Friday, June 8, 2012

Dear 7th Grade of 2012...


What a year we've had!  Among other things, you have written 27 blog posts - quite an accomplishment!  Now, for blog #28: your final post of the year.  Your last blog assignment is to leave words of wisdom, advice, and general parting reflections on your seventh grade experience for next year's rising class.  Your thoughts will be the first thing my new students read next year when I introduce them to the blog.   

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind for your final commentary:
  • What valuable lessons did you learn along the way that you can pass on to others?
  • What are “the essentials” that every seventh grader should know?
  • What books should every 7th grader read?
Topics of discussions can be related to academics, stress, adjustment from sixth grade, clubs and extracurricular activities, time management, homework, assessments and projects, reading logs and 100 Book Challenge, friendships, Heifer, Take Flight, etc.

Just make sure that your advice is, well, actually good information.

**As always, please use complete sentences and proofread for CUPS before posting.  Compose your commentary in a google doc to make sure you do not lose your work and have ample room to edit!

If you discuss particular classes and teachers, please do so with respect, humor, and goodwill.  If your commentary is not respectful, I will not post it.

I've enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you this year.  Reading your writing on this blog, as well as your formal essays and assignments, was often the best part of my week. 

Have a wonderful summer full of adventure and visits to the library. I will miss you next year -- so come visit me!


  1. Dear upcoming 7th Graders,
    As you all know that seventh grade is the most important year that high schools look at. So this is not the year to play around or not do your work. This is the year to get your work done and be serious. One thing you should defiantly do is apply for Take Flight. I was kind of upset that I didn't apply because they had a lot of fun and this is a opportunity that you should not past up.

    While you are in class just pay attention so you can get your work done and you will know what to do. I recommend you stay on top of your grades because you receive a lot of work and grades go right in mms so just stay on top of your grades. I recommend you attend office hours because teachers are there for you if you need help with something. Also respect every teacher you have.

    Enjoy 7th grade upcoming 7th graders

  2. Things you should know as an upcoming seventh grader is never ever say sorry if you don’t mean it. And in social studies never get out of your seat without permission Tr.Chris will harm you. But the main thing you should do is be yourself seventh grade is the grade you will find out your true friends. And our teachers are very outgoing they will always give you opportunities to get up and be yourself. So try your best and go the distance because this is the year to do it good luck you’ll need it. Don’t forget to hit up amazing books like Uglies, Enders game and Hunger games. Also remember it may irk you now but after you’ll just laugh.

  3. Dear new seventh grader,
    For this year you're going to need to pay attention and actually do the blog post assignments and the teenbiz3000 things, IT COUNTS FOR ALOT OF YOUR GRADE. Make sure you sit with the right people and actually PAY ATTENTION. This is going to be a main grade you have to learn and hopefully ace, and this will be one of the first grades high schools and colleges are going to look at, So don’t get in trouble, and for the whole year, remember to take notes so you won’t forget anything. Most of all PAY ATTENTION.

    - India :)

  4. Hello Soon To Be 7th Graders,
    The 7th grade is not as hard as I thought it would be. You are going to be able to write a lot of your own stories you always wanted to write. Also, you’re going to be able to do a lot of projects and group projects. The bad thing about the 7th grade is your friendship problems. Sometimes when your friends stop being your friend the best thing to do is ignore them. You should not let them interfere with your school work. Also, you should have great attitude and behavior. If you don’t have those things you can and probably will be in a lot of trouble. I’ll take back being in that place. Have a wonderful time in the 7th grade!

  5. Austin Covington :PJune 8, 2012 at 8:24 AM

    Dear New 7th Graders,
    You will be learning too much stuff, and you won't like it because it was somewhat fun. The teachers are cool unless you make them mad, and don’t chew gum in certain classes. This year was stressful because it’s the important year, to get in a high school. You will have to write about a story that happened to you, then you got to compare and contrast two stories. After that you have to write a lot of stuff and at the end you got to write a story, that is something like cinderella or something totally different. Don’t make a depressing story because it might seem boring to the reader unless it has action. Also when you’re reading the book American born chinese read ahead to understand the book.Well pay attention in class, eat cake, don’t chew gum in ELA this year, and have a good time.

    From: A person who wants you to have a good time

    1. Thanks!
      Have fun in 8th.

  6. Dear upcoming 7th Graders,
    When you guys get to this grade its gonna be hard,its not the year to play around and act like wild animals.This is the year that high schools look at your grades and see if you will be right for that school so you have to stay on top of your grades and work hard.Don't slack off!.The thing that I recommend you guys to do is go on the heifer trip :}.Its really fun there and its awesome.

  7. Hello Soon To Be 7th Graders,
    The 7th grade wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. You will be doing a lot of online working for example TeenBizz3000, Blog Post, and Google Docs. Some valuable lessons that I learned was to re-read the directions and my work a lot. Also to answer the whole question; not just one part of it. Something that you should know is to turn your homework in on time and to use office hours a lot. Because extra time on assignments will get you extra help so you can do 10 times better than what you would have did without help. Every 7th grader should read Tears Of A Tiger. Something that I would have changed about my self in 7th grade is. How I deal with things if they don’t go my way, don’t be around your friends in class because they will distract you and this grade is really important. I would also change the way I talk to people because they might feel unsafe around you.

  8. Dear of 7th Grade Class of 2012- 2013;

    In Tr. Lacey’s seventh grade you do A LOT of writing. We wrote probably three or four essays. We wrote all these imaginary stories to satisfy Tr. Lacey’s weird fetish for creativity and imagination. Things like what you believe in and what you think is a good idea for our Earth. You must do her homework. Her homework isn’t hard, if you pay attention. Her homework really makes up your grade. She assigns “enough” homework, as you could say. When I say enough I mean a lot sometimes.

    Her class work is particularly easy. It all comes down to paying attention. You’ll read books, like Tears of a Tiger, and American born Chinese. Tr. Lacey can be serious and she can sometimes be GOOFY. Since the grade is the “most important grade” you should probably stay away from drama, you need to pay attention to keep your grades up and to do well on the PSSA’s. If not, you don’t get into a good high school, not any good college and then bad life.

    Well that’s all do what you like and good luck, you’re gonna need it!

  9. Hello fellow 7th graders of next year you will be doing various amout of project.
    For example the this i believe essay. something i shoould tell you is always type up your essay because if you write it she is going to make you type it anyway. Things you should do so you dont here teacher laceys mouth is.......

    Always have a book with you

    Never through a peice of paper on the floor because she will give you a dention

    And for the last one never ever read a head because you will be bored, because you will be reading a comic book thats funnny and have action and racist because i finish the book in 2 days . Then the next day the class was on page 5-27 and they were reading it in april and didnt finish it untill june 13.

  10. Dear 7th Graders of 2012-2013,

    Hello! Wow! I can’t believe this year is so close to over!

    One of my favorite parts about 7th Grade was getting to know my new teachers! All of my teachers were really wonderful, even when I was being a cranky teenager. You should know that all your teachers want to do is help you. They are not against you, even if you think they are annoying (cough, cough Tr.Lacey. Just kidding :) ) or mean or strict, they are really here for you. Don’t take any of their agitating ways personally. Always be friendly and cooperative. It can go a long way.

