lip-lock with Ferrell was what she did do and left the girl the in embarrassment.Resisting from swing at the girl was hard for Castoria but she did it. Stooping Castoria from kissing Ferrell was hard casue his lips were so soft.Taking that leap to kiss him just for embarrassment for another person was mean but she did it. Unexpectedly Ferrell was scared to kiss her but he did it anyway. Very much enjoying it they both pulled away and went right back to kissing. Whether it was cold or not they both went out every weekend and spent time together. X-rays they both hated because they say it hurts your body. Yankees were they're favorite baseball team because they always winning.Zooming past the years together was like a second to them.

  8. Dear Tr.Lacey

    A to Z Story

    At 1:00 in the morning I was up playing the game with my brothers. Before we went to bed we took some cookies off the table and had milk with it. Cookies and milk is the best combination in the world for a snack in the middle of the night. Don’t we all love cookies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Everything during Christmas is just like Wonderland. Falling in love with your presents under the tree. Gathering around with your family all the talking and laughing. Holidays are the best times of the year and there’s several reasons why. I love decorating our tree with all types of Christmas ornaments. Jumping and cheering for all your presents that you get. Keeping up with my favorite movie to watch on Christmas is This Christmas. Love spending time with my family being grateful for what I have and things I get in the future. Many of people being joyful and happy for the Christmas holiday. No one or nothing can stop me from losing my joy on Christmas Day. Opening gifts from everyone. People going crazy to get Christmas gifts for friends and family. Quitting all the funky and mean attitudes. Running in the snow making snow angels. Sleeping and enjoying your days off from school. Tormenting my brothers for the fun of it. Under your covers waiting for your alarm clock to ring if you do that. Valuing all your days off from school no homework hopefully. Wondering if you got everything you want. X-Mas music playing on the radio. You and me all having fun. Zipping up your coats to go outside.

  9. A poem by...
    Gabe McCarthy

    All the presents are wrapped. But, i'm dying to know what's under that wrapping. Can I take a peek? Definitly not, sais mom. Everyone'sleeping, except me ( that's how it is every year). For my cat, it's just like any other morning, it's kinda' funny if you think about, they're absolutely clueless of what's going on and this is a very special morning and they're sitting on the couch cleaning themselves. Gosh, that wrapping's really cool. He's definitly been here... SANTA. I know it, all the cookies are gone and there's nothing but crums left and a half of a glass of milk. Joke books are laying on the floor, maybe santa forgot to wrap them, or he knocked them over from the book shelf. Kisses and hugs, are what i'm going to get later on when my family comes over for dinner. Later... I can't WAIT, for later. My mom's half asleep, I dragged her down here for nothing i guess now. Nobody's as excited as me for christmas in my house, I don't really like that. Oh... Why does time have have to pass by so slowly? People, it's 4:03 a.m, wake up already! Quickly, I take a couple cookies before my mom looks over and see's me, i'm not supposed to eat them until dessert today. Running down the stairs is all I hear... Wait, RUNNING DOWN THE STAIRS?Everybody's up!! So, at 4:10 you decide to get up? I was waiting for ever! Time to open up the presents! Upstairs, the other cat is freaking out I bet. Vacant, is what the fridge is gonna' be after today. What does santa have in store for me this year?... Xylophone, that's what my sister got, I didn't open anything yet. Zebra sweater? okay time to open my presents.

  10. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    A big snow storm was outside the biggest of the year.Before I can even wait for my mom to wake I fell to HAPPY. Creep up the stairs is what I do.Don't you know it when I get up there shes already awake.Every thing is covered with snow she says.Forward outside we go.Getting colder with every step i take.How will I survive in such cold weather. I remember that when you play your body generates heat.Just then I thought what if i play with my mom. Kicking the snow as I walk I go over to my mom.Long strides I talke as I move through the snow. MORE AND MORE I PICK UP SNOW. Now I am ready to throw the snow ball I have formed at her. Open fire!!! I yell as letting go the snow ball .persistant at where I look I aim and fire.quickly I let go of the slushy snow ball. round and round it towards her.She feels the impact of the snow she turns aruond.The things going through my mind were nothing at all.Uteraly she looks at me I can't tell if shes happy or mad.Venomous snake is what her eyes look like ready to pounce and I Know I shouldn't have done that.What was I thinking at the time to run but I was frozen like a rock. X-ray vision is what I thought she had.YOU shouldnt have done that she says she also had a snow ball and threw it at me. Zoom I go through thhe snow back home I feel hot I guess I dogenerate my own body heat after all THE END.

