Wednesday, December 1, 2010


After more than five weeks of blogging under our belts, the time has come to assess and evaluate your efforts before the first trimester grades.  For this week's blog prompt, review each blog entry to re-read your comments and answer the questions below.  The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate your writing and assess your strengths and weaknesses so that you can continue to grow and develop as writers.

Please answer all questions honestly and thoroughly and refer to the Blog Commenting Rubric when evaluating your grade.  I will review the second part of your blog assessment with you in class.  The second part of the assessment will include selecting an example of your best blogging efforts to revise, edit, print, and include in your writing portfolio.

Steps to Blogging Success
Blog Commentary Rubric

Interesting –
Something special.
Makes the reader think & wonder
Everything listed below.

Good information.
Well written.
Detailed content.
Everything listed below

Correct usage & punctuation.  On topic & on time.
Well organized.
Everything listed below.

Correct spelling & capitalization.

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