Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just you, your character, and a suitcase...

Sometimes when I'm reading a good book I like to imagine what it would be like if I could step inside the world that the characters inhabit and hang out for a while.  Growing up I always fantasized about having my own secret garden just like Mary in the novel of the same name, and I would daydream about what it would be like if I suddenly found myself strolling down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and Toto in the land of Oz (FYI: The Wizard of Oz was originally a book!).

For this week's blog prompt, I'd like you to choose one main character from any of the novels you have read so far this school year. Pretend that you have been invited to spend a week with your character and get out your suitcase. What will you pack? What will you need to bring with you and why?

In reading your response, I should be able to tell how well you understand your character, and the setting (the where and the when) of your book.  Your response should include a clever intro, details and more details, and the reasons behind your choices.  If you are packing chewing gum and a pair of skis, for example, you need to explain why you will need these items in relation to their purpose in the book.

Your commentary should be at least four paragraphs, but it can be more.

Superstar blog commentaries have been written and proofread in a word document before submitting.  They have been checked for spelling and grammatical errors, and have strong sentences.

Happy packing.


  1. dear tr.lacey
    my book that i have read was the gun by poul logon. the things i would bring with me in my suitcase is a bullit prof vest, a wepond, a car, and a pitbull. the reason why i will take a bullit prof vest is b/c people were getting shoot at and dying from it, from not were somthing to proctec them. speaking of procting yourself the weapond i will bring is a bat or something that allows me to make sure i do not die.the reason why i picked a car was so if i was getting shot at i would not be running and lossing energy so take a car so i can get away fast and safe. and the reason why i say get a pitbull is so if i am sleeping i have something that is loud and hopefuly kill the person or persons that is trying to kill me.

    by sied

  2. @Sied: This response is incomplete. Read the directions again. Your response must be four paragraphs long this week. Commentaries that do not use correct capitalization are also unacceptable. Please fix and resubmit.

  3. (Note to Tr.Lacey you should not read this if you are not done the series of Percy Jackson)

    I would choose Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (all the books). I would choose to spend a week with him because we have a lot in common like we both love the water, we both can get very angry…etc… I would pack winterfresh gum because you can’t exactly leave camp half-blood just to get some gum. I would also pack coke and lots of it to drink when it’s not meal times. Other obvious things I would pack are clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, body wash, (not my cell phone because when you call anyone it’s like sending a flare up to monsters saying I’m right here please come eat me!).

    I would bring my grandfathers sword and get made so that it’s celestial bronze and not iron or whatever it’s made out of. I would also bring a bathing suit, bandana, and an ipod touch. More things I would bring are a Wii with an assortment of games, a PS3 also with an assortment of games (including Call of Duty Black Ops) an X Box 360 live with a kinnect device also with an assortment of games. Other things I would bring are a laptop, a sketchbook and a pencil and led, a projector and movies( pg-13), books, my bike, my glasses, a soccer ball, candy, a camera, gatorade, a video camera, gold drachmas(greek money also used to iris message)(iris god of rainbows)… etc… Last but not least I would bring a portable electronic radio.

    Why I would bring all of those items is because I would stow away in a place where they cannot find me then when I’m ready to come back home I’lle come home. Also I would bring those items because I, Tyson, Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, Juniper and Grover would be having the time of our lives. We would be at Camp Half-Blood and Manhatten (New York). We would battle monsters such as: Hell Hounds, Giants, theMinotour, Dracanae, Empousai, the un-dead, Kampe (the e has an arrow with no line above the e), Medusa, Telekhines and Laistrygonian giants.
    It would be fun to battle these monsters because tthey are usually bad news to demi-gods. Also I think it would be fun to kill all those monsters especially if you had anger issues. And getting to meet those characters would be fun because they all seem so awesome. In that time being I might be able to figure out which god/goddess is my mother/father. Last but not least I would just have plain old fun battling monsters with these guys/girls.

  4. @Ryan: Thanks for spoiler alert, Ryan. I'm excited that there are so many battle scenes coming up in this series and will definitely keep reading! Is the celestial bronze sword the one that Percy Jackson used in the first few pages (the one his teacher tossed to him in the form of a pen?).

  5. My book is ovi nothing but the truth and i will be with philip malloy thing i will bring in my suticase is the meom form harrison high school.The other thing i will bring in my suticase is some some study books beacause we need to study so he wont get a nerver 'D' on his exzam.The last thing that i will bring in my suticase is the tape of the star singled banner so he can leared how to sing it insted of humming it.That's what i will bring in my suticase.

  6. Dear Tr. Lacey,
    My book is called All I Want is Everything By:Cecily von Ziegesar the main character is Blair Underwood. Blair is a girl in our modern times living in New York who’s mom just got married to a guy she thinks is a slob and now she has a new stepbrother. One thing I would bring to New York with Blair is ALOT of money. This is because when I went to New York I realized there in New York stuff is much more pricey.