    A big school day was cancled .because it snowed to hard. CAn we go to the park i ask. Do want you want i went to the park and had a snowball fight.

  12. A weird-looking person was standing in the snow in front of my face. But, I realized by the look on his face, that it was a vampire. Could this be real or not? Down on the ground, through the falling snow, I saw that blood was dripping out of his mouth. Eventually, I came to talk to this person and asked him, “Are you a vampire?”
    “Frankly,” he said, “No, I’m not. This is just my style.”
    Gratefully, I left him alone, but I was still suspicious of him. High up in the sky, snow was falling down really hard, and I loved it. I tried to make a snowman, but it would sometimes come apart. J
    Just when I almost forgot about him, I saw him grab someone in the woods. Knowing what I know about vampires, I decided to go after him to see if he had bitten this person.
    Loud screams came from their direction. More and more screaming toward me, and I was terrified. Nobody was around but me. Only I heard the screams.
    Probably no one will believe me, but I have to try to do something. Quietly, I walked over to where they were, and the body was on the ground. Riddled with blood, the man’s neck had two holes on it that looked like bite marks.
    Silently, I came up to the vampire as he was bending over him sucking his blood. The vampire saw me and started to chase me. Under my shirt was a cross on a chain that I never take off. Violently, I stabbed the vampire in the heart with the cross. While I kept stabbing him, I could see him begin to die.
    Xylophone music began to play as the vampire died. Young children were playing around. Zipping back and forth, they played loud games in the snow.

  13. At dawn Jeffer woke up. Beside him was an alarm saying 5am. Christmas is here thought Jeffer as he raced downstair quietly tip toeing on his toes. “Dang so cold I can’t even feel my toes” Jeffer said. “Extra cold today also freezing I wish my mom would forget global warming and turn the heat on” Jeffer said very quietly. Finally Jeffer had the guts to tip toe to the Christmas tree and opens some of his beloved gifts. “Good god I got some socks and a million dollar” Jeffer said excitedly. He stood up and unwrapped some other presents too. “I am so mad at you Jeffer Zhang” said Jeffer’s mother. Jeffer you should know better than this, your acting like a 5 year old sneaking to get your awesome socks” said Jeffer’s mother. Knowing that he would get in trouble Jeffer ran quickly upstairs and locked his door. Logging on to the interweb Jeffer slowly went to play World of Dorks. “My o my today sucks, I wish I could just throw a rock at the window and not be in trouble” Jeffer said anger in his voice. Now Jeffer was mad at his mother, but he loved her very much so he went downstairs to say sorry to his mother. Obviously Jeffer’s mom was cooking breakfast and was busy, but Jeffer still apologized anyway. Pleasant smells filled Jeffer’s nose, it smelled like pizza and chicken. Quietly Jeffer went to his mom. Resting his hand on the wooden counter he said “I’m sorry mom.” Silence filled the room you could only hear the crackling of the oil in the pan and that was it. “Thank you Jeffer that was nice, now I made Pizza and Chicken for breakfast so eat up” said Jeffer’s mom. Using his hands Jeffer picked the pizza up and ate it. Very quickly he swallowed the pizza for it was too hot.” Why do I always burn my tongue” said Jeffer. X-Man said Jeffer’s mother. “Yeah what about him” said Jeffer. “Zap” Jeffer’s mom said and gave him an X-Man toy, Jeffer was so happy he hugged his mom and Christmas was great.

  14. @Danielle: I love your story, it reads like a poem. I could see all of your images very clearly.

    @Gabe: Nice work taking on Z with "Zebra sweater" - hilarious!

    @Tony: Wow, I did not expect to read about wintry vampires - this is great!

    @Jeffer: I hope you show this to your mother!

