Monday, April 16, 2012


A stereotype is an oversimplified, but widely held view of what a whole group of people is like, or a characteristic that they have. Because it is a view that is so simplified, and can often be hurtful, stereotyping can lead to assumptions, as well as bias. Bias is a preconceived opinion that is not based on actual experience or is based on limited experience.

For this week's blog prompt, please respond to the following THREE questions. Each question should be a new paragraph (skip a line).

**As always, don't forget to compose in a google document and proofread for CUPS before posting!

1.  Stereotypes Write a paragraph about a group or groups you belong to and a stereotype you experience as a member of that group. What stereotypes have you faced and how have they made you feel? Where do you think these stereotypes come from?

2.  Watch the video, "I Have To Deal With Stereotypes" below and react to the following questions.
  • Give examples of the Asian stereotypes that bother and amuse Kevin.  
  • What evidence does Kevin offer that combats these stereotypes?

3.  Read the Wikipedia entry on East Asian Stereotypes (click here) and respond to the following questions:
  • Describe and react to at least two of the stereotypes described.  What is the stereotype and what does it make you feel, think, wonder...?). 
4. Bonus Question (5 points): Post your Just Because poem (in a separate comment). Include clear stanza breaks.


  1. I am part of the group that you could call the “nerds”. I am also part of the group of girls. Some stereotypes that these groups have made me receive are that since I’m a nerd, people think that I don’t know anything about sports because I only think about books and academics. Also, since I’m a girl, people think that I can’t play sports. For example, they think that I can’t throw a football, or that I’m scared to catch a baseball because it might hurt me. These stereotypes make me feel hurt and misunderstood because that isn’t who I am. I love throwing the football with my brother, and I’m definitely not scared of some tiny football no matter how fast it’s flying toward me. These stereotypes come from the first person that became part of a “group” and then they exaggerated something that influenced how people thought about not just that one person, but the entire group. For example, if one of the first “nerds” was asked something about sports and the nerd just gave the person a blank stare that told the person that the nerd had no idea what he/she was talking about. After that, nerds were interpreted as people that didn’t care about sports and only about academics. The same kind of thing probably happened for other groups.

  2. I am blonde, white, girl, those are the groups I am put in. There are so many stereotypes for those groups such as blondes are dumb and stupid. White people have no rhythm. girls are not as strong as boys and love to shop. To tell you the truth I don’t care. My parents started at a young age not to care what people thought about me because I am who I am. Some of these are true about some people in this group and that is where I think it started people making assumptions of a whole group by looking at one person.
    Some stereotypes that bother Kevin are that he is cheap he is a nerd he has no social life and that he eats rice, noodles and dumplings because he is Asian. He says and shows things that were expensive to show he was not cheap. He showed that he got a B+ on a paper. He made someone call him to show that he had friends. And finally said that her was going to try something new to eat.
    One stereotype is that they (asians) dress like women. This is not true at all many people that are asian dress like their gender. And I must add what do women dress like that is another whole stereotype. one other stereotype is that they are molesters and are threats to white women. This is just crazy because there are more american males sent to jail for those things than asian males. Stereotypes are so dumb

  3. Just Because

    Just because I am white,
    Does not mean i am rude
    doesn’t mean I am rich
    Does not mean I am stuck up

    I am amazing

    Just because I am a girl
    Does not mean I am a shopaholic
    Doesn’t mean I am a slut
    Doesn’t mean I am obsessed with makeup

    I am loved

    Just because I am blonde
    Does not mean I am stupid
    I am not a cheerleader
    I am not mean

    I am smart

    Just because I am nutty
    I am not on drugs
    I am not mental
    I am not nutty as a fruit cake

    I am ME

    1. I teach English in Brazil and tomorrow I'll use your poem with my students (second grade of High School). I guess it will be a great class... Thx!

  4. I am part of the group African American and girls. There are many stereotypes about African American people. Since I'm African American people think that we fight I don't think so. If you watch Jersey Shore the White people are the ones that fight alot. Also on Bad Girls Club a White girl named Amy started a fight on the first they she came to Bad Girls Club. Some of us actually do fight but we just don't fight for no reason.
    Also, people think that girls only care about themselves and no one else. But, for me it's kinda true but, i care for my family and me. I love my "true" friends too but some people aren't my true friends. People say I'm conceited but that's fine because sometimes I can be. I also get that I'm moody now I don't think that I'm moody they can think that. Also, most people just look at me say that I'm spoiled but that's fine.

  5. One group of people I belong to is whites. A stereotype is that we are rich, and fat. I for one, am not fat and my family is definitely not rich. I feel pretty bad about this because there are other races out there and they are usually classified as not as rich as us, but that’s not true. I am not fat either. That stereotype hurts my feelings because being fat is not healthy. I think these stereotypes come from when segregation reigned because the whites were above all people, especially African Americans at the time. They got better food and transport and were typically richer than most.
    One stereotype described in the video was that if you're Chinese, you only eat dumplings and egg rolls. I think that is not true. There is a variety of food people from China eat. They usually only eat food from China or Asia because they want to stay true to their origin. Another stereotype that Kevin mentioned was that his eyes were slanted. That is a big stereotype in many parts of the world. It might be true to some people but I think that you shouldn’t make fun of people because of their eyes. It’s just not right. I see people in the hallways of ICS making “Chinese eyes” and saying “Ching Chong” and things like that. It really bugs me. The evidence that combats these stereotypes is making the stereotypes true, in a funny way. Like saying that he’s not cheap and holding up a calculator and then saying, “Oh then that would make me a nerd.”
    One stereotype in the wikipedia article is “Yellow Peril.” It is basically saying that the skin color of Chinese people affects the living standards and wages of whites. I, personally, think that stereotype is, duh(!), not true. First of all, Chinese people have almost the same skin color as whites so there's really no difference. And all skin colors are completely different. There is probably not one person in the whole world who has the exact same skin color as you, so why bother teasing people? Another stereotype is the “China (porcelain) Doll” stereotype. It is saying that there are many movies, plays, and operas that have the “perfect” “China Doll” character in them. The doll is a porcelain doll which means that it is is an DOLL, not a real person. Just keep the actresses normal appearance and be fine with that.


    Just because I am a girl,
    Doesn't mean I can't like football
    Doesn't mean I'm popular
    Doesn't mean I'm a cheerleader
    I am a good artist.

    Just because I am white,
    Doesn't mean I'm rich
    Doesn't mean I'm fat
    Doesn't mean I'm beautiful
    I am a nice person.

    Just because I read a lot,
    Doesn't mean I don't have a life
    Doesn't mean I'm a couch potato
    Doesn't mean I'm obsessed with books
    I am smart.

    Just because I am sometimes quiet,
    Doesn't mean I'm lonely
    Doesn't mean I'm friendless
    Doesn't mean I don't pay attention
    I am me.

  7. Some of the Asian stereotypes that bothered and/or amused him were that Asians are cheap, nerds and they don’t have a social life. Also, he said that some other common stereotypes held against him were that Asians have “slanted eyes”. To add to that, people think that Asians only eat fried rice, dumplings and egg rolls. He shows the audience things that were expensive to show he was not cheap. He also showed that he got a B+ on a paper. He told someone to call him to show the audience that he had a social life. The he said that he was going to eat snails instead of dumpling and rice.

    “The American Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of Asians because they were considered an "undesirable" race.” This is the first stereotype that really caught my attention because the fact that the number of people of a certain race was limited because they were “undesirable” is crazy and unfair to the people of that race. This makes me feel sad for the people that had to go through that and being treated in a way that made them feel like they weren’t being treated like a human. Also, there was the stereotype that Asians are lazy, causing them to be “socially unwelcome”.

  8. 1.The group I use to hang with i’m not aware of some of the stereotypes but sometimes people would think of us as trouble makers,ghetto,(e.t.c). Well I haven’t really face any harsh stereotype really but a little. Well once a student here in ics told me look Samiyah i’m acting black because my pants are hanging. Also sometimes some of the kids here would ask us so you'll drink Kool-Aid or they would ask what’s your favorite food ?fried chicken? It didn’t really bother me but not all black people pants hang my brothers and dad pants don’t hang. Also my mother rarely makes Fried chicken she think it’s too greasy and she also thinks Kool-Aid is to sugary. I think stereotypes come from people,appearances, how they’re raised, Also from movies and what they hear others say.
    2. Some stereotypes that bothered kevin was that chinese people have slanty eyes or chinky eyes and they’re cheap. Also that he is nerdy and don’t have a social life.

    3.The stereotype is misogynists. Its just a stereotype for East Asian men that they’re misogynistic,insensitive and disrespectful to women. I feel like that’s not for for others. I mean just that other male have to have that label as misogynistic and never man is disrespectful and insensitive,some are as sensitive as ladies. I also feel like no one should be labeled by their appearance or how they were raised or if they are rich or poor ,ugly or not. Also not by their culture.

  9. My race has been in very harsh positions. Basically meaning that we're most likely always judged because of our past and our actions. However, people think that just because I'm black I have to like soul food, I am dumb, I live in a dump etc. This topic brings me back to the book and film to kill a mockingbird

  10. 1) A group I belong to is the group of being an black belt in Tae Kwon Do . In this group people think you are a deadly weapon or a bully. I might be dangerous but I’ll only use it if it’s necessary. If the situation isn’t bad enough to then I won’t use it. I’m also not a bull because, I don’t pick on other kids by beating them up. I’m a nice kid and I come from a nice family so, I would never do that. This stereotype isn’t true at all unless you’re dealing with a bully that knows Tae Kwon Do and uses it to bully other kids. If bullies are doing this then they’re wrong to do so because, this form of martial arts is for self defence only. I think this stereotype came from people who have been picked on by bullies that know Tae Kwon Do, and thought that everyone who knows Tae Kwon Do is a deadly weapon.