    Also, I’d bring a friend. This is because Blair has a lot of friends in this book. Another reason is I can’t live without my friends. Blair also has friends who show care for her and if I didn’t bring friends I’d be alone.

    Another thing I’d bring is a G.P.S .This is because New York is very busy. Also because I’d be just finding my way around the New York ways. I think in my book Blair just moved to New York. Also I’m not really good with directions so I’d get really lot.

    I’d also bring something that reminds me of home. So that I won’t get homesick. And when I get homesick it’s not good. And that’s all I’d bring.

  7. Dear Tr. Lacey,

    I would first bring food, water and a pocket knife. The reason why I would bring food is so I can eat, water because I would be thirsty, and a pocket knife because my evil character is a mob boss and I need to protect my self.

    My characters name is Abe Luca. His nickname is Honest Abe Luca. They call him Honest Abe Luca because he is very clean, and honest in his work. One of his son’s is also in the business. But he lies to his younger teenage son. He tells his younger son that he’s the C.e.o. of a vending machine company.

    I didn’t read all of the book but most of it. And it doesn’t say the date, time, and place. I would probably bring some protection, like some friends since they’re the mob. It would be a dangerous trip but I think they won’t hurt me.

    The reason why I think that is because like I said, Abe Lucas nickname is Honest Abe Luca. He also makes you feel protected because he really cares about his family and friends. I would also bring lots of money because one of the members of the mob has a website and he sells his Ferraris online.

    You can tell he has a nice heart because he never tells his son what he does because, he thinks that things will happen and it will change his life if he goes into the business. And I think that, that message is trying to say not to make the same mistakes as him.

  8. My book is filled with excitement and danger so I should consider what I pack carefully. This is because I might meet monster of incredibly sizes, Poison so deadly it could kill all mankind and most of all a villain named Count Olaf. I would bring first some food because in my book A Series of Unfortunate Events the Grim Grotto, they sometime had to starve. I would also bring a first aid kit because many times on the journey with the Baudelaire orphans we could get injured and in this book they go deep below sea to poisonous spore from the medusoid mycelium. Also old bring a first aid kit mainly a kit with antidotes.
    Also I would bring a very tight diving suit because firstly I’m going underwater and secondly I need a tight diving suit because the poisonous spores could slip through any small crack in the diving suit. I would also consider a GPS or a map because we will get lost someway or another on the trip. And it would bring a flashlight that is super bright for nighttime because when I get dark in the book it gets dark. I will never go without protection so I would bring a club incase Count Olaf comes. And when he comes I will end it so things with the children don't get even worst than it already is.
    This book also contains 3 very talented characters named Violet, Klaus and a baby named sunny. Violet is a very talented inventor and I would bring a tool kit as a gift for her and also something to assist her in the event where she needs to invent something to get out of danger. I would bring Klaus books because he loves to read. Also because those books might help us navigate through danger. Andfinally I would bring a chew toys for Sunny’s teeth and because she loves to bite objects. And because she likes to bite I would bring a toothbrush to protect her teeth.
    All of these things i will bring modernized because the book takes place in a super old time where there
    isnt al lot of high tech stuff. To amuze myself when i go into the book i would bring a ipod and psp to keep me company. And homework so I don’t fall behind in the real time in the real world where I live.

  9. @Jeffer: Great opening and explanation of why you would bring various items!

  10. the book that i enjoyegreatly and just recemtly finished reading is callled the princess bride. a wonderful fairy tail with humor and enthrillerating images that just blow your mind i clearly you can fathom them. my favorite charecter was inigo montoya a fencing spainiard who has studied the art of encing since 12 years of age. he is the charecter that i would love to venture on a jourany with. with me i would bring my fencing blade (i fence aswell tr lacey) to try and get a few lessons with him and discuss techinic on how i could improve my sword play. i would also bring money in case somebody dies on the spot i can go and grab a miracle for miracle max's real quick.
    secondly i would bring the book on the princess bride, incase i run into any familiar charecters i can study up for a minute. i would also bring a journal to write down my experience in this world and see what i did and draw pictures of what i've seen and were i've been,and too write down things i learn about people in the enviorment i was in.
    next i would bring my recorder(the instrument not the recording device) so ic ould have that noise in my head and i would think that it would fit the mood. also the recorder has made noises that i hear alot in medevil movies so that could help with entertainment.
    i would also bring a book from this time with me just for travel though because i would like to see the written documents they all have there. i would loive too study the things that people talked about and thought about and how they used words. wich brings me too my next item a podcast on my ipod on how to speak midevil europian languages so i could at least comunicate with other people and not just inigo.

  11. hey danielle can i be part of your mob?