  15. At 12:00am we start opening presents, Beginning to play with them, Counting all the toys, Deep in the tree are more things, Everyone beginning to look, Fighting to guess who's it is, Good thing its not their's, "HOT CHOCOLATE TIME", Just joking, Knowing how to have fun, Laughing with the family, Mouthing Christmas songs, "NOW HOT CHOCOLATE TIME", Opposite of cold chocolate, Presents for all, Quiet places, Resting the next day, Starting over again, "Time again", United nations celebrating, Voting to celebrate, Wanting more things, Xbox playing, Yo-yo rolling, ZZzzzzz away to bed

  16. Dear tr.Lacey
    At Christmas eve night, When i was little i always wanted to see if theirs a Santa was real. Because i thought theirs was a Santa at the age of six, it was awesome, party staid up all night. Customs is In of the things the adults putted, it was a red chubby Santa. Down the chimney i say to the air thinking if Santa was coming. Every kid was asleep except me waiting. Fun was one of the words in my mind thinking what to do in Christmas day. Gr owned up now, having fun with friends. Ho ho ho,whats that a bird is it a plane, no its Santa clause. I was full of joy when little , wanted to see me present. Jingle bell, bat man smells,Robin led an egg, and the joker ran away, good times. Kings, the three kings couldn't wait for that holiday. Lips together under that mistletoe. My sisters always got up early and ran under the Christmas tree, to see what they got. Navida that's Christmas in Spanish. Opening my present, with such a joy i was shock $200 for Christmas i said “omg”. Presents where the thing you usually see in Christmas. Qute girls where screaming “baby,baby ooh”, one thing was in my mind they got a jb album, aim not a Justin bieber fan but it sounded good when they singed it. Running in Christmas full of joy how could this day get better. Show me your money my friends be asking, i say no i don't got it oh how i fulled them. TV i be watching the holiday shows. Under the stars looking what up in the future. Videos games, ooh yeah time to kick some b-u-t-t. Water was one of the things i drink ed in Christmas. X , thanks it almost over this assignment. Z finally i am don and that's my story

  17. Arriving at the mountain cabin, my family is greeted with happy cheers. But before I can go anywhere, my mom wants me to unpack the overly stuffed car. Christa, my cousin, offers to help. Done with unpacking, now I go to the bedrooms upstairs, but oops I forgot my duffel bag downstairs. Eden with a smile on her face, says that she saw it in the car. Fingers and arms freezing, I head out to the car again. "Gotcha!"yells my cousin Owen. He is fully armed with a marshmallow shooter and starts attacking. I act surprised and playfully tackle him. Just as I see my duffel bag, my other cousins, Shawn and Ethan grab it and start to run!
    Knowing that I would freeze if I don't get a coat on, I rush inside and grab my coat and my hat (plus my cousin Rebecca). Laughing and running we chase after them. Marshmallows start flying at us and so we speed up. Nothing being seen ahead, we stop and take a breather. Only if we had some other people on our side, but we decide that we can take them. Planning our way, we split up into the woods. Quickly I find Shawn, Ethan and Owen, by their loud talking. Risking my cover, I take a step forward. Suddenly a twig snaps and I jump, only to discover Rebecca. Touching my hand to her arm I motion that we should run before they find us. Unluckily they find us before we can move. Very crazily, they yell out a war cry and charge. Wanting to go inside and eat, I run into the cabin. Xyloglyphy, is what my uncle is doing in the basement (woodcutting). Yet as I run through the house I realize that I can't find anything else of mine! Zany, is what you can call MY cousins!

  18. After morning....
    Before night....
    Christmas is coming...
    Don't need to wait...
    Expression of my happy feeling....
    Flood of gift come to me this time....
    Give a lot of thanks to people who gave me.....
    How to get more present? I thought...
    Imaginations in my head...
    Jump up and down!!!
    Know how happy to get all this present...
    Large present, medium, until the small one...
    Many kind of present around me...
    Nothing can take my happiness this time...
    Oops, I found a crown from gift last year...
    Put the crown on my head...
    "Queen of present" I said...
    Realize how many present I got...
    Spin myself around and around...
    Thought I'm really the queen...
    Variety of imagination in my mind...
    Wonder if it would be true...
    Xmas is the best day of winter...
    Yup.. then I lay on the bed and close my eyes...
    Zzzz... I slept....