    2) Stereotypes that Kevin has to deal with as an Asian that bother him are, the he’s cheap, he’s a nerd that plays pokemon, that he has no social life, and he hates stereotypes that say that you only eat certain types of food because of your race. Kevin just doesn’t like these stereotypes and proves them wrong because, he’s nothing like what the stereotypes are saying about Asians.

    3) One stereotype is about East Asian men and how they had to do jobs that whites deemed “women’s work” in the mid 1800 because, they were seen as an economic threat to the white workforce. This makes me feel that the white workforce in the mid 1800 was jealous of the East Asians because they were better than them. Another stereotype is that East Asian people have “almond shaped” eyes and that they inherent skills in martial arts. This make me wonder if these things are true, and it make me think who started these stereotypes. Just because these stereotypes might be true for one East Asian, it doesn’t mean it'll be true for other East Asians too .

  11. Just because I am a girl
    Doesn’t mean that I can’t throw a football
    Doesn’t mean that I am weak
    Doesn’t mean that I always think about boys

    I am a reader

    Just because I am white
    Doesn’t mean that I am rich
    Doesn’t mean that I am fat
    Doesn’t mean that I am racist

    I am open minded

    Just because I am smart
    Doesn’t mean that I am a “nerd”
    Doesn’t mean that I don’t play sports
    Doesn’t mean that I only read “boring books”

    I am creative

    Just because I keep to myself
    Doesn’t mean that I “don’t have a life”
    Doesn’t mean that I don’t have friends
    Doesn’t mean that I am lonely

    I am independent

    1. I really like your Just Becuase poem dudette

  12. 1. The group I belong to is African Americans. People say we are ghetto not true. Poor dirty/filthy. We are uneducated and many more things. I don't understand why but, it isn't true. Also we all like the fruit watermelon.I think people talk about blacks but, don't say it so a stereotype that is never said but, thought.
    2. Kevin deals with people saying he is always eating fried rice and has slanty eyes, no social life,plays Pokemon, is a nerd,is cheap. He explains why he isn't these things to people so he explains himself.
    3. People thought they were lazy and giving them horrible jobs. Which I do not agree on I think it's unfair for them being treated unfairly. I think everyone should have a say and be treated fairly.

  13. I belong to the stereotype of bookworms. Everyone believes that bookworms don't have a social life, aren't athletic, and have a low a self-esteem. That is a whole bunch of baloney. 1) I am one of the girls who do all the exercises in fitness and movement. 2) I have a whole bunch of friends way more than I can count. I just stay away from the trouble-makers. 3) I feel very good about myself. I don't care what anyone says. So what if I have an oval shaped head or don't dress like others or never wear make-up. I believe that I am beautiful just as I am.

    So Kevin was saying that there were stereotypes about Asians are nerds and they're cheap and that they have no social life. And he also talked about food stereotypes. That people from certain races ate certain food. It's so rude.

  14. Kevin's stereotype's believes that he doesn't do anything other than something academic. Also, they probably think that just because he's Asian that he is Chinese. They also think,that because of his race that he is a nerd. In conclusion, Kevin is a ordinary Asian american human being.

    1. I think that when people talk about how asians are smart that's being a model minority stereotype, because they think that all Asians are smart. This brings me back to the film "Akeelah and the bee" when the Asian boy dad's didn't let him go to the party and they all thought that he was better than them. I feel a different way about it, because it makes me feel like I'm black that I'm dumb and no one thinks that I'm very smart.

  15. Tanae Waddell-Terry

    Just because...

    Just because I’m black.
    Doesn’t mean I am ghetto.
    Doesn’t mean I am uneducated.
    Doesn’t mean I am poor.
    Doesn’t mean I live in a bad neighborhood.
    I am black and I’m proud.

    Just because I’m talkitive.
    Doesn’t mean I can’t stop talking.
    Doesn’t mean I talk 24/7.
    Doesn’t mean I have a smart mouth.
    I am a chatterbox.

    Just because I am a christian.
    Doesn’t mean I go to church every Sunday.
    I do not read the bible all the time.
    I do not pray all the time as I should.
    I am a believer in god.

    Just because I have a weird personality.
    Doesn’t mean you can judge me.
    Doesn’t mean I’m crazy.
    Doesn’t mean you have to like it.
    I am just me.

    Just because I may not look like you,dress like you ,act like you.
    Doesn’t mean you can judge me.

    Just because you don’t like me.
    It doesn’t affect me it affects you.
    I am mindless and can care less about you or your opinion.
    You're nothing but, a regular human being.
    I’m gonna treat you the same like I treat everyone else.
    If you give me the respect I want I will give it back to you.

    Just because I may not look like you,dress like you ,act like you.
    Doesn’t mean you can judge me.
    Doesn’t mean you can like me.
    Doesn’t mean anything.
    I don’t really care.

    Just because I am me.
    Doesn’t matter what you say or anyone else I am me In my own way.
    I am a believer and I know that I am strong and stereotypes cannot affect me and who I am as a person.
    I do not believe in stereotypes.

  16. sorry repeated same things

  17. Just because I'm Black
    doesn't mean I fight alot,
    doesn't mean I'm stupid,
    doesn't mean I can't go to a good school.

    Just because I'm a cheerleader
    doesn't mean I flirt with people,
    doesn't mean I dress inappropriate,
    doesn't means I'm a mean person.

    Just because I'm a teen/preteen
    doesn't mean I'm a dropout
    doesn't mean I smoke or drink,
    doesn't mean I'm a failure.

    Just because I have stuff
    doesn't mean you can claim I'm spoiled
    doesn't mean I think I'm all that,
    doesn't mean I think I'm the best.

    Yes, I'm black and I'm proud.
    Yes, I'm a cheerleader and can get mean at times.
    Yes, I'm a teen/preteen and I'm not no bad stereotype people say about us.
    Yes, I have stuff but, that's who I am.
    I am who I am and no one can take that from me, not even YOU!

  18. I am a girl. Some stereotypes are that girls like pink and wear skirts and dresses. Others are that girl are not strong and cannot play sports. Girls wear make up and like to shop are two more. A last one is that girls are boy crazy. I don't really care about some of them. Some of them hurt me a little. I think they come from things like the TV. Also I think some people were like that and then people assumed everyone else in the group are like that.

    One stereotype that bothers Kevin is that Asians are cheap. He shows his not cheap calculator to prove it is wrong. Another one is that Asians are nerds. He shows a paper that shows he got a B+ in something. One more stereotype is that Asians don't have a social life. He says he gets called all the time. He even asks a friend to call him.

    One stereotype was that Asians are hardworking, politically inactive, studious, intelligent, productive, and inoffensive. i don't think that is fair for some Asians because they might feel like they have to be like that. they might feel bad if they aren't like that. Another one is the"Yellow Peril". I don't think it was nice of the people to think that.

  19. A stereotype group that I am a part of is being black. I remember one time I was in a store and I was going to buy a cake and maybe a soda, but I noticed that the store owner was watching my every move. I guess it was because I was black and he believed that every black person steals. I was just shocked that he would think that. I guess he thought that all black young kids steal from stores and one time a couple of kids that happen to be black had stolen from his store. I decided to not get anything from the store and just went to another store.
    Some Asian stereotype that bother Kevin was that all Asians are cheap, nerds, and have no social life. Some Asian stereotype that amuse Kevin was that all Asians had to eat what Asians and that all Asians have small eyes. Evidence Kevin offer that combats the stereotypes was that he wasn’t cheap and he did have a social life.

  20. I belong to the of group of boys. People always think that we always play football, and that we watch almost every sport there is. They think that we are slobs and that we are a disorganized mess. That we’re always muddy and that as soon as you come into our room it’s a mess. Also that we have no emotions and that we are the playground bullies. That we only care about ourselves and that we are big and tough. But I think these stereotypes came from girls just because there can be so much rivalry between two sexes.

    Some of the stereotypes that bothers Kevin is that he has slanted eyes and that he’s cheap. Or that they are really smart and that they have don’t have a social life. And all that Asians eat for dinner is dumplings, rice and egg rolls. To demonstrate that those stereotypes aren’t true he shows people a variety of things. He shows the most expensive thing that he had to prove that he wasn’t cheap and showed us a paper that had a B+ to show that he wasn’t smart. He also said that he was going to eat snails for dinner that night to demonstrate how he doesn’t eat the same things everyday or that he got a call that “inviting” him to a party to show that he did have a social life.

    The first stereotype is The American Immigration Act of 1924 which limited the number of Asians because they were considered an "undesirable" race. It’s crazy how people would this because nobody and no race should be undesirable. Just because another race comes into our country it doesn’t mean that they should be unwanted. Another is that all American Asians are foreigners even though they have citizenship or have been here for many years. I think that this one is also unfair because you come to a different country with different religions.

  21. One group I belong to is short. A stereotype that I have faced even from my own friends is not being able to do as much physically. It made me feel kind of bad. Especially becaus ei’m better at sports than most of my friends.I not sure where they got it from maybe they heard “ the bigger the better”.

    Some stereotypes are that all asians have slanted eyes, all asians play Pokemon, and that all asians eat are fried rice, dumplings and eggrolls. Also that asians are cheap, nerds and that they don’t have any social life. People call him and tell him what a loser he is. His mom makes him look like a nerd and a living stereotype.