  12. My book is filled with interesting and unfortunately very realistic things. My book can keep you on your toes so maybe I should think carefully on what I am bringing. Let`s see one thing I might bring is a week`s worth of lunch because my book " Precious" A novel by Sapphire, has a lot of things to do with abuse and the real things that actually happen in real life. So her mother really abuses her and does not really feed her so she has to steal in order to get fed. So that`s probably one thing I would bring.
    Another is a journal because precious loved to write in a journal at school.She use to have this journal where she tried to write as much as possible in it. Precious always used to have those little journals in her classroom everyday she had went to school. That was the only way she could get her mind off her abusive mother and drunken father.
    One more thing I would pack is some clothes and money for her because she really wanted to get out of that abusive family but she had no money and not so much clothes. She really wanted so hard to stand up on both her feet and finally be her own person so I would bring clothes and money so she could move out and be with her children.
    The last thing I would bring is a cell phone so if I witnessed any type of mental or physical abuse I would have a source of communication with authorities. My plan to go spend some time in New York would probably be sort of depending on the type of violence I see.
    This is kind of everything I would bring with me besides the basics like clothes and deodorant. So I think I got everything.
    Sincerely, kadija koita

  13. My book is filled with all types of information like how that he/she grewup.So im guessing that the things that I would bring are.My toothbrush,notebook & pen,cellphone,clothes,and a camra.The reason that I would bring a camra is because i want to capture all the things that we could do.Also the reanson why would bring a notebook & pen is because then when I ask him all the questions that I need to know.Like were aws he born,how old is he,how did he become so good at bakketball,and why did him and Magic jonson have such a compatishion.The reason why i would bring a cellphome is because I can tell my mom all about what I am doing & how much fun i am having.The reason that I would bring a toothbrush is because I wouldn't know how long I would have been staying there.The reason that I would bring my clothes is because I wouldn't want to be wearing the same clothes everyday that I was there.I would also bring an ipod to amuse and intertain myself.

  14. Dear tr lacey the book i read is called you know you love me a gossip girl novel by cecily van ziegear. The main character in this book is blair underwood she is a snobby girl who thinks she can run her school. She lives in Newyork city her mother just married a new guy and she doesnt really like him. I would describe blair underwood as a cocky spoiled brat that gets anything she wants.

    1 thing I would bring to new york is my cell phone. New york is a very busy city i would need it to take pictures of really cool things that ive seen and to call my friends and gossip.I would also bring a family photo so i wont get home sick my family is very important to me as well as blair underwood. I would also bring a diary so i can keep track of what i did in new york. And what ive seen and record down things that really was fun to me. I also would bring 1 of my bratty friends that act just like blair underwood. last but not least i would bring money Newyork is the fashion capital why wouldnt i go shopping in new york city just like blair underwood thats what she mostly spends her time on doing other than school.

    I would realate to this book as a drama kind of romance book. Its alot of drama going on betwen blair and cliques and romance because as you can see the title is you know you love me and she has a alot of problems going on with her boyfriend chuck barry. She over comes challenges also in this books like her mom getting a divorce and having to deal with a new step brother. And dealing with a new guy that her mom loves that is not her dad.

    I would describe myself being just like blair under wood. And thats why i wolud bring those things if I ever get to meet blair underwood and visit new york city because thats what blair underwood does if you have a snobby cocky friend you would at least try to brind something that they also have and thats why I choose those things.

  15. My character name is Princess Anandhita. I would invited and spend a week with her, because I love her how she work hard for something she wants. And the first thing I will bring with me in my suitcase is clothes. The reasons I will bring clothes is because clothes is important for me. I have to change clothes everyday, so I will have comfortable time, with my charater.
    If I don't bring my clothes with me, I would not be able to have comfortable time, because I feel funny if I have to use the same clothes every day for a week.
    The second thing I would bring is food and drink. The reason I would bring food and drink is because I need food and drink to survive. I can hungry easily at night. If I feel hungry at night. Sometimes I can not go out to find food and eventhough I can, probably I do not want to because sometimes I'm lazy to find food at night. I also scared at dark, and be alone. So I would choose to bring some food(snacks).
    The third thing I would bring is electronic like phone, laptop, and mp3. The reason I would bring phone is because I can talk to my parents to know how are they doing and they would know how am I doing. And I would bring laptop is because I can make a documen about my conversation with my character and my observation about her. I would bring mp3 because I get bored easily. And everytime I get bored, I always listen mp3(music), and mp3 always help me to calm down from angry, sad, and depressed time.
    And the last thing I would bring is money. The reason I have to bring money is because I need money for buy food for lunch, because if I bring food for lunch or dinner from home, the food will not survived for a week. So, I have to bring money for food. Sometimes, I might buy souvenir from that place. And probably I would buy clothes and things, because I like things easily. A lot of time, if I see something that interesting for me, I would like to buy it, and if it's really interesting for me, I would buy some more and collectit (if my parents let me).

  16. Dear Tr. Lacey,

    The book I am currently reading is called The Wind in the Willows. It’s a very long book and I’m nowhere near completion. But I have read enough to love the book and know what to bring if I could go into the book. Before I tell you what I would bring you need to know the predicament. The characters are not human. They are little animals that live in England.