  19. A winter morning, I woke up and went up stairs to see my presents when I realized “oh yeah, I celebrate New Years”. But that did not stop me from having a good day. Christmas was here so I could not be mad; I went outside and played with the snow. Dying to throw a snowball at my neighbor made me hungry. Everybody got up when I yelled, “it is Christmas day”! For once in my life I did not feel scared to do that. Gosh, you should have seen the look on my sister’s face when she got downstairs! Happy is not the word I would use for how she was feeling. It was time for breakfast; we had eggs and bacon. Joe who is our next-door neighbor came into our house. Kaylie, Joe’s daughter said, “could you at least have knocked before barging into their house”. Let us just say that we got a lot more presents then expected from Joe. “Man that breakfast was good”, I could not eat another bite. Now when I was done breakfast I ran and opened the presents. “Oh my goodness you got me X-Box Kinect, that is awesome”, I said with excitement! Poor girl, my sister got 1 thing she did not think was a present. “Quizzes”; Joe got her a Barbie set and a couple of quizzes from her teacher to do over break. Ruya, my sister was mad. So that set off the day with a weird start, but we still enjoyed it. Tomorrow we planned to go see a movie, which would be fun. Under my bed there was a code for my favorite game on the Internet, Robo Rampage. Very quietly I went onto the computer and played until I got caught. Which was about a minute after I started playing, so that was a rip off. X- Box Kinect is fun. “Yo, I creamed everyone in soccer”. Zooming through the day, I think it was pretty fun.

  20. All around the house is quiet. Beside me is that Hello Kitty alarm clock I had since I was around six years old. Cookies, in the living room, waiting for Mr. Santa. Delicious, sugar filled cookies, lay there on a huge plate, uneaten and lonely. "Eat me! Eat me!" they cry. stomach grumbles, because I've been saving my stomach for that delicious Christmas dinner with my family. Hello Kitty hurry up! It was around three in the morning and I was desparate to rip up all of those presents. Just how could anybody sleep on this day? Kitchen, cold and empty, looking sad and lonely, apparently it doesn't realize what's coming for it later. Laughing and running straight down the hall, come me and Matthew, awaiting our Christmas surprises. Mom, rushing to get the camera with Dad, pulling out the trash bag. Nothing but wrapping paper, everywhere, no floor in sight. "Oh Wow!"'s and "Look at this!"'s surround the room. Presents, fresh and open are now hidden in our rooms to play with. Quick! Run before Santa takes them back! Sounds burst from our rooms like a science experiment is going on. Tunes are blasting from the stereo in the car, going to Grandma's house. Unlucky cousins with socks as presents are laughed at. Very pleased haven't-seen-you-since-you-were-a-little-baby aunts are here and ready to pinch your cheeks. Watch out! X-mas comes and goes, giving Santa more time to make his presents. "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not...!" we sing until it gets dark. Zippy, zany, kids finally get tired and want to go home, and wait for the next Christmas to come.

  21. At 12:00pm ever year my family gets ready for the hollidays. christmas is one of my favorite times of the whole intire year. Because christmas is a time all about giving and being with your family.Course all my cusins and borthers dont know what the true meaning of christmas but I do.does everyone in the world think that christmas is a time to just get gifts except me. Eventually everyone on the world will find out what christmas is really all about. fabously I love the fact that I know what christmas is really all about and I have people to share it with.Gladly my mom and dad know jut what christmas i all about and that they passed it on to me.Hopefully my borther will tell his kids what chritmas is all about or they will find out by themelves.I love that I can help my mom on christmas with all the cooking and shopping and decarations. Just because you get older doesnt mean that you cant help your mom and dad with the decarations in and out the houe. Kinds of foods that my mom cook on christmas day are chicken,mackarone and cheese,and also weetpatatos.lots of people come over my house on christmas day like aunts uncles and people in that nature.Many things are given out at my house like toys,cothes,and jewlerary and everyone is thankful for what they recive.Nobody I not thankful for what they recive on christmas in my family I thankful. Other familys that I know dont get to indore the things that I do with my family. people want gift and things in that nature but all I want for christmas is my friends and family.Quawaporation is key on christmas without quawaporaton there will be no christmas at all.Responsablity is another key thing for christmas everyone has a responsabilty on christmas.sadly my mom says evrery that I am not going to get anything for christmas this yeear but every year I get everything that I want.Tacky sweaters make christmas to because without them we wount be able to make fun of all the people in your house that is weearing them.Unanamusaly everyone wants ham for the christmas dinner every year. vintege glass boddles and things like that are allways opend on christmas days. winter is the main thing we need snow because christmas has always eathor cold or snowing or both.x men toy were my favorite toys to play with on christmas day. yourelf you know that you need to contribute or give something to your parents because without them you would not be here. zoom zoom is the word for christmas because it blows and goe by so fast.