    Okay, so about homework, do it. Hand it in on time and take your time doing it. Among my classmates, homework was one thing that really brought their grades down. Having said that, don’t ever stress if you hand one homework in late. Don’t make a habit of it, but no one is perfect (except me) and your teachers don’t expect you to be. Just try your best to complete all of your work to the best of your abilities and try hard to turn everything in on time and well done.

    Something really important to keep in mind is to do things right the first time. If you’re typing up a paper or something, use proper punctuation, proper spacing, and get rid of things you don’t need. That way, You won’t have to go back and do things all over again. Check your writing carefully.

    This year people, especially your closest friends, will get on your nerves. My friend Kai is extremely irritating. She even admits to bothering me on purpose, for fun. What you have to do in these situations is let things roll off your back (unless it’s Kai, then you can smack her in the back of the head or something). Keeping calm is the key to success!!

    Thanks! to all my teachers,


  11. Hey new 7th graders,
    Some projects that you’ll be doing in 7th grade is a “Just because poems”,” This I believe”, “6WM”, and your very own short story!(it’s a remix of a fairy tale you grew up with. But Tr.Lacey chooses what story it’ll be.) Don’t be stress out by what your essay is going to be about because by the end everything is going to be all okay. (Well hopefully!) Just don’t be stress out because then everything well go down hill! You’ll be forced to read even when you don’t want to (but you really do want to read.) If you’re having a hard time picking a book then maybe ask Tr.Lacey or read the back of a interesting book you think of reading( Don’t just look at the cover because it’s always the books that have the nice covers that are boring! Don’t judge a book by a cover.) Just to let you know Tr.Lacey will lie just to get you reading some books! Now about your very own new ELA teacher… She is really an evil twin and the real Tr.Lacey is trap somewhere in the school basement that’s the real reason why we can’t go down there. Also on the take flight trip she is going to try to make you eat things you might not enjoy. And between me and you Tr. Lacey “office hours” are really parties so you should go to them when you need help. I had fun in my ELA class and also TURN IN YOUR WORK because 7th grade is the most important year of your life (if you want to get in a good high school. (You’ll hear it a lot.)
    Well I guess you can find out more by the other soon to be 8th graders so see ya(if you didn’t get eaten yet)

  12. Dear incoming 7th graders,
    During my seventh grade year I learned that to succeed you have to try your hardest. This is the year that counts the most. Your seventh grade year has a lot of effect on which high school you go to. If you have trouble with any material your best bet is to go to office hours. I think that when I had trouble with stuff I should have taken advantage of it but I didn’t. But once you go and get help with things you struggled with you’ll get better. Also, if you have trouble with anything and you don’t want to go to office hours don’t and I repeat don’t cheat off of anyone. If your teachers find out they will give you a zero for that assignment.
    When it comes to projects you really cannot wait until the last minute because then you might realize that you need help with something but it’s too late. So you have to be responsible. It was hard for me to get adjusted to the seventh grade. It’s different from the sixth grade because you don’t have as long extensions. It is really important to do well. But as the year progresses you’ll get the hang of it.

  13. - One: you should hand in all your work
    - Two: Lacy is strict about righting so you need to make sure you spell Wright and you have correct punctuation.
    - Three:make some friends.
    - Four:don’t get on tr.lacy’s bad side… *whispering to student* tr.lacy can't see this so here is some personal advice… if she is mad at you or the class try to make her laugh. Tehe.
    - Five: it’s good to have a teacher that is on the good side not the dark side…
    - Six: teacher lacy is going to make you do allot of projects if you need help tr.lacy is always there to so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  14. Dear 2012-2013 seventh Graders,

    The first thing you should know about seventh grade is that Tr.Lacey will make you write and she will tell you when your writing needs help,(AKA: Your writing sucks!!) It’s not that your writing sucks, she’ll just tell you what you need help with. Usually, when you are working on an essay or writing assessment, Tr.Lacey will pair you with another student, and sometimes it won’t be your choice of who you work with. So, the best thing you can do is get along with everybody in your class.
    Through my years of seventh grade I have learned that it is only smart to do what you’re supposed to do: Turn in homework, Complete reading/ writing projects to the best of your ability, always pay attention to Tr.Lacey because she likes the attention and if you don’t, let’s just say it WILL reflect on your school work, and NEVER EVER TALK BACK TO TR.LACEY OR YOU WILL BE SENT OUT ON BUDDY ROOM SLIP AS FAST AS YOU CAN SAY ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS!!!!!!( No pressure.)
    Some essentials of ELA( English Language Arts...): Notebook for writing until your hands turn blue, Lots and Lots of pens and pencils, tissues for laughing until you cry at some of the awesome funny short stories Tr.Lacey will be showing you AND tissues because I’m pretty sure you’ll catch a cold from the low temperatures in Tr.Lacey’s room,(I know I did!!)
    But really, all funnyness aside, Tr.Lacey is a great teacher and you should return the favor by being a great student as well. Tr.Lacey loves when her students are interested in the books she brings in and I can assure you that you will love reading after your experience with Tr.Lacey as your teacher.
    Jasmine Mcqueen

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  16. Dear people who used to be 6th graders but now are in seventh,

    Let me give about a few things you should do this year. You’ll thank me later.

    1: Be nice and respectful to all teachers (YOU WILL REGRET NOT RESPECTING TR RICH JUST A WARNING)
    2. Please do Teenbiz3000 and the blog work. Even if it is boring it counts for your grade and you will eventually regret not doing it.
    3. Don’t sneak YouTube. Don’t sneak YouTube. Don’t sneak YouTube. DON’T SNEAK YOUTUBE.
    4. Please read Amulet ITS GOOD.
    5. Have fun. And if you see Tr Ray, call him Tray or Twallie.


  17. Dear 7th greaders.

    Don’t get on Tr. Lacey's nerves your you will have a honorable year and she will be on your back and to survive in this class. All you have to do is do your home work follow the rules and pay attention.
    Don’t talk when she is talking and keep your eyes on the speaker even if it’s not her. She want you to succeed. So don't disrespect her and what ever she says is wrong with your work she is wright.


  18. Dear Incoming Seventh Grader,

    You're A 7th grader! Like you don’t know. Anyways, 7th grade is like soo important. Why? High Schools look at your grades from this year. Don’t ask me why. This year you need to worry less about I wonder if he/she likes me and more about your grades. Of course you can worry about that on the side. Teacher Lacey can be one of your favorite teachers. Just make sure that you are respectful and responsible and your school year could go by fast and easy. My main advice for you is don't procrastinate. When you get an assignment work on it as soon as soon as possible. Not the night before. You want to try your best on every assignment because even the little grades count. Although you don’t wanna hear it you will find out who your true friends are in 7th grade. If your scared to be yourself don’t be. You wanna know who you can always count on through thick and thin. I wish you the best of luck.
    P.S Try the Amulet series and the Hush Hush series. Really good books. Good luck you’ll need it!

  19. Dear new 7th graders,

    What you need to know is that you will get lots of homework, test, quizzes, and project throughout the year so don’t procrastinate. If you do then you never get a good grade on anything unless you get lucky like me and still be able to pass with good grades. I have learned that procrastinating isn’t good and I have started to stop doing that as much as I used to. As long as you can get good grades teachers will be able to trust you, and if they trust you, you could be able to get extra opportunities to go others places that other students can’t. You should always check MMS if you have some time to see if you need to bring any of your grades up, so you can have a better chance of getting into a good high school. In this grade you will be reading a lot of books it might be a great idea to start bringing your reading level up a little. You could be reading book that are about people's lives and those might put you to sleep so try to stay awake. The last thing you need to know is that the last project for your English Language Arts (ELA) teacher will be remixing a fairy tale so be prepared for that!