    One of the stereotypes were since chinese men sport long braids and silk gowns just like women they were only hired for what white people called “women’s work”. I think that it’s not right to give people certain types of jobs only based on their appearence. They should’ve been given a chance. Another stereotype is that asians are inhereted skill in martial arts and math with poor english. I think that’s kind of mean to just guess what their good at based on their culture. Who knows maybe one is an english teacher?

  22. Just Because

    Just because I am short,
    Doesn’t mean I’ll always be short,
    Doesn’t mean I can’t outjump you,
    Doesn’t mean I’m worse than you at sports,
    I am just as good as you.
    Just because I’m American,
    Doesn’t mean I’m fat,
    Doesn’t mean I’m rich and greedy,
    Doesn’t mean I’m ignorant about the rest of the world,
    I am the same as every other nationality in the world.
    Just because I’m white,
    Doesn’t mean I can’t dance,
    Doesn’t mean I think I’m better than others,
    Doesn’t mean I’m a racist,
    I don’t care about race.
    Just because I’m a kid,
    Doesn’t mean I’m immature,
    Doesn’t mean I do dumb stuff,
    Doesn’t mean I don’t know anything,
    I am who I wish to be.

  23. A group I belong to is being a girl. One stereotype I have heard is that girls are good for nothing but house work. Another stereotype I have heard is that girls will never be successful or I am bad at playing sports. These stereotypes have made me mad. They are nothing but lies because lots of girls or women have become big superstar athletes. Also girls have become very successful in their lives. I think that these stereotypes have come from the past because a lot of people thought this too. I also think that it comes from movies or stories that people read or watch.

    One stereotype that amuses and annoy Kevin is that people think Asians are cheap. Also that Asians have no social life. Kevin makes jokes about these stereotypes like how he isn’t cheap. He shows how he bought a really expensive calculator. He also shows how he does have a social life by saying he got “invited” to a party where all the cool kids will be at.

    A stereotype that shocked me was the model minority. Which means Asians are seen as hardworking, studious, intelligent, productive, and people who got their social standing through merit and diligence. Therefore when an Asian American student is struggling academically it is easy for an teacher to overlook them because of their assumed success. I think that is wrong because if they are struggling academically how will they be successful without being helped with something they do not understand. Another stereotype that I thought was weird was that East Asian women are portrayed as aggressive or opportunistic sexual beings or predatory gold diggers using their feminine wiles. I think that is very rude and sexist. But what I find upsetting is that they got this stereotypes from movies. That makes no sense to me because all the movies that come out now I have never heard people assuming things from the movies about the race of the people are the actors or actresses and what they are doing. But for some reason these movies have them believing things about East Asians. These are my thoughts about the stereotypes.

  24. Just Because

    We are all different in our own ways.
    But just because I am a girl
    Doesn’t mean I’m boy crazy
    Doesn’t mean I’m a shopaholic
    Doesn’t mean I care what people think of me
    I am independent

    We are all unique
    But just because I’m black
    Doesn’t mean I’m ghetto
    Doesn’t mean I’m poor
    Doesn’t mean I’m always trying to start a fight
    I am leader not a follower

    Not everyone are what they look like
    But just because I’m latina
    Doesn’t mean I know and speak spanish
    Doesn’t mean I’m not smart
    Doesn’t mean I’ll never be a success in my life
    I am looking forward to my future

    We are all individuals
    But just because I’m a teen
    Doesn’t mean I’m reckless
    Doesn’t mean I hate my parents
    Doesn’t mean I don’t care
    Can’t you see?
    Just because I’m me
    Doesn’t mean I fit your stereotypes
    I’m just me

  25. I am part of the the skinny group and the black group. A stereotype I have faced was that I’m all bones and no muscle. Also that you can see my rib cage when I take off my shirt. Since I have dark skin I get put into the ghetto people group. All because I have black skin doesn’t mean I’m ghetto or from the hood. My skin was actually really light until I started to play sports and not wear sunscreen. Since I’m skinny it means that I’m weak and not fat, I know a lot of people who are skinny and eats more food than a fat person. I know some fat wish they could be skinny. These stereotypes comes from fat people and white people.

    One stereotype is that chinese people that were born in America eat dogs because it was in American born chinese. Also that Asians are yellow, I don’t see how and that chinese people are smart at math . Another stereotype is that all Chinese people know kung fu or karate. Lastly that chinese people eat a lot of noodles and that all Asians look the same. Now some of these stereotypes come from yahoo but mostly white people and black people, no offense.

    Some Stereotypes for Asians are that their name are gonna be Ping, Pang, or Pong or Ling, Ching, Chang, or Chong. Also that chinese people don’t care about politics and chinese people are the most polite, and chinese people are unwelcoming to foreigners. None of that is true. The stereotypes here are from black people and white people.

  26. 1. One group I belong to is African Americans. People think just because we're black we are crimnals, we fight alot and do drugs. Well I for one dosen't do any of those things. People come of to me an ask me do I eat fried chicken and do I drink kool aid. Just because I am black doesn't mean I eat fried chicken and drink kool aid. People made me feel bad about my race becasue all of the bad things they about my race. I think these sterotypes come from any and everywhere.
    2.The sterotypes that bother is that peole say he is cheap, a nerd and he has social life. Kevin showed people how he was not those things. Or he tried.
    3.One stereotype was that Asians are politically inactive, studious, intelligent,and inoffensive. I don't think that it is fair for Asians because they might feel like they have to be like that.They might feel bad if they aren't like other people or feel like that.

  27. I can be categorized into a group of girls, Spanish, and young. Girls get stereotyped as being lazy, dependent, and superficial. These stereotypes have made me feel powerful and independent, because these are things I’m not. I think they come from a lot of movies, especially Walt Disney movies, because the Princesses never do anything, they only get saved by the Prince, which also makes them dependent. Then, if girls watch these movies, they are superficial for liking Princesses and their dresses. Stereotypes I face for being Spanish is that I am Mexican, speak better Spanish than English, and am a good dancer. These make me feel upset and disappointed. It makes me upset that Spanish, Mexicans, and South Americans all get jumbled into the same category, while Mexico and South America are independent. The British are different than Americans and Australians. This brings on new stereotypes, too--Mexican and South American stereotypes are lumped on to the Spanish stereotypes. It makes me feel disappointed, too, because I speak better English than Spanish, and am a terrible dancer. I think these come from cultural dances and foods, and how Spanish speak the same language as Mexicans. Then, because I’m young, people think I’m misconceived, uncontrollable and have an attitude. It limits me because I want to be a powerful woman when I grow up. These probably come from movies and previous experiences with young people, and how they tend to get into arguments with their parents, thus labeling them as misconceived, uncontrollable and with an attitude.

    Some stereotypes that Kevin has to deal with is that Chinese are cheap, nerdy, don’t have a social life, have small eyes, and eat dumplings, fried rice, and egg rolls. For the stereotype that Chinese are cheap, Kevin argues he has a new, “top of the line,” calculator. He realizes that would make him nerdy. For the nerdy stereotype, he says he’s a “bad” kid, who got a B+. At this point, his mother interrupts saying he’s a “dishonor to the family.” For the stereotype that Chinese don’t have a social life, Kevin says “his phone is constantly ringing,” and that it’s “kind of annoying,” due to his popularity. It turns out it’s his father calling. For the stereotype Chinese have small eyes, he shows the camera how large his eyes are, only to pull back and blink several times. And lastly, for the stereotype about what Chinese eat--dumplings, fried rice, and egg rolls--he says he’s eating snails, when his friend guesses he’s having what he has every day--dumplings, fried rice, and egg rolls.

    The “Yellow Peril” stereotype shocked me. It seemed cruel that people could hold such hostile thoughts to people who they’d never interacted with before. I thought that even though there are positive stereotypes (that Asian Americans are “hardworking, politically inactive, studious, intelligent, productive, and inoffensive people”) can still harm that particular group of people. People might think they have to live up to that standard, and might become disappointed in themselves if that’s not who they are. If they aren’t, others could judge them negatively for it.

  28. The group I belong to is Americans. When I went to Ecuador to visit my family a couple years ago, I past by my cousins school just to say hi. Before I could even her, her friends approached me and told me that Americans were stupid. They told me that all we do is eat and get fat while watching TV all day. I immediately found this offensive because I knew many people including me were smart, I and wasn’t aloud to watch TV for more than 2 hours. I didn’t what to say back because I was sad and mad, so the only thing I could do was run away and cry to my mom. Since that day I’ve been trying really hard in school and getting good grades, I haven’t spent so much time watching TV either, so the next time I go there, I will prove them wrong.

    Some stereotypes Kevin had to deal with was that asians were cheap, were nerds, had no social life, had small eyes, and the only thing they ate were fried rice, dumplings, and egg rolls. Throughout the video, he shows people that those stereotypes are no true. He shows us that he has a expensive calculator, and that he had a B+ on a homework. He also tells us that he’s really popular and gets phone calls all the time. Also at the end of the video he tells people that he doesn’t always eat fried rice, dumplings, or egg rolls, he was going to try out something completely new, snails.

    I was shocked by the “Emasculation and Asexulay” stereotype. Just because a man has long braided hair doesn’t mean he’s a girl or if he wears a silk dress, it may be part of their culture, and we should respect it. If that were me and I was treated that way I would definately feel bad about myself because people would keep on calling me a girl, even though I’m not. Another stereotype that also shocked me was the “Misogynists” stereotype. This shocked me because I bet you that not all asian men are insensitive and disrespectful to women. We don’t know it until we see it, so no one can make a stereotype about that.