  22. @Danielle: I love the image of your Hello Kitty Alarm Clock - priceless.

    @Rasheed: Your last line is so poignant!

  23. A little boy named John lives in California with his parents. Before he goes to bed, he prays that when he wakes up that he will see snow. California is a very sunny state where it never snows. Doubting that it's not going to snow, John still tries to keep hope alive for his wish for snow. Early in the morning around two-thirty, John woke up thinking about how happy he would be if it did snow in California. Frantically, John jumped out of bed and ran to the window thinking that his wish came true. Gradually, his smile turned into a frown. Hoping that his parents were awake to tell them the bad news. Ignoring his parents sleeping, he woke them up anyway. Jumping on their bed to get their attention, he startled them. "KEEP HOPING, KEEP PRAYING BUT NOTHINGS WORKING",John said. Looking for something to take his mind off of being disappointed, he went down stairs to get something to eat. Milk and cookies did the trick and made him sleepy. Now that the sun was coming up, John will be cranky from the lack of sleep he had. Over the course of the day, John was in a bad mood. Peter, his friend noticed that John was acting strange. Quickly, John ran out of the school in a hurry. Rushing home was a stinker because he stepped in a pile of dog poop. Suddenly, when John arrived outside of his house he saw white flakes falling down on him. Thinking he was going crazy because first it was sunny and now a miracle is happening. Unknowingly, John was in for a BIG and COLD surprise! Victoriously, John's parents were very excited to see the look on his face when he saw his backyard full of snow. Willingly, John and his parents had a huge snow ball fight and invited his friends to join them. "X marks the spot", John said while they were playing pirates in the snow. Yelling and screaming of joy because of the excitement that was happening in the back yard. ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM was the sound of the snow balls that were flying fast through the air!

  24. A- Almost christmas as I stare at the the clock as it strikes 11:59 on December 24th.
    B- Better and better the gifts get every year.
    C-Chilly and brisk is the weather outside
    D-"Don't forget to be thankful for everything you get" says my mom.
    E-Eagerness takes over my body as I can't sleep on chritmas eve.
    F-Fun as I run down the steps to see the gifts
    G-Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!
    H-Hunrgy for christmas dinner when the day is done.
    I-Incredible! describes every christmas
    J-Jumping is what I do when I open the gifts.
    K-"Keep em' coming" is what i enthusiastically say to my dad on christmas morning.
    L-Large tree and gifts
    M-Money is what I get from my grandparents every year
    N-New games, clothes, andmore
    O-"O my goodness" is what I say when I open the best gift.
    P-Priceless is family time together on christmas day.
    Q-"Quick lets go downstairs" is what I say to my parents.
    R-Running down the steps I go on christmas morning.
    T-Tick tock goes the clock on christmas eve.
    U-Unbelievable is the amount of gifts under the tree.
    W-What a christmas it's been!
    X-X is what I draw on December 25th n my calendar.
    Y-You got to love christmas
    Z-Zoom is what I hope they time goes by until next year.