    Best of wishes!!!

  20. Dear 7th graders.

    Don’t get on Tr. Lacey's nerves your you will have a honorable year and she will be on your back and to survive in this class. All you have to do is do your home work follow the rules and pay attention.
    Don’t talk when she is talking and keep your eyes on the speaker even if it’s not her. She want you to succeed. So don't disrespect her and what ever she says is wrong with your work she is wright.

    I would to the same for all the teacher in the 7th grade and what you do want to do when it comes to being a 7th grader is you want to stay away from your friend in class because they will get you in trouble sit next to someone that you don't know that you never talked to in your life.

    sincerely 8th grader

  21. Dear upcoming 7th graders

    Here is some tips to know about 7th grade always remember in Tr. Lacey’s class to hand in assignments on time. I have not handed assignments in and got 0 so always remember to do that. Stay on point with your grade try to check MMS at least once a week.I would have turned in assignments that she said she didn’t get and I would get a bad grade. Another thing is DO NOT TALK I repeat DO NOT TALK at all when she is talking. Tr. Lacey can get mad at times so you don’t want to get her in a bad mood. Overall she is a very cool teacher but there’s those times where she can get frustrated. Let’s talk about assignments Tr. Lacey can give you a lot of projects to do so just prepare for like new assignments every month or so. You will have to do essays and stories about books you read or whatever she creates. Oh and reading isn’t that bad in this class we get to do IDR (Independent reading). You might read books like American Born Chinese or Tears of a Tiger which you will love. It is hard to find good books because we don’t have a good variety because we all like different genres. Tr. Lacey suggests going to the Library and looking for books to read. I know that I had a hard time finding a book. The thing I liked about this year was when we got to write our own stories but they had to be based of the fairy tale we read. It’s fun but hard because you don’t know what to write about. You will get stressed from all the work you get especially from other classes. You might get more than 1 project which might involve other classes like Math, Spanish and many more...I could tell you more but there is so much to say about this class. I hope this is very helpful to you i7th graders have fun.

    Sincerely Tanae W. Terry

  22. As a seventh, grader has learned a lot of things. All of the teachers will teach you fun, exciting lessons and sometimes boring, not so fun lessons! But always stay positive.You will read books that you might never read before. I think every seventh grader should read Amulet. Some people read it now some don’t that’s fine but its a five book series and its really cool and exciting. As a seventh grader you should know not to get on any teachers nerves or she/ he will pull your grade down...just kidding but don’t get on their nerves. Personally my favorite project was a Cinderella Remix in ELA class. I wont give too much information about it but let me tell you...It’s awesome! Have a good seventh grade upcoming seventh graders!!!!

  23. Dear Incoming 7th Graders,
    In ELA there are a lot of projects and Essays that the teacher want you to do. So make sure you do all of them. Try your best to be respectful to your teacher. (Teacher Lacey). If you do everything you are supposed to do there will be no problems. Also you need to hand in and finish all of your assigned assignments on time in order to get good grades...if you want them. Just do your best, even if you don’t get it right at least you can say you tried. Some projects you will be doing won’t always be fun to you but you have to do it and be positive about it. Seventh grade is not so hard to complete, as long as you try your hardest and stay positive about’ll have a good school year.
    In order to have a good school year (including all of your classes), you need to get to your classes on time, and don’t do anything that can get you in trouble. In seventh grade you will learn new things that you never knew, and some things you already knew. But other than those tips...Have a good school year.

  24. Dear incoming 7th graders,
    Seventh grade is an extremely important year. You will hear teachers constantly reminding you about how if you don’t do what you’re supposed to then you will end up in your neighborhood high school- which is a really bad thing. Don’t worry too much about the work and how hard it is. When it comes to homework-TURN IT IN ON TIME! It doesn’t have to all be right, but you have to turn it in. Office hours may seem bleh, but it is really helpful. Do the work no matter how boring it may be, you’ll regret it if you don’t. Now some backgrounds on the teachers of seventh grade that you will have constantly (just a few):
    Tr Lacey-
    DON’T get her mad! She is like a tiger! (p.s. you’ll be reading a book called “Tears of a Tiger”)
    She’ll make you do essays, poems, remixes to classic fairy tales. (The last one’s hard but pretty cool)
    Make sure that your writing is acceptable, with the correct spelling and punctuation
    She’s really a cool teacher when she’s happy so keep her happy
    Tr. Rich
    He’s a weird man
    NEVER GET HIM MAD! It’s 10 times worse than Tr.Lacey.
    He’s a really fun teacher when he’s not teaching. If one day was National Cookie Day he would bring in cookies for the whole 7th grade- what the day is depends on what you’ll get.
    Pay attention in his class! Talking in his class while he’s teaching is just never heard of. Go to his office hours if you need to.
    When he says “Pencils down!” put your pencil down ASAP!
    You might be scared of him at first but by the end of the year, you’ll love him!
    Tr. Chris
    He’s really silly
    He’s fun
    If you tell him who you’re dating or who you like, you’ll have a funny year
    You can really talk to him about anything and he’s like a man-child
    He might distract you while taking tests- he reads, sings, talks, wanders around
    She is like a grandmother who bakes you cookies everyday
    She is really sweet but can be sarcastic
    Have fun with the dissections, they’re gross but fun!
    That concludes my rant about seventh grade- GOOD LUCK!

  25. Dear new 7th grade students,
    This year as you know is a very important year because these grades are important for applying for high school so here are some advice that you could use to help you get good grades and have good behavior.
    During projects make sure you always turn in your assignments on times because as always that will affect your grade
    Try not to get in trouble at all because most high school also look at your behavior
    Pay attention because if you don’t most of time you might get stuck on something that you don’t fully understand
    Read a lot because thats will improve a lot of your writing skills and reading skills
    Some great experiences that will happen is going to the Heifer camping trip Trust me its a lot of fun, also reading cool books that you could probably connect with and some books that are funny. And fun events that happen every year.

    During the year you might get a bit stressed over a lot of assignments and having to turn in things on a certain time and also you will be doing teenbiz a lot it's basically a website that you read articles and then summarize or give your opinion on something. I hope that your 7th grade year will be great and you're gonna learn a lot about new things.

    Some stuff I have experienced this years is a lot of homework then usual and It was a lot of fun doing the last game of survival even my grade lost it was a lot of fun and your math teacher Tr.Rich is a cool teacher because he funny and cool but sometimes he's kind of weird because he puts on his board everyday a celebrity birthday or like a holiday. You're going to learn about sex ed at the end of the year. The Heifer trip I went to was a little fun we got to run sheeps and goats and also we slept in different kinds of homes and we tried new foods to me some were good and some were grosse. I'm sure that you will have a lot of fun in social studies if you have Tr.Chris. You are really going to like the book American Born Chinese it's funny but yet it kind of teaches you how people are stereotype about the community.

    P.S. If you're in a situation that bad think about the high school you want to go to and remember get good grades.

  26. Um, hi. My name’s Rosa and I wanted to say that 7th grade is... pretty fun. To be honest I never honestly liked using this blog. It was fun only for certain assignments when we didn’t have to write too much, but there will probably be some stuff that you’ll have to do that are so boring.