  29. Just because I’m American
    Doesn’t mean I’m stupid
    Doesn’t mean I’m obese
    Doesn’t mean I can’t read between the lines

    I am different.

    Just because I’m small
    Doesn’t mean I’m young
    Doesn’t mean you can make fun of me
    Doesn’t mean I can’t do as many things like you

    I am larger than life.

    Just because I’m white
    Doesn’t mean I’m rich
    Doesn’t mean I’m racist
    Doesn’t mean I’m going to be very successful in life

    I am someone you can trust.

    Just because I have braces
    Doesn’t mean I’m a nerd
    Doesn’t mean I was born ugly
    Doesn’t mean my life is depressing

    I am my future no matter what you say.

  30. A group that I belong to is twins. A stereotype I deal with is that all twin's are the same. It bothers me but doesn't make me upset. I think they come from people that don't know much about twins.

    A few stereotypes that bother Kevin is that he eats fried rice dumplings and egg rolls. Another one is that he's a nerd. A stereotype that amused him was that a B+ got his mom mad.The new calculator showed he's not cheap and getting a phone call showed he has a life.

    "The Yellow Peril" stereotype I found rude. People had so many rude things to say without possibly knowing a single Asian person. Also, the man in the video thought that Asians were all hardworking, studious, intelligent, productive, not offensive, and politically inactive people. You can't just judge all people of a certain group by a few people.

  31. I belong to the groups of arabs, girls, white, and “nerds”. I have experienced the worst stereotypes being a arab. The worst experience was at my summer camp when I was 10. My summer camp was mostly whites and I am white but I’m also arab and was the only arab there. We were going to a field trip to the Art Museum, when we got there we were greated by two tour guides and split up in 2 groups. As we were walking through the halls looking at beautiful art, there was a sign for a arab exhibit. The tour guide started to lead us into the room but one of the camp counselors stopped him by saying “ we don’t want to see those terrorists”. I felt so hurt by that comment, after 9/11 everyone said everything would be better and everyone would be nice, well that comment showed everyone that arabs, my people, are discriminated everyday still after 10 years of a terrible experience.

    Examples of the stereotypes that bother and amuse Kevin are that he’s cheap, he’s a nerd, and he has no social life. He also only eats dumplings, rice, and noodles because he’s Asian. He shows things that are expensive to show he’s not cheap. He also shows a test with a B+ to show that he’s not a nerd. He had someone call him to indicate that he had friends. He also said to a friend of his that he wasn’t going to play pokemon and try something new to eat for dinner.

    A stereotype that is mentioned in the Wikipedia entry is asians dress like women. I don’t agree with that stereotype at all and it makes you feel useless if someone tells you that. I also feel that if they wear clothes that they feel comfortable wearing, people will discriminate for no reason at all. It shows that people in this world always want a reason to bring someone down although that group or person never did anything to them. Another stereotype mentioned in the article is asians having inherent skill in martial arts. I think that the stereotype is something that people see once and start making stories of all asians have skill in martial arts. I believe that the stereotype is rude I mean how would you feel if everyone said all Americans played football? It wouldn’t make you personality and different then want people let themselves know about every American.

  32. Just Because

    Just because I am Lebanesse
    Doesn’t mean I am Muslim
    Doesn’t mean I speak Arabic
    Doesn’t mean I hate america
    I am a human being.

    Just because I am from Philly
    Doesn’t mean I like the Eagles
    Doesn’t mean I like cheesestreak
    Doesn’t mean I say “Yo”
    I am just a city girl.

    Just because I am in 7th grade
    Doesn’t mean I like to share PERSONAL things to others
    Doesn’t mean I enjoy all my homework
    Doesn’t mean I like the dress code
    I am a proud individual.

    Just because I am young
    Doesn’t mean I don’t understand things
    Doesn’t mean I can’t talk to adults
    Doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams
    I am just beginning.

  33. A group I belong to is twins. "Assumers" think we act the same, think the same, like the same things, etc. This isn't true. We are very different. We have different personalities, like different sports teams, have different favorite foods and colors, and opinions. The "assumers" make assumptions but don't know much about twins.

    Some stereotypes that Kevin has to deal with were he was a nerd, had small eyes, ate the same food, did good in school, and was always obedient. The stereotypes were wrong. He got a call to hangout so he had a life, he got a B+ so he's not a straight A student and he was having snails instead of dumplings. He couldn't be put in a little box.

    "Misogynists" means that Asian men are insensitive and disrespectful to woman. This is offensive because it assumes billions of men are disrespectful toward women. It also assumes that all Asian men act the same toward all women - their mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, friends, neighbors, etc.

  34. Just Because

    Just because I’m a sports fanatic

    Doesn’t mean I know every stat,

    Doesn’t mean I play all sports, and

    Doesn’t mean I’m buff.

    I am athletic.

    Just because I’m Nicaraguan

    Doesn’t mean I take a siesta,

    Doesn’t mean I only speak Spanish, and

    Doesn’t mean I eat gallo pinto for every meal.

    I am proud.

    Just because I’m a twin

    Doesn’t mean I am a redo,

    Doesn’t mean I’m a duplicate, and

    Doesn’t mean identical.

    I am distinct.

    Just because I’m a teen

    Doesn’t mean I am naive,

    Does mean I have a lot to learn, and

    Does mean I am 13.

    I am Luke.

  35. Just Because

    Just because I am a twin
    I am not just like him.
    I am not a Colts fan.
    I am a Steelers fan.

    I am unique.

    Just because I can act dumb
    I am not stupid.
    I make honor roll.
    I am not “un-useful.”

    I am able to act wise.

    Just because I am Mennonite
    I am not Amish.
    I am a mix of many continents -
    Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
    I am not a flat screen.

    I am multidimensional.

    Just because I am a brother for two.
    I am not a clone.
    I am not predictable.
    I am not double trouble.

    I am Aaron.

  36. One of the groups I belong to is being an only child. People always assume that i’m a spoiled brat that gets everything I want but it isn’t true. I have to do chores to get an allowance and if I don’t do them, I don’t get an allowance. If I go shopping with my mom she buys me as much stuff as the next person because most of the money I spend comes out of my pocket. It makes me hurt that i’m seen as someone i’m not.

    Some stereotypes that bother and amuse Kevin are that Asians only eat fried rice and egg rolls, they are nerds who play pokemon, and that they’re cheap. Evidence that Kevin uses to show that Asians don’t always eat fried rice and egg rolls is he told his friend that he was going to try something new for dinner. Kevin also showed a test with a B+ on it to indicate that he’s not a nerd. To show that he’s not cheap Kevin shows a really fancy calculator.

    One of the stereotypes on the Wikipedia article is Perpetual foreigner. This stereotype means that even though they are a citizen in America and whatnot they are not American. This stereotype made me angry because it shouldn’t matter how you look, if you’re American then you’re American. Another stereotype is Emasculation and asexuality. I absolutely despise this stereotype because people shouldn’t criticize other people because of what they’re wearing or what makes them feel comfortable.

  37. People often put me in the group which is not true big people can't run. For me that's not true at all. I'm a big athlete and I have some speed . People just judge the book by the cover. Which that is not cool at all. It hurts me and it helps me at the same time. I say this because when people say I can't do something I like to prove them wrong.

    Some stereotyped that Kevin faces are saying all Chinese people have thin eyes. Also he faces stereotypes about food he eats. People tease him saying things like what you eating tonight dumplings and fried rice. He was saying that not all Asians does these things or look this way.

    One that I would like to talk about is Asians are hardworking, politically inactive, studious, intelligent, productive. I know this for a fact because all I know some Asians and they are as lazy as can be. Another one is that East Asian women are mean or gold diggers. That is harsh because you shouldn't be able to group women like that.