  25. Almost noon I jumped on my parents bed screaming “ Dad, mom charismas is tomorrow what are we going to do, mom bake cookies, dad go get milk!”. Before my sister came in the door my parents woke up and said “look don’t worry everything will be fine”. “Child what did I say about coming in my room you took moms present!” Dally my big sister looked supper red at that moment I wanted to run. Every now and then Dally is mad at me for little things I do, it was getting really annoying. Forget about my sister for a second, here comes my dog with a bone, surprisingly it was wrapped. Gather, that is her name because she loves to gather stuff it is so funny. Harmony my little sister came and said “ mom I lost a tooth do you think that the tooth fairy will come at charismas eve?” I imagine my self being an only child and then I think, why because who would I annoy? Jelly beans, actual jelly beans on the floor, I feel sad for harmony she is in trouble, I won’t say nothing I will just point. Karma, I forgot I did something really bad to my big sister, Dally now I remember those are my jelly beans I’m in too much trouble now. “Liar, see mom I don’t like jelly beans those are lily’s jelly beans she’s a liar!” Man I wish I had a invisibility cape I hate when I’m caught in a lie. Never in the world I thought I would feel this way again it’s so creepy. Onion, I really want an onion right now so I could pretend to cry then my mom won’t be so mad. Pale, that was my sister, Dally’s face I bet she forgot it was charismas tomorrow. “Queen” I said to my mom “would the queen like anything special tomorrow? Rather weird I got no answer, rude I said to myself. Random stuff I though which was rather weird, anyway it was almost late and I need to plan something but you know I wont I will surprise my family tomorrow. Sadly I’m not the best at doing stuff on the dot but I will try it is charismas after all right? Trying to do something neat that’s my problem but I will figure it out now it’s time to sleep. Usually I wake up at like 1 in the morning on charismas but no today I woke up at 5 in the morning so did the rest of my family. Visually I see my sister jumping up and down on my bed but no she was sleeping next to me with my pillow, no wonder I was so uncomfortable. Wondering of the gifts I ran down stairs waking everybody in the other rooms. Xenophobia a weird word which sickness my big sister has poor her couldn’t go on vacation with us. Zap went a toy of mine when I opened it, it was what I always wanted a zapper to zap people with. At last my charismas wish cam true. By the way if you wondered the tooth fairy did came and my little sister got $10. Come again to read another comment of mine. Did you like it, it’s one of my best. Ending with “The end.”

  26. After a long walk down the snow covered streets and icy pavement, I sat down on the cushy sofa in my living room, and tried to relax in front of the crackling fire. Before I had set out on the trip to the shops in center city, I had been paralyzed in the most comfortable position in front of the burning fire. Commanding the cat to sit on my lap wasn’t doing much good, so I decided to put on a woolen coat and stroll down to the shops to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Deciding on a gift for each of my family members wasn’t easy, but after many hard decisions and indecisive conclusions, I hurried home with six gift bags and an assortment of small trinkets in gift boxes weighing me down. Eventually, I walked up the path that led to my small cottage – like house, and threw down the heavy load onto the dining room table. Family coming over this season was going to be a really fun time!
    Gifts purchased and wrapped, I now relaxed by the radiant fire and began to doze. Haunting thoughts of Christmas going horribly wrong encircled my thoughts in one giant blur of emotions. I woke up, quite suddenly, and decided to ready the Christmas ham for the guests that were coming in a matter of hours. Joyously humming Christmas tunes from the radio, I skipped into the kitchen and dove into the refrigerator for a jar of peach preserves. Keeping the family tradition of everyone enjoying Christmas at my house, all of my relatives would be enjoying my one and only honey and peach glazed ham with a variety of crushed spices, cloves, and dried fruits.
    Leaving the ham in the oven to broil, I again sauntered over to the sweltering fire, and slouched on the rag carpet with a magazine in hand. Meanwhile, I was thinking about all the guests that would be joining the holiday celebrations with me, but my thoughts enveloped my head, as my eyelids began to feel incredibly heavy. Never did I think I would be awakening to the sound of the doorbell. Opening my eyes with a start, I ran to the door and twisted the doorknob to open it. People were gazing at me with loving eyes with gifts in their mittened hands, and their heads bundled up tightly in fur hats, and knitted scarves. Queenly dressed, my aunts and mother proceeded with welcoming greetings, and headed to the living room to set down their gifts. Running to the kitchen, I remembered that I needed to bring out the hors d’oeuvres, and the pitcher of warm apple cider infused with cinnamon.
    Suddenly, there was a heavy knock on the door, and I set the drinks and snacks down daintily on the dining room table before answering the door. There were my uncles and father, who barged in with gifts wrapped in wrappings from a roll of birthday wrapping paper, or anniversary wrapping paper, or whatever wrapping paper didn’t match this holiday.
    Underneath the Christmas tree, the gifts were finally dropped, and everyone continued to the dining room table to enjoy some apple cider in elegant wine glasses, and hors d’oeuvres served on stylish crystal – cut saucers. Vacant seats were occupied when everyone sat down, and the bellowing laughter of my aunts and roaring laughter of my uncles rang above the soft, melodic tunes playing from the miniature radio in the corner. Wet coats hung dripping in the front hallway, the aroma of ham sweetly wafted across the room, and my house finally felt like home. Xylographs carved in the table were filled with cider when glasses tipped over, and everyone just laughed, because it was Christmas, and there was no need to get angry over a small mishap. Yearning to join the conversation, I told a joke, but nobody laughed; Instead, they all sat quietly, and everyone was motionless, until it was apparent that they finally understood my joke, and they all screamed with amusement. Zoo – like and rowdy, they were still my family, and I had to appreciate them because it was Christmas, and no one is allowed to get angry on a day of such joy.