    The first thing I would bring would be a bathing suit because they do a lot of boating. One of the main characters, Water Rat, lives on the water. They seem to have boat accidents especially when someone is not paying attention and is distracted in the wonders of the river. If I were with them, I could go swimming and it wouldn’t ruin my clothes.

    The second thing I would bring would be a picnic basket because Rat, Mole and Toad go on lots of daylong adventures. It would make sense to have a picnic basket with me to pack food for the exhausting adventures.

    The third and fourth things I would bring would be a camera and a journal. I would use the camera frequently because they seem to get into interesting situations and I could take pictures to remember them and show people. The journal would be handy because I could write down all of my experiences. It would be a treasured item of mine in future years and perhaps other people would want to read it.

  17. Dear Tr.Lacey,
    I'm just reading book 6 of my favorite series called DRAMA HIGH SERIES By L. Divine. I have to say I love this series alot it reminds me of ICS a little. The difference is the kids in this book are in high school. The character I'm picking is Jayd she's the main character of the book. I like her because she reminds me of me alot. She speaks her mind. She deals with alot of drama at school. If I was spending the week with her it would be hard. On the week days she's at her grandma's house with her 2 uncles and cousin and her grandfather. Then on the weekends she's at her moms house. What I wouls pack is my tooth brush and tooth paste and all the toilettries you need pajamas.My cellphone to call my friends if needed. Lots of money to buy lunch at school every day. A big book bag just in case.Fashionable clothes, and jewlery for high school so I'm not looking like a little old lady at high school. Cute shoes and walking shoes because Jayd has to take 2 buses home every day. A very hefty and fluffy sleeping bag because jayd shares a room with her grandmother so I need someware to sleep. A calm attitude because Jayd's friends Mickey and Nellie are really crazy and sometimes rude.Also both of Jayd's ex boyfriends go to the same school. I might have to learn how to braid hair because Jayd is always braiding her best friends hair. A G.P.S becasue Jayd alwasy ending up on the oder side of the world with her friends so if we get lost i know were to go.

  18. Dear Tr. Lacey

    My book is a very interesting book. It's about a chic dress to imperss New Yorker. Her name is Rebecca Bloomwood. She is a jouranlist at a gardening magazine but what she really wants to do is work at a fashion magazine.When she is put out of work she has no why to pay here debt and she continues to shop. Now she has a massive amount of debt and a debt collector who interferes with her work and personal life and relationships. when she finds a new jouranlist job at a savings magazine she gives out great savings and shopping advice she just can't seem to to her very own advice. there are many things that i would bring on this trip.

    Someting I would bring on this trip is a cell phone.I'd bring a cell phone because I would miss my family and friends. My cell phone would allow me to connect and keep in touch with my familly and friends that are not with me. I would also bring it becasue it would keep me safe. If I was in any trouble I would be able to call for help.

    The second thing i would bring is my laptop.I would bring my laptop because it would help me record all the adventures i had there. Another reason i would take my laptop is because would be able to get in facebook. I would have to get on facebook to let everybody what i am doing and so that i can know what's going on in the life of people i love and care about.

    The third and fourth things i would be is a i lot of money and my ipod.I would bring money because from learning what Rebecca goes thought with credict card debt i think that this will be safer in a way.Also you can't do a lot with out money in New York and if your in New York of course your going to shop. i woulb bring my ipod because it has music that helps me get motivated and it keeps me entertained.Those are the items i would bring with me to my trip to visit my character.

  19. I'm reading about a kid who is living his life as a spy b/c he wants to save the world from evil.His name is Duncan Dewey.I would like to spend time with him if I was in the book b/c I would like to go on secert missions and fight goons.I would pack a camera,sword,food,and clothing.

    What the most important thing I would bring is jutisu,spywatch,a jet, and a electronic map.I chose those because I'll need some fighting syle to beat the enimes.I would need my spywatch & electronic map b/c I need me & the group to know were were going.Spywatch because I need to laser someone or tell what time it is.A jet b/c we need to travel different countries.

    After we finish our missions were going to spend the rest of the week paying videogames.Also will go outside and play with the jet & toy model jet.Then I'll realize it was all a dream once I wake up.

  20. @7th grade: Wow, I am really impressed with a lot of the details some of you have been including about your books and main characters through this assignment!

    To make these posts even more interesting, try to think outside of the "usual" things you would bring for a trip, and instead focus on the not so usual items that reveal something about your character and your book.

    @Michaela: The picnic basket and bathing suit is a great idea!

    @Asiah: I'm afraid to ask which "bratty" friend you would take!

    @Soledad: I love that you actually have a fencing blade to pack with you already. Also, a recorder is a great idea. Make sure you're proofreading for your capitalization before hitting submit.