  38. Some groups that I’m in are being a girl, being bigger than others, and being short. Stereotypes that I have to face because I’m a girl are that I can’t play sports, I can’t fight, I’m obsessed with boys, make up and my hair, I only can do things only girls can do, I can’t do some things boys do. Stereotypes that I get for being bigger are that I can’t play sports, I’m always thinking about food and about the next I am going to eat, it’s impossible for me to find clothes, I’m not healthy, I want to be anorexic and I am not ever gonna find love. Stereotypes that I have to face for being short are I am never going to grow, I can’t reach something, it’s easier for me to get pudgy, that I’m a midget, I can’t do things taller people can, and I can’t play sports. I can play soccer and basketball. Most boys, especially can’t believe it, they think I’m lying. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t get a little dirty once in a while. Then again, it does get pretty gross being sweaty and muddy. People don’t think I can skateboard, they tell me “You’re lying, you're just trying to get attention.” or “You’re so fake, you can’t do that, you’re a girl”. Just because I am a girl. I am not obsessed with being popular or with my hair, makeup and boys. (Boys, maybe.) No I don’t like the color pink, I hate it. I like green. Skirts and dresses, one out of ten times. Pop music, not really, rock, yes totally, 1900’s and older. Of course I sometimes like to dress up, well I am a girl! Being a girl doesn't make me less athletic than you or less cooler or less “hip”. I am just like boy, only with longer hair, and different preferences. Just because I’m bigger doesn’t mean I can’t play sports, this also goes with me being a girl. I don’t run out of air so fast because of my pudginess, it’s because I have asthma. I can run as fast as anyone else. No I don’t fall every five seconds, because of my weight shifting to the front. And I am not thinking about food every single second. I only think about food when I am hungry, and I am not always hungry. There are a lot of skinny people that eat hundred times more than me. I just I have more muscle, NOT fat. Am I as healthy as any other person. No I DON’T have diabetes, and no I’m NOT obese. I eat all of my food groups. And no, if you’re wondering, I am not made out of gravy. I don’t want to be anorexic. Some of the girls think they look good if they are really skinny, but actually, they look worse. Being anorexic doesn’t make you skinny and beautiful, it makes you sick and feel even worse. Yes it’s difficult to find clothes, but not impossible. There are shops for bigger people. Yes I do walk to them, no I don’t have a wheelchair, I don’t need it. There are clothes that fit me and make me look good. You don’t think so? Well, who told you that shirt was right for you? Your mom? She doesn’t love you. I will find someone to love me, to hold me, to spoil me. I have as much potential than you multiplied by sixty-five. Just because I’m bigger doesn’t mean nobody wants to love me, and he may not be big either. He may be skinnier than me. He may even look better than your boyfriend. Being bigger only shows that I have more to offer than you. Just because I’m short doesn’t mean I am never going to grow. I may even be taller than you or him, or maybe her. I’m short, it’s ok I got it, I can reach. Chairs are not just for sitting on, you know? They tell me to pick something off of the ground because I’m closer. I don’t ask them to get something off the top shelf because they’re closer. I can play sports, that goes in with me being a girl and bigger. Yes, I can play basketball, yes I can shoot a hoop. I can play soccer. I can duck under your legs and shoot a hoop or score a goal. Can you? I’m short, that’s why I’m pudgy. Nope. I’m pudgy and short because that’s just who I am. You’re tall and skinny because that’s who you are. You being tall just says that you're tall, me being short means that I am more fun than everyone else. They say big things come in small packages.

  39. One group that people put me in is Asians. People say how asians eat dumplings, fried rice, noodles things like that. Also how they're incredibly smart and if you're asian you're automaticlly chinese. It doesn't realy bother me even though some of the things are hurtful but I know that none of the things{usually} are true.
    Some of the stereyotypes Kevin deals with is that people say that asians only eat eggroles and dumplings. Also that all asians are cheap and nerds. To show he isn't cheap he shows a fancy cauculator and to show he isnt a nerd he shows how he got a b+ and to show he doesn't eat fried rice and dumplings all the time for dinner he told his friends he was going to try something new for dinner.
    One stereotype in the wikipedia article is “Yellow Peril.” "Yellow Peril" basically says that the skin color of Chinese people affects the quality life and compensation of whites. Another Stereotype is Perpetual foreigner which says even though you are a citizen in America you are not American. These streotypes really made me mad. Both of them are completley ridiclous and wrong.

  40. One group that I belong to is the jock group. Many people think that all jocks are dumb that they don’t care about anything then sports. People also say that all jocks are girl crazy. Both of those are not true for me I’m a straight A student and I don’t spend my whole day thinking about girls. I guess they aren’t the worst stereotypes in the word and they don't really make me upset just a little bothered that people would say things that aren’t true but I guess it is what it is. I don’t really face anything from it yet in life but later on I would expect it. I have no clue where it came from but it’s there.

    Two thing that bother Kevin is how there are stereotypes about east asians that he’s a nerd, that he eats rice and egg rolls for dinner every night, he has no social life. and that he is cheap. He proves everyone of these stereotypes or at least tries. With the cheap stereotype he shows everyone his new top of the line calculator. For the nerd one he shows a paper with a b+ on it. For the stereotype that he has a social life he has someone call him to look popular. To prove that he doesn’t only eat eggs rolls and rice he said he was trying snails.

    One stereotypes against east asian males are that they are molesters and that they are a threat to white women. Which is really dumb because every race has molesters not just asians. Another stereotype about asians is that they are the best at martial arts. I think its just a dumb thing to think that if you are one race you are automatically amazing at something that some people of your race are good at.

  41. These stereotypes must come from dumb people that think they are so cool and smart and great and flawless. Well they are not cool, smart, great nor flawless. If you're flawless then you're not perfect, if you're perfect your flaws are what make you that. People think from being with one or two people of a certain type, for 5 minutes than they know everything about them. They may also get these stereotypes from T.V. The way they portray people is really unnecessary. Nerds with big glasses, and breast pockets, blondes are cheerleaders and dumb, white people are fat and rich. Next time you're going to say a stereotype to some one, think first, is it ok or will they be hurt. What if they called me stupid because I’m blonde?
    Stereotypes that bother Kevin are that asians are cheap, nerds, have no social life, have tiny eyes, and always eat rice, noodles and dumplings. To show that asians, especially himself, are not cheap he shows an expensive, top of the line calculator, which goes into him being a nerd. Then he brings up a paper that got a B+. To show he’s a bad boy and that he’s cool. After, one of his “friends” calls him, and they start talking about a party that only lives in Kevin’s imagination. People say that Asians can only eat Asian food, then he said he was going to try something else other than dumplings. People make fun of Asians because they have tiny eyes. Not all Asians do. I don’t have tiny eyes and I’m Chinese. Kevin tries to prove that by getting all in your face and telling you that his eyes are tiny, they’re big.
    The “Hyper-sexuality and the Dragon Lady” stereotype was one that affected me as much as any other Asian girl. This stereotype is basically saying that each Asian is attracted to having aggressive sex or what ever kind of sex she can find. And that they have sex to get money. Like a prostitute. Reading about this stereotype made me feel offended. Because of me being Asian. I guess the women in Eastern Asia must feel pretty bad. Knowing that they aren’t prostitutes, and other people are like pointing and saying “Oh my gosh look it’s a prostitute.” Though some are because they have to be to help their families. Misogynists was another stereotype that I hated. It’s a stereotype saying that all Asian men are mean, disrespectful and insensitive to women. More men that are Black or Caucasian have been in jail for that. (No offense and it was not meant to be racist). Just because they are Asian, nobody wants to be with them, and they go with the men that are “more romantic and passionate”.

  42. A group that I belong to is overweight. I have to go through painful hurtful stereotypes everyday. People say i always want to eat im lazy im always short of breath etc etc etc. It hurts because i do not like to be underestimated and not seen to my full potential. The truth is i do not eat everything i see i am fast i am athletic i have been playing sports since i was young i just have a small metabolism problem. These stereotypes make me feel insecure.

    Stereotypes that bother kevin are ones about asians eating certain kinda foods and that theyre nerds and have absolutely no social life. And that they are poor. He tries to fight these stereotypes but they just lead to other stereotypes.

    The most troubling stereotype was about asian woman being always attracted to aggresive sex and that they are prostitutes.

  43. Just because I’m young
    Doesn’t mean I don’t understand
    Does mean I can do it myself
    Doesn’t mean I don’t care
    Does mean I have more life and potential

    I am old enough

    Just because I am a girl
    Doesn’t mean I can’t do what boys can
    Doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with my hair, makeup and boys.
    Doesn’t mean I love pink and pop,
    Doesn’t mean I am going to be a slut or prostitute

    I am going to be a girl, but with better decisions

    Just because I am pudgy
    Doesn’t mean I live for food
    Doesn’t mean I can’t play sports
    Doesn’t mean anorexia is my new life motto
    Doesn’t mean I am never going the right guy

    I am beautiful, now live with it

    Just because I am short
    Doesn’t mean I’m never going to grow
    Doesn’t mean I’m “closer” to the ground
    Doesn’t mean I’m a midget
    Doesn’t mean I can’t get it, chairs are my best friends

    Big things come in small packages, the proof lies inside of me

    Just because I’m different
    Does mean I’m better than you
    Doesn’t mean you have to like, I don’t care
    Doesn’t mean I’m weird, I am uniquely different
    Doesn’t mean you can be too

    I am the one everyone wants to be, confident, awesome and myself

  44. A few groups that I belong to are white, hispanic, a girl, and young. Because i’m white people think that I’m racist and I think that I am better than everyone else. I’m not racist and I don’t think I’m better than everyone else. Because I’m hispanic people think that I have drugs with me, except I don’t. People think that hispanics are illegal, and bad. I’m not illegal and neither is my family. There are many stereotypes about girls. People think they’re stupid, bad at sports, and weak; emotionally, and physically. I don’t really care about these stereotypes because lots and most of the time stereotypes aren’t true. I think people get these ideas from the media. The media shows stereotypes all the time, and then people start to believe them.

    A few stereotypes that bother Kevin are that because he’s Asian is that he is cheap, a nerd, and has no social life. These annoy him because they are not true. He shows that they’re not true in many different ways. To show that he’s not cheap, he shows his most expensive item: a calculator. To prove that he’s not a nerd he shows us a paper where he didn’t get an A but instead got a B+. To show that he does have a social life he says that he does have a social life he gets a friend to call him. He showed that he was going to eat snails for dinner instead of “regular” Asian food:fried rice, dumplings and egg rolls.

    One stereotype that has been given to East Asian men are that they do “women work”. This idea come from East Asian men often having long braided hair and sometimes wore silk gowns. Therefore they only got jobs that white people thought were “women work” such as laundry, cooking and childcare. Another stereotype given to East Asians is that the men are disrespectful and insensitive towards women. They are often shown as chauvinists, men who think women are inferior to them. Both of these stereotypes make me feel bad, because they are most of the times not true. There are men who do “women work and are chauvinists, but they are all races, not just Asian. I think these stereotypes are very unfair.