    COPYRIGHT 2010

  27. “ Awww!!” i screech as i walk pass houses on my why to school. Bright lights and decorations cover a tall house from top to bottom. “Confetti...It all looks like white confetti” my friend says as we walk though the streets. Distractedly we take a wrong turn. Everything looks so different but so beautiful we didn’t even notice. Families are filled with joy even tough there faces are bright red from the cold. Great astonishment is readable on our faces as we walk down this path of beautifully decorated unfamiliar houses. “Hey is any of this familiar to you?” my friend asks me as we stop taking a look around. “ I thought you know where we were going.” I reply with a confused look on my face. “Jeez. we’re lost. We’re going to be late for school.” ‘Kay. we’re going to make it we just have to retrace our steps” I said as I pulled her arm in the opposite direction. Lazily she followed. “Maybe It was this way?” I say unknowingly still dragging her along “No it was this way” she said pulling me the other way. “Okay” i said following her. People pass us smiling and singing as we run. Quickly was ran up the streets avoiding falling or slipping on ice and complete embarrassment. Racing up the street we find our usual path. “ Seven more minutes” my friend says as we quickly walked with two more blocks to go. Turing the corner we both see the school and run up to the school filled with joy . Unfortunately as we the school we were about to open the doors we both seen and read out loud a sign that read : “INDEPENDENCE CHARTER SCHOOL IS CLOSED FOR THE DAY DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS. WE WILL INFORM YOU TO OUR REOPENING. HAPPY SNOW DAY!!!” taped to the door. Very upset we sat in front of the school. When all of a sudden both of our phones rang with a text saying: FREE ICE SKATING NOW AT THE ICE RINK!!!. Zipping up our coats we prepare for another snowy adventure.

  28. A winter day, but I do not care. Bitten by the frost and it is hurting me, but I don’t care. ‘Cause it is almost Christmas. Don’t care about any thing else, but Christmas. Each and every day does not compare to Christmas. For weeks people wait for this day. Greatest time of the year for the entire world is Christmas. How come everyone likes it? It is not different from your birthday. Just what is so special about it? Keeping gifts for yourself and giving is the season. Liking Christmas over other holidays, is that possible? Maybe some people are crazy like that. Not many people dislike Christmas. Or is there a better holiday I forgot about? People might like another special holiday. Quiet holidays are my favorite. Reading can be done on those days. So, my favorite holiday is Christmas, since I can keep gifts for myself and receive gifts too. Two Christmas vacations a year would be great. Using a gift properly should be a law. Vice President Biden should try to convince President Obama to make it one. What would it be like to have law like that? Xmas would probably be ruined. You might think that would be a weird law and you are right. Zzz’s are going to hit this cold night now that I am done.