  21. my book is about action and romance is call unti we meet again by anne schraff.i wanna be in that book because i wanna help the character in the book to make better decitions in her life.

    i will pack in that suitcase all my family so in case i miss them i only have to open the suitcase and talk to my sister and my parents because there verry important to my life,but in case the suitcase is 2 small i wiil bring my cell phone and some colombian food so that i can feeel like home.i will bring food because when im eating my mamis food i feel like im in colombia!!

    but if i cant bring any of my colombian stuff i will bring the BIBLE WITH ME because god is more important them food or a cell phone

  22. dear tr.lacey
    the character i would choose is philip.i pick philip because he seems like the kind of person that doesnt care about anybody but himseelf and thats how i am sometime too.i also pick philip becausehe doesnt care what anybody thinks about him if he's trying to prove something right.i would also pick philip because he's the person that likes to explore,and likes to have adventures.

    in my suitcase i would pack a toothpaste,toothbrush and personal things.i would also bring is a camara to take pictures of me and philip as he's showing me around his city.i would pack in my suitcase is a change of clothes so that i can look nice any where were going.what i would pack is money so that i con buy gifts so that i can remember this one in an life time event that i took.

    what i would pack in py suitcase is....oh yea i would pack different knid of coats,handbag,and different kind ofshoes dependinn on the weather;like if its raining and stuff llike that.i would pack in my suitcase is a type of pocket knife or ant type of protection because i dont know what knid of neighborhood he lives in.
    what i would pack in my suitcase is books on how he can ing up his english grade if he's if is failing any of his work.i would also bring him a tutor to help him with his homework and,couleur to hellp him control his patritism.

    what i would need to pack is a lawer nuumber because philip might get him or us in so city troule because he's beging patriotic and rude. also i would need to pack a pen and paper so that i can take notes on really happened and not telling half of the truth to people.i would iring a gifft for philip for having me in his house and taking the time to see me and showing me aroung his city.

  23. tr lacey it is the same sword, it is called Riptide or Δυνατό ρεύμα επιστροφής(greek)and he also can't lose it, it comes back to his pocket.

  24. Dr Tr.Lacey

    The book I’m reading is Lost and Found. I would pack my suitcase with food, water/juice, toothbrush, toothpaste, cell phone, backpack, clothes, counselor, money, etc. I would bring all these things because its seems to me that they have family and friend issues and they also have a hard time getting around. I would bring my cell phone to keep in touch with my family and friends and toothbrush to keep my teeth healthy and clean. Clothes to dress myself from day to day. I would bring money to buy pizza and buffalo wings.

    Its about a girl name Darcy and she stops hanging out with her best friend Brisanna to hang out with other people. Her sister runs away and their dad helps find her in the woods by their tree they used to go to before their dad left for 5 years. Darcy starts to date a boy name Hakeem and her ex best friend tries to steal him. Darcy also wants to spend time with her dad but at the same time doesn’t feel comfortable seeing him after 5 years.

    I would travel her to experience the drama more. Make it come more alive but its like you can already fell the emotion/drama. Also to see what their fashion was like was the book made in 2008 but their dressing like its 2000. I don’t know that’s what I’m trying to figure out when I get there.

    I would also do interviews. I would do interviews to scoop up the dirt on people. See their perspective and what they think about other people. I think I would interview the dad the most to figure out why he left/abandoned his family the way he did. I would also interview Hakeem to see if he like Darcy ex best friend Brisanna too.

    Like everyone says Praise The Lord For the Bluford Series.

  25. Dear tr.lacey
    The book that I am talking about and it takes place in Brooklyn and here are the things that I will take with me. I would take a baseball bat, a dog, and some money. The reason why I am bring a baseball bat is so I can protect my self. Another reason why I will have a basball bat is that I can worn people that is trying to hit me is that I will not hold back to hit you. The reason why will have money with me is so I can buy a house , food, and other important things. Also that I will bring money with so I can get home taxes ,or if my house gets on fire or something. The reason why I will have with me is a dog. The reason why I will need a dog so I can protected in my sleep. Another reason why I am going to need a dog is so I can play with somebody. And my last reason why I will have a dog is b/c I like dogs.
    By sied

  26. "Totally Lame Vampire"

    That's my book's name. It’s awesome!!!!!! I would go spend my week with Nigel the totally lame vampire because he is funny (not that I want to get my blood sucked up but because he is cool). It is also obvious that I would go with him because he lives forever and so do his parents, so they could have like 80 bank accounts (They could be rich. I wonder what I could do with all of that money). I would bring lots of blood so he does not stick his lame teeth into me suck my blood.

    Now the things I really need to bring are the Wii and the Ps2 because we can play some gamesssssss (which most people need!!!!!!!!!). Also I would bring a soccer set (soccer ball, soccer mittens, soccer jersey, and pants, finally cleats and shin guards). I would bring that because I like to play soccer.

    Some clothes and my computer would also be nice so I can change and not be in the same clothes for 1 week and my computer would be nice to play on because I am glued to mine. My phone will help so I can connect with people and not be alone from 9 PM to 7 AM doing nothing because Nigel puts his head down and rests at night.

