Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ICS, meet ANS!

Greetings to both ICS and ANS students!

This week I am very excited to announce the start of a blogging partnership between students in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and students in Managua, Nicaragua.  Our individual blogs this week will be read and commented on by students who attend the American Nicaraguan School in Managua. This is an exciting way that everyone, not just our Take Flight student ambassadors, can participate in this exciting opportunity for cultural exchange and new friendships!

This week's assignment: Use the prompts below to write a post that introduces yourself to students in Nicaragua. You may use one or more of the prompts, but make sure, as always, that your post is thoroughly proofread and is an example of your best writing.

For any of these prompts consider using digital images, or even video, to provide as much information as possible! 
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Describe a typical day. Take us through a day in your life. Make sure to include lots of details and information. You could include information about your home and family, neighborhood, school, classes, after school activities, etc. You might use the profile we read in class of a Nicaraguan student as a model.

Life in Philadelphia. What is life in Philadelphia like? Provide the students in Nicaragua with a tour of where you live. What places do you think are important to know about in Philadelphia? Tell about your city's (or neighborhood's) history and culture. What are you most proud of about your city? What would you most like to change if you could?

Food and Festivities. What Philadelphia foods do you most enjoy? Are there any traditions in your city or neighborhood that are important to you, your family, or your culture? Consider sharing a recipe and describing the food in detail.

What do you love to do? Discuss your favorite hobby(ies). Describe where you do this activity, how long you've been doing it, etc. Provide lots of details and explanation.

*Make sure to include questions for our friends in Nicaragua. What would you like to know about their lives?

Where in the world is Nicaragua?

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