  45. Two groups that I belong to are that I am Hispanic and that I am a girl. Since I am Hispanic people think that I'm Puerto Rican or Mexican. People think that I sell drugs or I crossed the border. People think since I'm a girl I wear make-up, skirts or dresses all the time. Also, since I'm a girl people think I'm terrible at sports and the only thing I like to do is shop all the time. These stereotypes make me feel bad because I am not any of those things. But in the end, I know who I am and nothing is going to change that.

    The sterotypes that bother and amuse Kevin is that people think just because he is Asian he is cheap, a nerd, and that he has no social life. He shows that he's not these things in many ways. For instance, he says he is not cheap beause he owns an expensive calculator. Also he shows that he is not a nerd by saying he doesn't get straight A's. Finally he shows that he has a social life by saying he has a lot of friends and he goes to parties and things like that.

    Two stereotypes that caught my eye in particular is that Asians are hardworking and intelligent and the stereotypes of East Asian women. The first one is that people think that Asian Americans are hardworking, intelligent and "noffensive people who have elevated their social standing through merit and diligence". This isn't true for all Asians and that it doesn't matter what race you are you could be any of those things. The other stereotype is the one people have on East Asian women. People say that they are "aggressive or opportunistic sexual beings or predatory gold diggers". This stereotype is a terrrible stereotype in my opinion. This stereotype can be for anyone no matter what race.

  46. One group that I am placed in is the group of nerds, geeks and freaks. One thing that people say about these groups is that they are weird. The only reason people say that are that they don't understand what it's like to be natural and do whatever you want. Another thing that people say is that we aren't normal. That's because we don't care about what others think about us and that we aren't uncomfortable just to please others. Another thing that people say is that I'm nerdy because i play video games... You do that too!

    Some stereotypes that Kevin faces and hates are that people think Asians are cheap, nerdy and have no social life. He says that he isn't cheap because he bought a new expensive calculator, he isn't nerdy because he got a B+ on a test, and he says he has a social life because he is going to a party that night.

    The "Yellow Fright" made me think of how much people hated imigrants. It also makes me think about how people have always said that Asians have 'yellow' skin. The article "Model minority stereotype" makes me think about how stereotypes can be positive as well as negative, even though the word stereotype makes you think of negative things.

  47. Hello!
    No, I am not Irish... is this how you start every conversation?
    No, my accent doesn’t sound even a bit “sco’ish”
    Somewhere in Europe?
    Oh wow you must be smarter than a fifth grader!
    Yes, Germany in fact.

    No, I am definitely not an alcoholic... I’m 11!
    No, I don’t eat sausages all the time.
    No, I don’t wear lederhosen.
    They itch.

    Oh, so your friend is German?
    How many generations back do I have to go back to see?
    You’re great-great-grandparents came over from Belgium.
    You meen that waffle place?
    We must be brothers.

    Oh, so you’re a Jew.
    Ok... Why are you telling me this?
    Is it like you want me to apologize?
    Sorry that a single German ‘ruined’ your whole religion.
    That German happens not to be me.

    No, I have no intention of becoming a Neo-Nazi, nor have I ever been one.
    I despise Hitler.
    Couldn’t be more than you?
    Oh, you try being teased and hated because of him.
    You try being from his country.
    You think I’m not ashamed because of that?
    I cry ‘cause of that.

    Ok I’m done with your insults, discriminations and blundering idiocy.
    Good day to you, sir.

  48. A group that I belong to is being a Female. A couple of stereotypes that I've faced are 1) My favorite color is pink 2) All I do is shop 3) I'm conceited 4) I take forever to get ready 5) I suck at sports. All of these stereotypes annoy me because I am my own person. I'm not like every other girl and I will never try to be. My favorite color is not pink, I don't always shop, I am not conceited I am confident, I don't always take forever to get ready and I'm not the best at sports but I don't suck. I don't know where these stereotypes come from but I do know that females go through these stereotypes. An example that bothers Kevin is being cheap, another example is being dirty.

  49. One group that I belong to is blonde. Some stereotypes I face because of this are that I am dumb, fake, and super girly. People think it is funny when they tell dumb blonde jokes around me (which are pretty hilarious!). This irritates me more than anything because I know I am not dumb, I am not fake, and I am not super-duper girly. People may get these stereotypical ideas from individuals they know or from the all powerful American media drilling ideas into their brains.

    Some stereotypes that Kevin faces are that Asians are cheap, nerdy, and anti-social. Kevin explains that he is not cheap because he has a very expensive calculator (which is funny because that makes him seem like a nerd). He tells us about his poor grades as proof that he is not nerdy. Kevin then shares about his packed social life with all his friends and big, exciting parties.

    A stereotype I read about in the wiki article is that eastern Asians are "yellow". "Yellow" meaning the color of their skin. Obviously, Asians are not yellow. Then again, white people are not really white nor are black people really black as night. Also, not all Asians dress in womens clothes. Even some of the women don't dress like women! It all depends on your personal style, not your race.

  50. One of the groups that I'm placed in is being a cheerleader. A few stereotypes that I have heard is that I only care about how I look,I just dance and wave around pom poms,and that I just yell out cheers about winning. These annoy me because I consider myself an athlete.I work hard for hours a day and I give it all I got. I feel like people still base cheerleading on what it used to be like 20 or 30 years ago but it really has changed a lot and it is one of the most dangerous sports for women.
    Some stereotypes that bother Kevin is that he's a nerd, he plays Pokemon,and all he eats is fried rice and egg rolls.He said in the video that he got a b+ on his paper,and that he tries to eat other things like escargot.
    In the Wikipedia article it said that one stereotype is model minority. That means that Asians are hardworking, studious, and intelligent. This stereotype might be true for a lot of Asians but I don't think it's fair to look at an Asian and assume that they are very smart and hardworking.

  51. A group that I am a part of is being black. I remember one time I was with my friends who are also black and my mom. We were at forever 21 shopping. The whole entire time we were there the store manager followed us throughout the store. I knew exactly why she was following us. Because a stereotype that is commonly held about black people is that they are thiefs. My mom got fed up and we went to a different store in the mall. I feel as though that just because some african american people have made some poor decisions in the past don’t think that all of them are like that.
    Some asian stereotypes that kevin has to deal with is that he is cheap, a nerd, and has no social life. The stereotypes that amuse kevin are that all asians eat fried rice egg rolls etc. Also, that they have tiny eyes.Evidence Kevin offer that combats the stereotypes was that he wasn’t cheap and he did have a social life. Because he bought an expensive calculator and was going to a party.
    The "Yellow Peril" made me think of how much a lot of people hated immigrants. It also makes me think about how people have always claimed that Asians have 'yellow' skin. The article “Model minority” makes me rethink about what I think about stereotypes. I thought all stereotypes were negative but they can also be very positive.

  52. One stereotype I'm categorized in is being dumb because I'm in enhanced.This is because there is a larger immersion students in the highest math procedures class. Also getting honor roll and high honor. This somehow convinced them that they are more superior to enhanced. This affects me because people tend to be shocked when I tell them I am also in the highest math class. And they ask questions like how and when are you going to get sent down this really affects me the most. I am far from the only enhanced kid tired of the disrespect.
    The three stereotypes that bother kevin is that he plays Pokemon and he is a nerd with no social life. he said in the video that he got a B+ on his paper. He also showed his phone ringing proving he has a social life.
    A stereotype i have read in the article is that all Asian are smart.This might be true for many but not for everyone.It's not fair to think all Asian learn at the same fast pace

  53. Kia Needs A Rest From All Of This Blogging -_-April 22, 2012 at 7:49 PM

    A group that I belong to is the group "mixed race." My mother is white and my father is black, so my skin tone is kind of a tannish color. One stereotpe about people who look like mee is that I'm adopted. Even people who I have gone to school with for years sometimes ask me this question when they see me onl with my mom or my dad. I always answer politely that no, I am in fact not adopted, but it gets on my nerves that when people see people who look like me they don't assume that my parents were two different races, they assume that I was adopted. I guess interracial marriges aren't that common, and maybe the stereotype came from segregation times, but still... I don't ever feel hurt by any of these stereotypes though, I just don't care if someone is being ignorant. That's their problem.

    Kevin adresses many stereotypes in his video, one being that all asians are incredibly intelligent and good at everything. He disproves this by showing his B+ grade in something… followed by his "mother" yelling at him for "bringing dishonor to the family" and whatnot. He also mentions asians having "slanty" eyes, which he tries to disprove by opening his eyes as wide as he can… Other stereotypes are that he always eats egg rolls and dumplings and white rice. (Which I actually think are pretty good, except for egg rolls) And he gives food stereotypes for many other cultures and races also.

    In the wikipedia article on East Asian Stereotypes, there were a lot of things that surprised me. I, for one, had never heard the stereotpe of asian women being prostitutes or "dragon ladies." There were also some things that I had seen or heard, and that Kevin mentioned in his video, such as the asians-are-very-succesful stereotype. I was shocked at first by the number of asian stereotypes and discrimintions held in the early 20th century, but then realized that back then, it was a very different context.

  54. One group I belong to is the female group. People think that since I am a girl that I love to shop, I suck at sports, and I talk about guys 24/7. Trust me I love to shop and talk just as much as the next girl but I'm not a shopaholic and I have other things to talk about besides boys. I may not be the best at sports but I don't suck and I know boys that are worse than me. They bother me because I don't want to be judged by these when more often than not I am. I think they exist because many girls are like this and then more live up to them because they are faced with them in their day to day life.