    Finally, I would bring money (I wonder why) because I might want to buy something like a rare item that I would not see in Philadelphia. This is why I would spend my week with Nigel the totally lame vampire and those are the things I would bring to keep me busy.

  27. This school year, I have read many books, but only one was exceptional. From our 7th grade school library, I chose the novel: RUNAWAY, because of the interesting cover. I read a page from the middle, and I loved the way the author described what was happening.

    In the novel RUNAWAY, a girl named Holly is the daughter to foster parent after foster parent, and in the long run, she's tired of all the calls from social services telling her that her foster parents can't deal with her anymore. She only hopes for a better life, and escapes after having her foster father flush her head in the toilet. With almost no belongings, Holly sets out - ready for a new adventure, and a house to call her own. After traveling through Las Vegas and finally to Beverly Hills, she goes to soup kitchens for daily meals. She finds a cardboard box to call her home, and is very proud that she - Holly - has found some place to live. She meets a mysterious girl, and if I told you more, I would spoil the book, so I won't.

    If I had one chance to travel to the setting of RUNAWAY, I would most definitely bring money. If I was given a chance to share some with Holly, I would, because she was a sweet and loving girl who was open to new people. She was also quite intelligent, and she sounded like a lot of fun to talk to. Holly (in my opinion) was actually a lot like me, and I think it would be cool meeting your "twin" from another world.

    I think Holly deserved to have a good foster family, or a new permanent home. I would also bring technology, but other than that, I don't think I would need much more than just money.

    Although I did LOVE the book, it wouldn't be my first choice of a great setting to travel to. I would rather travel to somewhere mystical or fantastical where there wasn't your everyday, ordinary, boring stuff. (Like noisy cars, elevated skyscrapers, boring office buildings, dull streets, cement everything - how Holly describes Las Vegas in the book, etc...)

  28. Warning!
    The following items are magical, not real or dangerous. They are not able to fit in any suitcase of any kind on earth. Do not try to buy, find, or steal them. Consider yourself warned. 

    If I was invited to stay with Harry Potter for a week, I would bring lots of things. One thing I would bring is a weapon, since monsters are in the books like giant spiders, giant snakes, evil wizards and witches, and other dangerous creatures. Now that I think about it, the weapons I would bring are a bazooka and a tank for protection. They are the most powerful weapons other than an atom bomb.

    I would also bring a car, in case something happens and I want to leave. If it runs out of gas, that could be bad. So I would also bring a bike. Bikes can be slow and I might get tired if chased by a monster. So the bike would be motorized. Hopefully, there is no creature that is faster than a motorized bike.

    I would also bring extra clothes. I do not want to visit with one smelly outfit, especially if I am going to stay for seven days. So I would bring at least eight pairs of clothes in case one pair gets ruined or dirty.

    These items might not fit in a normal suitcase. So, I would ask Harry to purchase a magic suitcase for me that holds all supplies no matter how big or small.

  29. My book is "Kindred" by Octavia E. Butler. This book is about a young lady named Dana
    that is married to caucasian man named Kevin. They just moved into a new house. Now she is going into the past: 1815 where slavery had been going on. So far she has been in very interesting adventures. She goes into the slavery life everytime a young boy named Rufus gets into trouble/problems.

    If Dana asked me to go with her I would bring rubbing alcohol in the make us do work. Also, something that proves I could be a free slave so that I do not have to work. Something to remind me of home. A gun just to be on the safe side.

    I always bring clothing. But,while I'm staying there during my free time I'd teach the ladys how to crocthe or something to take up there time. I would like them to teach me how the survive through the slave life. What made them not runaway.

    But, I hope that Dana does not ask me to go there. Cause that would be very interesting. I read about it all the time. From what I hear it does not sound like a place I would like to go to.

  30. I will show you how interesting this book called Shabanu is Tr.Lacey,

    So I’m on my way to Pakistan to enjoy camel rides, dry desert sand get stuck in my throat, but the real reason I am going is to meet up with my friend Shabanu. She is a 13 year old girl who admires her sister because she has started puberty. And is getting married in a couple of days. But other then that she helps her mom with the chores that need to get done in her house.

    In my suite case I will need to pack a hat to keep the sun out my face, dresses to look nice and elegant wile going places, I will also need my own very strong camel to keep to travel around Pakistan and others to sell to get money in order to have a nice living space. I will also need to pack towels, cleaning supplies to help around house, and lots of water to keep me hydrated.

    I will do exactly what Shabanu does in order to really have the experience of living in Pakistan. I will serve the dinner and fetch tea, cup, and plates for dinner or for celebration when selling camels.