    But either way... you still have to do it, whether you like it or not. So the first thing you’ve got to know (and it’s the most important thing about what ever assignments or homework, projects, etc.) Never wait until the last minute to do your work! It’s the worst thing you can do. Especially when you get work piling up in the corner and sooner or later... you’re going to start losing it.
    I always waited until the last minute myself. So don’t do it.

    Another thing you need to know is, well... I think that’s just about it except, put your personality in your work and I’m sure the teacher will give you better grades if you put a little bit of pizazz.

    But best of all, (to me anyway) are the books. I know, a lot of people don't like to read but it's good. If you're reading the right genre. My favorite genre is romance. So, maybe that's not your favorite genre... maybe you like horror or mystery or comedy or graphic novels. I have no idea. But just think of books as movies, with out any pictures or audio. Choose your favorite type of movie and you can search for that in a book. But the good thing about books is that... there is no movie director which means they don't choose the characters for you. You can imagine everything that's happening and without the movie people taking out some of the important parts in the story like they do most of the time. Well that's for reading and ELA.

    Another good class is well all of them I guess. I like ElA as my favorite class. But the 7th grade was good. Social Studies was fun and so was Science too. Math Problem Solving is my worst class, so no comment. But other than that you can make your whole 7th grade year worth while if you just do your stuff on time and go with the flow. Like I said put the real you into everything you do because that way you can get at the top of where ever you plan on going for high school.

    That's what I'm trying to do.

    I wish you the best of luck, Now currently an 8th grader

  27. Dear upcoming 7th graders,

    Next year for ELA you will be having Tr.Lacey. She isn’t really strict but when it comes down to you not follwing directions she will be. Tr.Lacey is a great English Language Arts teacher in her class you will be writing, making stories, and posting comments on 7sevenspeaks blog. All you seventh graders should know that these seventh grade teachers are not like your sixth grade teachers. In seventh grade the teacher don’t tolerate foolishness if they tell you to stop talking or whatever you’re doing that is disrupting the class do it because you can get in serious trouble. Seventh grade is no joke this grade is very important to your parents, and especially you. Good luck and do your best.

  28. Dear incoming 7th graders,

    As you must know 7th grade year will be your most important year at ICS. This will be the year that high schools are looking at all your grades and your PSSA test scores. So make sure you study a lot for all your quizzes, and tests. Don’t get in trouble because the slightest trip to the dean's office and that could ruin your future into getting into a good high school. In 7th grade there will be a lot of projects and reading and writing assignments and when you get them be sure not to wait the last minute for any of them. Well I think that is all so GOOD LUCK!

  29. Dear 7th graders of 2012/2013,

    This year is your year because this year will determine which high school you get into.If you want to get into A good high school the rules are simple.1.Get all A’s and B’s on your report card. 2.Perfect attendence. 3.Have no buddy rooms,suspensions or saturday schools.Do those three rules and you’ll be fine.Last year,we went to overlook farm in Massachutetts were we stayed for two nights and did chores,live in different contreys and ate different food than we would have in Philly.Plus,you would have to cook your own food.Also in ELA,you will be making you own fairytales and other writing projects as well.In Social Studies,If science fair was hard,try imagining doing that and NHD.As you may know,Science Fair counts the biggest grade in your Science class.Like in Science Fair,NHD counts as a major grade for Social Studies.Also In math you will do alot of test and projects that will reflect majorly on your grade.Well I told you everything you needed to know about 7th.So,good luck and have fun.


  30. Dear 7th graders,
    7th grade is an important year if your life, because it counts for high school.
    So you will have to do your best to stay out of trouble, get all your homeworks in on time, class work completed and STUDY HARD FOR TEST, also when you get POI’s in Tr.Rich class HAND THEM IN they are very important for your grade, most homeworks are important any way.
    Have a great attitude in your classes be proactive and have fun. Some days you will feel like you don’t want to do work but have a good attitude and do it anyways.GIRLS WITH THAT don’t let that get you into trouble hang with your true friends and don’t trust everyone. Focus on school work. Handel that on the play yard or at home.

  31. Dear New 7th Graders of 2012-2013,

    Well starting off the year the very first thing you should know is that you’ll be getting lots of homework and especially in English Language Art. You’ll be burdened with reading(even though it’s like that every year), essays, the “joyful” blog posts, reading/writing assignments, and at the very end of the year you’ll have to write a remix story of a classic fairytale. (Sounds fun right?.....and that’s just ELA). You’ll get math projects to take home, LOTS of worksheets or packets that have to be done the next day, and in Social Studies you’ll get to work on a very important project (that has a major grade) called the National History Day Project. But you know it’s all good because you want good grade so you can get into a great highschool. So an important lesson is USE YOUR PLANNER and STAY ORGANIZED! If you're all over the place with your work and are unorganized, you're going to miss a lot of work or miss the due dates of those homeworks and that will cause your grade to drop. Another thing is don’t stress over all the work because all it will do is cause you to be lacking in working potential and then you’ll just have to do it all over again.

    Some advice would be to stay calm and do not stress over the little things, ALWAYS try your best, even if you just want to be done with all the work, be patient, and lastly stay ambitious. Now some advice on the teachers would be that NEVER get Tr.Lacey mad. Trust me it is not a pretty sight. Then for Tr.Rich even though he seems scary and strict, he is really goofy and fun. If you want a fun year in his class then you should annoy him. But when he is mad he can get a deadly scary. Tr.Darlene is funny and very sarcastic. (SO BEWARE OF YOUR 7TH GRADE TEACHERS) ;)

    I had a really great year and will always remember my year as a 7th grader. I learned a lot and had lots of fun. So good luck.

    Try out for Take Flight. It’s super fun!

  32. Herro to All Incoming 7th graders!,

    The most important parts of 7th grade are to explore who you are as a person, ask people out, make inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times, and swag. (But don’t tell Tr. Lacey I wrote that!) I suppose I should also tell you the responsible parts that come with being a 7th grader. First, do your homework as soon as you get it; don’t wait until the night before it is do. Also, you should probably teach yourself how to type, or get a teacher to help you. You’ll be doing a lot of assignments and typing makes the work go faster.

    The gossip will get crazy, trust me. But it’s important to know when all that stuff isn't important and its time to get focused on you and your grades. Besides 80% of gossip is fiction anyway. I know I might sound like your parents or your teachers but I'm being serious. At the beginning of the year your teachers are going to have an assembly and say the same thing that I just said because 7th grade is the most important year to get good grades, it’s the year that high school looks at. You should also stop saying the word “ratchet” and stop cursing so much because when you think teachers aren't listening they really are. SOOOO many people have got in trouble because of that. Finally, stop cyber bullying, you’ll see why. So read up and write it down. But most importantly, SWAG.

    Don't say "I'm sorry" to Tr. Darlene, she thinks it means you're sorry you got caught. Tr. Chris is chill, he makes weird cat noises, and he's loose when it comes to grades. Tr. Rich is hard to explain but he's one of those teachers who hangs littlest pet shops, then bakes macaroons for the class on National Macaroon Day. Tr. Lacey is just a book hippie. Tr. Jeff has a banjo. Tr. Joe is a good person to ask questions to. And Ustez is very serious about his Arabic. (I hope I didn't offend any teachers.)


  33. If you look closely enough, you can see Tr. Rich's eyes go red if you get him mad enough...

  34. Dear to-be 7th graders,

    I have little advice to give you that is not specific to teachers. So I will name names. And no one will mind.