    There are 3 main stereotypes that Kevin talks about 1. Nerd 2. No social life and 3. Cheep. He basically makes them out to be ridiculous by mocking them throughout the video. At one point his mother tell him that he can't go to a party (that he made up) because he has to do his math homework. I like the way he joked about them to show that stereotypes are dumb.

    In the Wiki article it talk about some stereotypes that I have heard of and others that I haven't. One that I have heard of is that they are so to speak "model foreigners", hard working, successful, and smart. One that I haven't heard of is that Asian women are sexual people who want to get your money. I was surprised to hear that I never would have thought to apply it to an Asian.

  55. Just because I am 13
    I am not dumb
    I am not a disrespectful child
    I am not an adult
    I am a independent 13year old
    Just because I am a girl
    I am not cocky
    I am not always gossiping
    I am not always hanging with girls
    I am a girl with a different personality from everyone else
    Just because I am black
    I am not loud
    I am not rude and judgmental
    I am not on Welfare
    I am a proud black girl
    Just because I am Ki'Leyah
    I am not required to listen to anyone but my-self
    I am not anyone besides my self
    I am not a not a mean girl
    I am just Ki'Leyah who I was made to be

    Some Of the stereotypes Kevin faced were his eyes were slanted,Asians are nerds,He has no social life, and Asians are cheap. He laughs and jokes around about the stereotypes, because he thinks they're are foolishness and a waist of time to pay attention too.
    In Wiki, I've heard of some of those stereotypes. That Asian women are very wealthy and likes to get your money. Something that surprised me was all the stereotypes being said about a certain race. Some of the stereotypes in Wiki contrasted with Kevin.

  56. One group that I belong to is being a "quiet" person. People think that just because I'm usually not so talkative around them when I first meet them, then I don't talk and I can't fight back and I'm weak exc. But none of that is true. I'm a shy person who doesn't talk to someone if I'm uncomfortable around them or if I don't know them. No I am not weak, or scared of ANYONE, or "dumb".
    One stereotype that Kevin faces is a stereotype that happens all the time to Asians, which are not always true. Like people would say all he eats are egg rolls and "Chinese people food"....and it's not true

  57. Just Because I am overweight
    I am not fat
    I am not a slob
    I am not always hungry
    I am an athlete.

    Just Because I am smart
    I am not a nerd
    I am not boastful
    I am not all knowing
    I am a teenager

    Just Because I am of wealth
    I am not "boojie"
    I am not superior
    I am not spoiled
    I am coolio

    Just Because I am different
    I am not weird
    I am not a loser
    I am not a freak
    I am a person...and it hurts

  58. Kevin has to deal with the stereotype because he’s an asian of being called a nerd.They say mean things like hey your a nerd because you like pokemon.Really though?Also he also deals with being called cheap.Last,he deals with how people talk about his social life.People say,that kid.I don’t like him.

    I don’t find it find it funny that there is stereotypes in other places around the world same as here.Like people say mean things about culture in east africa.Those stereotypes come from western africa.Also they are being discriminated for the things that they do that they think are normal.Whats the matter with that?If thats something that they do in east africa,how come they can’t do it in other places too?

  59. Just Because I'm a kid
    Doesn't mean I don't listen
    Doesn't mean I'm disrespectful
    Doesn't mean I dress inappropriate
    I'm Not A Stereotype

    Just Because I'm Black
    Doesn't mean I Shoplift
    Doesn't mean I have odors
    Doesn't mean I'm Stupid
    I'm Not A Stereotype

    Just Because I'm Small
    Doesn't mean I don't fit in
    Doesn't mean I don't speak my mind
    Doesn't mean I'm not sporty
    I'm Not A Stereotype

    Don't you get by now? I don't fit into any of your stereotypes that you think i might fit into. I'm me not a group that you automatically assume me to be in. Just know Stereotypes don't fit everybody's stamina nor personality

  60. One group I am put in is the group of half-Egyptian and Muslim. A stereotype against me is that I am fluent in Arabic. I am not fluent in Arabic and even though I do know some, I am far from being fluent in it. This makes me feel self-conscious and a little dumb, especially when someone asks me how to say something in Arabic and I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I love to help people out if they ask me how to say something in Arabic, I just don't want them to think that I will absolutely positively know the answer. This stereotypes probably come from the thought that all Egyptians and Muslims are fluent in Arabic, or because my parents both are fluent in Arabic, or (a big one) my dad is the Arabic teacher.

    One stereotype that Kevin has to deal with is the stereotype that people from a certain ethnicity or race only eat food from that certain ethnicity or race. For example, "all Chinese people only eat Chinese food." The way that he combats with this is by making a fake conversation and saying "I'm going to try something new, snails..." showing the point that he eats other things as well. Another stereotype is that all Chinese people have no social life. The way he combats with this is by saying that he is going to a party.

    One stereotype is that Asians are "Perpetual foreigner." This means that they are not considered an American citizen even if they really are and that they are always a foreigner. This makes me think 'Are you serious?' because it's really dumb to think that way. If someone has a citizenship, then they should be considered a citizen, not a foreigner. Another one is against East-Asian men, saying that all East-Asian men don't treat women well and are disrespectful towards them. This is an upsetting stereotype that makes me feel bad for the people who have to go through with this when it's obviously not true that all East-Asian men don't treat women well and are disrespectful towards them.

  61. 4/18/2012
    Gerrit Roscioli

    Just Because

    Just because I am white
    I am not rich
    l am not fat
    l am not bad at basketball
    I am good at sports

    Just because l am an honor role student
    l am not nerdy
    l am not a loser
    Doesn’t mean l have no friends
    l am popular

    Just because l am a teenager
    l am not lazy
    Doesn’t mean l have tons of zits on my face
    Doesn’t mean l hate school
    I just don’t like homework

    Just because l am from South Philly
    l do not talk funny
    l am not in the Mafia
    l do not litter
    I am a Philadelphian like Ben Franklin

  62. One group of stereotypes I have faced is that white people can’t play basketball or football. I am actually fine with this stereotype because then when I start playing a game of basketball or football the person I am playing always takes it easy on me at first so I always get an early lead. I think this stereotype came from a couple white kids who say their very good at basketball or football but they’re actually not then the people they play think that they are just the best white people even though they are not.
    All of the stereotypes about Chinese people seem to amuse Kevin because as he was talking about them he would joke around and make funny comments. For example all Chinese people are cheap he says if he is how did he afford the newest calculator then he says “but then that would make me nerdy”, also for nerdy he said if he was nerdy how did he get a B+ on his last test then his mom says “you get B+ on test you dishonor family”, then for no social life he gets a call from a friend who tells him that he gets “invited to the party only the popular kids are going to”
    Misogynists surprised me a lot because I never thought that Chinese men treated their women unfairly I thought and still do think that Chinese males treat the women exactly the same as white men treat their women. Emasculation and asexuality also surprised me because the white people forced Chinese men to do what they called women's work then they said that Chinese men only do women's work even though the white men made them do the women's work.

  63. A stereotype group that I am a part of is being black. I remember one time I was in a store and I was going to buy a cake and maybe a soda but, I noticed that the store owner was watching my every move. I guess it was because I was black and he believed that every black person steals. I was just shocked that he would think that. I guess he thought that all black young kids steal from stores and one time a couple of kids that happen to be black had stolen from his store. I decided to not get anything from the store and just went to another store.
    Some Asian stereotype that bother Kevin was that all Asians are cheap, nerds, and have no social life. Some stereotypes that amuse Kevin was that all Asians had to eat what Asians and that all Asians have small eyes. Evidence Kevin offer that combats the stereotypes was that he wasn't cheap and he did have a social life.

  64. Just because poem
    Just because I have brown skin
    Doesn't mean I'm ghetto
    Doesn't mean I drink kool-laid
    Doesn't mean I know every brown skinned person
    I am just me

    Just because I am on honor roll
    Doesn't mean I'm better than you
    Doesn't mean I'm a nerd
    Doesn't mean I know every thing
    I am just me

    Just because I wear glasses
    Doesn't mean I'm smart
    Doesn't mean I'm a know it all
    Doesn't mean you can call me 4-eyes
    I am just me

    Just because I look skinny
    Doesn't mean I don't eat
    Doesn't mean I am skinny
    Doesn't mean I'm a tooth pick
    I am just me

  65. I guess the group that I belong to most would be teenagers. I feel like there is a big stereotype against teenagers that we are young or that we are young and reckless. People think we are horrible to other people and lazy and even that we do drugs all the time and are bums. The minute I turned 13 my aunt treated me like a different person she consistently called me a brat ( and not in the joking way.) I am marked by other teenagers regardless of how I act. Although some of the stereotypes are true it does not mean they apply to everyone.

    One thing that I realized about kevins video is how mad he was about the stereotypes against asians. He does not always a grade a student.

  66. A group of stereotypes that I belong to is teens. I hear things like we have lots to learn and that we're bums.
    I also hear that the only thing we do is sleep. Another stereotype is that Latinos always eat tacos. That's not true every single South American country has different food cultures. I face other stereotypes and they are a lot worse.

    Something I noticed about Kevin's video is that he tends to play around with his stereotypes. He says that they're serious but he acts like they aren't. But all those stereotypes are common and I do hear them a lot.