    I hope to have as much fun in Pakistan as Philadelphia I hope she will share more stories than the others that’s in the book, and I hope she will enjoy my stories about the action that happens in Philadelphia/ the United States of America. My journey there is a 1 in a million chance that only happens maybe once in a lifetime and I am going to take that chance to live in the same conditions as shabanu, I could imagine the dry sand in my throat because I will take a plane only to Pakistan then walk through the deserts courage ranging through my body to not get into any trouble when walking to her house

    P.S: I told you I would prove to you how good this book really is

  31. My book is killing ms.griffin it is a fiction thriller and I pick this book because it is very interesting

    My character is Susan. Susan is sort of a cry baby and a person that does what she needs to do. In this story my character is in a very deep situation and doesn’t know what to do. Susan also likes a boy that doesn’t like her.

    I choose this character because she goes through altos also choose this character because she was convinced by the boy she liked. In this book she comes to find out that it was just a set up. I also liked this character because she didn’t want to do it.

    If I was invited to stay with my character I would bring a box of tissues, clothes, some pepper spray and a teddy bear. I would bring box tissues because she’s always crying. I would bring clothes so I can get dressed. I would bring a teddy bear so she won’t cry all the times. I would bring pepper spray so nobody would try to hurt me

    That’s why I would choose my character

  32. Dear T. Lacey,
    I have read a lot of books already this year, but the one that I would choose would be one that I read at home called the Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander.The main character is a boy named Jason. He and his cat Gareth go on many adventures to different time periods in different continents where cats were a big part of their life or a bad omen.
    If I was invited to come and spend a week with Jason, i would pack my cat Oscar because then Gareth could teach Oscar how to time travel and he could take him with me.
    Another object I would take with me would be some of my books that I reread again and again. Because then I wouldn't become bored if there was some delay in time travel I could relax and read.
    Another object would be my cat's favorite hat that he loves to play with. Because then he would feel more at home with his hat.
    My last object would be food for Oscar. Because sometimes he doesn't eat well and probably won't eat mice and bugs. I wouldn't bring any for Gareth because it seemed like in the book, he ate mice and grass and other food items.
    T. Lacey and others this book is very good I recommend it to everyone if you haven't read it yet.

  33. If i went to go visit a charecter from my book "Pure Dead Wicked, by Debi Gliori" I would visit the Strega-Borgia family. They are he main charecters in the book. I think if I went to go vist the family I would pack a nose plug. Beacuse the youngest child, Damp, has some preety bad gas.

    And probably a rain jacket and some dry clothes. Because the roof is broken and has a hole and rain is in the forcast.Atleast in the book,and the last thing i want is to be freezing cold.

    I'd also bring some food because I dont know yet what kind of food they have yet. I dont think that I want to be in a place where the food is so gross you can't even eat it.

    I might also bring a new car because the car they had just got smashed. It got smashed when the roof broke. It landed right on the house, and completely shadered the car Mr.Strega-Borgia tried to fix it but hes wife wouldn't hear of it.

  34. Dear Tr. Lacey,
    I always wondered what it would be like to hang out with Kevin Durant because he is one of my favorite basketball players last season I think he should have gotten the MVP award.
    Also he inspires me to do better every time. Like if I miss when I'm playing basketball, when I look at him play and he makes it. It makes me want to get better.
    What I would bring is clothes, a basketball, shoes.
    I would bring clothes because I'm staying for a week and I can't where the same clothes. I would bring a basketball and shoes because he's a basketball player, so we're going to play basketball.

  35. MY book is called June Bug In Trouble.My character's name is June Bug.June Bug is a young boy who isn't a follower and does his own thing.I picked him as my character because he is a interesting person and he follows the rules.He has a best friend named Robert and he has mixed feelings about joining this gang called the Rex or not joining it because he thinks that there is nobody who really cares about him but Jun Bug cares about him and that's why he doesn't want him to join the Rex.

    Things I would pack in my suit case is some clothes to wear while I am there,money in case I would want to buy something to bring back home,also Robert and June Bug sometimes go to the mall,and a camera to take pictures.

    In conclusion, these are the things I picked to packed in my suite case.

  36. The book that i would choose is called The Tiger Rising. It's about a boy who finds a tiger locked up in a cage deep in the woods. And that's basically the main focus. There's also this girl that Rob meets but i don't want to get in to that. The items that I would bring with me are...

    I would bring a person who works with tigers,like the people that tame them. I would bring him/her because they know how to work with and get along with tigers. That would be key so maybe Rob or me could develop a relationship with the tiger, and so he would't attack me. If we had a person who works with tigers, what happened in the book around the end probably wouln't have happened ( if you want to know read it, it's VERY good).

    I would also bring a laptop and books to show Rob a lot of cool things. For example, there's a lot if awesome stuff on the internet, you could probably find something good for anyone, I have an idea what Rob would like. I would bring books because Rob doesn't know what he's missing with books. There's so many cool books and you could probably find a book for everyone, Rob needs more hobbies besides doing chores and cleaning. I'm sure he would find reading interesting.

    Last but not least I would bring a camera. This could be the only time i see a live tiger right in front of me. I want to take a advantage of this chance. Tigers are so beautiful so, who wouldn't bring a camera? I would probably only show my family, and good friends.