    First off, Math Problem Solving, or MPS. The teacher is Tr. Rich. He can get very annoyed if you don’t put your pen down when he tells you to so you should just do what he says. Work as a group because if you don’t you’ll get yelled at. Try to get on his good side. If he hits you, you have the right to have him fired but it’s his way of saying he loves you <3. If he says you’re “special” he means that you are smart. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

    Second, Spanish Language Arts, or SLA. The teacher will probably be Tr. Steve. If it isn’t then it’s Tr. Jeff. I like him because he bikes to school but I don’t know anything about him so ask someone from enhanced XD. Tr. Steve has this system of picking up a pass at the beginning of class so remember to do so because then you can speak one sentence of english. If you speak without a pass then you have to come to office hours and talk to him. It’s APPALLING!!! Just kidding, Tr. Steve. I love talking to you. Don’t get more than 10 “minutos”, or talk in english 5 times because then you get detention. Also remember to read at night. It helps your grade a lot.

    Third, Tr. Darlene’s classes. She’s sarcastic, so don’t get smart with her or she’ll play you “till you salty”. Remember to do homework for her classes because she doesn’t hand out much and if you get a bad grade on one, your whole grade goes down. It sucks. Also, in her Math Procedures class she shows the homework before collecting it... not a good idea to cheat but you can do whatever you want to get suspended.

    If you cheat on even a small homework you’ll get suspended............

    Fourth, Tr. Lacey’s English Language Arts or ELA. Just get a good grade -_- All you need to do is be a good, creative writer and follow directions. Have fun while writing!!!

    Fifth, specials. Just take this time to have fun and try to cram a little more into your brain. If you’re like me and can’t get my brain wrapped around Arabic, just try and do your best. That’s all that counts. In Global Arts, just have fun because that’s what Tr. Joe wants. Don’t be caught texin in school ‘cause you gonna get in trouble.

    I guess books that you should read are... For The Win by Cory Doctorow... It’s complicated though and teaches you stuff that you’ll learn in your college economics class so be warned. I think I’ll give it to Tr. Lacey. Also read Dark Life... Might give that to her too. Additionally, read the Ranger’s Apprentice series. It has 10 books so it’ll keep you busy. They’re all gonna be given to Tr. Lacey now that I think about it. Ask her for them.


  35. Hello 7th graders! Your seventh grade year is very important and very challenging but in this blog post I am going to guide you through the things that were most difficult for me.
    •First of all, if you think even for a second that you won’t get in trouble for chewing gum....think again
    •Second of all, I know a lot of ya’ll starting to go through puberty and the classroom is going to be kicking!!!!! Bring deodorant or don’t come!
    •Third of all, don’t be fake just be yourself because nobody is going to like you. Freedom of expression is allowed. Especially since seventh grade is usually the grade when people start to find out who they want to be. SO DON”T BE PUTTING NOBODY DOWN BECAUSE YOU DON’T APPROVE OF WHO THEY ARE AND JUST BE YOURSELF!
    •Anyway, a big problem that is resolved in seventh grade is having enemies. Seventh grade is a grade of maturity development so all of the little girl and boy spit and spats ya’ll be doing. It’s going to stop.
    •Now we are going to talk about hormones. In middle school people be having their little crushes but don’t take it too seriously. You don’t love nobody so don’t say you do, you’re going to regret it. And ya’ll too young anyway.
    •Now I’m going to talk about these teachers. Oh my goodness ya’ll better watch it!!!!!!!!!!! They do tooooooo much.

    •Tr. Lacey- She can be okay. She may be small but mmm-mmm-mmm she is feisty and strict. And you may not understand some of the words she be saying but that’s okay because all you have to do is tower over her.
    •Tr. Rich- He’s the best. You can’t let him know that though because he be getting full of himself and you gotta put him back in his place. Don’t make him smile and don’t make him yell both sites aren’t pretty.
    •Tr.Chris-Ugh. He is okay sometimes just don’t look at his shoes.
    •I’m about to wrap this up so let’s discuss the curriculum. OH MY GOODNESS IT IS SOOOO IRKIN! But I didn’t just say that. ELA is pretty simple but the expectations are incredibly high. Social Studies is more textbook work so if you keep focus you’ll get it. MPS is pretty difficult sometimes but if you pay attention always youll understand quick.
    •Lastly do not be saying all this extra stuff to me in the hallway or all my favorite teachers will fail you because I do not have time.
    •Good’re gonna need it

    1. Sorry to butt in but the deodorant thing is SO true. Sometimes the classrooms would smell so bad.

  36. Dear Incoming Seventh Grader,
    The advice I have for you in Tr.Lacey class is to update your reading record because if you don’t update your reading record it can bring your grade down low. Advice I have for Tr.Rich class is to just listen especially when he says pencils down he’s going to be mad. I think you shouldn’t be bad in his class because he’s not going to send you to the buddy room because he thinks you're not learning from the buddy room so you’ll have after school detention on Friday. Tr.Chris won’t let you go when the bell ring unless you’re quiet so if you're not quite it’s going to be your fault you're late to class. In Tr.Darlene class you have to be mature because you’ll be dissecting things with sharp objects and if you get cut while you’re in her care she might get in trouble.

    Another important thing about seventh grade is high schools. If you want to get into good high schools you’ll have to have good grades. You can’t get suspended or expelled because high schools don’t want no bad students coming inside their school starting stuff. You have to have great attendance and you can’t be late to class. Even if you’re a good student and you’re absent and late most of the school you probably would still have to go to your neighborhood high schools. I hope you take my advice even though I know you’re probably not.

  37. Advice I have is too really listen.In Tr.Lacey's class,if you listen then the work is really easy.In Tr.Rich's class,Tr.Rich is really nice and likes to joke around,but he can get really angry if you don't listen and since he doesn't believe in sending people to the buddy room he'll just give you detention if you don't listen.Tr.Darlene is really sarcastic and so you have to try to not get bothered by her sarcasm and smart comments and you'll be fine.Tr.Chris is a lot like Tr.Rich,but he will send you to the buddy room and he wont let you leave class unless your quiet.

  38. I just wanted to tell you that 7th grade was hard (at least for me). I want to warn you that you should turn in all homework or assignments on time. The lessons I have learned helped me at the end of the year not when it mattered. I noticed them too late. Lessons like turning in homework on time (not to go home and watch T.V. or play video games), always go to office hours or talk to your teacher about assignments or projects and always ask another classmate or teacher for help if needed.

    The essentials for every 7th grader to have are good notebooks for every subject. A neat book bag so, it’s easy to find thing of importance. Mostly a binder or an accordion folder with a slot for each subject. The most important thing to know is when homework and assignments are due.

  39. Dear upcoming 7th grader please be open minded to anything that you wouldn’t be used to . I have only been here for 2 years. Not everything is just about you, so don’t stress the small things. If you don’t get called on to answer a question it is OK. If your friend or former classmate does something spectacular don’t be mad just be happy. If you don’t have something good to say don’t say it at all. Homework is everyone if you don’t get it there is worst enemy. I have a problem with homework even if you don’t get it there is always offices hours open to all. If you don’t hand it in the next day school policy is that you get 20% of points took off of your homework. Why not do it and get an 100 than do it and get an 80 the worst felling is when you turn the homework in and it was late and you got an 80 and that is the highest you can get and looking at it and saying I could have gotten an 100%.Organization is hard keeping up with everything especially during projects in different classes.It makes it harder so just give your teacher a heads up . Even though a teacher gets on your nerves always do there work and if you don’t it just affects you and remember the teachers already know this you don’t . Teachers like Tr. Rich are amazing he understands what a kid is he may be intimidating at first but inside he is a big hairy fluffy teddy bear . Dos’ and the Don't of school don’t think you need friends they never helps it makes things complicated but I’m not saying don’t have friends but always be able to say no when it comes to answering questions.