  67. one major stereotype group i belong to is black group. since i am black people assume that i am ghetto.i don't like that people think since i am black i have to be ghetto. they also assume that i eat soul food which i do n't. i eat mexican,spanish,asian and ect... more than soul food.i eat soul food at the max 2 times a year.i don't know wear these stereotypes come from. most people say white people but i am not even going to blame it on only them.

    people assume since kevin is asian he cheap, a nerd, and have no social life. he is not cheap because he has a high tech calculator but then that makes him nerdy. he is not nerdy because he got a b yesterday. which to me just just means he is smart.

    one east asian stereotype is that they have to be intelligent. i know a lot of east asians that was not smart. though there is people that make it seem it's true. most of also there supposed to be really good but in the article is says”In 2007, Asian Americans were implicated in cheating scandals, shooting sprees, and political corruption.” so stereotypes are not not alway right.
    most of my east asian friends do read alot and are fairly good so.

  68. A few of the groups I belong to are blonde, white, american, boy and honor roll student. I do not face many stereotypes since I go to ICS. But sometimes I face the jokes about being blonde. I also face stereotypes about being american like how in movies they always talk with a southern accent. I do not speak with a southern accent nor should all Americans be portrayed as such. Since I am white people will sometimes assume that I am racist and that I only like white people which is untrue.

    Kevin has to face many stereotypes as an Asian and some he finds funny and some seriously offend him. One of the stereotypes that often upset him are that your race defines what you eat. In the video he jokes about it but you can tell that is serious. Another one that upsets him is that he is really cheap, which he proves to be wrong by showing off his top of the line calculator. None of the stereotypes in the video probably actually amuse him but he does try to lighten the subject in his video by joking about it.

    I think the "Yellow Peril" incident is highly offensive. It described the Asians coming and taking our jobs. It was called Yellow Peril because the people back then only noticed their skin color. This makes me embarrassed about our past. Another is the Perpetual foreigner to be awful. It says that Asians will always be foreigners. This outrages me and I find it highly offensive. We are all perpetual foreigners in our own ways.

  69. A lot of my friends are what you might call geeky (nerdy, weird, and odd also work). I suppose I also might fit somewhere into the stereotypes that category, but not nearly so comfortably as they do. People automatically assume that because I enjoy the company of super-geniuses, that I must be one too. All in all this may not seem extremely bad, who could mind having people just assume they are above average? But I do. Can you imagine after report cards come in and everyone is bragging about their straight A’s being asked how you did then having to look into the shell shocked faces of your peers as you explain you have yet to make High Honors? Again, still doesn’t sound so bad, but when the assumptions not only come from those outside the stereotyped but those within as well, when this is a general assumption throughout the world (no I’m not over-exaggerating) you can see how it may come to be…overwhelming.

    Kevin has to deal with 5 stereotypes:
    1. He Is A Nerd
    2. Cheap
    3. He Has Slanted Eyes
    4. He Has No Social Life
    5. He Only Eats Stereotypical Asian Food.
    Kevin’s arguments would be better put to use if they didn’t then make a parody of his previous points. Meaning his geeky expensive calculator though makes the point that he’s not cheap, contradicts his point that he’s not a nerd. And his ‘Buddy’ on the phone downplays his coolness by making it obvious to the viewers that the conversation was staged. And in my opinion the most funny: Kevin opens his eyes up as wide as possible, get’s close to the screen, and exclaims that his eyes aren’t slanty at all. This last about ten seconds until Kevin has to give up because he was hurting himself.

    The two conflicting stereotypes about East Asian women. The first, about the China Dolls and the second, about the exotic temptresses/seductresses. Do people have brains? I mean to say how can there be so contradicting yet widely held stereotypes?
    Also, the stereotype about East Asians being the perfect immigrants. I’d never heard that one before. I rather think that East Asian immigrants have the same likelihood of being couch potatoes with criminal records as everyone else in the western world.
    Many of the stereotypes surrounding these ideas aren’t even slightly justified.

    Did anyone notice that the actors in the photographs portraying East Asian characters weren’t actually of

  70. I get stereotyped for the color of my skin, even though it is a beautiful shade. I know it may seem small but it’s not. I remember being at school one day and someone coming up to me and asking me if I was white. I said no. She started asked me questions about what color my parents were and we got into this whole argument. She was trying to tell me that I was white and not black. This person went as far as trying to convince me that my dad was white and I got it from him but he didn’t tell me. To have someone label and accuse my family of secrecy, having never met anybody in my family, that tore my inside apart. I felt awful for days and I couldn’t speak to my dad about it because I was afraid of what he would say. I think stereotypes come from a person wanting to label everyone else because it gives them "power" over everyone else, all it really does is hurt other people.

    An example of a stereotype that Kevin has to “deal with” is that he only eats fried rice and egg rolls. He oppresses this stereotype by saying he was going to eat snails for dinner. Another stereotype he faced was that he had no social life and he stayed home every night and played Pokemon. He oppressed this stereotype by calling his friend?

    One stereotype about Eastern Asian Men is that they are misogynistic towards women. Another is, whites accuse Asian men of doing women’s work. Both of these stereotypes sound a little too far fetched to be true for all east Asian men. If the Asians are the ones who are suppose to be disrespectful towards women, why is there a picture of a black man with a crazed smile and his hand over the mouth of a white woman? The picture says “ Keep this horror from your home. Invest 10% in war bonds” Why is that? Also, plenty of American men do the laundry, cook, clean, and look after children. These tasks are not gender specific, they are just things that need to get done. This makes me think that someone doesn’t have their facts straight.

  71. Just Because

    Just because I am Royalti
    I am not conceded
    I am not perfect at everything
    I am not old and wrinkly
    I am youthful and crazy
    Just because I am a young woman
    I am not devoted to makeup, I don’t need it
    I am not one who whips my hair obsessively
    I am not fully mature, I hope I never am
    I am 13
    Just because I have light skin
    I am not white
    I am not mixed
    I am not easy to figure out
    I am a light skinned black individual
    Just because I am a hardcore book geek
    I don’t know everything, yet
    I am not obsessed with one book or series
    I am obsessed with books period

    I am youthful, crazy, almost 14, difficult to figure out, a light skinned black individual, and currently hooked on Harry Potter.

  72. Jasmine .A. McqueenApril 27, 2012 at 10:28 AM

    1. I am African American and a stereotype I've experience is people thinking that I hate white people. The truth is, I like white people. I have many white friends and for the record I have Hispanic friends as well.

    2. The fact that people think he's smart just because he's Asian. He tries new things like in what he eats.

    3. All Asian's are emigrants, foreign or unfamiliar, they all eat rice.

    Just because I'm African American...
    Doesn't mean I only hang out with my kind.
    Doesn't mean I hate white people for what they did to us.
    Doesn't mean I speak Swazi or Tswana.

  73. A group I belong to is white people. I have faced stereotypes about not being good at basketball, being rich, having no problems, and being racist. One main stereotype is that white people are not good at basketball. I think this stereotype comes from another stereotype, that black people are the best at basketball. I also think the stereotype that all white people are racist is very untrue. This stereotype makes me feel really bad because I think everyone is equal and I don’t like it when people assume i'm racist because i'm white. I think this stereotype comes from the time of segregation, and when black and white people had separate rights and black people were treated different just because they were black. Now people think we are all racist even though we are different from the people back then.

    Some asian stereotypes that amuse Kevin are cheap, a nerd, and no social life. He is not cheap, he proves that by showing his brand new expensive calculator he bought. He also tells about how he gets b’s, so he is not all nerdy. His phone is ringing constantly, which proves that he does have a social life. He also says that people think he only eats fried rice and dumplings. He then proceeds to say that he is eating escargot, which is not a asian food. In conclusion Kevin can combat many stereotypes proving them untrue.

    One stereotype described is the “China Doll” stereotype. This stereotype portrait that all East Asian women are helpless and in need of assistance or rescue. This is upsetting to me because there will always be helpless people, but its not fair for people to assume its East Asians because there are plenty of East Asian women who are completely capable of fending for themselves. Another stereotype is that East Asian women are gold diggers. This makes me wonder if East Asian men believe this, because this is not true. They’re plenty of young East Asian women who do not want to marry you just for money.

  74. Just because I am white,
    I am not bad at basketball.
    I am not struggle free.
    I am not racist.
    I am someone who does not care about what race you are.

    Just because I am Irish,
    I am not a drunk.
    I am not short and I don’t always wear green.
    I am not obsessed with gold.
    I am a normal kid.

    Just because I am young,
    I am not dumb.
    I am not ignorant
    I am not “too young to understand.”
    I am as smart as you.

    Just because I am smart,
    I am not “better than you.”
    I am not able to answer every question you have.
    I am not a nerd that is horrible at sports.
    I am smart and good at sports.

  75. Just because I’m autistic

    Doesn’t mean I’m retarded

    Doesn’t mean I can’t read/write/do anything

    Doesn’t mean I have a bad speech pattern

    I am mature

    Just because I’m white

    Doesn’t mean I’m racist

    Doesn’t mean I’m gay

    Doesn’t mean I cannot like rap

    I am nice

    Just because I’m a nerd

    Doesn’t mean I have bad skin

    Doesn’t mean I have four eyes

    Doesn’t mean I can’t play sports

    I love soccer

    Just because I’m Irish.

    Doesn’t mean I love beer.

    Doesn’t mean I eat only potatoes, and cabbage.

    Doesn’t mean I believe in Leprechauns.

    I love meat.

    Just because I’m male

    Doesn’t mean I’m a jock

    Doesn't mean I’m a bully

    Doesn’t mean I stare at Female’s privates

    I am human.

  76. 7th graders - I am so impressed! Your poems are powerful, as are your thoughts about stereotypes. Keep being open-minded and keep the conversation going.

  77. Wow!!! These are some fantastic poems!!.. im all the way here in africa.. and these poems really speak to not jus me but many other people... thank you for your effort.. really. thank you