  29. As 12:00am approches a boy named Seth waits up for his father to come home from Iraq. Before he know it he was fast asleep his mother woke him up saying his father was home for christmas. Candles blazzing in the dark house snow falling heavily on the ground Seth runs downstairs to see his father at the table with his head in his hands. Daring to ask his father what's wrong he decides not to. Everyone is now sitting at the table huddling around in the warm toasty house. Fearfully his mother ask him what's wrong the Seth's father says that he saw so many people die in Iraq and that it does'nt fell right being back again. Gracefully the next day the Seth cheers up his dad by buying him the best present he could buy. Hurrying to the snow boading park to play with his friends the next day he sees a man asking for money the man wore a jacket that said member of Iraq. In a hurry to get to the park he ask the man why is standing out in the cold the man replied I have no home to go to. Jared was his name, i'm here because I have no family of course you do answer Seth boy you mustent understand what I am saying. Kidding around I say if you have a family go to them Jared replied no you do not understand leave now while you have a family. Leaving the man alone Seth goes to the park to see all his friends snowboarding. Man you missed it said John one of Seth's friends I was gliding in mid air but than I got hurt. No you did'nt said Seth yes I did for the rest of the morning John was trying to prove he was gliding in mid air. Over time it began to get cold they all left as they were leaving Seth saw Jared hey man I told go home said Seth and who are you to tell me to go home Jared replied. Parenthesising that Seth was hungry he left that night he told his mother and father about the man. Quietly in the room Seth's mother said what I say about talking to strangers well he was homeless and from Iraq his name was Jared. Remembering back in Iraq Seth's father said I remember him well where is he sense it's time for giving i'll let him spend christmas with us. Sitting still as his mother and father talked Seth was wonderind why did he bring that up now he's going to sharing christmas with a stranger. Tell you what you go get Jared and tell him to spend christmas with us said Seth's father now i'm in big troble I have to go look for this man what if he's not there. Understanding that Seth sometimes have to keep his mouth shut and things to him self and hopeing that the man is'nt there he's all raped up in the thinking.

  30. What I remember from when i was six years old is that it was a very windy and cold snowy day and at that age the snow was at my knees. My mom made me and my necce put on big husky snow suits, we'd go outside play around make snow angels,snowman and wipe off everyones cars with our hands.But the best part of all is when we had to come in and my mom had nice steamy hot coco on the dinning room table with marshmellows filled to the top like a mountain.

  31. Aaliyah Henry      A to Z Story

    All I wanted to do was throw snowballs and drink hot chocolate that winter, but so far I was stuck doing nothing. Bored to death I waited and waited for snow to fall but, no luck. Cruel, bitter coldness, but no snow. "Drinking hot chocolate is nice, but winter is nothing without snow." my mother said. Endless days without snow were haunting me, until I woke up the next morning and saw about two and a half feet of snow and rising. (Finally) I thought as I ran to get my coat and boots. "Grab three sleds" my dad called out, "we're going sledding!". Hills were covered by tons of children all ages. "I want to go first" I said. Just as I sat down on the sled, I was pushed sown the hill. Ka-boom, I crashed into a thorn bush. Laughing as they ran down the hill were my dad, mom and sister. Much later we went home and drank hot chocolate. Never will I ever forget that winter but it wasn't complete yet. On a day where the snow was just right, I got my shiny hat, an old scarf, a carrot, two sticks and 12 buttons. Preparing to build I put on my snow gloves, a hat, coat, scarf and boots. Quivering just a little, I started to build. Rushing into the house I called my parents and sister and told them to come outside, quick. Shivering they all admired my work. "There are many snowmen out here but yours is the best" my father said. "Unbelievable" said my sister "you did all of that by yourself?". "Very impressive" said my mother. "Well, I'm cold, who's going to make me a cup of hot chocolate?". "Xing can," said my sister, let's name him Xing. "You choose the weirdest names" I said. Z end.

  32. A snow storm that makes my hands frozen. Bake warm cookies that melt in my mouth. Cuddle with my family, watch TV, and eat. Dance to the Christmas songs. Eat the diner that your mom makes on a very special holiday. Friends and family get together. Grandparents kiss you on your cheek. Hot coco in your mouth with the marshmallows. Ice cream that you eat when you in your house watching TV. Jokes that make you smile. Kamiyah likes when she gets a lot of presents, but she knows that’s not all she knows about Christmas .Love is filled in the room. Malls be filled with lots of people in it buying gifts for they kids. Not everybody celebrate holidays. Oh this is a nice presents, I will say. Presents is a optional to get. Quiet a joy, everybody laugh. Rest in peace for all of those who had died during the year. School is out and everybody shout. Talks to your friends on a school night pass ten. Under the tree I see my things. Vacations to go see your family. Winter is hear and now is time to play. X ray toys my little sister gets. Yummy food I get to eat. Zyairah is my little sister, and I love her.