  37. Dera Tr. Lacey


    Out of all the books i read. The one I'd recommend is " Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney. The main character is a boy named Greg. He's a boy that has a crush on a girl named holley. He also has a mean big brother and weird friends. Also, he's super funny.

    If I was to spend a week with Greg i would have fun. In my suitcase I would bring my phone, camera, camcorder and notebook.I'd bring all that to keep track of everything that happens.

    I choose this character because he seems funny. Also, because his life seems interesting and full of excitement. Another reason is becausehim and his friends are always doing a weird experiment.

    This book takes place in a small city in a modern day setting.I can relate to greg because I have a sister that is sometimes evil. But then again she can be understanding.

  38. I've read so many books this past summer and also during the last couple of months we've been in school. I'd have to pick The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (there was also a movie that came out based on this book). It takes place in Norristown, Pennsylvania. On December 6th, 1973, fourteen-year-old Susie Salmon was murdered in a corn field, her usual shortcut spot from school to her home. She was murdered by her neighbor, George Harvey who lures her into an underground den he had recently made and then kills her. (I'm not spoiling anything because all of this happens in the first chapter of the book.)
    If I were with Susie, I wouldn't have to pack anything because I'd be in Heaven with her. We wouldn't need anything, because everything would be provided for us there. We would explore heaven together, living in our own little worlds with no necessities or troubles.
    I would help her get over the fact that she really is dead, and to go to the real Heaven because she is in the "in-between" part of heavin, still barely separating the real world and her.

  39. dear tr lacey
    one book that i read was GOAL !!!! It a boy that want to be a pro soccer player when he grows up. also he wants to be like his dad. i would take a soccer ball,a video camara, and a pair of soccer shoes.those are my thing i would take to my week with him.
    This week i would take the soccer ball so he dribble it and trained with it"PRACTICE MAKES PERFICT" . and i agree . he be getting better to every day.
    Next i would take a video cam. so i cant video take all the thing he does . then show it to da pro so they can see how much he works to be ready.
    And last i would take some pairs of soccer shoe. I'mam not talking about those ordanarey shoe from models i get him some pair of " NIKE MERCURAY SUPERFLY"
    Those are my thing i'll take to my week with him
    from alexis

  40. My book is nfl superstars.One of the superstars I choose was Peyton Manning.He has 3 mvps he has 1 superbowl ring. He also has a little brother in the nfl named Eli Manning. Peyton Manning is a quaterback.His little brother is also a quaterback.Peyton Manning plays for the indianapolis colts.

    I choose this character to spend a week with because he is a excelent football player.He's smart, and also i like to play the game.If i had to spend a week with him i would pack because he loves to train. film because he always studys his aponants.
    3.cleats because you need those when you play football
    4.water because he works hard all the time.

    Mors about my character :Peyton Manning played for the colts for all of his nfl career.Peyton Manning was drafted by the colts in 1998.Peyton Manning attended University of Tennessee. This is Peyton Manning's 12th year in the nfl.

    My story takes place in New Orleans becausethat is where Peyton manning is from. Takes place in Tenessee from 1995 to 1998.The main setting is in indianapolis from 1998 to 2007

  41. Dear Tr. Lacey

    The book I'm sharing with you is called 'Skateboard Tough' by Matt Christopher. It's about a boy named Brett Thyson and a skateboard he found burried in his front yard. Thorughout the book Brett gets more and more connected to skateboarding, and the board itself. This book is in the modern day times.

    Out of all the main charaters I would choose Mrs. Weatherspoon to spend a week with. She's a very nice person and very generous. She dug up her own backyard so a skating arena could be built for the skaters in Springton. She wasn't even asked, she did it out of the kindness of her heart. That's why I would choose Mrs. Weatherspoon to spend the week with.

    I would pack the usual things like clothes a toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen and other stuff like that. Then I would pack a skateboard, a helmet, knee and elbow pads, a first aid kit and some skills. I would pack the skateboard so I can skate with the other kids at the skating arena and I would pack knee pads elbow pads and a first aid kit for safety. The reason for packing skills is obvious, I don't want to be the only one at the skating rank who deosn't know how to skate, especially with Brett and Kyle doing all their cool ticks. I'd pack sunscreen because it's summer and it's hot.

    In conclusion I would stay with Mrs. Weatherspoon for a week because she's kind and sweet. I'd pack a skateboard and things for safety, and also the usual.(toothbrush, toothpaste...)


  42. Tony Passante-Contaldi
    The Mist
    This is the main point. You’d need a first-aid kit. People might need it if they get wounded. I’m the type of person that would stop and help someone. I try to do the right thing. I’d pack a weapon to protect myself. I might need to shoot the aliens.
    I would bring drum sticks. I love to drum. That would help in the Mist. Drumming together might calm people down.
    I would also bring a laptop to check when my time would end. I might like it for a week, but no longer. Even though the world of the Mist is action-packed, I might get tired of it.