  40. Dear 7th grader

    This year you should be good at all times and try to learn something. Not everything will be as exciting as you want it to be but you should still push through it and give your teachers a chance. My favorite teacher is Tr.Rich in Math Problem Solving ( no offense to the other teachers in seventh grade). I like seventh grade a lot. I hate doing homework but you seventh graders you have to do your homework!

  41. Dear incoming 7th graders,

    The first thing I have to say is apply for Take Flight! Take Flight is a program, which the school sends select students to a different country (for us it was Nicaragua) to experience what it is like to live there. The experience was amazing and it was tons of fun, so I highly recommend applying.

    I also want to remind you that this is 7th grade, the most important year of middle school, because this is the year high schools look at. Try your best and do not slack off, especially at the end of the year, so you can go to a good high school. Most importantly do not over stress yourself! Just do what you normally do and get good grades, and you will be able to go to the high school of your choice.

    One of the most important things when writing essays in both Spanish and English class, you must make sure you like your topic. Many of the topics I wrote about in my essays I didn't like, which made my writing end up not as good as it could have been. When you like your topic a lot, the writing is natural and easy, opposed to very difficult if you're writing about something you don’t like.

    Stay away from drama. 7th grade will probably be the biggest year of drama in middle school. My only words of advice are avoid it, especially on trips like Heifer or Take Flight because that could ruin the trip. (Heifer is a farm in Massachusetts you will visit)

    In all you should always take your POI’s, Teenbiz assignments and tests seriously, because all of those are a very easy ways to have your grade drop.

  42. Alexander Magnus Gregori-BakkenJune 13, 2012 at 7:33 AM

    Dear 7th Graders,
    Time flies eh'?
    One moment you were on top of the world, the next moment you’re thinking about high school and worrying about grades. But fear not young ones, I survived, and so shall you.
    Lesson 1: Leave a good Impression. First impressions are everything, so make friends with your teacher. FAST
    Lesson 2: Be humble. Humility is key for teachers to like you. Say please and thank you, and try always to complement other people’s work.
    Lesson 3: Smile. This sounds simple, but a good smile could mean everything.
    And now you know. Take this intelligence to heart. Good Luck.

  43. Dear 7th graders,
    My 7th grade year was a amazing year, although it was very short, frustrating, busy, etc, I still had lots of fun. 7th grade is a big year in your middle school life, its like a planting a flower, if you miss one step, it will ruin the whole flower. In 7th grade, if you miss one homework, or you do bad on a test or quiz, or even if you don't follow the rules, your grade can drop a lot. Every point counts. 7th grade is the year where you get ready for high school, because when you apply to a high school, they will make sure your a great student, so you don't want to mess it up.

    Each teacher is different. When a teacher gets mad at you for doing something wrong, it's not because they hate you or they want you to fail, it's because they want you to get into a good high school, they want to help you. I know I'm talking a lot about high school but high school is very important in 7th grade. One very important thing I will tell you about one teacher, Tr. Rich. He will give you a vocabulary sheet every week, READ IT! If you don't read it, I promise you that you will not get a good grade on a quiz. Take my word for it, it happened to me.

    7th grade is one year before 8th grade and 8th grade is the year you pick high school, the year where you will find out if you worked hard enough to get into a good high school. I'm going into 8th grade next year, and I'm going to tell you, I'm scared, but it's my last year. I'm already wishing I could stay in 7th grade one more year so I could have the fun I had, be with my teachers and joke around with them. 7th grade was great and I think you guys will enjoy it too, it will go by quicker than you think.

    Good Luck

  44. Hey 7th graders! Are you excited for the new year? I assure you this class is pretty fun and it will help you grow SOOOOOO much as a writer by the end of the year. But I just wanted to tell you guys some valuable lessons. I learned that whenever you’re doing an assignment,make sure to be yourself. Even if you read it aloud it should some like you. Not some brainiac robot. You should put emotion into your writing. After you put as much emotion into your writing, then go back to it and fix it up. Making sure that you have all the write punctuation and grammar. That worked for me in all my assignments.
    It is essential to always try your hardest in Tr Laceys class. The things that she teaches you are pretty easy and if you do the work and try hard at it,you’ll get a really good grade. But I’ve learned NEVER to slack in her class. Even slacking for a week or two can drop your grade,and it’s hard to get out of that hole. This is the most important year of your school life and I’m sure I sound so much like your teachers right now. But I’ve learned slacking in this year can hurt you a lot. Just be careful,try as hard as you can,pay attention, and you’ll get through this year easily.
    I don’t really have any books that I think every 7th grader can read. I think you should choose what book you want to read based on what you like. I dislike it so much when people try to get me to read books I have no interest in. As parting words I just want to say be careful this year, because it can be really stressful and it drives you crazy at times. But it will still be really fun,and it will help you grow so much as a person. Enjoy!

  45. Hello new 7th graders!
    Teacher Lacey’s class is normally (most of the time) fun. Even if you don’t like ELA, you can still make it fun by finding something exciting in your work, classmates, teacher etc... I, personally loved english lang. arts. At the beginning, I didn’t know anything about what the class was going to be like. But now that I know how to act in ELA, it’s much easier to understand. Some lessons I have learned are: 1.Do your work. It always pays off. 2.Make people around you know that you are a good student. They’ll probably want to be friends with you. I am a superreader. I love reading. Here are some books to read:
    All the Amulets
    Matched trilogy
    Magyk series
    Harry Potter(if you haven’t already)
    Shiver trilogy
    Uglies series
    Evermore series
    The Eleventh Plague
    Bad Girls Don’t Die
    The Hobbit
    The Lord of the Rings trilogy
    The Book Thief
    The Graveyard Book
    The Red Pyramid seires
    Lots of Nancy Drew

  46. Dear next year 7th graders,

    This is 7th grade the years all the schools look at you so do your best be on your best behavior and ace those pssa's.

    Lesson 1: Be on your good side never bad it looks good to teachers.

    Lesson 2:Never treat others meanly it looks terrible.

    Lesson 3: Don't be clumsy, be creative on all work and do your best.

    Some books you should read are your friends stories and anything that's in good books or recommended can be good.

    Heifer is fun but dirty feeding animals on a farm and I say to apply for take flight very few get in, I didn't but I've been there before they were did different stuff and my friends told me it's fun. You'll have lots of homework from all classes, sometimes you wont have much of any time everyday. Use your time wisely and don't get off task.



  47. Dear Incoming 7th graders,

    This year is possibly the most important because this is the year that the high schools look at. It is not very hard to be successful in this important year of school just remember that ,you can’t get suspended it’s too important if a year. There are a lot of fun things that you will get the chance to do this year but only if you follow all classroom guidelines. But to cover some basics make sure that when you're doing your work that you make sure you followed all directions, and double checked your work, listen to all your teachers. And remember most of all that all your teachers love to laugh, but that there is a time for everything and you need to keep that in mind.

  48. There are only a couple things you need to know about this class. The first is that Tr. Lacey is an amazing teacher but you have to stay on her good side. The second is something I can't explain to you strongly enough. Be yourself in your writing. Make it so that anyone of your friends could read it and know it's you. Make sure to spend a ton of time on writing assignments because you need to have a good grade in this class, seventh grade is an important year. It worked for me and it will work for you. Hope you have a good year. :-)

  49. Incoming 7th graders,
    The one thing that you should know is to never get Tr Rich mad. Don't get Tr Lacey mad either. Always do your homework, even if you don't want to. You will regret not doing it later. TeenBiz might get a little annoying, but the blog is fun. At the end of the year, you will have to write a REALLY LONG AND HARD story. It is a “Fairy Tale Remix”. Each year the fairy tale is different. Snow White, Cinderella...... It may seem annoying and terrible at first, but its actually really fun.
    All the teachers are really fun and nice when you get to know them, but just get to know them first. Be aware of Tr Darlene’s sarcasm and Tr Lacey’s smallness. Tr Rich may be strict at first, but he is AWESOME and HILARIOUS.

    Good Luck,
    Emma :)

  50. Valuable lessons I learned were that responsibility and diligence were key for surviving the seventh grade academics.
    Essentials you, as a seventh grader, need to know: you should always turn in your homework on time, and to always remember your TeenBiz assignments for Tr. Lacey’s class. Homework, as it turns out, can bring your grade down dramatically if you turn it in late, or just don’t turn it in at all. Also, TeenBiz assignments are a heavy portion of your grade, so always do them beforehand so that you don’t forget. Tr. Lacey gives you a lot of time, but it’s still very forgettable. Also, projects probably shouldn’t be done at the very last minute, unless you have a clear idea as to what will happen in your project.
    Books every seventh grader should read are S.E. Hinton books, and books by Charlotte Brontë. They might be difficult in language, but are very good in reality.

  51. Dear incoming 7th grader,
    I can’t believe the year is almost over! I remember when I was sitting in your seat reading this. I was really terrified. But don’t fret. It is a very important year, but you can make it through. It’s a year when high schools look at your grades, and hopefully fight over you. It is a year were you find your TRUE friends. It is a year where you undergo many frustrating and life changing experiences. But it’s OK, you're not the only one! I went through them, your teachers went through them, and your friends will, too. You might think differently of that person you used to hate, you may think they: “Look good in those skinny jeans”, or “Ooh they look cute.” You guys aren’t ready for all of that. Don’t say that you love someone, because they will end up hurting your feelings. Trust, it has happened to me. And it will distract you from getting good grades. But there are easy ways of getting really good grades. First of all, you need to make a good first impression. On the first day, don’t just walk into the classroom without saying “Hi”. Don’t be rude, and don’t get in trouble. Then you teachers get a bad vibe from you. Then everyone gets in a sour mood. All of the teachers are really fun. They can be sarcastic. And make class actually a lot more fun. They have cool projects and activities. But don’t get on their bad side! You will regret it. Have fun with the teachers. Don’t be a goodie two shoes, because that's boring. Be fun and engaging. Participate, don’t just sit in the corner. Ask questions. But don’t play the “What-if?” game. Teachers really don’t like it. The “What-if?” Game is when you ask silly questions. Dumb questions are just, well, dumb. It wastes time and energy. Ask questions WORTH asking. Don’t try to be funny 24/7. Make a joke once in awhile. It also wastes time. I know, this is the time to get ‘popular’ or get recognized by everyone. But nobody will want to talk to you if you always get in trouble or if you get bad grades and have a bad job, or something. To get those good grades you have to turn in your homework, do your classwork, and participate. But try to keep up, because you will have a lot of different classes and different subjects. Always copy your homework. I made a mistake of not copying it, and many bad things happened. Keep track of everything. Taking notes is a great strategy, especially during math. During Spanish , just try your best to learn. It is a relatively easy language. Science is fun and you’ll love it. English class is all about reading and writing. Speaking of reading, there are some books that are the best books to read for 7th graders. You may not like these books, but I did. You should read:
    The Amulet series
    Harry Potter (If you haven’t)
    Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness
    Death Echo
    The DA Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and The Lost Symbol
    Looking for Alaska
    Mortal Instruments series
    The Missing Books: Found, Sent, Sabotaged, Torn, and Caught (Each is a different book)
    Maximum Ride Series
    Girl with the dragon tattoo series (It is a very visual book, you need to be very mature. Tr. Lacey thought it was visual. She was surprised when she saw me reading it.)
    Hush, Hush Series
    The Meg Series (By Steve Alten)
    The Eleventh Plague
    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
    Magyk Series

    Social studies is more of just a textbook thing, so just pay attention. And you might even do something really fun. (No hints).

  52. (Continued...)
    Don’t overflow yourself with after school activities. I did, everyday after school I would have something to do. And on Thursdays I had two things to do after school. They were all really good to help my high school applications. But they also took away time to work on school things. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate. But if you need extra help, go to office hours. Teachers will LOVE to help you on homework or projects. Even if it is during their time of freedom away from the annoying students. Be creative with your work! Don’t go with the crowd. Be outrageous! But keep it to a minimum. You will get projects or writing assignments that you are able to write about anything you want. Just don't go overboard. Be yourself. If you get haters, who cares. Haters are what makes you, YOU! If you are you, you’ll find people that are your REAl friends. Then you will make long lasting relationships. I have had many problems with friends. Back stabbing, talking behind backs, and hypocrisy. I used to have tons of THOUSANDS of friends. Now I have people that like me for me, and not what everyone else wants me to be. Which is like just about 6-10. And just about 2/3's of them are my best, best, best, BEST friends. And that will happen to you, too. Trust me. 7th grade is a time to see who you really are. A time to get out there and show what you can do. The most important year of them all. It will show you and everyone else what kind of person you are. The high schools will see if they want you at their school. Don’t stress out. I know I did. I would come home crying because of too much homework, or too much learning. Just take a breath take a shower. then set off the things you can do in a short period of time and do the longest homeworks, or the ones that are due tomorrow. If you are organized, everything will go right and you will get everything done, without a problem. Just don’t worry, you’ll do great. Set goals for yourself and try your best to reach them. Happy beginning of 7th grade and good luck!

    With best wishes,


  53. 5 valuable lessons I learned:
    1. Chewing gum, your crazy, Tr. Vivian always catches you.
    2. As pointless as some work is , don't let your teacher know what you think of it. Keep your mouth shut!
    3. You get a ton of home work like I have 3 projects/essays this week so you should use not just study hall but advisory, whenever you can to get your homework done.
    4. Try your hardest, I didn't do that too much in a few classes.
    5. If possible try to see the fun in things, I really couldn't sometimes I'd just wish the bell would ring.

    Read what you want.

    Teachers: Rich: His class is pretty straight forward but I didn't do some of those things like work with my group which is why I may have not been one of his favorites. He's fun to talk sports with though. Stay on his good side.

    Lacey: Her class isn't hard but you have to play by strict rules. You get lots of work.

    Steve: He is probably my favorite teacher. He's fun to talk about sports with. Just don't do stupid stuff, speak Spanish (that was hard for me), or make fun of his teams, the bum Devils, the crap chop Braves, the corny Knicks and bum squad forever Giants. Steelers.

  54. Kia Will FINALLY Get A Rest From All Of This Blogging -_-June 13, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    In 6th grade, they told you all about how important 7th grade is. How if you slip up even once, you’ll go to a bad high school and you’ll get shot or your whole life will be ruined. So when I entered the 7th grade, I was scared as heck. Some advice I can give you is:
    -RELAX, the teachers are not as crazy or mean as they seem, and as long as you follow the rules and meet project guidelines, you’ll do fine. But...
    -DON’T let your guard down. Make sure you turn in all your homework and copy down the homework. Follow directions carefully. Don’t be rude or anything to the teachers, they just want what’s best for you.
    -You’ll get the “you are almost in 8th grade, you should know better” speech a lot. It’s OK, try to follow what they’re saying and you might save yourself from another speech.
    -2 minutos hurts your grade.
    -DON’T worry too much about extracurriculars for your high school applications, you don’t have to do EVERYTHING. Doing clubs and afterschool activities is great, but it takes away time from homework. And “I had clubs” is not an excuse for late work. That doesn’t mean don’t apply for Take Flight, or don’t try hard in the science fair, just don’t spend too much time on extracurriculars, good grades and a good night’s sleep are more important.
    -The math procedures book is very often wrong.
    -Linear Equations are not as scary as you think they will be, neither is Tr. Rich.
    -HEIFER IS SUPER DUPER DUPER FUN! (Most of the time)
    -In science class, and as a general rule, NEVER say that you’re sorry. You are just sorry you got caught. (Teacher Darlene will make sure to tell you this)
    -TEACHER CHRIS’S ADVISORY ROCKS! (Sorry, that was my advisory, but all of them are pretty fun.)
    -If you need help, go to office hours. Office hours are a blessing, use them. So what if you miss a bit of recess?
    -Keep your head up and don’t drown in your work, you’ll get it all done eventually.
    -Grades do matter this year, so make sure you do your work, do your homework, read your steps, listen to your teachers, and behave.

    Some books you should definitely read (if you haven’t yet) are:
    -The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)
    -Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins)
    -Mockingjay (Suzanne Collins)
    -The Awakened: Book 1 (Jason Tesar)
    -The Awakened: Book 2 (Jason Tesar)
    -The Awakened: Book 3 (Jason Tesar)
    -The Cry of the Icemark (Stuart Hill)
    -Star Crossed (Elizabeth Bunce)
    -Star Crossed: Aries Rising (Bonnie Hearn Hill)
    There are others, but I can’t think of them at this moment...

    Best of luck,

  55. Some valuable lessons I learned were when you do a blog post always proofread and edit it. I also learned that if you do Teen Biz you should pay attention when you read. You should pay attention to what the teachers say. When you go to 7th grade you should be prepared for a lot of work. You should always turn in your homework because it is a important part of your grades. If you want to get good grades you should care about your grades. 7th grade is a very important year so you should do the best you can. When you go to 7th grade you have to be ready to learn. You have to remember that teachers do a lot of work too. You should respect them and appreciate all they do for you. Remember to check MMS frequently. 7th grade is hard but if you are prepared you can do well.

    Some books you should read are...

    -Star Crossed and Liar's Moon by Elizabeth Bunce
    -Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore
    -The Hunger Games

  56. I learned that u have to take on more responsibilities.I also learned how to control myself getting straight to work. Every seventh grader should know is to always turn in your homework. Because it will and can drop your grade so much lower than you think. Another thing every 7th grader should know is to never ever talk in Teacher Rich's class. But Teacher Rich can be fun at times. Also you need to try your best in everything because as the teachers will tell you all year “7th grade is so important bla, bla, bla.” But it is. And lastly have fun because it only happens once.

  57. Dear 7th graders,

    7th grade is the most important year of middle school. That means you don't want to screw it up. I learned that you always need to turn in your homework, never have any missing assignments, it will drop your grade. I also learned to get on the good side of every teacher and get to know them. Also you should always try on your TeenBiz because it does impact your grade.
    Overall I think that you should try your best and not slack off. 7th grade determines what high school you go to so take it seriously.

    Good Luck

  58. Dear Incoming 7th graders,

    First off...CONGRATS!!! You graduated 6th grade and now you're on to the most important grade of elementary and middle school...7th GRADE. Welcome to the BLOG!! Okay this is a little guide that you can follow for 7th grade. First, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, you get quiet a lot of homework in 7th grade and I suggest doing it and NOT putting it off for the last second. Second, GO TO HEIFER, probably many of my classmates have told you that it’s not fun or it’s dirty but the truth is it’s a life changing thing, I can’t tell you much but you learn a lot and it’s so much fun. Third, BE WHO YOU ARE, there was a lot of drama for us this year and most of them had to do with people not being who they are, remember you are who you are and you are your own person. Fourth, DO NOT BE RUDE TO ANY TEACHERS, the 7th grade group of teachers may be strict and may be giving you TO much work but they’re the coolest teachers EVER. They’re all funny and little kids when they want to be but do not and I repeat DO NOT get on any of their bad side.

    Please remember, 7th grade is the most important year because this is the year that high schools look at. Meaning you have to have to keep an eye on your grades. You should also work hard for NHD and Science Projects because they count a lot. I also encourage you to try out for Take Flight, although I didn’t go it seems like a amazing experience. The teachers in 7 th grade are awesome! They’re nice, sarcastic, sometimes rude (Tr. Rich), hilarious, and care so don’t be afraid to talk to them about stuff that’s bothering you. Good luck, be good and most importantly HAVE FUN!

  59. Dear incoming 7th graders,
    7th grade is a year to have fun yet also a year to focus and do what the teacher says. It is the most important grade of middle school and you should treat it that way. You should do all of your homework, because for some reason homewrok is the largest factor of your final grade. Always make sure to read instructions carefully, especially in Tr.Rich's class. Time management seems to be the problem most students have. But let me say, doing your homework should always be prioritized before fun. That doesn't mean you should not have fun, it means you should know when to have fun. Now then, TeenBiz is awful. But it is a large impact on your grade, so be sure to complete them, no matter how boring or long. Take Flight is not something to hang on to. If you don't get accepted, focus on your schoolwork. If you do get accepted, congratulations. But you should still focus on your work. The "essentials" are the obvious things, do your homework, pay attention, be respectful and have fun. Having fun is really important. The year will take forever if you don't have fun.
    Good luck, because you will need it.

  60. Dear future 7th graders,
    Since that you guys are now 7th graders there will be alot of changes. You have to try and bring in all of your homework on time. Also make sure you study for all your tests and quizzes since it is after all 7th grade. One thing about 7th grade is that however you do this year really affects what high school you want to get into. So make sure you keep your grades up and try your best. And one more thing, don't slack off for the last week of school because your teachers will find a way to keep you busy.
    Good luck!

  61. Dear 7th graders,
    I loved the seventh grade. I hope you will, too. But to love it you have to succeed. In order to succeed you must be a good student. That consist of trying your best and putting effort in every class. Also turning in your homework on time and go to office hours if you need help. Another thing is to study for tests and quizzes. Finally you need to have responsibility, that is the most important thing. You need all of these things and maybe more because this year is an important year. Especially if you want to get into a good high school. This is the year they look at your grades, so I encourage you to give this year with your all. It might seem like a lot, but it isn't. Trust me I've been through it all. Have fun!

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